Happy New Year!!!





Sunrise from our porch in Sun Valley yesterday.

Au revoir 2016!

Don’t let the door hit yer bum on the way out.

I’m guessing everyone experienced some personal as well as collective highs & lows in 2016 but whatever…that’s all history now 🙂

I propose a toast to letting go of mistakes (or learning from them…or at least pretending to learn from them) giving ourselves a big pat on the back for what we accomplished the past 12 months and then looking forward to the New Year with plenty of hope, positive intent and good will towards the world.



I’ve spent my first day of 2017 in a rather lazy fashion (shock) in one of my favourite places; sitting in front of a roaring fire in Sun Valley, thinking about how active I’m going to be (after today), reading, eating, looking at Instagram, eating, writing this post and then compiling my list of Resolutions.

As always, cutting down on procrastinating tops my list.  Visualization is the first step to realization, right?


(walking with my friends in the English countryside a couple of months ago)

I also really, really, reeeeeeelly intend on being more active this year. I was a right lump in 2016. And 2015 truth be told.  Time to make serious changes as this is the sort of thing I’m missing out on…

Skiing with my kids 🙁



Their view yesterday at the top of the runs in Sun Valley.



Full disclosure-I haven’t skied in 6 years. Not since my brother took me down a run he assured me would be “no problem” for me. Brothers.

The trauma was valid enough to dine out on for a couple of years until voila, too much time flew by and I realized the old adage “get right back up in the saddle” exists for a reason.  Cut to 6 years later and I have, oh, let’s just call it a ‘trick’ knee.  I don’t want to use the “A” word. It has become my #1 priority for 2017. Acquiesce I will not. I’m too young for this #$%^&*!!


(Us at New Year’s Eve party last night)

Ironically, one of my oldest friends (not in age, she’s younger) is staying with us here and also has her knee in a brace. Together we’ve been walking around the neighbourhood after dinner, bundled up to within an inch of our lives, stars twinkling in the ink black sky above and huge sparkling snowdrifts tucking in both sides of the road, the neighbour’s Christmas lights muted and dreamy beneath soft duvets of snow guiding our way.


Our home in the quiet peace of the night



Can you hear the silence??



Do we worry about running into the moose that’s been hanging around our house the last few days? It’s crossed our minds. But we’re convinced our sad limpy silhouettes will appear as sick or wounded prey and therefore not a tempting midnight snack for any self respecting beast. Especially at Christmas.



resident moose


When my girlfriend’s Parisian husband first looked outside their bathroom window in the early hours he excitedly woke her to exclaim there was a “goose” outside!

You can imagine her enthusiasm at 7:00am

Il est tres mignon  😉


Anyway, where was I?? How do I manage to segue from my knee to a moose and back?

My Resolution/Intention List is endless but I figure if you throw enough stuff out there something’s bound to stick, right?

In no significant order of importance or world shattering import;


I’d like to read way more than I have been the last couple of years, practice my french and learn something new about the world every day.


Definitely see more movies, watch great TV series, take painting lessons, cook a lot more,



(my pic from Babylonstoren, South Africa, all veggies from their garden)

and HEALTHY food needs to be a priority.


(Singita, South Africa)



Plant a new vegetable garden, possibly get some chickens, focus less on the minutia and more on the moment (phew, that’s MAJOR)




Not let politics, politicians and things I have absolutely no control overly upset me.

Always remember to laugh.


Stop beating myself up for whatever I’m down on myself for at any given moment


Learn how to use my Canon 5D camera for realz without having to use math skills. Something I don’t possess.

Print my photos


(A shot I took in South Africa this year)

Be more organized (never going to happen, but just putting it out there)

Understand delegating can be a survival tool, stop decrease micro-managing. My husband is rolling his eyes right now.

Take much better care of my skin, wear my retainers, not wear work out clothes unless I’m working out, organize my closet, lose 10 9 8 lbs.




Stop to appreciate life and live in the moment.  There are often delights hiding in the most unlikely places…


Remember what’s important to me might be of little significance to others. Importance, after the obvious, is subjective after all.



Stay creative and always be listening to the music.


Count my many blessings every single day


(mom & sister)

and most of all, take every opportunity to tell those I love how much I love them.


Wow. I’ve suddenly realized I’m just getting started so I should probably stop.

