The Night Before

Blogging is an interesting endeavor.  Sometimes composing a post is as simple as pie (store bought), other days it’s not that easy. Today, I must admit, falls into the latter category. To say the least, it’s been a tumultuous 7 days here in the east. As you know, I arrived in NY just a day or two before Hurricane Sandy struck. We are all aware of the devastation the storm left in it’s wake. Although power has been restored to lower Manhattan and a good portion of mass transit, including many subway lines are in service again, a week later  there are still hundreds of thousands without power, water, gasoline, a safe place to lay their heads at night and even warm clothes. To add insult to injury in a most literal sense, the forecast predicts another storm moving  towards the east coast on Wednesday. My thoughts and prayers are with all those still struggling in the aftermath of Sandy and I’m sure that all of you, my wonderful compassionate readers, feel the same.

A friend sent me an email a few days ago in reference to my post about New Yorkers being incredibly resilient.

She included this photo with the caption “I guess this is what you meant about New Yorkers”

I loved the photo and thought, YES! This is exactly what I meant, and shared the photo on Facebook as well as Twitter. The response, as you would imagine, was overwhelmingly positive, but there were actually a few people who got darn right snarky about it. According to them, this photo was taken in New Jersey, not NYC.  Apparently, there are always going to be a few people who just miss the point, which I find a little sad. I thought the photo was about people being kind, resourceful and helping others,  not about a postal code.

And another thing…

Tomorrow, as we ALL KNOW is Election Day in the United States. I, for one, cannot wait for this, equally ugly storm, to be over. I don’t care to engage in political discourse on my blog, or even in real life to be honest-it’s just the way I was raised. I also like to think of “Slim Paley” as being a pleasant escape from the negativity we are bombarded with daily, so I’d just like to say this;  Whatever the outcome, by Wednesday morning 50% of this country is going to be very disappointed, many even devastated, which is also truly sad. So let’s all try to be compassionate and GRACIOUS on Wednesday. After all, it’s not arms and legs, it’s politics.

Back to “normal” posts in a day or two, I promise!


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  1. I was watching a news channel tonight showing the devastation that Sandy has left behind and it is so sad the loss that people are trying to cope with, it is unthinkable that another storm would be coming, I just hope people will be okay.

  2. I love this sentiment. My partner is in politics, so I get it ALL THE TIME! Occasionally I stir him up by threatening to vote for The Other Side. Did you see that Neil Diamond was personally calling people to persuade them to vote for Obama? I’d be won over by that beautiful voice even before he suggested a candidate. And if he sung down the phone to me, well I’d be anyone’s!
    Don’t worry about the critics. I think everyone’s on edge at the moment, and no wonder. xx

  3. Good post, Slim. I guess the upside to Sandy (if there is one) is that it gave us a break from the venom and the negative energy, and just let us focus on loved ones, our blessings, and reminded us to pray for those who are truly hurting. Maybe someone upstairs was trying to get our country’s attention and shift the focus back to what really matters.

    • I really think you are right on this one. I do believe there is a God who is trying to focus our attention on the things that truly matter. This election has me crazy all the while people have lost loved ones, homes…pretty much everything. I keep reminding myself: it’s only power & life could be a lot worse. But 8 days without power, heat or light is really hard…..:( and another storm coming….bracing myself! Stay safe.

  4. New York, New Jersey, the sentiment is the same – compassion for our fellow man through random acts of kindness. Such a shame that some people were put out but kudos to EVERYONE who tries in their own way to help, including you Slim  for bringing more awareness to this storm and it’s devastating aftermath.

  5. This is exactly the way I feel. I voted two weeks ago. Congratulations on your first vote as a US Citizen.
    Thank you for your voice.

  6. New Jersey got hit badly too. We needed the help as much as the city. Who are these nit picking people? i like your new look but I miss the flowers.

  7. Beautifully said, Slim. I have been feeling rather helpless as an American overseas both in terms of the election and the devastation that is ongoing from Hurricane Sandy. Yes, I voted, yes, I donated but still…thank you for this little safe haven of civility and Slimability, it raises my spirits to no end!

