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“I think there is a myth that before smart-phones, everyone engaged in long, free-ranging, relaxed conversations with good eye contact and great posture. Or…wait, was that before television?


A young 1950s family watching television



No, it was before radio and recorded music. Yes, that’s right; in 1910, the world was perfect, except for those people with their noses buried in books- so, before books, people used to talk.






Plato thought that writing destroyed communication. Whatever; I know for sure that when I was 12 – whenever that was – it was a much better world. ”  John, Turlock, Calif. in a comment on

So… do we all (or a good percentage of us) just have “Grumpy Old Man Syndrome” ??







1st photo “Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016 Milan, Dan Roberts.


  1. I believe that the best conversations begin at the dinner table.
    When we share food, we share love…and opinions.

  2. Yes, to me family communication started falling apart when every excuse was made not to have a family dinner together at the end of the day. Being from a large family,including 5 boys, if you were not at the table at 6pm there night not be much food left!

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  3. When my kids were little I used to love driving carpool. For some wonderful reason, the driver (that was me), was totally invisible and on the way home from school I would hear the true account of what went on that day at school. The best times were when I picked up my kids and their friends from a week at overnight camp. All the way home I got to hear the amazing stories. I doubt most of it was ever repeated once everyone arrived home.

  4. Sadly, face-to-face communications is in decline. Everybody prefers their devices to communicate. Soon communications, in the old fashion way, will be a lost art. Not good. Susan

  5. I keep giving my facebook friends my cellphone number so that they can call me. Sadly, they never do! 🙁

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