December FIRST!



Slim Paley photo

A lovely old wooden boxed Advent Calendar  dear friends gave us years ago- filled with fun Christmas treats.



It’s ON my friends! December flipping FIRST already.  Holy …sweet baby boy child laying in a manger…

You do realize what this means don’t you?  That the concept of regular time will have no connection to normalcy.

 That those who got their shopping finished in the summer, have their trees up and decorated, their holiday party ensembles already laid out (including accessories) need not flaunt their organizational skills anywhere near my direction, thank you very much.

 I will be rushing here, there, everywhere, then back to there because I forgot what I went there for in the first place.

 One shoulder (well, not the shoulder but the part between my shoulder and my head- my lat, or blat or whatever it’s called) will be ferociously knotted and hiked up about 2 1/2 inches higher than the other. Always attractive in a cocktail dress.

 Sleep will allude me as lists, endless lists, prance persistently  through my consciousness like maniacal elves.

 I’ll forever be picking minuscule flecks of glitter out of my eyes, and on more than one occasion I’ll reach toward the magifying mirror for aid and think, Ya, just might be time for some Botox. But honestly, wouldn’t that require too much effort, not to mention pain?!

Perhaps a martini IS the best Botox of all.  They don’t hurt a bit (unless you poke yourself with the olive skewer)

Aaaah The Holidays!!

I swear  I’m mean it  I’m really, really going to try to cross over to the “Got MY  $%^&*  TO-gethah” side next year.

In the meantime, I’m styling Old School- back to the early days of my virginal little blog when I posted much shorter, more frequent posts.  So, for the month of December (which, let’s get real here, is secretly only, like two weeks long)

Wait for it…

I’m turning Slim Paley into an Advent Calendar



I’ll post every day until Christmas!

You heard me!

It will be short but hopefully sweet.

It might be only one pretty photo or tantalizing recipe, a comely gift idea, a present wrapped with love, a TV show that annoyed me,  a sentimental song, or a sage tidbit of wisdom I’ve arrived at at 2:00 in the morning.

If you comment back right away & you’re in the same time zone, I’ll never quit laughing.

Which reminds me… I believe the best part of Slim Paley, certainly for me, has been this wonderful sense of “Salon” you’ve helped to create here, so please do continue to chime in with your holiday cheer… or moaning- you may have a good ole whinge with friends if you like!

Whatever the case may be,

Suggestions and stories are welcomed!

BYOB  (FYI, that’s Booze Darling, not Botox)

It’s a party!

(What are yooou wearing??!)



Oh %#*^&*, see?  I already made this first post way too long!



Day 1 & counting


(Mice on Sleigh by Natasha Vedeeva)




  1. Hi Slim,
    Fast and and furious. Keep ’em comin’. Love the mice with their smiley faces and adorable sled. Good luck with all your doings.
    Stay well and have fun,

  2. Oh what fun! I love your advent box and cannot believe you are going to spoil us with Daily Slim posts all month! I think your posts might actually be just what I need to get me motivated to get ready for the season. Best gift so far. Thanks, Slim!

  3. I love your Advent Box, I am getting out my Norman Rockwell Advent Calendar showing Main Street in Stockbridge Mass for one of my decorations. I am the cookie chairman for a holiday auction tonight~all ready to go…Tuesday a dinner for 30…Then a Martini…wish I had your Mice on Sleigh to assist me.

  4. It’s HOT here Downunder……how do think they’re going to have Xmas?!
    It just doesn’t feel right even/especially when the white foam is sprayed on the plastic trees…BarBie anyone?
    Enjoy your Preparations!

  5. What am I wearing? Currently, flannel pajama pants, my husband’s white undershirt, and a terry cloth robe. Tres chic, non? I’m looking forward to the daily December posts. I love, love, love your little white mice! Too cute. They look like they’re in a December hurry, too. Happy Holidays!

  6. You have inspired me on December 1! Just the kick I needed … I will be following daily to see how your next 25 days go compared to mine!! But I have sworn to myself this year I will do all with a cheerful and thankful heart … no matter how many times I must enter the MALL!!

  7. You taught me a new word this morning: whinge. I promise to try not to do it. That may require staying out of malls this month.

  8. Greetings from Toronto – I gather you have some sort of Canadian connection, but lucky you to be living in Cali – I am definitely garden envious.
    Every year my husband treats us to Teuscher advent calendars – they are the best chocolates, flown in from Switzerland, and beautifully packaged. My daughter gets possession of a new apartment today, but what she is really looking forward to is opening her first of December chocolate window!

