Dispatch From NY #3

The update on Manhattan today is still very much ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. From 39th St. down to the tip of the island remains completely without power while life above 39th St. carries on pretty much business as usual.  North of 39th the streets tonight are throbbing with trick or treaters and overbooked restaurants however my son reports the scenario downtown is quite a different picture. Very dark and abnormally quiet, for the most part it appears people are staying calm, cool and collected and behaving incredibly well given the circumstances. Neighbors are being neighborly and basically New Yorkers are doing what they do best-being NEW YORKERS. Still, there have been some reports of robbers dressing as utility repair people  to get into buildings so people should be extremely careful of anyone trying to gain access without proper identification. Fingers crossed that the mild weather stays until the power is turned back on. Busses are back in service and even some subway lines have re-opened but it will still be quite some time until the isle of Manhattan becomes one again.

Laduree NY, HalloweenSlim Paley photo

Gargoyle, Slim PaleySnapped on the streets of NY today

Wicked Witch, Wizard of OzOh oh…it’s my hands again!


Storm of the Century and all, I can’t let one of my favourite holidays go by without wishing everyone a VERY Happy Halloween!

and if you have little trick or treaters ENJOY EVERY STICKY MOMENT!!!

Those are my most poignant memories of my boys when they were wee lads.

Cutest Mummy Ever, Slim Paleymy wee Mummy

Mummy Loves You!


Haute Halloween 2011

Frankenstein Was a No Show 2010



    • Stay safe and thanks for the updates….always a more accurate account versus the demented wailings of the press!! They always act like it is the world’s biggest catastrophe when anything happens out of the ordinary—not that this was not a horrible thing to so many people……..can’t even imagine losing one’s home and all your belongings ……much less a loved one or pet. Thanks again…great photos !

  1. I dressed my son as a mummy one year too. Poor thing, I wrapped him with TAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He didn’t last too long in that costume:) Prayers to all who are without power and have lost so much. XO, Pinky

  2. Thanks for the report!
    It is always stressful to hear about people in trouble, but the reality is we are strong and people are kind and helpful. I don’t mean to be political, but I feel like we are all working for the same thing.
    Peace and happiness for all!
    This is not about how much money anyone has, happiness is not financial.
    Give us all some food and friends – that’s happiness!!!
    Help and vote – Go America!

  3. For hundreds of thousands of us in NY who have been without power, heat, warm water, safe drinking water, it has been a catastrophe. We had to leave our home to stay with family. Sad that our children have had to postpone Halloween – our town is devastated and too dangerous to walk around trick or treating.
    Love your blog Slim.

    • So very sorry you had to leave your home Sandra. Especially difficult when you have small children. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and hope all returns to normalcy for you and your family very soon.

  4. Departure for year’s stay in OZ delayed by Super Storm Sandy……good news is I got to stay and celebrate my Halloween B’day with the adorable grandkids…..heaven, even if it meant another year older!
    Your line about a Tale of Two Cities reminded me of NYC on 09/11/01. If you looked toward the tip of Manhattan….a large yellow and brown cloud of destruction and the dust covered faces of downtown survivors; if you turned and trudged north, which many of us did to escape the city, it all looked like life as usual…..except for the vendors on the sidewalks who were somehow instantaneously selling sneakers to those if us walking painfully in heels……..eerie memories…..but we did rebound and survive and I’m sure we will this time.

  5. I can’t believe this!
    I’m so glad that you are safe.
    Charlie spent the night at JFK
    He’s booked on a flight to DC this morning.
    His dorm was on a back up generator and most of the students were leaving.
    No school until Monday… at the very least!
    Below 34th it’s completely dark.

    Hugs to you and your family.


  6. Thanks for the update Slim, glad to hear you and your family are all safe and sound. My heart goes out to all those people that were effected by the storm. Americans are so great at pulling together, no doubt we’ll see that happen again.

  7. Sandra who posted above,
    So sorry for your troubles and sending recovery prayers your way! Thankfully, Slim brought a few Halloween moments your way.

  8. Slim…re: your comment in 2010 “I could make that (candle),” I share with you the funniest thing I ever saw at a craft fair. After hearing that same comment for the nth time when people were perusing her lovely Victorian wreaths and calligraphy wall decor, the booth lady had, nestled in amongst the bounty, a lovely calligraphied placard that read: Yes, you could. But will you. And when.

    It spoke to me as I often have CDS (craft derangement syndrome) where I problem solve the creation of some item I have seen, purchase and collect the materials to make mine and about a dozen gifts then lose interest after the inaugural attempt. Yes, will I (finish), and when!!!

  9. From Florida (the land of hurricanes) my heart goes out to all those stuck in the dark. Your reports are far more concise and informative that anything I see on the news.

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