Sunday Celebration

Slim Paley Photo.

Slim Paley photo…………… First Sprigs of White Lilac

Slim Paley Photo…………..The first artichoke pops a head up

Slim Paley Photo………..And a recycled orchid makes a second showing

Slim Paley Photo………….My “Rogaine” Tree!  I’m surrounded by hairy beings!

I took all of these photos in my garden this morning!  It was such a beautiful sunny day here in Santa Barbara.  The day started off well with a great session of yoga followed by a stroll in the garden in search of the first hints of Spring- and there were plenty of encouraging signs.  We are only two weeks away from one of my very favourite days of the year- Turning the clocks ahead!!  Oh glorious long days will be here again  🙂

Hmmm…let me think…what could possibly make this day any better?? Canada winning the GOLD medal in the hockey game perhaps??!!  Sorry, even though I’m surrounded by Yanks in my home and my life, I had to pull for my hometown.  And Sid The Kid saved our butts!  It would be some fun to be in Vancouver tonight!!

OK, I promise not to talk about hockey anymore, but I will say just one more thing about the Olympics- Don’t you think it would be a brilliant idea for the figure skaters to have all the world renowned designers design their costumes?!  Can you imagine how great that would be?  Lagerfeld, Galliano, Valentino, Tom Ford, Gaultier… I LOVE that idea! It could add a whole new dimension to Olympic skating- they could even get points for their outfits! I can see it all now- Anna Wintour could be a guest judge.

Alright, I’ll leave it at that.  It is indeed a great day for Canada and The United States!

Happy Olympic  Sunday everyone!




    • I’m a rebel Penny. Sometimes, if I want a flower badly enough, I ignore the “Will Grow In Zone Guideline” and take a chance! It worked with the lilac. Peonies were a no go, but at least I tried…

  1. The American team should be proud of that game … they clearly showed up to win and gave the homeland a good run for their money. God bless the American spirit … Proud to be living on both sides of the fence.
    And your flowers are very pretty too. xoL

  2. That was a pretty spectacular hockey game, the Americans were fierce opponents, what a nail biter…..where did you say you can buy that Biosil?

    Great idea on the designer skating outfits!

    I loved the U.S snowboarder outfits, that was very cool how they made the pants look exactly like scruffy jeans.

    spectacular photos as well Slim!

    It’s a gong show here in Vancouver right now.. gotta go:)

  3. Fantastic, what a great game for all concerned. As a former Canadian I decided to root for them, and seeing so many people ssssssssooooo happy was so worth it!
    Another sign of Spring………in NYC I saw daffodils coming up through the snow…..aren’t flowers amazing!

  4. Slim, I thought the same thing when I was watching the skating! Designer outfits would be so cool. Some of the outfits were very bad and in some ways that’s what’s good about them. Remember before there were stylists and actresses made really bad choices for their red carpet gowns? That’s the only thing I would fear….if designers did the skater’s outfits, it would all be too tasteful. Still, wouldn’t you love to see what Tom Ford would do with Evan Lysachek? maybe a three piece suit with some awesome shades? A slight growth of beard? I can dream, can’t I?

  5. Yay Canada!
    So happy for Canucks!
    Couture for skating?
    What an absolutely FAB idea…though I have to say, I did love Evan Lysacek’s snakes!
    I thought it looked soooo Robert Cavalli…oops, I guess Vera Wang designed it!
    (just googled it)
    Anywho, happy March to you Slim!

  6. Brilliant idea! Sounds like you have a lovely day – it seemed to be blue skies and sunshine all up and down the west coast. Oh, spring is coming. Have a great week.

  7. Slim, you’re on the right track… Vera Wang designed for Nancy Kerrigan, Kristi Yamaguchi and, most recently, our men’s figure skating Gold Medal winner, Evan Lysacek.

    And, beyond that, there was a “Sasha Cohen Challenge” on Project Runway one season. But let’s get the heavyweights participating!! Call Valentino… get him on board and the others will follow, for sure. Can’t you just picture what that elder statesman of sartorial splendor could fashion? Beaded eyelet chiffon draped ever-so-effortlessly, whirling as it lifts through a triple-toe loop?