  8. It is beyond weird that you guys vote on a week day! We do it on a Saturday and then have bbqs and parties on the Saturday night and watch the returns on tv! I also think it is sad that only 57% of Americans vote. It is compulsory here. Love the blog as always and love reading your insights and seeing your snaps. xxx

  9. I need to take your position on politics to heart & start living it… now! I, too was raised to not talk politics & here I am getting incredibly charged up about it….and verbal, on my FB page incensing friends & colleagues. I agree: 50% of the people, no matter what the outcome, will be incredibly pissed, lodging law suits & who knows what else! Maybe it’s a good thing that I haven’t been able to watch cable news, my addiction, for the last 8 days. Everyone on my street got their power last night but me!!! We got half-a-house of power and I just sort of lost my mind taking to the streets, wine in hand, driving to the substation in my pajamas to confront MetEd resulting in a hysterical meltdown at the MetEd tower. No one was there. They had all checked out for the night with my house an electric aberration. I need to practice some of that yoga I was trained to teach (ashram in Santa Barbara) 25 years ago….breath & blink….and stay home & drink the wine! Thanks for bringing in a reality check, SP. But another storm or two, counting the election fallout, on Wednesday…well I just don’t know how I’ll do?! Trying to keep the faith with fingers crossed.
    Melissa (in Bucks County) xx

  10. Thank you, Slim, for expressing those sentiments so eloquently. I raise my coffee cup to you this morning!

  11. Keepin the Faith for my USA citizens on my mom’s Jersey Shore. Praying for all of you today and everyday.
    I hope our US Military will be able to vote overseas, while protecting us from harms way
    I love your pictures.

  12. Have a son living in NY right now, he is OK + volunterring! love the picture you posted, lets hear it for random acts of kindness. stay warm + dry.

  13. Very nice post, Slim! I feel terrible too, for all those folks struggling and without their homes. BTW, your blog is on my “10 Ways to Lift Your Spirits in November” post on my site. I want all my readers to find your beautiful blog to help them stay positive. 🙂

  14. The photo of the phone charges is awesome. It restores one’s sense of hope in our fellow man. Also…I totally agree with your “a-political” statement. I, too, am eager for it to be over. I prefer rum and coke, but the sentiment is similar. 🙂

  15. Slim,
    As always, you are able to express the thoughts of many of your readers. I know it’s grim in NY and many of the eastern states, but we have to try to shore up and move on. I can’t imagine the loss and devastation and I pray there will be a return to normalcy soon. I love the sweet image, no matter where it was taken and the generosity of spirit behind it.
    The course of politics has left me a-political. I don’t care to talk about it and I certainly don’t want to watch any more of others talking about it on television.
    I hope the upcoming holiday’s will bring a ray of hope and sunshine into everyone’s lives!

  16. I voted this morning, proudly. It is amazing to me that more peole don’t. Loved your attitude, will be happy to see tomorrow come so the negativity is over…..for awhile. XO

  17. Happy to vote today and have that privilege. I will be glad to be done with all the negativity of all of it! Folks like those people sharing the electricity inspire everyone else to be more generous and kind. That’s what it’s all about.
    Great post!

  18. Your thoughts, comments and ideas are always so eloquently phrased. Enjoy your 1st vote. Living in Vancouver we get all the ads, comments from Washington State. One thing I really appreciate about living here our federal election from start to finish is only 6 weeks long. Loved the picture from NY; it’s times like these that the human spirit really comes to the forefront. Thanks for another great post.

  19. Amen, sister. I always love reading your readers’ comments, as well as your happy posts, and am always a little taken aback when someone gets snarky. I then think, “Oh no, I hope Slim doesn’t get discouraged by those (rare) comments,” and I kinda want to answer them. Ahem. BUT that is not the way I was raised. : ) I like “happy”, and you provide a dose of sunshine in this world.

  20. Slim thank you! It is good to see that Americans are coming through for each other even though Government hasn’t.(enough) My fingers are crossed though.

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  21. Dear Slim
    The night before is now the day after and I am in whole hearted agreement that we must all be gracious and move ahead. As you said it’s not arms and legs, it’s politics. Albeit, heart and soul for many. We will continue to pray for all those who are still suffering from Sandy as they reconstruct their lives.

  22. HI, I just read your comment on janet’s blog…I forgot how funny you are…or should I just say how much fun you are. I can’t imagine that you arrived just a day before the hurricane hit. We live in CT and everyone is just starting to return to normal, but soooo many are cold and without homes. It is terribly sad, but I do love that photo that you posted …and I don’t really care if it’s NY or NJ…it’s the message, right? I was at the grocery store in town tonight…the shelves are still pretty bare and it’s snowing like crazy…long lines and yet people were amazingly kind and asking how everyone fared in the storm. When did you get your power back, etc. and always ending with a “stay safe”…I keep hearing that and it really warms the heart.

    • So great to hear that people are remaining calm and kind despite their hardships- we need all the heart-warming stories we can get right now.

  23. We seem to have weathered the storm of the election – I’m very glad it’s over too. Stay safe, Slim! And thanks for being a ray of sunshine to so many people.

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