A Random Act of Kindness


“Random Acts of Kindness”

We’ve all heard the phrase a thousand times.

It’s succinct, catchy, comes from a good place and in our hearts and minds, we’d all like to practice it daily .

I know for certain I would and yet I don’t. I have the very best of intentions, but days go by at the speed of light and honestly, unless things are taped to my forehead, more often than not I forget.

In fact (True Confessions Alert) some days I count returning my grocery cart to the little cart round-up-thingy as both a work-out, cardio, and a Random Act of Kindness.

Hanging head in shame as I admit that.

So imagine my majorly incredulous delight when someone gifted me today with an extraordinary random act of kindness.


I’m going to try desperately to make a long story short here.

It started in January when a friend suggested that printing out my blog (3 years of posts) would be a great tool in possibly helping me cobble a book idea together. I agreed, but lamented that as I’d changed my format, the font was so big, the print so light, blah, blah, blah, and as usual, procrastinated. (New Year’s Resolution #1.  Fail)

Cut to this past Sunday night (actually, I think I’m doing rather well so far in keeping this short!) Downton Abbey’s on and my stomach virus is debuting with all the enthusiasm of a Broadway ingenue, when I receive an email from a very sweet, long time  Slim Paley reader.

And here’s where the story gets totally amazing…

In her email she says that she has enjoyed “Slim Paley” so much over the years that she’s been printing it out and keeping it in binders and there were now 9 of them. Due to her business moving their offices, the binders had to go and keeping them at home was also a somewhat unwieldy proposition.

Would I like her to send them to me?

Totally SERIOUS.

I’ve never met this lovely person (yet) who happens to live on the opposite coast, nor have we ever even spoken on the phone.



890A6181I have to admit, I started to cry.


890A6190Over 3 years, every photo, every word.

slim paleyWell, seriously, I’m just totally speechless.

SLIM PALEYExcept for writing this post of course.

Naturally I’m not mentioning who this wonderful person is, but I wanted to share it with all of you as it’s easy and understandable to feel it’s impossible to make a difference in the world we live in right now.

But, allow me my ‘Oprah Moment’ here to say it’s really true!

Random Acts of Kindness, big and small, can make all the difference,

even if it’s just in one person’s day.

I know I’m going to be making more of an effort for sure.

 I might even return TWO carts at the same time.


PS.  So, as you can see, my week is finishing on a much better note than it began and it’s so nice to be back in the land of the living.

Great cleanse. Ahem. 🙂

 Thank you all for your kind wishes for a speedy recovery-they worked!!

Wishing you all a FANTASTIC rest of the week!




  1. THAT is not an OMG MOMENT..THAT is a WTF #%$#&^%*9JG%$^&*^*WTF *^%! Superb ACT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!!!!!! (of course I voted, but that act seems so small in comparison to THAT!!!!!)

  2. a-mayyy-zing!! What a lovely and thoughtful thing for that sweet east coast gal to do for you. I am glad that she was able to brighten your day, and also give you the tangible 9-volume version of the gift you have given all of us through the years. i hope this does help spur you on to put a book in print…or do your own talk show (!)… 🙂
    Still a little weepy over this way over the recent Downtons, but hanging in there. Happy week end to you. (Heading to sv in a week….still missing my tully’s, boo hoo!)

    • MANY of us here in the Valley miss our Tully’s!
      BUT be sure to try our new great dining experience….Enoteca….(a-no-te-ka) restaurant/wine bar….exceptional!

  3. Absolutely fantastic….what an honor for someone to use all those printer cartridges! In binders with the name to boot! You have made quite an impact Slim & so has your reader/copier. I hope to have a smidge of the same on my readers ( now potential readers ) Just started a blog…want to check it out??…not so random, as I am asking, but VERY VERY kind. http://www.mysoulfulhome.com
    I love your blog ~ found you through Lisa at A Bloomsbury Life
    p.s. if u do read my 5 little posts or one, let me know if it is any good ~ I can take it, really I sorta can…
    Thank you,

  4. What a wonderful gift to receive……..see we all believe in you producing some sort of book.
    Now…..I tried to no avail to vote for you but it was a no go……seems I have a password and account and can’t seem to find them to vote again and the site is no help…….sorry. Good luck though.

