Am I alone…

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I feel we’re close enough at this point to admit the above actually holds true for me.

I also see dice (die??) in my head when adding small numbers (larger numbers involve pencil & paper. Larger meaning anything that doesn’t fit on two cubes with dots on them) but let’s keep that entre nous.

(I like to think I’m just an extremely visual person, but perhaps I was a not so successful gambler in another life)

Lately, I’m finding The Decision Making Process even more taxing than usual.

What is it? Age? The distraction of the internet?

No doubt both, with a liberal sprinkling of many other excuses, some worthy, some not so much, thrown in for good measure. My head is cranial bouillabaisse of thoughts, details, ideas, worries, plans, creativity, nonsense, procrastinated decisions and self-recrimination.




You will notice I can’t even decide whether to use the word ‘dice’ or ‘die’ for the plural of dice.

I’ve heard both are acceptable now. Is this wrong? and if so, do I wanna be right?

Because honestly? Who says “pass the ‘die’ “??  No one I want to play games with.


Anyway, I guess all of this just to share the observation, which made me laugh (because it’s true) and to search for solidarity in numbers.

How are YOU fairing (faring??) as a ‘grown up’ these days?!


PS. You’ve probably noticed I’ve turned spell-check off  (too many decisions!)


Happy Saturday!





  1. Slim I am right there with you…..I go through the alphabet to help to remember a person’s name! I am also very visual because I can remember a face from 30 years ago!! There’s a lot that has accumulated in our brains at this point and for me it is sometimes a challenge to pull out just what I need to use at the time!!

    The Arts by Karena
    India HIcks!

  2. Today at work I walked upstairs, searched in the kitchen, crawled under my desk looking everywhere for my reading glasses that were on top of my head. We’re normally progressing. I blame it on the depletion of hormones:)

  3. I can relate. There is simply to much going on. To many distractions. I even have trouble trying to meditate. The concentration and relaxation just is not there. 10 things buzzing through my head. Not a good feeling. I have no answer.

    Regarding numbers and math my recently deceased 99 year old Uncle always said he was terrible with math. But he also said he got better with addition by adding numbers on license plates as he was driving. Susan

  4. Slim we must have the same brain! I need to sing the alphabet song too. I agree the older I get there is way too many decisions, thoughts, angst, wondering, worry. I think it’s life…Too many distractions like the other reader said. We are trying to do it all, plus all the digital stuff. It’s too much. xo Kim

  5. After reading your post and following commentaries, I have decided to file my finger counting and alphabet singing under “brilliant minds think alike”. ( btw, my middle school teacher taught us to sing the 10 major cities in Spain from north to south, still can do it 45 years later!!)

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