Hello, Au Revoir…

Slim Paley photo

I‘m back…

Figured I should give you one pretty rose photo before revealing the mess that is me in the midst of packing below




But I have to go again.

Tomorrow morning!

I know what you’re going to say;

“Slim, don’t you ever stay home??”

and the answer, this year at least, appears to be no.



I just  LOVE to travel, what can I say?!!




You’d think, by now, I would have this whole packing thing down to a science.

You would be very wrong.

Some people have Parking Faeries (like one of my best friends-it’s crayzeee how she finds parking spots)

Some lucky people no doubt have Packing Angels

I, on the other hand, have The Devil sitting on both shoulders;

“Pack it! PACK IT!!  and pack that and that and that too!”

“You can’t go there without those!”

“What? You’re seriously for real not taking that??”

“What if it snows while it’s raining and then the sun comes out? Who’ll be wet, cold, sunburned and frostbitten  then”

“Omg. WHAT if you see Sawyer from Lost? and you’re wearing…T H A T


So basically I pack like I’m taking a 2 month cruise through all 4 seasons, with several formal dinners to attend,

 eventually  landing on a deserted island where I’ll need to bring everything;

 copious amounts of reading material, laptops, i-toys and cameras, but still leave lots of room in the bags for shopping.

Because yes, I will find shopping on the other side of the deserted island.

Probably a bar too.



So to that end, I’m trying for the first time the “POSH~POCHE”  method of packing that a friend recommended to me recently.

Actually, the same friend who has the Parking Faerie. 🙂



Posh~Poches come in several different styles and sizes.


Posh Poche suggests rolling your clothes and laying them side by side in the bags so you can see everything at once.

You can see I don’t follow directions that well.

I’m tired, very, very tired – I will try better the next time.

I like the idea of packing an entire outfit in one poche,  having smaller poches for lingerie, scarves and, ahem, foundations 

Large poches for suits and bulky sweaters,

and one saved for laundry.


I’ll let you know how they work out for me on this trip.



I’m propping my eyelids up with toothpicks at this stage so

.Good night All,

I’ll check back in in a day or two once I get to my first destination.

I really do have so much more to share 🙂






  1. Au revoir, we just got back from 2 weeks in Paris and I too, packed way to much!!! Wonderful trip, beautiful city, charming people. Enjoy your time away,

  2. We have sister devils and mine, unfortunately, doesn’t wear Prada. franki
    p.s. Wished we had sister travel faeries!

  3. Oh, I do so love going on a trip- even if only thru my iPad. Can’t wait to read all about it! Safe travels, Miss Slim

  4. Love your closet-dressing room. Please explain further this new packing philosophy & how it works. I actually do what you do–waaaaay overpack. Travelling companions (girlfriends) shocked–husband annoyed as it invariably inconveniences him on many levels. One time I found myself on a 2 week ski vacation & actually considered the reality that i might have a tad too much with me so I counted my shoes-boots in the hotel closet & counted 18 plus ski boots. That’s when I decided to keep a list of everything I actually wear on a given trip & now have note cards made up for what to bring, based on what actually gets worn, on a 1-2 week trip in the islands; same amount of time in Europe traveling; 1 week in cold snowy weather (try to keep those trips short & infrequent) etc….and then I try like hell to stick to it, against my childish-extravagent-id personality screaming: “take it-take it-there might be a black tie-never know.” Now I really am paring down. I figure who the hell knows if I wear something twice & if they notice, who really cares as long as its chic? It makes the day-before-packing-debacle a heck of a lot less intense! Oh and I bring basic jewelry–like yellow gold & white gold (well pave diamond white) hoops–goes with everything. Or studs–not too much or too precious. It looks like you’re gonna have a lot of those bags, though. What about that Vacume sucking method with the bags…pray tell!!!! safe trip xx

    • Yes, I have a friend that also writes everything down but I just know that wouldn’t work for me. Vacuum packing would crease the clothes way too much-it’s only good for storage.

  5. I woke up in the middle of last night…….. thinking, yet again, about packing for a year in Australia!……..and thought, “Where’s Slim been? I hope all is well.”
    So now we know! And so happy your packing process is just like mine!
    Can’t wait to hear of your destinations, what you see, eat!, smell, learn.
    Safe travels! Bon Voyage!

  6. WooHoo! It is a vicarious and thrilling pleasure to be excited for a traveler, which you wish you could be, if only you could get past getting into a long metal tube with a fire burning somewhere under the arms (wings) that shoots you into space! I am a happy reader along for the ride safely in front of a computer screen!

  7. such a telling post! yes, we probably DID think that you were a master packer…so, whew, good to know you struggle with what/how much to pack issue…a packing faerie would be lovely! I use a packet system, but not nearly as elegant as those you have…mine are from EagleCreek…started using them in the days when we would travel to Europe for 3 weeks with ONE carry on…now, that is a challenge! Love the animal print! The hat box!

  8. Bon Voyage, Slim! Where are you going??? Wherever it is, I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time and I can’t wait to see your pictures and read all about your adventures!

  9. Au revoir and bon voyage, Slim!! Cannot wait to see where you land! To travel vicariously through Slim Paley is truly
    a pleasure- well dressed, well fed, well read, and always fun! Enjoy!

  10. Slim,
    You and two of my other friends are leaving this week for wonderful trips. At least I’ll get to see some wonderful pictures from your trip. Do you find that a lot of folks don’t take pictures on vacation any more? Thank goodness for blog land where I can take virtual tours to some wonderful places.
    Safe travels and have fun.

