I‘m going to break my cardinal rule here (no pun intended-omg-I just can’t help myself!) and touch ever so lightly on politics and religion in this brief post.

Because, just in case you hadn’t heard…the Pope arrived in New York today.


Pope Francis makes his way down 5th Avenue in New York City to St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City on September 24, 2015. AFP PHOTO/ POOL/ Damon WinterDamon Winter/AFP/Getty Images

Pope Francis makes his way down 5th Avenue in New York City to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City on September 24, 2015. AFP PHOTO/ POOL/ Damon WinterDamon Winter/AFP/Getty Images


This fellow is a total religious rock star!

It’s quite unbelievable.



You have to love a twittering Pope with a hashtag.  He’s been trending on Twitter like nobody’s business.

I followed him for awhile when he initially became Pope. He never followed me back though, so it’s been a bit one-sided.

Pope Francis’ popularity obviously extends far beyond the reaches of Catholicism.  I think that, in and of itself, is kind of wonderful. The truth is we are, the world over, desperate for anyone or anything that encourages unification-not to mention acceptance and forgiveness.

Many world leaders could take a page from his book.  And for someone whose day job is predicated so much on the Book, he’s certainly one to go off page.

Personally, I’m a fan.  I understand his outspokenness makes him a controversial figure, but he has a wonderful energy and an obvious tenderness in the extreme for those in need. I’m so touched by his kind, humble way with people, be they heads of State or homeless, and find his unscripted behaviour and almost rebellious attitude refreshing.




It doesn’t matter to me that I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says. I don’t agree with everything my husband says either, but I’m still crazy about him.

Not that I’m comparing my husband to the Pope.  😉




I think Pope Francis’ heart is filled with love. You can just see it in his face.




I love that he seems to have a great sense of humour, even about himself.




He’s certainly not a Let Them Eat Cake sort of pope.   (I know he would forgive me for not having the credit for this photo)  I’m sparing you the photo of the pope pizza.




I love that he’s the first pope in history to choose not to live in the Papal apartments




BTW, We just happened to be over at the Pope’s place last week 🙂




It’s like, SO big.  I don’t blame him for choosing to go a little cozier.




He has some amazing art though.




I was kind of tempted to buy one (or 6) of the ‘Hot Priest’ calendars for sale outside the Vatican but I didn’t want to carry them it around for the rest of the night.





I’d love to know what you make of Pope Francis and his visit to the U.S. this week?!

I welcome all comments, but please, given the subject matter, keep it respectful.

Not that you wouldn’t, but some people can get funny about politics & religion, even in polite company.





  1. Hi Slim, I agree with you on every point. The Pope’s leadership regarding the pressing issues of the moment is extremely important. I would hope that his message of peace, humanity, commitment, forgiveness, equality and hope is taken seriously by all members of our government. I hope to be a witness to the change that he stands for. Thanks for the platform.. xoxo Mary

  2. Oh yes, you can see the tenderness in his face. I agree with you wholeheartedly. We should all take notes from him. We were fortunate to see some of that wonderful art when the World’s Fair was in New Orleans in the early eighties. It was breathtakingly beautiful and moving then, when I didn’t truly appreciate what I was seeing. I was young and didn’t have any sense yet, but I was in awe even then.

  3. I agree. Let’s hear it for this Pope Not only is he facing the very dark chapters of abuse and corruption in the church, he is still spreading some very good vibes to the Catholic devout and humanity of all faiths. And finally from a Pope, “If someone is gay and searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

  4. Dear Slim,
    Thank you for highlighting the Pope. Yes, I agree, a beautiful, loving, warm, kind, hopeful, generous human. How can that be bad? I’m a HUGE fan! ; )

  5. Slim awesome post getting ready to go see him in central park. Yes I agree I think the world needs alot of goodness and love right now!

  6. You read my mind! Have so much respect and admiration for him. You summed it up for me with your comment: ” I don’t agree with everything my husband says but I love him”. That’s how I feel about the Pope.

  7. God bless you for this wonderful post, Slim! My husband won tickets for today’s Central Park procession. 😍 We’ll be waiting (standing) for about six hours. On Tuesday, I had an altercation with a UPS box, and the box won, so I’m going with a broken toe. Just to catch a glimpse of His Holiness will make it worth it. Xox

  8. He is inspiring. He is wise. He is kind. I love that the he stressed the Golden Rule—do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  9. I am Catholic and think he’s a breath of fresh air! Something that the church has been in need of for a LONG, LONG, LONG time!

  10. Our world needs people like the Pope to share with us strong, positive energy, it reminds us how love and compassion feels!

  11. Beautifully put Slim. The photographs you included show that humorous, tender side of him. If we could all just show more of that in our daily lives, this planet would be so much better off.