  5. BEAUTIFUL! blessings to you both. If the news would only cover all the “good” news, which is much more vast than the “bad”, then we would all perceive the world a better place and it would likely be one.

  6. So very sweet!
    Think I’ll return THREE carts!:)
    I’m so glad to have recently found your lovely blog, and enjoy every post so very much!!

  7. A beautiful gift and incredible act of kindness! I love when people just blow us away with amazingness. Coming up for the AT&T?

  8. Incredible act of kindness. In fact, up, above and beyond over the top! And so meticulously organized ~ amazing!!!!! Enjoy reflecting.
    P.S. VOTED

  9. That is truly incredible! It is those moments that just kind of appear that are the best. One thing I noted, however, was that when looking at all of the photos of the binders (not of women) what pops out are the amazing colors from your photographs. I think that is one of the reasons why I LOVE your blog — I am simply drawn to beautiful, vibrant colors! Wishing you even more success and hope that you are well on the road to being over that nasty virus.

  10. Dear C,
    You are such a worthy recipient of this kind gesture, for years your blog has been nothing short of EXQUISITE!.
    Your love for ALL things beautiful in life and your natural generous disposition to always share them with us your readers, has made your blog a dear one to my heart.
    Random Acts of Kindness are indeed my all time favorite moments in life, I am ever so happy for your RAK moment, what a truly FANTASTIC story.
    (Count my vote in, it’s my absolute pleasure, to vote for your blog)

  11. Wow…. I am stunned by this woman. If this is how she organizes her blog reads, what must her closets and cupboards look like? Probably something worthy of a Slim Paley post!

  12. I think you have been touched by angel! With a blessing from heaven to move you toward your dream!
    I am a new reader, and this is pretty much more than random act, I agree this is extraordinarily special! xo Jody

  13. When u remain open miracles happen. Archives of all your posts and blogs dropped into yor lap. You fell into a vate of “shmultz”. Its a good thing.


  14. Random acts of kindness. Life gives us what we truly need for our next step. Yes, our individual acts and thoughts make a huge difference. And you bring joy to all with each and every post. So glad that you’re feeling better. Now for that book……Ahem.

  15. OMG… that is totally amazing…

    What a totally generous and wonderful gesture… it makes me think all over how incredible this blogging experience really is… Hope you feel better… and happy weekend… enjoy your reading…:)

  16. S.P. simply WOW.
    Can we all hitch our “fan-dom” to this fine example? Cause we all were thinking of saving your posts….we just – didn’t.

    Does the grocery cart kindness count if you’re (I’m) really pissed that the parking spots are taken up with lazy peoples carts? I have returned 3 at once – stomping my feet AND grinding my teeth.

    Thank goodness I have your posts to guide me back to zen.


  17. An angel in disguise comes to mind when I see the kindly act of your reader. She had an extra effort and did not take the easy road. This good news is delightful. I am happy to have voted for you in “Homies” – wishing you good luck

  18. What a wonderful story gorgeous story! Thank you for sharing, so needed this! But Is she really real or an angel who reads your blog in the universe somewhere and is giving you a big binder push to write your book. To the mystery angel I give you a virtual hug! xo

  19. I am a big believer in things happening for a reason and if this isn’t one of the most lovely examples of that I have heard of in a long time, then I don’t know what is. Several people used the word ‘angel’ and such kindness really is an earthbound version, isn’t it? So please pay it forward by really working on the book that we are all waiting for–even though, yes, I do think “The Slim Paley Show” also has a nice ring to it…

    So wonderful…I am still smiling over this…

  20. OMG Slim – She certainly has the WOW factor. It is nice to hear and see that there are still some wonderful and kind people in the world. You deserve it. You look after your readers so it is nice to see that one TRUE exceptional reader is looking after you. I am looking forward to your book already. Hope your virus is gone. Happy reading. Congratulations Slim reader to a job brilliantly excuted. It looks a credit to you.

