A Vote for Good



Pedigree Lost Dog Commercial


I just wanted to share this because it brought a smile to my face and a slight tear to my eye.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate it as much as I did.


Please pass it on and  feel free to leave comments free from partisan rancor.

Happy Tuesday to ALL!


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  1. This is truly a touching commercial. I saw it last night and it cause my eyes to well up. Thanks for the reminder that we all do bleed red (as well as white & blue)!

  2. Beautiful. A thread: “Frank Luntz: There is still the thinnest of threads that bind us together and the willingness, in certain situations, to listen and learn. But we’re one thread away from everything being cut. And that’s why Election Night is everything. I want to know what those two candidates are going to say. Please. Your words have power. Find words that unite. Find words that unify. Because if you don’t, the consequences on the 9th, on the day after, will be horrific.”

  3. I truly think the American people are basically good people. Maybe the media is partly responsible for all the turmoil that is out there. I am conservative, but am certainly still friendly and thoughtful of liberal people and their opinion. Of course I would love to be able to change their ideas but I know that is often not possible.

  4. Excellent video! Thanks so much for spreading some happy around today!
    Dogs are the perfect solution for getting back to normal!

  5. So very very thrilled that the US will have its first woman president. Took long enough! All women should be very proud, its been a long long road. A most definite ray of sunshine.

  6. Made me cry and miss my dogs in doggie heaven. Good on pedigree for this ad and thank you for sharing this. Good Luck tomorrow America xo p.s Bye to the Obamas I will miss you.

  7. Gaj Lambert~~I’m female and not proud. We’ll have a president who believes half the country is deplorable. She’s a power hungry fraud and a cheat and a liar. No, not proud at all.

    • Dear Dawn and Gaj
      Now, you two… please play nicely.
      After all, that is the very point of the commercial (and this post)
      Don’t make me come back there!

  8. I LOVED this – thank you so much for sharing. I hadn’t seen it yet. And yes; I thought I was going to cry by the time it ended.

  9. Isn’t it amazing how animals put us in touch with a part of our humanity that we sometimes never knew we had? Very sweet, Slim. Thanks so much.

  10. The happy smile and wet nose will do it every time…red or blue rally! Should have had “rally rescue dogs” all over the country!!

  11. Thanks, Slim! I shared the video on FB…there’s a lot of hate and name calling out there…ironically, the most often invoked label is “hater”. This is a good reminder that we are all more alike than we may realize.

  12. I’m drawn to anything with dogs in it. Perhaps that’s because I never had children, so my dogs are my kids although I don’t call myself “mom.” They know me by my first name!

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