Fit For McQueen




Sooo??!  Did you get up early to watch, where ever in the world you were?  I am still in New York and I must admit that I didn’t make it up for the very beginning, but did see most of it.  I was surprised that it made me all teary- and I’m not one to always cry at weddings. I hardly expected to at this one, but as the mother of two boys, I kept thinking of Princess Diana and how happy she would have been to see both her sons looking so dapper and happy.


Such Pomp & Pageantry!

I loved her dress and was thrilled with the choice of McQueen (especially as I had just bought a ‘le Smoking’ suit from Alexander McQueen’s NY shop the day before!)

I thought the similarity to Grace Kelly’s wedding gown was wonderful- after all, who could fault that design?

If I may be allowed one tiny whinge- I do wish the train had been a little longer…just to have added a touch more drama. God knows the church could handle it.


I think my favourite part of the whole event was how incredibly at ease Kate appeared despite the fact that her knees must have been buckling beneath her. She smiles and waves like well seasoned royalty already.



Siblings looked adorable…



While some other relatives felt the need to really make a statement 🙂

And btw, did anyone see Prince Andrew??


A Royal Woodstock


All in all,  it was a sublime event purportedly watched by more than 2 billion people across the globe-

Apparently we aren’t as jaded as we think.


Fairy tales & beautiful princesses in glass covered carriages really do exist…



Would you fancy being a Royal or does the mere thought horrify you?!



  1. My first thought when I saw the dress was, “I wonder what Slim will think?”
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if other designers followed suit and began offering a few options that weren’t strapless?

  2. I meant to watch it…….and I will! My friends……who did……are totally raving about its beauty and its uplifting value!

    I am so happy to hear from so many people that it was exquisitely beautiful; warm and wonderful……..and a happy occasion filled with meaningful things!


    ps the biggest oak on our entire lane fell down yesterday!!!!!!! I cried! It was way too close to the street to save any of it……it was just heartbreaking. It reminded me of yours…….boo hoo.

  3. Bet you look smashing in le smoking! Wasn’t Harry too marvelous especially with the children. As to prince Andrew, there was a quick shot as he alighted from the car with his girls though all attention seemed to concentrate on the one Philip Treacy hat! I noted also there were no closeups of princess Michael of Kent nor even a glimpse of the duchess of Cambridge’s naughty uncle! I did think the charming duchess of Kent looked quite lovely in pink. My favorite princess Letizia of Spain was perfection as always. And wasn’t Victoria Beckham’s “maternity” dress chic. And oh all those divine scarlet uniforms with all the gold braid and medals! To me the skirt of the bride’s McQueen gown was a masterpiece, something the late Charles James might have constructed. But I do wish the queen or someone in the family had donated some really fine lace for the bodice and sleeves. The lace of her gown was definitely not royal quality and her new family has to have vast quantities of museum quality lace tucked away somewhere in one of the palaces. I too thought constantly of princess Diana who loved her boys so, particularly in the way William sometimes lowers his head a bit and looks up rather shyly as she used bend her head slightly and look up through her bangs when she spoke to you when I first knew her as a new bride. You couldn’t help but feel her presence throughout the entire service, that she was there with her beloved sons.

  4. I confess that I was teary – but I get teary all the time. I get teary when someone wins a bowling tournament-so I’m probably not a good standard (and yes, I realize that I am pathetic and no, I don’t regularly watch bowling). The dress was perfect, exactly what I expected. As the mother of boys – I was charmed by both the princes. The bouquet was a bit lackluster, (but I’m a flower person). The highlight for me was the exit out of Buckingham Palace in the convertible. And the outfits/hats of Prince Andrew’s daughter’s…..well where do we start.

  5. I think I was most amazed by the fact that it went off without a hitch . . . not one blunder of significance and such precision . . . what a statement for the British Royalty, and the wedding
    planner (s) !! Loved the Lily of the Valley bouquet – I wanted to carry white violets for my wedding but could not find them so carried a bouquet of daisies instead . . . all in all. . . worth the wait/hype/media frenzy.

