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.Slim Paley photo

Yesterday’s pickings



I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

I’m taking a few days off.

It’s my birthday today!  (It really was Labour Day for my mom)

and I’m going college tripping with Younger Son (my baby!)

I’ll probably take a few photos on our travels 🙂



Slim Paley photo



Slim Paley photo

When these _______(?)  pop up in my garden it signals the start of the most beautiful evening light of the year…

“Where’s Mom?”

“Out on the porch taking pictures of the light again.”



See you in a few days!





  1. Well…Happy Birthday to you! You deserve all those gorgeous flowers for giving so much pleasure to your blog readers! Thank you and hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Birthday!! With all you’ve accomplished, would have been great if your mother would have had twins. Oh my goodness, twice as good.

    Have a wonderful time with your baby. It’s been a long time since my babies left home, but I do remember the angst.

    H.B. again and cheers,

  3. I just got back from an 8 day, 11 college trip with my daughter. We were In Richmond for the earthquake (but being from CA we didn’t feel it) and we got out just before the airport closed in Philly. Definitely a memorable trip. Have a great time!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday.. Your photos are lovely.. please continue to take photos of the light! Thank you very much for your well wishes for the parents.. They are both doing very well. xo marlis

  5. Happy, Healthy year ahead! Revel in the beautiful life you have created! You are our ‘birthday’ gift! Happy Trails to you and # 2.
    Loving my Japanese Anemones and your magical photos!
    xo, C

  6. Hey there ….what are we to do ? moms of young sons…but we will survive!

    and BTW you have the most beautiful floral photos ever!!!!

    and Happy b day

    xo kelley

  7. Dear Slim,
    Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy the trip with your son. I hope those you love appreciate you and give back lots of love to you.
    All the best,

  8. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLIM & Many Happy Returns
    This coming week will be a bittersweet experience for mom & dad. Like Son #1 he will make you very proud. Perhaps his college will be closer- that would be”SWEET. ”
    Enjoy your birthday!

  9. Beautiful pictures of course, that bright pink dahlia is sheer heaven! Have a good trip and happy happy birthday. You bring so much pleasure to so many of us and are so special you deserve everything good and wonderful!

  10. Gorgeous flowers…as usual! Enjoy your birthday, september is such a great month for a b-day. My daughter, Lane, is a Sept bday too and we love it. Sunny days, the beginnings of fall, great flowers and the slight turning of the leaves (in the NW anyway)…. please buy yourself a fab new fall handbag for your big day, and then share pics with us. 🙂

  11. Happy happy birthday sweet Slim.
    What a joy and delight you have been.

    Your photo’s and style and funny dry wit
    makes you this readers biggest blog hit.

    Have fun,T.( p.s I won’t quit my day job)

  12. Ahhhhhh. Another Virgo Girl…. No Wonder! Happy Birthday!
    Now I GET IT!…. Immaculate, Beautiful and Exquisite! (we can’t help it :o)

  13. hApPy bIrThDaY tO YOUUUUUUUU dear slim!!! Hope your day/BD weekend has been delightful…sending you big birthday hugs! <3
    Enjoy your college tripping!!!

  14. More beautiful flowers! I am also starting to think about college visits for my son, as he is a junior this year. I have wonderful memories of trips with his sister several years ago, but I know it will be quite different this time around.

    Happy Birthday!

  15. Thank for the gorgeous pix & very Happy Birthday!! We still lived in Santa Barbara when my one and only child/sidekick/gift from God left for college. I stood at the end of the driveway watching his loaded down car disappear and cried into our Sheltie’s fur. Hmm, attractive.

    We are so very rich who adore our children–nothing in the universe could take their place. Am sure you’ll have a tremendous trip!

    A poem I wrote about my son–who was born when I was 17–and for all sons:

    ‘It should be simple to say why you’d never love any of the other 6.6 billion people on the planet. As much, or the way, you love your son. It should be easy to explain this person who gave birth to you as much as you channeled him here. But it isn’t simple, or easy. Primal loves go to the center of the universe, and the edges of it too, and contain in their unique way all there is. They are a bond that will not diminish in time, because they are a distinct spiritual force in time. Standing on their own, and together, like the four physics forces.

    I could speak about his physical enchantments, and recite his achievements, virtues, and gifts. Or say that when he entered a room, at two, or four, or six, or sixteen, or twenty-six that the quality of air and light and time and conceptions of that hour, and all potentialities, changed too.

    I could show the photos and letters of a lifetime; laugh and cry at those million moments of fun, and adventure, and sorrow, and daring. And express pride that his life has been one continuous act of selfless courage, charm, and caring. But to say too much would intrude on a discrete and other-oriented man.

    When we speak the world runs away. When we are together there is some kind of magical everything, in a bubble, all contained right there. If we walk on the beach and say nothing, it doesn’t matter, because everything is in his just being there.

    Uni-verse means one unifying song. Its nature is essentially creativity and grace, with everything at once mirroring and containing its other side. My essential nature is creative. His is grace. Beyond eternity my first blessing is my Son.”

