Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you super fab moms out there-You know who you are!

pale roses

I hope you had a beautiful day and were properly and deservedly spoiled.

And an especially big hug & kiss to “Mom of Slim”

I wasn’t always easy…

I can imagine how surprised you are to hear that





  1. Right back at you “Slim” from the South…mine was everything you would want it to be and more …

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! I adored meeting you! I knew I would like you the minute I saw those slipcovers in your car; and when I read the first post I read! So glad we are neighbors!!


    • It was lovely to finally meet you as well Penelope
      Can you believe we’ve been neighbours for so long and never met before?! I hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day.

  3. I think you have been wonderful to your mum, dont underestimate yourself, but she is gorgeous, I love her too, love to you both on this special day

  4. Slim,
    Very sweet. I hope you had a wonderful day. Don’t tell my kids, but I’d do this job for free, no gifts required!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day Slim!! Mine will stand out forever. I have 3 sons, now all young men, living and working far from home. On Friday night my husband was taking me out for dinner, he told me to go ahead and wait for him in the bar while he parked the car. At the bar I ordered drinks for my husband and I, when a little while later the bartender told me that at the end of the bar somebody wanted to buy me a drink. Yep,…my three boys had flown in to surprise me!!! I screamed and laughed and cried and the whole restaurant got up and applauded. Hard to top that one!!! 🙂

  6. I see where you get your strong good looks!
    My Mum’s day was according to my style: started with a swim, planted sunflowers and tomatoes, heard from the adult children, napped, and enjoyed cold crunchy shrimp for dinner ~ with chardonnay. A good day.

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well Slim… Hope it was wonderful. I have to agree with Canuck, you do have a beautiful Mom. My day was lovely. Sending love.


  8. So fun to see this picture. Your mom is so gorgeously glamorous, and from past photos you’ve posted, your youngest is your mini-me! I hope you {and your mom!} had a blessed, special day!

  9. Slim, meeting you was the perfect start to my Mother’s Day weekend. Over the past two years as we’ve contemplated a full time move to the area I have followed and been delighted by your blog. It seemed right, just as we make this our permanent residence, that the opportunity to meet you presented itself. Gobsmacked! Marcie

  10. Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you too, Slim! I hope that you had a wonderful time!

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