  9. Happy December from St. Barth’s 🙂
    You are going to keep a smile on my face all through the holidays!
    Can’t wait!
    Cheers indeed!

  10. Yeah! Everyday of my birthday month with Slim. What a treat! This month goes by in such a rush, but thanks to you, Slim, each day will have a small bit of relaxation and fun. No pressure 🙂

  11. Merry Christmas!

    For us, Christmas begins the minute we return from Thanksgiving in Palm Desert…so you’re right! Let the games begin! I am playing the Charlie Brown Christmas CD as I type and burning scented candles…Heaven!

    I must tell you, I have enjoyed your musings, ideas and photos, as well as your wonderful sense of humour so much, and have a question (because you really are just the girl to ask!); I am new to the Santa Barbara area (we live up in the “wine country” now). I would like to take some classes…my interests are cooking, gardening, reading (especially History), French, horses and art. I also am looking for a small boutique to continue building (much to my husbands dismay) my shoe collection, as well as wardrobe. Although now, being of a certain age (and let’s face it, the economy!), I am editing, only adding if I am crazy about it, and more classic, many things (leopard Manolo d’orsay’s anyone?) have been put on “hold” by my teenage daughter who just realized maybe mama’s closet could be of interest, one day when she can actually walk in those heels!! My New Year’s Resolution will be to try to find small independently owned area businesses to support, rather than big box stores! Can you suggest where I should start my “quest”in our beautiful area?

    ps Last night I read through and a lot of your archive…that was like class in and of itself! Will have to get myself to Rose Story Farm! And don’t get me started on those Martinis at Lucky’s!

    Sorry to use your board here for my questions. I would have privately e mailed you my question, but had no address to do so…

    • Welcome to the area LCL (may I call you LCL?!)
      (We already have another Lola here)
      Yikes- what a loaded question- I have so many rec. but not enough time at the moment.
      Right off the top; some of my favorite shopping haunts are Diani, Maison K, Pierre LaFond, Wendy Foster, Dressed, & William Layman to name just a few.

      A friend of mine just took a cooking class that she really enjoyed with local chef and cookbook author Pascale Beale (she has written four cookbooks) Her link is here;

      Stay tuned as I hope to include a couple of more posts about shopping locally. I get SO many requests about my home town. I really should do a separate tab on Santa Barbara!

      • I love LCL, I believe it’s “200” in Roman Numerals (although it also sounds like a knee ligament, right next to the ACL, LOL!) but yes, of course!

        Thank you for your all your suggestions. I have a horse and the horse thing under control, and I just received info in the mail from a local college re: art classes, so now with your post, I’m on my way.

        Joyeux Noel to you and those you love, both two legged and four (and winged, if I remember your previous garden posts!) and best wishes for the New Year

  12. Dear Slim – I am happy to have frequent but short, or infrequent but long posts from you – either way is fine!

    I am trying to get ahead before I get behind on Christmas, but I am running out of time! My biggest problem now is to figure out what I should wear to a 50th birthday luncheon of a friend – “festive dress” is what I need, but I am stumped. I guess I will do a mad dash through the stores next week!


  13. Always love your sense of humor!! Always a great read that leaves a smile on my face. I am in full swing, but I am a big kid this time of year. Love it all, truly do!! I will admit I have to fight of the bad Hum-bugger people that are out there, but I try to kill them with kindness and say Merry Christmas, Sometimes it is so funny to see the surprise on their face, even though they have Christmas wrap in their hands they look surprised, like, Oh Ya! That is why I am buying this wrapping paper!???
    It is Dec. 1st so I can officially say, “Merry Christmas, Slim!”

  14. In my jammies !! Love a post every day. Game on. xoL
    ps – tree is up, xmas cards almost done and I only have a few bits and pieces of gifties left to do!! woo hoo !! I win. : )

  15. Slim I have never seen such a beautiful Advent Calendar!!

    Come and see what I am up to!

    Enter the 1st of Twelve Days of Holiday giveaways!

    Art by Karena

  16. Funny funny post. Love that we will have a laugh to look forward to every day. When did you last hear the word whinge ? Love it.
    “Lola” is such a show off! but that’s Lola! x

  17. Why? Why oh why oh why oh…would you add to your own holiday hecticity by adding a daily task? It is the gift of giving I presume. A daily dose of SP will certainly help me chortle my way through the holiday crush. Thanks for thinking of us! xoxo Mo

    • Because I’m crazy? and keeping up the blog helps me to download some of the 10 million thoughts and images in my head every day.
      No wait…maybe I’m doing it because I’m a GIVER – Actually I do like that so much better than being a crazy person 🙂 (Is there a crazy smiley face icon?!)