  12. He is just a delight to listen to and see. Recently a very wise person said to me “…he is the Pope of the world not just a president or the head of state of one country! or another”. The enormity of that is something not many of us can grasp……he seems perfectly comfortable handling that task.
    Well done post mixing church and state Slim!

  13. I live in DC, a block from the Vatican. I feel so blessed to have had Pope Francis in the neighborhood and have loved the crowds of happy people swarming the streets for a glimpse of him. I got my chance yesterday when I heard the helicopters announcing his unexpected return after lunch – still glowing from my brief moment in his presence!

  14. Only saw a little news with his visit….but I do not understand the almost worship of a mortal man….but I am not Catholic…..need my Catholic friends to explain this to me..they will lovingly feel my ears…. I loved the post on your husband’s Twitter page once….I laughed and laughed and I understood that….did Boehner really cry…geez!!!! But I am for anything that brings good to a dangerous world.

  15. In a city that is used to big name visits ( heads of states, kings & queens, celebrities of every sort) -the pope’s arrival here in DC was INSANE -like nothing we have seen before. It was actually pretty refreshing to see everyone here so excited for something! Of course – every road was shut down and millions of visiter/tourists were here to catch glimpses of him which was a pain -so I’m glad to unload him onto NYC! But it was nice to have him here 🙂

  16. I am inspired by the Pope’s message of simplicity and compassion for those less fortunate. I recently chose a radical life “left turn” and moved out of Seattle and onto two acres of wooded wonderland….His words resonate with me more now than ever.

  17. He is pretty fabulous, isn’t he? A true man of the people – compassionate, empathetic and intelligent. You are so right in that if some of our world leaders did take a page from his book, the world would be a better place. When there is so much pain, loneliness and fear in the world, having a leader of any kind spreading love, hope and compassion is a very special thing.

  18. Pope Francis has taken to heart the responsibility of his position in the world stage. I am both impressed and hopeful that he can make a difference where others have not. We desperately need world direction. S P. I enjoy your blogs. They are well presented and exhibit class. Congratulations.

  19. I think he’s great! He is humble, and yet is very charismatic. He is a true leader who has not hesitated to say what needs to be said about many issues such as immigration, tolerance, justice and peace. Hopefully, those in power all over the world will listen to his message so that real change can be effected in these difficult times.

  20. Slim,
    I love his kindness, caring and tolerance. I wish there were more leaders like him. I’ve felt so happy that he is visiting our great country this week. I hope his grace rubs off on a few politicians.

  21. I am a Protestant, but I have still been aware of the pope’s going around’s in town. Don’t worry, you do not have to agree with my politics either.

  22. The public memory is in full Alzheimer’s if people think there is something newly remarkable about this Pope. Does no one remember John Paul II ? — a man who was radiant with love, especially for the young, who adored him, because –not in spite–of his moral clarity and his insistence that they not settle for mediocrity; who was a living witness to the evil work of man at his most brutal under both Nazi and Communist tyranny, neither of which discouraged him from his path of service; and, finally, a man who was as humble and simple and natural as Francis ever dreamed of being, while at the same time highly intelligent, coherent, morally and theologically uncompromising, and always directed toward teaching beyond the confines of Catholicism , in ways that Francis doesn’t seem bright enough to even grasp, much less imitate. I’m sure poor Francis means well, but he is intellectually dim, proudly humble (and that’s not a compliment, and seemingly content with the mediocrity John Paul deplored. Much if what Francis says is dangerously shallow and uninformed, but the most irritating thing about his international meandering so is the utter amnesia that afflicts so many of those who are swept up in his wake. His two immediate predecessors were both loved and respected, and returned that love to their flock (yes, even Benedict, to those who bothered to pay attention), but to watch and listen to the reporters and much of the throng, it’s as if those two great men were just stiff figures in a painted portrait, gathering dust in a gallery. One is left to suspect that what really endears Francis to the crowds us less a matter of his personality and manner than the belief (partly true) that he adheres to popular liberalism and is determined to conform the Church to it. To everything there is a season, and this is not the time to dance.

    • I’d respect this Pope more if, on his way to the United States, he’d lectured the Castros on the myriad human rights abuses of which they and their government are guilty. He didn’t do that. That alone makes me think that Pope Francis isn’t just intellectually dim or “proudly humble,” but dangerously hypocritical. He dares to lecture US on our failings, while benevolently glossing over those of the Western Hemisphere’s last Communist dictatorship, and a nation which is cooperating with Russia in operations aimed at compromising the national security of the United States of America. And he’s taken a side in one of the most vexed political issues in the United States today. I wish the Republican leadership of Congress had informed him that his interference with our political process while our country’s guest was uncalled-for and unwelcome.

  23. I agree Slim! I don’t agree with him completely but you can see the love and joy in his face. He is full of light and what’s not to like about that!