There’s much more I’d like to say, but how loooong this post would be if I begin scrolling back through the year to touch upon all that transpired to make it memorable.

I’m so sorry I never got around to posting before the Holidays.  I hope the fates, your families and Santa all united to make them memorable for you!



For us, it was the first Christmas spent in our new home, a project that’s kept me very occupied for more years than I care to admit. It was a very happy celebration with both our boys home with their girlfriends, my siblings, old friends, and especially the gift of my parents present at the christmas table.

Finally, I wish you and those you love the Very Best 2017, blessed with good health, joy, adventure, creativity and peace.  Pass it on!






This time last year?  










  1. Always delightful to read your posts, Slim. Your Christmas tree is beautiful. Did you and your family decorate it yourself? And the photo of the wild cat in Africa is something to behold. Happy New Year.

    Votre ami,
    Lisa D.

    • Thank you Lisa.
      No, the tree is much too tall for us to decorate ourselves. We just do indoor trees 🙂
      Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. PFFFFFFFEEEEEEHHHHH!!!!!!! I am glad that YOU are cheery, Slim! I have just been a €¥¥}#€£¥ bitch because this year has been horrible! GLAD TO SEE IT GO!!!!!!!!! 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  3. I would eat this column if I could…it’s that good. YOU ARE something (and besides, I could lose “?” pounds!!) franki

  4. Happy new year. Just loved every word and then seeing you 2 beauties made my heart skip a beat. Love all round and more for 2017 😘💜❤️

  5. Happy New Year to you and yours, Slim! My new year is off to a good start just by reading your post. xx Susan

  6. absolutely beautiful! I feel like I am right there in Sun Valley with you!! Please keep up your posts. You have a gift to share.

    And welcome to the neighborhood! So amazing that you are finally here!!

    Happy New Year to all!!! (and especially your parents!!)

  7. I lost my dad this year, a month shy of the cubs winning the World Series. I would’ve given anything to have shared this with him but I know he probably had a hand in helping them win.

    • I’m sorry to hear that Terri. The Cubs winning was an event your dad wasn’t missing, no matter what, I’m sure. I hope 2017 will be a happier year for you.

  8. Your posts always inspire me because they are really real and
    Doable. Happy year to all and remember to be thankful
    Every Day! Marcia G. Unger

  9. I luv your post….never stop with the beautiful pictures and the humor. We all need to smile/laugh as life can have rough patches in the road.

  10. So glad you resolved to print your photos. I was so good at this, then fell behind. Did not print one in 2016 until our Christmas card. Ashamed!
    I love finding old photos of/by family and friends– maybe future generations will “find” our digital versions, but I want prints around too. Plus, technology has made our amateur photos so MUCH better. Yours are so stunning, I might print some of those too!
    I’m starting an order tomorrow and resolving to have at least a quarterly package of prints arriving.
    Thank you for another great post and your inspirations- esp the photo one.

    • Thank you Donna! Let us know how your resolution goes. I’m thinking of hiring a student to help me just with photos, printing, framing etc. I’ve taken so many photos these past few years but all of my framed ones are embarrassingly OLD… Not that I don’t love them, but a little facial hair has transpired since then (for some members of the family that is 😉 )

  11. There are always blessings, you just have to look for them! Excited to see what the New Year brings! Blessings to you and yours!

  12. Wow, this is the best post of the year! And such beautiful photos, of course, from you who is…..such a great chronicler of your life for all of us to share and enjoy with you. I am looking forward to seeing more of your posts in 2017 as I know it will be such a welcome delight in my inbox!

    Happy New Year, Slim.



  13. “…soft duvets of snow… ” beautiful literary image that will stay with me. I’m new to your blog and look forward to reading them and enjoying your photographs. The knee/skiing thing… I’m there as well. Kind of rude isn’t it? Brenda

  14. Good riddance to 2016–lost my little dog to brain cancer followed by my son Scott’s sudden death……horrible year. Glad that you are still around–was just wondering the other day if you were still carrying on with your wonderful blog–miss your posts–especially your photos not to be outdone by your humor. Happy New Year-enjoy your new home,hope we get to see pics. Linda from SW Idaho where it is snowy and coldddddddddduhhh!

    • I’m deeply sorry for your loss Linda. I wish you peace and happiness and good health in the coming year.

  15. Since you advise telling people you love them, allow me to tell you how much I love your blog. Happy and HEALTHY 2017. Keep writing.