  6. Although I love the limelight……don’t think I could handle it! I thought the dress was just “okay” It actually reminded me a little of my dress back 30 years ago! (although her boobs looked really pointed, maybe like a Gobot?” i.e. Austin Powers. (maybe she had little machine guns stuck in there for protection? (okay, I’m raining on everyone’s parade here I know) Hoping maybe Callen will wear my dress. I certainly didn’t pay 483,000 for it. I did think the veil was wonderful and mother left me with tons of vintage lace that she bought in Europe years ago. I will probably hand make Callen’s veil. I will say this,,,,her sista stole the show in that absolutely stunning number she was wearing. WOW that body! She must be goin to your pilates instructor. Think she would eat a deep fried twinkie? 🙂

    • that’s one of the first things that struck me about the dress – bodice was not flattering.
      the look was right out of the pointed bras of the 50’s.

  7. One of my favourite childhood memories was watching Charles and Di at St Pauls in 1981 on the tv with my sisters and Mum. Last night even though I am in the Antipodes and my sisters are in China and London respectively, we all called each other non stop and through different times zones to workshop the frocks and everythimg else. I am deadset sentimental and started to cry as soon as she walked up the aisle…Say what you will about Prince Philip but he looks amazing for someone in his 90s. I love the Queen too- she never gets it wrong x

    • Snap F.F. on Prince Philip- the man has always cut a fine figure regardless of his age, and I luv the Queen too!

  8. Prince Andrew graciously arrived and escorted his daughters into Westminster Abbey. I just expected them to be who they are and they were. They are Fergie’s girls, after all. I have grown to love the fact that even royals have their characters so we should all just love the ones in our own lives with a few giggles while we’re entertained.

    Kate is lovely, smart and down to earth — a heaven sent role model. I showed my little granddaughters part of the wedding and they watched with rapt attention. and when the girls came on we all just giggled.

  9. Got up at one a.m. to watch live, just like Diana’s 30 years ago. Made orange/almond scones and a cup of tea just for the occasion. I kept waiting for the “wow”….and it never happened.
    I wept too, thinking Diana should be there…not Camilla. She’s looking down though, and has to be so proud of her boys and new daughter-in-law.

  10. I loved everything about Kate and her dress. I love how she did not go over the top. Kinda hard to have normalcy at this wedding, but I know she and William wanted a touch of that. As for Andrew’s girls. Someone hire them a stylist!!!!! I nominate you Slim!

  11. When Diana married, she influenced the 80s hair, make-up and clothing for the next decade. I hope the Duchess of Cambridge influences this decade. After all, I have two girls and I’d love to see them copy the elegance Kate showed. If that’s their choice, of course.

    Did you notice that Kate’s tiara was described as a “halo?” I should go into the psychic business…:)

  12. I had 6 friends to spend the night, We had a great time. After what we have had in the SOUTH, a happy occasion was welcomed. I missed the long veil but every thing else was perfect Danette L

  13. Hi Slim,
    I lived in the West Village for a year, a couple of years ago, and attended grad school (design) years before that. I love NY, I am truly envious right now. It sounds like you are having a blast, but who wouldn’t? I love your take on everything, and I totally agree that Catherine’s dress was very Grace Kelly, but needed a bit more drama. I thought the visual drama, from beginning to end, was magnificent; and like you, I was sad that his mother, whom I adored, wasn’t there. She would have been proud. Thank you so much for the fabulous photographs.
    I just read a certain blog that posted pictures of the Kips Bay Showhouse. I found the showhouse, in it’s entirety, appallingly bad. I am not a negative person, but please bring back Bunny Williams. I had the audacity to write a well-considered opinion, and the blogger removed my comment. I was surprised. She should post a note stating that she only accepts positive comments, and I will never believe her comments from now on; she’s lost all credibility. That being said, you should swing by East 63rd, since you are there, and take a gander (I mean look)! The worst of the 70’s and early 80’s should remain where we left them: in a tired old doctor’s office that needs a redo. Thank you again for your wonderful blog. Now I am going to go outside and get a life.
    Have Fun!

  14. Think there is also a comparison to be made with Princess Margaret’s wedding dress. The line and silhouette and neckline are quite similar. You can see on She was as stunning a bride as Catherine.

  15. I thought Kate looked absolutely stunning…a true fairy tale. I loved her dress and thought it fit her style perfectly. Pippa looked beyond fabulous as well! I loved watching the wedding and it is something I will always remember. The trees in Westminster were so beautiful too !!


  16. I’ve been waiting for your take on this! I was up at 6 Eastern time which was perfect – I got to see Kate in the car, go into the church and the rest. What a wonderful sight to see two people so happy and in love. Their genuine care for each other was so refreshing.