  21. I can’t imagine how wondrous and emotional you must have been – even my heart fluttered when I saw the open binders…

    I think this is what is called serendipity and kismet in unison.

    Truly wonderful.

  22. Someone is watching over you!…What a wonderful tribute and at the absolutely “correct” moment! Good Luck…

  23. I agree with LK,this individual deserves an interview. She has to have great taste and recognize style given her following you,and her organizational abilities are like no other! Having said that,you yourself are darn amazing and generous.truly.

  24. You deserve this, and you HAVE showed random acts of kindness to me. One Christmas I was down in the dumps and you lifted my spirits. Also another time I needed help with lining up pictures in my blog and you showed me how to do it. I am glad someone gave you the inspiration to put together your blog into a book because it’s a wonderful idea. Godspeed.

  25. Dear Slim,

    My name is Gretchen and I am a garden designer/installer in Montana. I love this post and I love your blog. I have been following you for at least a year. Although I don’t have a blog, or facebook or those things. I just wanted to tell you your very heartfelt and creative writings and beautiful photos are always appreciated by me. I am an every morning Internet & coffee girl and when I see lots of things I will think “oh, Slim would like that.” You are a great lady and have a huge following! ~~~ Thank you! Blessings, Gretchen in Montana

    On Fri, 8 Feb 2013 04:29:32 +0000

  26. Very inspiring – both the generosity of your benefactor AND the gorgeousness of your images on paper. Books still matter and I really hope you will produce one!

  27. I happen to know this Lady, in fact we discuss your blog daily! And she is as fabulous in person as your lovely blog is to read. Here’s to the wonderful Ladies in my life and their selfless giving, both in person and online! Voted for you but have a problem with that Homie name? Loving you in the Big D.

    • CHEERS to that Curtis! Lucky you for having such a fabulous Lady in your life.
      Thank you for your comment and for voting!

  28. This is one of your most beautiful posts yet – cos of the Random Act of Kindness this East Coast fan sent – I was also crying when I saw the binders. Incredible. Terrifically Karmic. Best to you.

  29. Wow. Just wow. Reminds me of Deepak Chopra’s Law of Least Effort. (Also the Law of Attraction.) We put what we want out to a benevolent Universe, stay in alignment, and it can come to us much more easily than we imagined without the struggle. I think I’m a believer now. Wish I could work such magic. What a generous person your reader is, but then she’s also been inspired and touched by all your work of love (that comes to all our inboxes for free). A wonderful true story. And good luck with that book idea!

  30. What a great way to start a Friday, by reading your post and what a lovely gesture this
    reader has done. Little things renew my faith in humanity.

  31. Look how productive, committed, and creative you are – volumes and pages, gorgeous (luscious) photo documentation – blessed with a kindred soul reader who possessed an awesome printer and never ran out of ink : ) (I’m hoping she has a lovely assistant whose job included this delightful daily task in a setting that matches your vision, sensibilities, and scope of interests). I’ll gladly buy the book! Her gift is well-matched by the pleasures you’ve shared so generously over the years. Bravo!

  32. OMG It’s like God sending you a gift – amazing karma.
    I cried too, what does that say, is it an age thing?
    If this pushes you to write your book, the person needs to be mentioned in your dedication at the beginning, they definitely get the loyal fan vote.
    Ps. I always put my trolley back, but nothing like this has every happened to me, I will live in hope!

  33. Slim,
    That is so wonderful! What a lovely presentation and the good news is, I’m hoping that will prompt you to go forward with a coffee table book of some of the highlights of your incredible blog! It would be a service to your fans, as well as a not so random act of kindness.
    Happy to know you’re feeling better.

  34. Slim, What a treasure to have your blog actually printed out and with you…It always seems a bit precarious having it all on computers and not physically in hand. I love that this reader did this. So thoughtful. Glad you are better and absolutely voting for you!