  16. Still my most favourite blog…..all the best in 2017 ! You always inspire and make me smile 😊
    Lynn from Canada 🇨🇦

  17. Thanks for this post and your inspirational and amusing thoughts. We all need them at times, and starting out a new year is a perfect time to read them.
    I wish you inspiration, happy times and interesting travel in 2017!

  18. Your resolution list looks like the one in my head! Now you’ve “outed” me. Ok, better get on with it!
    Keep us posted on your progress!

  19. After a white-knuckle drive in a whiteout that cleared to mere fog, we arrived home this afternoon to brilliant, warm sun, reminding us of why we moved to the south of France. Glad to be home, and glad to get a boost from your blog for those New Year’s resolutions. They may not all stick for the whole year, but the effort is worth it. Did you see the NYT article about superagers? My new goal. Best to start on it “young.”

  20. I see a cape dutch colonial building in the background of your christmas table photo. Is this at your new home? Love this style of architecture. Would love to see pics of your new home if indeed this is yours or even if it isn’t….

  21. Happy New Year and thanks for coming back to us!! In life I do like to embrace hope, so for 2017, I hope to get to read more of your stories that always make me laugh and smile!! The rest of my hope list I’ll spare your comment section of!!! 😘

  22. May I offer a New Year’s resolution recommendation for troublesome relationships and the intrusive world in general? Don’t make one! Only allow yourself to think on that subject that maybe I’m right, the world is wrong and THEY need to make a place on the road for ME. Rather than resolutions continue to not be one of ‘THEM’. Give yourself some credit and even a ‘pat on the back.’ It will go a long way in making life more beautiful than ever. Remember, there’s a chance that YOU are the right one!

  23. Thank you for summing things up. I can move on now.

    And, I sincerely wish the blessings and joys of the season to you, Dennis and your entire family.

  24. Wonderful post, Slim. Wish you had the time to impart your wisdom more often. You always, so perfectly, articulate feelings so difficult for most to express.

  25. Feliz Año Nuevo Slim! I would never leave your new dining room. I hope the rest of the home looks out on the same gorgeous water feature. My husband and I are embarking on the adventure of the design and build of a mountain/lake home (moving from Florida! Always the flatlanders) it’s exciting and overwhelming. Any advice would be appreciated. Perhaps a blog in the process? Or was it just too painful?

  26. Hi Slim, I enjoyed reading this post, your absence was noted. Good to see your lovely photos of Babylonstoren, it is even more splendid now!

  27. Happy New Year Slim!

    Wonderful post! Your pictures are always so beautifully captured. The one of the cheetah (I think its a cheetah?) is incredible!


    Love you hobos.
    We both became artists, so cool .
    Keep dancing!!!!!!!!!

  29. Oh, Slim! Have missed you so much…as obviously have any others! We need your grace, humor, eye, outlook in these challenging times…. please come back more regularly!

    I made a photo book this holiday season for my 4 1/2-year old grandson of his life so far…..the learning curve was steep, but so engaging and worth the results. I made it for him, but of course mostly for his parents for now…my daughter-in-law, who is an artist, commented, as she paged through it for the 5th time, “You know you forget, when you’re in the midst of raising a young child, what they were like just a year or two or three ago….thank you!” So it was worth the hours and hours it took….now I have to make more books of the other grand children and trips, etc., right away so that I don’t forget all of the techniques, tricks, etc. Yes! Keep dancing…and photographing….and writing…thank you!

  30. I get so excited seeing post from Slim Paley! Such beautiful photos and that cartoon made me laugh so hard. A very Happy New Year to you and Dennis, who always makes me laugh, when I get his humor that is…which is most of the time ….and to all your family ! We are having a blizzard here outside of Boston and so I have to get back to my fleece comforter, my hot chocolate and eating…….lots of eating….😜

  31. Had to share the cartoon with my husband, whereupon we laughed and laughed. I, too, have basically just about quit fb. Who needs all that negativity starting off a new year?

    Belated Happy New Year to you and your family, from Humble, Texas: World’s Biggest Oxymoron.

    Warm regards,
    Paula Garrett

  32. I’m embarrassed to admit that I am just getting around to catching up on my favorite blogs since the New Year. I love your sentiments, beautiful photos and both of your lovely homes – so stunning. Happy 2017 to you and yours.

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