  18. Oh yeah, Slim…you’re swamped (and who isn’t, well maybe not MS) and you’re going to post every day…are you trying to make us look bad? 🙂 I do love the idea and you always have the best ideas. If they (your advent posts) are even 1 paragraph long I know I can count on them to be entertaining!

    After 2 solid days of walking the mall (and not just any mall but South Coast Plaza) I came up with zip for the 2 parties looming. Good luck with finding age appropriate clothing. 🙂

    Happy December, you’re site is a great Christmas gift each time you post!

  19. You are hilarious….and btw I am picking glitter out of my eyes, it hurts, just figured out last night that might be the problem…and I was almost thinking it was pink eye! I will be here with every post to get my morning laugh along with the coffee with baileys in it, my Dec 1st start of the holidays!

  20. Oh my, this has me thinking that I am a lucky girl to have left NYC for France. All I have to worry about here is the food and my honey does most of that by right of honor! But I can’t wait for the laughs that you will be handing out on a daily basis! Whoohoo!
    PS. Be very careful with the glitter in the eye, seriously! It happened while I was playing Cleopatra (long story) and they had to scrape it off of my cornea! Ewww….

  21. Way to go Slim. Looking forward to every post. I hope you will include a peek at your beautiful tree, with the drunken Angel. Have a great Dec.


  22. yay! An advent calendar! This will be my “treat” each day – without the calories of the real advent calendar :/

  23. you make me crazy girl! I go for botox over booze any day. Wait, if you have the booze BEFORE the botox it won’t hurt as bad. Add a xanax to that and you’re in really good shape. haha! Guess what? I’m gone for almost the entire month of December so I don’t think I’m even gonna decorate. YIPPEEEEE! I love that your joining me in blogging every day. I have a few ideas for you on my present (no pun intended) blog. Just kiddin (sortof)

  24. Day 1 and we already missed a workout! This does not bode well for us! Great idea with the advent calendar though!

  25. Love it!
    I always look forward to your posts!
    I’m not one of those people that Christmas shops early. I always think that I’ll try it sometime and the next thing I know it’s Thanksgiving.
    I have to say that Botox is the best gift I’ve ever given myself! Don’t worry about it hurting…it’s not that bad! It’s over with very fast…My son’s started asking me what I was mad about and I couldn’t understand why they thought I was mad…then I realized that the frown lines were becoming permanent ( I don’t want to look mad when I’m happy!) the Botox has made them almost invisible!
    I did some online shopping this week and the delivery was lightening fast…ordered Cyber Monday and received Wed!

  26. How fun! I love this! Thanks! I will need your particular dose of happy each day this month…. Have not started shopping, but have started some decorating, oh and we just sold our house yesterday unsolicited and not on the market! I am going to need some serious egg nog this season to make it through…. Oh holy….NIGHTS! And to boot, we are not going to be in s.v. for xmas this year with all that is happening, and looking for the perfect new nest. All good things, but the timing is somewhat wacky. Deep breathing happening here now… 🙂

  27. Slim,
    No wonder you’re exhausted…look what you trained your little white mice to do!!!
    Just a priceless picture…made me smile a big wide one.

    And as for what I’m wearing for the holidays…have you seen the glam gems
    at Tiffany’s for the season?? I’ll be cutting out the pictures from the magazine
    and gluing on the necklace and earrings!

    Happy Holidays…day #1
    And the snowflakes across the blog are a nice extra touch…once I realized they
    weren’t floaters in my peripheral vision from stress!

  28. Thank you for giving me a new word to look up: whinge. Originated in 12th century. Ex,
    “Quit whinging, Cuthbert, and get on with rebuilding our burnt village.”

    Like the others, I *love* those winter mice.

    I am usually a last minute shopper, but this year I have been keeping an eye out for cute little things to stuff in the stockings of my wee ones. Today found miniature edible gingerbread houses and teeny-tiny pots of lip gloss that look like desserts. They have huge stockings so I still have a long way to go!

  29. I have always loved Advent calendars, it was my favorite thing the weeks before Christmas. Yours with the drawers is extra special!

    Where are my elves?!? Time is flying by, and I have not even gotten started……



  30. Hi Slim! Love your blog!!!!!! My sister has a place in Sun Valley and it would be so fun to meet you one day.

    You are too fun! Love your house!!!!!!!!!!!!! More pics of it please! (of course when you are able – I’m asking right when most women are having melt downs :))

    Jennifer in Boise, Idaho

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