Nice To Be Home

No matter how much you’ve enjoyed a long trip, it’s always nice to come home, isn’t it? Funny how that works. Your own bed & comfy sheets, the way your home brewed cuppa tea in the morning tastes so much better than any hotel tea (except maybe in London)

Other than the unpacking, and the stack of bills awaiting you, it’s a grand feeling.It’s especially nice to come back to roses on the 11th of November!

I know we should be cutting them back, but it’s hard when they’re still making such an effort!

Some of them are about 7 to 8 ft. high.

About the same height as my bills and catalogues.

I’ll be back in a day or so-I went to a much needed “Restorative Yoga” class tonight and my bed, my wonderful bed, is calling to me 🙂

Namaste Friends



  1. Slim,
    I’m with you, there’s no place like home. With your garden, I might have a hard time going anywhere but out to the garden. Your roses are trying to show you how much they missed you. 🙂

  2. DownUnder here in Melbourne, AU the roses are at exactly the same stage (but not as tall since they’re just starting up)……….I was JUST out walking around some of the quaint little Victorian cottages near us, and marveling at the beautiful “English” gardens filled to the brim with similar roses….ain’t it a small world…….and wonderful?!

    Welcome home!….I’m still getting used to my shower down here……

  3. Your roses were a welcome home present! I bet you are emotionally drained after going through the drama of Sandy. glad you made it home safe and sound……..there is no place like home. It is raining here in Idaho but we needed it.

  4. We have enjoyed many restful sleeps in some super comfy hotel beds but our cats are not keeping us company and “hogging the space” with us. Your roses are putting on quite a show…I picked a few blooms and brought them inside and the petals fell within the hour.
    Welcome home Slim
    I won’t be surprised if you are already planning your next trip.
    I know of no one who travels as much as you do.
    I’d love to see more of your Santa Barbara sights.

  5. A rose is a rose is a rose is rose….you have so many delightful colors!! Now, I’m dreaming about roses! franki

  6. I have a tea rose it is pink like the ones above. It looks like it is a china rose on my rose bush.
    I am not touching it. It looks so gorgeous still, it is open and frozen on the bush

  7. Lovely, lovely post Slim, just such beauty to be found, especially at home, it’s a blessing. Sweet dreams in your own bed:) Noelle

  8. Welcome home!!! The roses are so beautiful, it would be hard for me to cut them bak too!!! I need to look into “restorative yoga”. My back is SOOOOOOOOO bad today. XO, Pinky

  9. I love your posts! I’ve noticed you’ve mentioned a few times how many catalogues arrive at your doorstep. There is a great easy-to- use website called Catalog Choice – – based out of Berkeley, California. I use the site to stop certain catalogues from being sent to me. So far, they say I’ve saved 2 trees. Just a thought!

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