    My favorite shot was as the couple turned away from the balcony to go back into the Palace and Kate had to take one last look at the crowd. Perfect! I hope someone got that picture.

    I didn’t cry, but I did spend the whole time wishing Diana could have been there.


  17. The dress…pure class…the bouquet…perfect….The female cousins(remain nameless) looked like they were in clown getups!

    • ROFLOL!! I’ve been struggling to figure out what they reminded me of and you nailed it exactly!!

  18. Great Post Slim, liked how you caught some of the TV shots (clever girl) . I might have turned into a Royal Stalker now after all this wedding and fashion. Totally taken with their love story, so it is official, I will be a stalker. Liked, not loved her wedding dress but think she probably pleased :the firm:
    with her understated and traditional design (smart girl to start of in perfect pitch). I was hoping for a dress with something just a bit more. Adored her second reception dress and think I prefer it. Anyways, i thought everything was tasteful and perfect for them. And all in all, the more i see the pics, the more her dress is growing on me so she was probably right after all-LOL! I did think she looked radiant and happy and really, really poised. Some credit to the parents who raised her….right? Those cousins………………lord! Great Royal Post from the Queen of blogging. Much love (and you can take that tiara off now Slim, just reminding you). XO

  19. Lovely! My daughter (4) loved it — I told her a real life princess was having her fairy tale wedding today, and my Sophie squealed in delight!

    Perfection, right down to that distractingly itty bitty waist. Am I the only one fascinated by how thin Kate appeared?

    • I’m with you on the tiny waist. It was especially evident when she was wearing her second gown. And am I the only one who thought Pippa looked a little, um, dare I say, too tan?

      • No, I’m with you on the tan Susan…as gorgeous as she looked, that super tanned look doesn’t feel fashionable anymore.

  20. My daughter and I had a strawberry tea and stayed up to watch the wedding live. What beautiful sights and sounds … the love in the bride and groom’s eyes, the pealing of wedding bells in the thousand year old church, the pipe organs and trumpets, the royal horse guards and the clip clop of horse shoes on the pavement. Most amazing was the outpouring of love and affection for Prince William, Prince Harry and now Kate. Our first glimpse of the brothers in their uniforms as they left Clarence House was an emotional moment as we remembered and missed Princess Diana with all our hearts.

    The dress the whole world waited to see was everything we expected and then some! 🙂
    I agree with you about the train needing to be a little longer and perhaps there could have been more pouf and volume in the veil. My daughter remarked that the short train was Kate’s way of saying she wasn’t looking to emulate Princess Diana. Kate’s choice of evening gown and shrug was a beautiful surprise. Pippa and Mrs. Middleton’s choices were equally stunning. Unlike Liz and co., the Middleton women know how to dress! (My daughter insists that Liz must be color blind.)

    How about those adorable kisses on the balcony? She giggled and he blushed.

    Our new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear to have it all figured out. Kate has a very good head on her shoulders and William isn’t going to take many silly orders from the palace. These two are going to live happily ever after.

  21. I set the Tivo to record… then stayed up and watched the whole thing live. The dress was OK… I too was bothered by the pointy boob look. But that said, this girl needs no assistance from fashion to wow a crowd of 2 billion. She really is picture perfect for her role. God Bless them both 🙂

  22. Slim, first time I disagree with you. A longer train would have overpowerd the dress & Kate. I thought the proportions were perfect!

    How refreshing to see a Royal wedding in such good taste. Usually its only the men in their uniforms that steal the show… the ladies in their inherited finery are always so dowdy looking. Not this time!

    I thought the dress both modern & elegant….

    Now to YOU! Show us that fabulous LE SMOKING!!!

  23. I loved it all and throughly enjoyed myself except for the little 3 year old. At her age and older, I remember being drag around to numerous functions where I felt miserable and with much discomfort – too much perfume, too much ruckus, too much dress (’50’s). I wish grown ups would pay more attention to the little ones!

  24. Got up at 4 a.m. in Park Slope and watched the WHOLE thing (thought the dress was ok, especially the construction of the skirt, but I agree, I thought the bust was too pointy, and wierdly pointed on the reception dress too—-too structured)………then we drove 4 hours to attend a fabulous weekend wedding that took place in a field and barn………..what a contrast! My mnd kept doing comparison games…………each was wonderful but hard to process together….I felt I had been to both!

  25. Wow! I’m actually very impressed with the remarkable photography! You must have some experience professionally. And I thought my phone cam was sufficient. Apparently not.

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