  24. I’m with you on his demeanor, he seems all heart, especially with the poor. Unfortunately I listen to words people (especially ‘leaders’) say, and many of the words he says I just can’t agree with. But still, I can see empathy drives the Pope, and empathy sometimes doesn’t jive with economics
    Great post, first time checking your site out, very cute

  25. I am NOT making a political comment here, seriously, but…..at first glance I thought the face on the calendar was Marco Rubio.

  26. I loved your post. All you have to do is look at his sweet face to know we are lucky to have him as a leader. I would love to see some women in the mix, though, wouldn’t you?

  27. Nice blog, Slim. The Pope has a huge heart for the people and it shows in his face and his actions. Plus he’s a bit rebellious and I like that :).

  28. I’m not Catholic nor very religious at all but he is so inspiring to me. A simple man that seems to understand with great compassion the many problems we all face today. We need a rock star like him with out all the trappings. I just was watching John Boehner’s announcement that he is retiring, do you suppose something resonated with him in his private conversation with the Pope. Hmmm?

  29. Off subject..I really love the way you and your husband show adoration toward one another without going too far. You two are a great example to younger folks.

  30. I’m not fond of Catholicism, but I think the Pope is doing a great job as a world wide example of the better parts of Christianity. You have made some great observations!

  31. Too bad all the politicians in this country can’t seem to grasp that “doing without all the trappings ” is the right step toward helping the people they serve…..from the first family on down with all their careless spending of taxpayers hard earned money. Pope Francis is not of “little intellect” as somone intimated but a deeply moral human being who just happens to be Pope and as such to enlighten the world to what could be if we follow Christ’s teachings.Speaking as a Catholic. I think he is a very positive image for our church

  32. i really love Pope Francis. I love his kindness and compassion to all.. However my favorite pope in my lifetime is Pope John Paul ll…. I miss him….. However I applaud Pope Francis too…. he’s an inspiration as well.

  33. The Pope’s speech in many ways a work of arrogance. Americans are beset with a serious threat to their national security because those money-worshipping capitalists the Pope lectured are joining hands with vote-worshipping politicians to admit people into our country in violation of our laws. The way in which this is done is making nonsense of the idea that Congress is the supreme power in the United States of America – the newest of several imperial presidents can just do what he pleases – and Pope Francis blundered into this mess, indirectly endorsing tyranny in our nation. In his speech, Pope Francis is awfully prodigal with billions of dollars of our tax money which will have to come from the strained budgets of a hundred million American households.

    I have an alternate proposal for Pope Francis. The Vatican owns billions of dollars worth of property and fine art. If the welfare of these illegal immigrants is such an imperative, then the wealth of the Vatican ought to be spent solving the problem. The Pope is head of state in Vatican City. He can have passports made for these unfortunates to enter Rome on their way to the Vatican, which ought to become their new domicile. If it’s good enough for the United States of America, it’s good enough for the Vatican. I’m sure there’s room for eleven million people there. If not – he’s the Pope – he can MAKE room for them.

  34. i fear I must agree with Winefred. He’s far too political for a Pope, and as a result has lost his grip on spirituality. I miss the truly humble saintly John Paul II who felt no need to address the UN to push for a political stance. His growing up in Argentina has skewered his understanding of economics. I have a bad taste in my mouth for his not so subtle put down of this country. We are the most generous country in the world. We have 42 million immigrants living in this country-far more than all the EU countries combined yet he scolds us for not taking in more. 80% of those immigrants are living on our tax money, and we simply cannot afford more. It would be far fairer to take care of our veterans first who have kept us free. And the popes visit to Cuba essentially condoning the horrific life and jailed dissidents was a disgrace. I would suggest he is lacking in humility, and wheels up at 7pm from Philly is not soon enough for me. Oh, and I am a catholic. What happened to the tenets of the church? Did it slip his mind that we are now the abortion capital of the world? He spoke in the same chambers that a mere day before had overturned important abortion restrictions. What an opportunity to speak on this subject, yet he did not. More children have been aborted in this country than the horrors of the Holocast and Pol Pot combined. Because he chooses not to live in the papal apartments or ride around in a Fiat is very superficial showmanship and simply a presence to humility. I miss John Paul II.

  35. I want to love him as I want to love all Popes. My favorite is of course Pope John Paul and I miss him. This Pope seems like a warm and caring man. But he’s WAY TOO POLITICAL and politically correct for my taste. He lectures us about things he’s clearly naive about…like global warming and illegal immigration, totally ignoring the downside of these issues. And then he never mentions things like the mass murder of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East! Hello!!!! Or how many millions of babies are murdered in the womb. Talk about people needing a MORAL LECTURE! So I WANT to love him….but I can’t get past all the important moral issues he kicks to the curb in order to be “politically correct”.

