Coming Home…


.Slim Paley Photo

First Bloom roses all from my garden


Ahhhh…I guess I can leave N.Y. to come home to this 🙂

Is there anything better than returning to gorgeous weather and an embarrassment of roses?!

( and your own pillow- Heaven!)



Slim Paley photo

Aren’t these colours insanely gorgeous?!  The ‘Golden Mustard’ (ugh- hate that name) rose changes colour every day- and every tone is just a little ‘off’.

If a flower could be louche, he’s your man…

I can’t wait to create a big arrangement with them, perhaps mixed with lavender or tangerine.

Oh how I love Spring!



That’s my upstairs office window on the far right- I can barely see out!  It’s terribly romantic…until you see the surface of my desk, then…not so much.


Slim Paley photo

I must take a photo of this again at sunset- you can’t imagine how beautiful it looks.

I really feel someone should be climbing up to rescue me, but so far, I’ve only seen my painter, who looked rather horrified by my morning face through the window.

Today there was a hummingbird with an irridescent red head (Let’s call him Harry) I was flailing around like mad trying to get my camera but he flew the coop.

Come back Sweet Prince!!



Slim Paley Photo

Bedside Babies



Slim Paley photo

Desktop Delights



Slim Paley photo

This cluster of “Golden Mustard” roses is only two stems!



Slim Paley photo

Even my White Lilacs bloomed!  (Take that “Will not grow in Zone 9” 🙂 )



Slim Paley photo

I don’t know the name of this rose but it’s just kind of silly perfect- I might call it “Prom Queen”, “Head Cheerleader” , “Girl We All Hated in School” or

“Omg-I Can’t Believe How Much Make-up She’s Wearing”

Seriously though- don’t you think they could come up with better names for roses than they do? I’d like that job.

Give me a call, Mr. Rose Naming Person Hire-er.

I  do lipstick and nail polish names too.


S.P. Photo

Well, that’s all the beauty and wisdom I can share right now.

I better not talk anymore because I think I might be getting a sore throat…



Hoping you are enjoying sunshine where ever you are.




  1. So cute, Slim — gave me a great big smile before bed and now I do not dread waking up at 5:15 for that yoga class I’m going to drag myself to. Those roses are gorgeous!!!! Quite amazing to have so many beautiful blooms that you can have multiple vases going throughout the house. Inspiring! I am heading to D.C. on Friday for 10 days — any favorite restaurants I must try before heading back. I’ll be closer to the MD side of D.C. if that matters.

    • Hi Krista
      5:15 am for yoga?? I’m very impressed!
      I’m sorry I do not have any restaurants to rec. in Washington…perhaps some of my readers do? I’m not very familiar with the city.

  2. Those roses are out of this world – totally jealous as where I live we can’t grow roses!

  3. Those beauties are so touched by heaven. I have a “Golden Mustard” and she’s beautiful, but yours are definitely Prom Queens. Waking up to cut roses for the house really early before anyone else wants to share the morning–such oneness. Welcome Home!!

  4. Best medicine for scratchy throat – breathing menthol and mix with bouquet of glorious garden roses.

  5. I smile from the first to the last picture. How beautiful, SP!

    It’s os funny about what you said about that bed I posted. I thought about the same thing! How hard would that be to dust it?? LOL That’s so funny you thought the same thing. I guess we both don’t like dusting, right? 🙂

    Have a beautiful day!


    Luciane at

    • That’s like trying to pick a favourite rose- Impossible! Each one is better than the next…have you tried “Neroli Portofino” yet? Divine Orange blossom notes- perfect summer scent. One of my favourite things about T. F.’s perfumes is their lasting power, don’t you agree?

      • My Mom has a mock orange blossom tree in her yard in DC and it
        smells so divine! I had no idea that there was a perfume with that

      • I’m inspired/excited to explore Mr. Ford’s fragrances. Can’t wait.

        Beautiful photos as usual! Just made the second one my desktop background. I feel wonderful everytime I look at it.

  6. Aaaaaah. what a treat to wake up to. Simply gorgeous: the roses AND the photography……….. but I am so curious, do you tend all of these beauties yourself, or does it take dedicated gardeners to keep them all groomed and disease and pest free?………like no roses I’ve seen even at the Botanical Gardens. Thanks for sharing the bounty…..and your secret.

    • I cannot tell a lie…
      (at least not a big one that I could get caught telling) I do have a lovely gardener, who, btw, uses only organic methods to keep the beasties away from the garden. Which reminds me, it’s probably time to order my ladybugs…

  7. I am so jalouse I almost didn’t want to continue reading…but glad I did…I do have a perky bunch of fragrant daffodils from my northern garden on my kitchen counter. Roses, however, are my true love.

  8. Love the roses! Is that Cecile Bruner (sp?) climbing up the house? So amazing. It’s hard to beat the beauty of California in the spring!

  9. Are the climbers outside your office window Cecil Brunner? I planted some two years ago and this is the first year we have buds…lots of buds. Can not wait until I have a flurry of roses too.:)

  10. That’s a Fairy Tale garden you have.
    I want to write “Welcome Home”; just give me a couple of minutes to overcome the envy with your beautiful roses… ah, the climbing ones.
    Ok, I think I got the hold on it ;). Welcome Back and Lovely Post; improved seriously my day.
    Take Care,

  11. What a treat for a rose lover in zone 10!!! I’m guessing Constance Spry for the wall climbing rose??

  12. The lavender mixed with golden mustard will be lovely! Please post a pic of that soon. I’m still on a lavender kick so I bought this room spritz for my kitchen: It got rid of the bacon smell. I also use the scrub for the bathtub because it’s much less abrasive than other cleaners. They smell divine!

  13. I do so enjoy opening up my emails and find one of your blogs. It immediately makes my day better and puts a smile on my face. Living in the mountains of Montana with much snow still on the ground and not much growing yet, it is even more delightful to know that there are places already holding such beauty.

  14. Drop dead stunning Slim. Every single shot. O.G.D. I keep saying thats my fav, then the next one almost makes me cry. Must say your arrangements are THE BEST EVER,
    Lovely start to my day, Thanks Slim ox

  15. How beautiful, you’re so lucky, all I have is tulips just starting to bloom, we are so far away from roses with this unusually cold weather. I’m jealous.

  16. no sunshine today (it is raining in NY), well except in my head! your beautiful photos of flowers gave me joy. thanks! xo

  17. The only time I ever saw roses like that was in Italy @ my ex-mother in laws house up in the mountains! I never forgot them! You brought back good memories….not of the ex! Of the beautiful countryside of Italy!

  18. I’ve only just discovered you…what a lovely way you have with words…and your photos are simply beautiful. Roses. How can ONE woman have such perfection? Love it. xo’s Marsha in Houston

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