    Sigh…. the Olympic flame just went out….

    • I’m sure Valentino would be brilliant- and can you imagine what Karl would come up with?
      Sadly, Alexander McQueen would have been amazing too- another flame that just went out…

  8. Let’s go one step further and have them design ALL the winter olympic outfits !!! A designer representing each country !!!! How glorious that would be. I would watch every event for just that reason alone !

  9. You’re ability to see the beauty in every moment is a wonderful gift that keeps on giving.

    I had a shit day today and your photos reminded me of what’s important.

  10. S.P, I see your back in Oak Alley… beautiful!
    Where is the breakfast pic from, Im drooling
    over the benedict.

    • Not back at Oak Alley yet, soon though. Eggs Benny were, believe it or not, just at a friend’s home.

  11. Slim, First, I love your posts and these photos are beautiful. Living in Northern, NJ, where we just got 18 inches of snow, your photos make me so happy.

    As for designers and the ice skating, do you remember when Vera Wang designed Nancy Kerrigan’s outfits? They were unbelievably elegant and set her apart from the other skaters.

    I always look forward to your posts! Thanks for sharing. K.

  12. I’m SO green! With envy!! Gorgeous shots of spring lucsiousness…that artichoke is amazing! We planted 12 lilac last spring, so can’t wait to
    see how they do this year. Couture for skaters….YES! I think Nancy Kerrigan
    had her’s done by Vera Wang when she won the silver, and it was perfection.
    XO! LOVE your blog!

  13. Beautiful photos of baby flowers peeking up. Yes long evenings, can’t wait.
    Fabulous Olympics , Vancouver should be very proud. Great hosts, and what a way to finish the whole experience.
    Couture for the Olympians , trust you !!!! It could happen.

  14. Since ice skating is my favorite … i must chime in to say that a looovvveee the idea for international designer participation … fabu — i did appreciate what Lady Eve had to say about the uniqueness of their own original outfits … i thought of the cleopatra costume in the long program on Miki Ando from Japan … almost overdone … but really unusual and interesting … that’s part of the synergy and excitement … you look forward to seeing what they will don for their performances …
    totally enjoying the Evan Lysachek – Tom Ford inspiration … Very Nice …

    S.P. – Beautiful garden photos – artichoke is very impressive ;~)
    what berry/bush is that in the first photo?

  15. Oh SP’s tongue is roving again as in Guilt Group (very clever and my other online addiction). Always a delight to read your posts and view the photos! I have the Leica C Lux 3 and it is surely not just the camera but the creative eye of the photographer that makes the pictures so superb.

    I actually had the divine pleasure of hosting the founders of Gilt Group last year and the two of them were beautiful, fashionable, bright and beyond nice. It made for a very pleasant memory – one doesn’t meet that level of talent often.

    Keep on posting and, of course, designers would be a wonderful addition to the Olympic magna saga which translated by yours truly (who made it up) to mean “great adventures”.

  16. What a joy to find such a beautiful “up” blog! Thank you Gina for stearing me to this blog. Your floral photos are great. My mother actually grew lavendar lilacs with fragrance at our home in Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. Our Japanese gardeners laughed at her but she’d empty all the ice trays of ice cubes around them every night before she went to bed. And we did have lilacs! Tuberose begonias are my thing with Mike Flaherty my guru. Am looking daily for signs they are coming out of hibernation and I’ll be planting soon again. And about those costumes for skaters, I grew up idolizing Sonia Henie who wore fluffy little skirts of layer upon layer of tulle and lots of sequins. Don’t think those would go today but as a little girl I thought they were fabulous!

  17. You just gave me a great idea for a space in my garden. I love succulents and I think the artichoke could work well if it grows to the right size. Do you know how big those get? or what kind of watering is needed? Thank you. PS your Spring is looking beautiful so far.

    • I have to warn you that the artichokes take up A LOT of space- I would say about 4 ft. high and a little over 5′ in width! Mine gets watered everyday because it is in with roses etc. I don’t know why. It really is much too big to be where it is but it’s so lovely and hearty I can’t bring myself to take it out!

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