  11. Bon voyage Slim. I’m interested in the great looking “wide mouth” suitcases you have on your floor. Please steer me to them. There are worse things to have then a travel bug but please do take us with you!

    • My suitcases are inexpensive, super lightweight “Samsonite”s- they pack and move like a dream and only weigh 7.5lbs when empty. BEST BUY ever!

  12. I’ve just been packing too. 2 day work trip, then 3 day river safari. I think I’ve got it sorted for the long weekend: 2 shorts, one raincoat, old gym pants to sleep in (on deck), 2 short sleeve tees, 2 long sleeve tees, cotton shirt, swimmers, and a sarong. I wonder if I’ll crack and add more to the pile before I leave. Have a wonderful trip!

  13. I have heard about the packing bags. I have always used them……however I just go to the market and buy various sizes of plastic bags, They work great. I pack a whole outfit including jewelry, scarves belts etc. in various size bags that all go in one bag. And of course I always take extra bags for the shopping finds. A bonus is that the clothes do not wrinkle.
    Have a fun and safe time.

  14. I have never heard of the posh poshe but am SURE I need some!!! I have one duffle bag type case that carries all my make-up, toiletries, hair stuff etc. I even carry a lamp and magnifying mirror and extension cord for putting my make-up on. My husband calls that bag “the amazing transformation kit”!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):) It is a VERY good name for it cause every day now there IS an amazing transformation:):) I have never been able to roll my clothes either. It seems counter intuitive to me:):) have a FABULOUS trip….wherever you are going. XO, Pinky PS, my house looks ALOT worse than yours, we are MOVING on Friday so there are boxes EVERYWHERE………..

  15. One of my goals has been to pack less and smarter and so far that has not happened. This post is so familiar.. I always tell myself I can buy what I need, but still there are favorites that need to come. Looks like you have gorgeous luggage and a lot so you can overpack a bit! Have fun wherever you are headed.


  16. Slimmy–you are so funny and endearing. Do you think women’s struggle with packing ties in with our nesting instinct–encoded in our DNA from having to cart loads of stuff across the tundra in the ancient times? Men don’t seem to have this problem, and yes, I know their wardrobe isn’t as complicated as ours, but still. I hate to pack. I loath it. To show the degree to which I worry, I pack a first aid kit. Just to go to New York. There should be people you can hire just to pack for you, like ladies maids of yesteryear. Be safe. Have fun.

  17. Have a super trip. Enjoy everything and please lots of pictures. We are going to be snowbirds this year and packing for 3 months. Some ideas would be great. Till next time, Cheers,

  18. Posh pouche is intriguing. I know those packing devils, and am always trying to fight them. Are you coming to France? I’m living in Eze for the next few months, let me know if you are coming this way. Bon Voyage.

  19. What the heck?!…you are making me feel like a hermit schmuck…..idk 1. A wild african safari w/Redford ? 2. An alaskan salmon adventure with the original Mahlemut tribe members? 3. Beer pong with the Survivor players on the Philippenes?…………….

    • Nothing quite so exotic Beryl but out of those 3 I’d definitely choose safari w/Redford circa “Out of Africa” 🙂

  20. I believe I know who told you about Posh Poche and who has the parking fairy! I love Posh Poche and swear by them. Never leave home without ’em! Safe travels Slim. Pick up some wine and lace for me, would ya?

  21. A Qantas cabin manager taught me these tricks:
    1. Roll everything. It doesn’t crease clothes, not if you fold the sleeves in first, then fold the shirts in lengthwise, then roll from the top. (Think that’s right? My technique’s probably tres amateurish!)
    2. Take only 2 pairs of shoes – flats and heels. The editor of Australian Vogue Living travelled around the world for 3 months on 1 pair, but I think that’s pushing things…
    3. Layer, layer, layer. Take black dresses that can be worn for day or evening, pack tights for cold days/nights, a wool wrap, and a chic trenchcoat. I never pack jeans; they’re too heavy. Black or navy pants are more sophisticated, and nicer for the flight, although some cabin managers advocate leggings under a long sweater or dress.
    4. I always throw in a swimsuit that can double as a bodysuit under a black blazer.
    I usually get everything into an 8- or 10-kilo carry-on – sometimes with a tripod and camera in there too!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful time! xx

  22. What if you run into Sawyer – indeed. You probably heard me howling all the way from Nebraska when I read that one.

    You’re the best!

  23. Catching up on your blogs. I save them up for downtime so your wit and visuals can be properly relished. When will your first book be published? No doubt soon. My travel wish list is getting quite long. I can’t keep up with you Slim. Went to Idaho last week inspired in part by your blog from last September. Sri Lanka is the ember burning most bright now. I hope to get there soon and do the all night hike. Thanks for sharing your exquisite taste and adventures.

  24. Hi Slim! Hilarious! I’m so relieved to know that it’s not just me! I despise packing and the same devil must have a heyday with me, I need a packing Fairy.

  25. A friend of mine told me I should check out your blog. I love it! I am a traveller… I love to travell but packing… still makes me nervous. Thanks for your ideas. If you would like to check out my blog… ttbdivas.blogspot.com

  26. Please give us your final thoughts on the posh poche travel system? yeah or nay?
    Love your blog

    • Thanks Joyce.
      Yay. I liked it and would definitely rec. it/them or a similar system. Over the course of 2 weeks it helped to also keep laundry and clothes that were no longer needed sorted away too. Next time I’m going to try the rolling method within the bags.

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