Africa Redux

AfricaSlim Paley photo

The sun rises over Africa, taken from the bedroom of our second destination



100_1345Slim Paley photo

A slice of Heaven at the Samburu “Save the Elephants” camp run by Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton


100_1288Slim Paley photo

Posting that  amazing picture of my pilates trainer in Africa sparked my desire to look through the photos I took when our family went on safari a couple of years ago.  We visited Kenya and Tanzania, and stayed at 4 different camps, each unforgettable and spectacular in their own unique way.  My personal favourite was Cottar’s 1920’s Mara Safari Camp as it fulfilled my every fantasy of an African Safari Experience (read; pith helmets and gramophones-Meryl in that outfit she wears when she first steps off the train-you get the picture) We had the great pleasure of being hosted by Calvin Cottar himself, whose family goes back generations in Africa.  We also adored The Samburu Elephant Watch camp (our boy’s favourite) run by the amazing Iain and Oria Douglas- Hamilton in Kenya.  Such happy memories of our arrival in a thunderous downpour of rain; hot tea and biscuits swiftly served (and even more swiftly stolen by cheeky monkeys!) followed by a stunning sunset and suspenseful Jenga tournaments between our boys and Sambu warriors, with Oria and Iain cheering on. It was our very first day and our only rainstorm in Africa and we couldn’t have been more cozy nestled in the gorgeous colourful tents of Samburu.

Bliss– I want to go back right now!

One or two G & T’s and I might even try suspending myself off the roll bar of a jeep too!



Slim Paley photo

A Very Special Day

100_1474_2Slim Paley photo

Stormy skies overhead

100_1522_2Slim Paley photo

The main tent at Calvin Cottar’s 1920’s Safari Camp

100_1736Slim Paley photo

Calvin Cottar’s camp tent

The last spot on our itinerary was Singita, another Colonial Lover’s dream destination;

Singita Camp, TanzaniaSlim Paley photo

Singita Camp, Tanzania

Singita Camp, Tanzania

Singita Camp, Tanzania

Glamping, Singita, TanzaniaSlim Paley photo

Singita Camp, Tanzania

Now this is my kind of tent 🙂

100_1590Slim Paley photo

Calvin Cottar’s 1920’s camp

best camping toilet everSlim Paley photo (the loo in the tent at Singita)

Best Porto Potty Ever??

Damn I love camping!!



  1. I want to sit in that chair, sleep in that bed, pet that elephant and ride in that jeep. I also want to do a litle dance.

  2. Seriously loving the gauze and the grammophone…..and the portraits above it….it’s like the ultimate photo shoot…and your photos are amazing….when is the book coming out?? I can’t remember when you told me???? xM

  3. Spending some time in the archives….did you have His Nibs wash your fine, wavy hair? Very Streepian.

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