    • well, you had me at “watching the loaded down car disappear!” I’ve had to do that several times and it’s always so painful…the youngest son’s room is a lovely home office now, but would give anything to hear him doing a load of laundry at midnight or saying at my bedroom door “I’m home Mom” when he didn’t know if I was awake or asleep..
      I’d better go back and look at Slims lovely flowers again before I have to get more kleenex!

      Happy Birthday Slim…Savor those moments with your son…I know you will

  16. Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope your day was wonderful and thank you so much for randomly brightening my days! 🙂 I love when I see you have a new post…and your pics are spectacular! Blessed in so many ways!

    Happy Travels to you and your son!

  17. Trying to wrap my mind around Younger Son and the College Tour. He’s all grown up!
    Anyway, Happy Birthday, Slimmy.

  18. Happy Birthday girlfriend. SunValley misses you! The day was a gorgeous clear blue sky day to help celebrate the day of your birth. Happy BIRTHday to your mom!
    Enjoy the few days off

  19. Wishing you a wonderful birthday – hoping one of those men in your life did something special for you. Good luck with the college visits – doing the same with my daughter the same age – hmmmmm…

  20. Happy Birthday my fellow Virgo…I had a marvelous time at Ojai Valley Inn and I tried the drink you suggested….delish…’s the best kept secret being there.especially during the week. My Beagles loved being there and it’s only 70 miles from LA. The weather was perfect. So here’s to celebrating you and me of course. I know what it’s like to have your Birthday during this weekend and now I celebrate it because I share it with so many amazing people. I figure we have the whole weekend who cares about the day! So here’s to the best weekend ever may we all have a fantastic time and live life to the fullest! Xoxo

  21. Happy Birthday Slim – Hope you celebrate with a cocktail later on this evening. Enjoy your quality time with your baby son. Looking forward to seeing more beautiful photos. Jackie:)xx

  22. Many happy returns SP!!!!
    I hope you had a super duper extra special day !!!
    I’m in London with Emily at the moment. An early birthday
    present from Paul !!
    If you have any tips….. We are here for 10 days.!!

  23. I hope you had a great birthday Slim, belated birthday wishes. Virgos are the best! Enjoy your days off and the time with your son.

  24. Your flowers are lovely, especially those old-fashioned cabbage roses. Happy birthday, Slim. Best…Victoria

  25. hello slim paley. happiest belated birthday!
    i’ve read that when a virgo shines, there is practically no sign to match their inner light.
    and when they are confident within themselves they are the most sucessful, structured
    and creative of all people! well… i’d say you’ve got that covered.
    and i’d say the rest of us delighted mortals are happy that you do!
    tammy j

  26. Hope you had a wonderful and memorable birthday. Enjoy watching your son as he seeks out which college suits him. The college years are such an amazing time of growth and discovery. And a bit

  27. Happy birthday Slim, and enjoy your college tour for son # 2. Wow, where have the years gone? Look forward to your next blog on the results of the tour. Take care.

    B J

  28. Happy Birthday,
    I love your beautiful blog. Best wishes for a successful college tour!
    Colleen (Mary Ellen Z’s sister-in-law)

  29. Happy Birthday, glad to know you’re a virgo too. Thanks for great postings; I always look forward to reading more of your post and seeing more of your great pictures.

  30. Happy Birthday! My oldest son was born on Labor Day, September 4th…love you Virgos!
    Great flowers, as usual.
    How fun to be visiting campuses with your baby…sort of bittersweet. Have a great trip.

  31. Happy birthday, Slim! Have a wonderful, safe, productive trip with your “baby”! And thanks for being such a bright spot in my daily reads!

  32. Hope your son is more into the college trips than mine was! Here’s my son answering a call he got from Notre Dame coach… Son: “Where is Notre Dame, Coach?”
    Next thing heard , Son: “Oh that’s too far away but thanks for the call.”
    Love that kid!

  33. Slim, belated Birthday Wishes!

    Hope you had a terrific Birthday.

    I tried this yummy cocktail earlier this week and wanted to pass it along as it’s soooo good. April Peveteaux posted it:

    Raspberry Bourbon Lemonade


    6 raspberries
    1.5 ounces bourbon (equivalent to a shot glass)
    6 ounces lemonade (regular or raspberry flavored)

    1. Muddle raspberries and place at the bottom of the highball glass

    2. Pour bourbon and lemonade, give a quick stir, and throw in one big ice cube.

  34. Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!! 🙂

    I’m sorry I missed the day, but I want to wish you a very happy new age for you and I hope you’re celebrating it with so much love and having a fantastic time with your son. It’s so wonderful to be with people we love. It’s a blessing, a gift!

    May God keep blessing you and your family.

    With love,

    Luciane at

  35. I’m baaack!
    and want to thank each and every one of you for all your sweet birthday wishes both here on the blog and on Facebook.
    It’s just plain lovely to feel the love 🙂

    I wish I could thank everyone individually but I have to get working on a new post!


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