  36. Francis says a great many things but his chain of command here in the states are not listening. My daughter was born three years ago and having been baptized Catholic, my desire was to do the same for her. I was 50 when she was born and having years and experience under my belt, I carefully chose two other Catholics to be her God Parents. You can imagine my disappointment when I came to find out a baptizmal will never take place because the parish priest wants to ensure the God parents are registered at their local parish and actively contributing to their church $$$! Hey, if its money you need to open your church and accept my daughter as one of Gods children, then come out and say it but when the Pope says we open our doors to others who were previously shunned but the local priest says not to your baby girl, I want to throw a brick through my tv set. My repeated pleas to the Rockford, Il archdiocese go unanswered. Francis is all about politics and sadly he speaks out of both sides of his face like every other political D bag.

  37. Amen!! : ) Totally agree. I have been glued to the coverage for 5 days and can’t get enough of that sweet smile and his loving interactions with EVERYONE. He is an inspiration!

  38. I understand the excitement. He is in a direct line all the way back to Peter as head of the church. So there’s that. Obama was here in Alaska for THREE whole days. I’m not a fan in any sense of the word, but it was still exciting for Alaska to have the first American president visit the arctic circle. Any unity this man can bring to this broken world is welcome in my book. See what I did there? Book-bible-pope? 🙂

  39. Love and admire him. I have so much respect for him, he is kind and wise. I also like that he stress the Golden Rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

  40. I am supposed to love a man due to his charm, the same man that accepted a crucifix with a hammer and cycle, and will not return it? A little historical perspective here. Yeah, he is cool, whatever. But I think the ground where so many died to to communist and fascists tyranny in Europe, millions due to starvation, millions execution, and millions liberating his home turf from these despots – now he espouses his communist beliefs, pushing climate change regs that will do nothing (by the Presidents and the UN’s own admission -EVEN if their failed models were right -and the data is in and they are junk science), but make the rich richer, but a stranglehold around free nations, and secure power of the few over the many. I don’t care if this pope dances a jig, wake up to what this nonsense is all about before it is too late. It is one thing to talk about peace, love and tolerance, and it is another to listen to atheists , and anti-capitalists, extreme feminists who support abortion on demand, on your “climate panel” (yes this is who advised the pope) and then espouse it here… I do not wish the Man anything but good personally, but he is knowingly stepping into politics to the point where he is part of the problem, not any solution. These regs will KILL the poorest among us, denying them energy the desperately need, and shrink the US middle class to nothing, that’s what they desire – you think the RICH will pay for this, are you still falling for that one – hat to burst your happy dance bubble, but big oil, big green, will both make billions along with insider trading on Federally backed “Green” (waste of taxpayer money) technology stocks…If you buy this stuff, you should vote for Bernie as he will give everyone a unicorn and they are all free… You want this republic to be run by the most corrupt institution on the planet, the UN, keep supporting the nonsense, and refrain from insisting he stop backing failed communist ideals…

  41. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed by Pope Francis because he seemed more focused on the political side of things, rather than the spiritual. A strong, influential, religious leader does not reach me by sharing thoughts on climate change etc….But obviously, just from the amount of comments here alone, Pope Francis is a very powerful person, whether you agree with him or not. In the end, that is not a bad thing.

  42. Love him! You are so right that we are looking for someone to bring us together, and that in a nutshell is what makes him so unlike anyone else. He reminds one of Gandhi or MLK in that respect and we are sorely in need of that in our polarizing world!

    • He’s coming off as a useful idiot. Ignorance of facts and reality isn’t assuaged by a cool or hip demeanor. Some of us would rather feel good about superficial and meaningless nonsense than deal with the truth. Rome is burning right in front of our eyes.

  43. The Pope’s visit reminded me of faithful Catholic friends who came to the aid of my family in time of great need. His visit also reminded me of how inspirational Pope John Paul II was to me when he showed the world how to live when suffering from a physical affliction. I saw his reflection in my Gr Aunt’s dying suffering. I was also reminded of a service for the sick at St. Peter’s who were carried in on stretchers . For some, Pope Francis will be their spiritual lifeline in a time of need. It won’t come with the excitement of the visit but in quieter moments when the spirit needs it most. That’s when a Pope is at his spiritual best. The hoopla of this visit doesn’t affect me much except when Francis blessed a man in a correctional facility outside of Philadelphia.

  44. Change is good! Especially if it’s in a faith. Even this Protestant cheers him on. By the way, when I was growing up in youth group in church the phrase “You first.” meant to start a game of Spoons. Talk about a violent game! Hockey was tame compared to us. 😆 👍 God bless you and your family, Slim!

  45. Not a fan of the pope. And I cannot believe our media slobberrring all over every second of his visit. Whatever happened to objective, unbiased reporting? Absolutely no other religious figure in the world would have been given this slavish adoration by the press.

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