“Carolyn Espley-Miller is an interior designer and the voice, eye extraordinaire and style icon of, the stuff of life. Named by House Beautiful as one of its favorite design blogs, Slim’s take/photos on travel, fashion and home design is a must read/see… and we’re huge fans!”

 MixxMaster interview on MixCentury , November, 2013


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Named one of Holly Phillips for Williams-Sonoma

“Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration” , November 2013


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10 Great Design Blogs Written By Moms

May 12, 2013 by 


In honor of Mother’s Day and great moms everywhere, I have created a shortlist of great design blogs conceived and written by moms. With so many amazing design blogs out there, let alone those produced by moms, it is almost impossible to choose just ten.

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Finalist in Apartment Therapy’s “Homie Awards” 2013

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Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 7.18.39 PMThe Laundress


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Slim Paley’s lifestyle blog features some simply spectacular images, houses and locations, all of which are daydream worthy. She started the blog because she was looking for a new creative outlet in her life and she has taken to it like a duck to water. Her impeccable taste in interior design, fashion, flowers and photos make for a really rich blog and fascinating life. This is one stylish lady with a wicked sense of humour!

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Contributor to “101 Tips From The Experts” this month in House Beautiful



#2 in “Top 25 Design Moms”




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The Homies: Best Home Design Blog of 2011

Slim Paley voted the #2 blog in the 2011 Homie Awards!


Voted #3 Best Home Design Mom


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House Beautiful Magazine September 2010


Photo and arrangement by Slim Paley

Slim Paley on THE HUFFINGTON POST;  Thinking Outside The Vase

‘Finding unexpected ways to display flowers can become a joyful obsession’


Chic Reads: Slim
“We’ re constantly on the hunt for inspiring new sites and fits the bill”



Fashion Week Daily’s The Chic Report
The Real Slim Paley
“Our Latest Blog Obsession? Slim Paley, an explosion of color and gorgeous images.”


Habitually Chic
The Real Slim Paley
“In a sea of design blogs, I think Slim Paley is going to quickly become one of your favorites.”


Santa Barbara Magazine
“We Love These Blogs”



“C” Magazine

___________________________________________________________________ Mom Blogging a Beautiful Life. Slim Paley is a mom who has featured on Habitually Chic and Fashion Week Daily’s “The Chic Report.” Her blog,, was also nominated for a 2009 “Homie” for best home design blog. Called a “Renaissance woman” by one of her readers, Slim Paley has a keen eye for the eclectic, unusual, and slightly skewed. She brings her readers glimpses of beauty in everyday life in the form of recipes, design, garden, family life, and fashion, through gorgeous photos and witty repertoire.