Turkey Larb

Turkey Larb slimpaley



Turkey Larb has become a semi-regular contestant on our ‘dinner at home’ dance card. Sure, it doesn’t have the most attractive name (poor Larb) but what’s in a name anyway?

Originating in Thailand, Larb is a tasty, healthy and easy to fix dish that’s especially appealing in the summer.  The recipe recommends serving with white or sticky rice but I prefer brown rice ( because I don’t really care for white rice and I care for sticky rice just a little bit tooo much)  I’ve overstuffed the lettuce leaves a bit in this photo as I’m steering clear of carbs entirely at the moment.  Except in Chainbreaker IPA beer. Which, btw, is delicious with Larb. 😉

Seriously, beer & Larb…how glamourous can I get?!

Turkey Larb  (Recipe from the Food Network)

PS. You might want to go a little lighter on the fish sauce and add fresh garlic.

No offence Giada



  1. Sitting here waiting for my Slim Paley “ding”. My iphone dings when I get an email. I was so happy to read that you like sticky rice, too. I don’t get all the cooking shows that are so hung up on fluffy, individual rice kernels. I also love brown rice. I’m going to check out this recipe. Thank you so much. Also, on a side note, halibut filets in ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, very close to where most the halibut you eat comes from is $22.99 a pound! That’s just wrong! Have a nice weekend Slim and everybody!

  2. Experiencing grilling fatigue here, so this sounds good!
    I live 30 miles away from the nearest grocery store that has such “exotic” ingredients as lemongrass (yes, I live in the boonies). I am willing to make the trek tomorrow, just to make Larb. Speaking of beer, and coinciding with your watermelon post, you might try
    Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer by the 21st Amendment Brewery. Bottoms up!

  3. Everyone loves this!!! Squeezing that many limes and lemons is not my favorite activity, but what amazing flavor. Thank you!

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