    You have to do the book…It will be amazing!


  35. Love this! And to see all your work in that format – wow! What an accomplishment! That page with the pink flower is just gorgeous. For a moment I thought you had set an actual flower on the page. Amazing photography.

  36. whoa! that speaks volumes (haha)…seriously? after all that effort, she offered them up? I would have FOUND someplace to keep those babies…better person than I…truly a remarkable gift

  37. A gift from the heart, truly. The path has been laid, all you need to do is follow it. The Slim Paley brick road to a beautiful book. All your readers can’t be wrong! Pretty please? xo

  38. I agree. This gal deserves to be a subject of a Slim blog–even if on organization alone. You’re a lovely person, Slim–and quite an egalitarian one, too, I might add. I would add only this: everyone do one thing for someone every day, but do it anonymously–therein lies the secret, and the joy of giving back. xo

  39. Giving IS joyous, isn’t it?
    I am hoping that your blog-reader’s generosity WILL spur you onto the book idea. With your Super-Cali-Floral-istic-S P-All-Adore-ish photography, style and wit…it’s sure to be a winner!
    xoxo, Chris

  40. Such a wonderful gift, and well deserved. I was thinking how much I wished I remembered the place you ate in New York that had the autumn leaves all over the place, and had to get a reservation only on line, etc. etc…..point being, it would be fun to have your blog in book form to be able to refer to past posts, not to mention those photos of flowers. So happy you are well and love that your are read from Austria to Australia! Pretty formidable!!!!

  41. This gesture is absolutely INCREDIBLE. The pictures gave me a big old lump in my throat. And she did an amazing job organizing them all ~ down to the beautiful decorative title on the spine. The funny thing is, I love your blog so much, and I ALWAYS read the comments because you seem to have attracted a very funny, interesting, smart readership! As evidenced by your gift. {And hoping this is the impetus to starting that book!}

  42. Everyone has already said it but I just have to say it again, Wow! Amazing! Incredible! Awesome! Unbelievable! What a grand and wonderful gesture from what has got to be your “biggest” fan! I can’t believe her extremely well organized binders of your posts. Absolutely nothing in my house (even my most important stuff) is that organized. What a special gift!

  43. Dear Slim,
    As we continue to tell our stories, we continue to learn
    many new ones. We celebrate each others victories
    & we are there during a loss.
    We talk to everyone who will listen
    & sometimes we have nothing to say.
    We have made great strides & we have
    fallen a bit behind.
    Through it all we continue to inspire & support
    each other day after day.
    And for that we should celebrate.
    We should also celebrate those who read our stories.
    They make it all worthwhile.
    I’m sooo very happy for you.
    xo Lisa

  44. I can attest to your generosity and thoughtfulness, as I am the grateful and pleased recipient of an act of random kindness from you — a gift of a box of beautiful dried orange slices that you made for me. We’ve not met — yet — but I hope to one day soon. You are a treasure, m’dear. Reggie

  45. Slim, I have been a fan of your blog for along time. I identify with so much with the things you write about. I, too, am a mom of two boys (15-year-old twins) and understand living the girly, girl life amongst all the testosterone!!

    I wanted to recommend a documentary that I just watched and thought that you would enjoy. It is “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel” It just came out. Wonderful!

    Also, if you have not seen “Sound City”, Dave Grohl’s documentary that debuted a Sundance Film Festival, you should check it out.

  46. Absolutely incredible!!! To think, someone was cherishing your thoughts and creativity THAT MUCH…so amazing and so wonderful, what a gift, in more ways than one!

    Congrats on being in the top three… 😀
    xo J~

  47. WOW. What a reader! They loved your blog….like, a LOT. How wonderful that someone would do that for you, but it’s perhaps more wonderful that you’ve done this for someone else. Did you consider that writing this blog is an act of kindness to every one of us? I know I always light up when I see you’ve updated. 🙂

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