A Random Act of Kindness


“Random Acts of Kindness”

We’ve all heard the phrase a thousand times.

It’s succinct, catchy, comes from a good place and in our hearts and minds, we’d all like to practice it daily .

I know for certain I would and yet I don’t. I have the very best of intentions, but days go by at the speed of light and honestly, unless things are taped to my forehead, more often than not I forget.

In fact (True Confessions Alert) some days I count returning my grocery cart to the little cart round-up-thingy as both a work-out, cardio, and a Random Act of Kindness.

Hanging head in shame as I admit that.

So imagine my majorly incredulous delight when someone gifted me today with an extraordinary random act of kindness.


I’m going to try desperately to make a long story short here.

It started in January when a friend suggested that printing out my blog (3 years of posts) would be a great tool in possibly helping me cobble a book idea together. I agreed, but lamented that as I’d changed my format, the font was so big, the print so light, blah, blah, blah, and as usual, procrastinated. (New Year’s Resolution #1.  Fail)

Cut to this past Sunday night (actually, I think I’m doing rather well so far in keeping this short!) Downton Abbey’s on and my stomach virus is debuting with all the enthusiasm of a Broadway ingenue, when I receive an email from a very sweet, long time  Slim Paley reader.

And here’s where the story gets totally amazing…

In her email she says that she has enjoyed “Slim Paley” so much over the years that she’s been printing it out and keeping it in binders and there were now 9 of them. Due to her business moving their offices, the binders had to go and keeping them at home was also a somewhat unwieldy proposition.

Would I like her to send them to me?

Totally SERIOUS.

I’ve never met this lovely person (yet) who happens to live on the opposite coast, nor have we ever even spoken on the phone.



890A6181I have to admit, I started to cry.


890A6190Over 3 years, every photo, every word.

slim paleyWell, seriously, I’m just totally speechless.

SLIM PALEYExcept for writing this post of course.

Naturally I’m not mentioning who this wonderful person is, but I wanted to share it with all of you as it’s easy and understandable to feel it’s impossible to make a difference in the world we live in right now.

But, allow me my ‘Oprah Moment’ here to say it’s really true!

Random Acts of Kindness, big and small, can make all the difference,

even if it’s just in one person’s day.

I know I’m going to be making more of an effort for sure.

 I might even return TWO carts at the same time.


PS.  So, as you can see, my week is finishing on a much better note than it began and it’s so nice to be back in the land of the living.

Great cleanse. Ahem. 🙂

 Thank you all for your kind wishes for a speedy recovery-they worked!!

Wishing you all a FANTASTIC rest of the week!




  1. THAT is not an OMG MOMENT..THAT is a WTF #%$#&^%*9JG%$^&*^*WTF *^%! Superb ACT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!!!!!! (of course I voted, but that act seems so small in comparison to THAT!!!!!)

  2. a-mayyy-zing!! What a lovely and thoughtful thing for that sweet east coast gal to do for you. I am glad that she was able to brighten your day, and also give you the tangible 9-volume version of the gift you have given all of us through the years. i hope this does help spur you on to put a book in print…or do your own talk show (!)… 🙂
    Still a little weepy over this way over the recent Downtons, but hanging in there. Happy week end to you. (Heading to sv in a week….still missing my tully’s, boo hoo!)

    • MANY of us here in the Valley miss our Tully’s!
      BUT be sure to try our new great dining experience….Enoteca….(a-no-te-ka) restaurant/wine bar….exceptional!

  3. Absolutely fantastic….what an honor for someone to use all those printer cartridges! In binders with the name to boot! You have made quite an impact Slim & so has your reader/copier. I hope to have a smidge of the same on my readers ( now potential readers ) Just started a blog…want to check it out??…not so random, as I am asking, but VERY VERY kind. http://www.mysoulfulhome.com
    I love your blog ~ found you through Lisa at A Bloomsbury Life
    p.s. if u do read my 5 little posts or one, let me know if it is any good ~ I can take it, really I sorta can…
    Thank you,

  4. What a wonderful gift to receive……..see we all believe in you producing some sort of book.
    Now…..I tried to no avail to vote for you but it was a no go……seems I have a password and account and can’t seem to find them to vote again and the site is no help…….sorry. Good luck though.

  5. BEAUTIFUL! blessings to you both. If the news would only cover all the “good” news, which is much more vast than the “bad”, then we would all perceive the world a better place and it would likely be one.