Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

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Very Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

I spent most of today inside, as it was pouring rain again and we got our predicted Thunder & Lightning, which I have to admit, other than the fact that my poor husband had to fly to Las Vegas, was pretty damn exciting! Anyway, I decided it was as good a day as any to share some of my more random thoughts and musings.

Again, in no particular order of brilliance;

-Curses on the person who invented the double ended zipper.  Do they EVER work?? and why would we ever want the top of our jackets closed and our stomachs open to the breeze? Is this ever an attractive option?

-Here’s the best healthy eating tip I can share with you- mix some plain Cheerios in with your Honey Nut Cheerios, like say, 1/3rd to 2/3rds (I think you know which ratio for which Cheerio).  What a brilliant dieting tool!

-This, in all seriousness, is a great idea;  buy a medium sized synthetic, multi-pocketed bag – the more pockets the better, to hold your make-up essentials, phone, business cards, glasses, etc.  The idea being that you simply transfer this single bag each time you change your handbag- GENIUS.    Oh that all the problems of the world be solved this easily.


GoGo Bag here $38



– If you are thinking about getting “THE BRAZILIAN” hair straightening treatment, and let’s clarify once again, that’s THE Brazilian, not A Brazilian (whole other region) DON’T do your entire head.  That is unless you are happy with hair as straight and flat as a sheet.  A very thin sheet. Think ,um, I don’t know, K-Mart sheet.  (Am I going to hell again? Oh who cares…I like to live dangerously)  Come to think of it, no one comfortable with dead straight hair would be contemplating getting THE Brazilian in the first place- It’s us Frizz Pots that would be biting.  I guess you’ve gathered by now that I did indeed, in my never ending quest to mess with Mother Nature when it comes to my hair,  get The Brazillian.  Let’s just say it is a radical restructuring of the nature of your hair.  I would probably do it again but the next time I would only do the very top layer and front of my hair, where the frizzy/curlies get out of control and I would leave all the under layers alone.  I’m over two months in and my hair is still as stick straight as the first week.  It actually pokes me.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening click here

What I’m talkin’ about




– And speaking of living dangerously…remember when that was, say, dating the guy that ALL of your friends warned you against? Now “living dangerously” to me is putting used teabags that still have the staple and string attached down the garbage disposal… Hey- the staple could fly up…the string could get caught…



-Have you ever intentionally dog-earred a book (only a paperback of course) to make it look like you really read it?  God!  I can’t believe you people!!  🙂




-Are you ever secretly, perversely happy when things you order from a catalogue in “Small” are too big and you have to return them- even though you have to pay for shipping?  Me neither, I was just wondering if you were.  By the way, that Athleta catalogue that I linked to the other day?  Everything runs on the large size.  Just thought I’d share that.


-As some of you might remember if you’ve been following my blog, when the husbands away…Lamb for dinner!  So I decided I would try another thing to accompany the lamb that my beloved might not appreciate and opened a can of this Mutter Paneer (peas and cheese in curry)  Indian food my sister sent me from Canada (I know- we’re weird) Well, it honestly looked like the dog’s breakfast but I heated it up anyway, because I love my sister, and guess what? delicious!!  Once again, just goes to show you, things don’t always have to look good to taste good.

-I actually turned the TV on tonight, which is something I never do when the big guy’s away but I thought I should check the results of the election.  The first thing that came on was Beverly Hills 90210.  Three thoughts; 1) Beverly Hills 90210 is STILL ON??!!  2) Can people really be that good looking in real life? 3) Good thing I don’t watch much TV, because it sucked me in for about 10 minutes and it took every ounce of control and knowing that my husband would want to talk about the election results for me to change the channel.  Imagine if I watched good shows like Dr. House or Madmen or ….God- I’d never leave the house!



-And Lastly, one of the shows I DO watch, although in catch up marathons with my sons rather than weekly is LOST.  The final season premieres February 2nd I believe.  Can we just talk for a moment about Sawyer?? Can we discuss the dimples that we could all swim in?!  May I share that my friend actually saw Sawyer in MACY’S in Santa Barbara (with his wife, but whatever) and he was just as tall and handsome and dreamy as he looks on the show? And she talked to him.  In MACY’S.  In Santa Barbara. Once I saw my dentist in Macy’s.  Bloody hell.  Stuff like that never happens to me.






.OK, I’ll stop now.

But how many other blogs do you get mushy peas, diet tricks, shopping tips  and Josh Holloway all in one post? !




  1. okay! the line of the decade! SLIM PALEY wins!

    “dimples we could swim in!”

    that does it for me!
    The award goes to……drum roll…….SLIM PALEY!


    ps when I was 4; my granny lived with us. The girl across the street had dimples. I think it is still the only thing I have ever really coveted.

    I asked my Granny to show me how to sew a button onto my pillowcase. (my Granny was very smart…and didn’t ask what the heck I wanted to sew a button on my pillowcase FOR she thought it would be useful in life……and it has been!)

    I sleep on the pillowcase with the button on it….expecting to wake up with dimples…….or at least one! Guess what! You already know. I woke up with red welts all over my face from the button.


    My entire life I have asked every single plastic surgeon I have ever met……..about dimples. They cannot do them. “Only God can do dimples!”

    Even in Santa Monica!!!!!!!!! Can’t do dimples! (They can make Ivana Trump over so that her own young children did not recognize her when she came home! ) (true story!!)

    But they cannot do dimples……It is a “twist in the muscle” and “Only God can give dimples”!

    So that is my fave line ever….in any kind of print!

    “dimples we could swim in”….Lordy!


    You said,”dimples we could ALL swim in”!!

    Much better!



  3. ok, this is not a healthy eating trick but after years of trying to eat healthy i decided @$#% it! i’m going to eat whatever i want- and i lost weight. i’m convinced that when you just give yourself what you want when you want it, you don’t eat as much. once i gave myself permission to eat whatever i wanted it was like a weight was lifted off of me. i had felt so much pressure to eat healthy things, that it was making me eat too much. not that i don’t still eat healthy things, i feel like it’s not what i eat, but how much. maybe i’m insane. ok, i am insane.

  4. and i just tell myself that when i smile the wrinkles beside my mouth are dimples- not convincing anyone

  5. I happen to know Josh and he is a warm and sweet as he is adorable to look at … maybe more so. And that thick Southern drawl .. what can I say? like butta’!! Fame and fortune was never more deserved and truly could not have happened to a nicer guy

  6. About the Grab Bag .. is this not just an excuse to shop for a, well .. a new Grab Bag?! Would it not be easier to just simply transfer “purse stuff” from one purse to the next?? Just a random thougth on a rainy day .. : )

    • What’s with you? R u looking for reasons NOT to shop?! It’s much easier to transfer all your “Stuff” if it is in one easily transferable grab bag!
      (You’re not a guy named “Lola” are u??)

  7. …and suddenly I lost track of all your randoms ;).

    Wait that GogoBag is great! I’m already a very tidy and organized purse owner but I REALLY MUST have that :).

    I blame those dimples, and those eyes, and those… who put me off LOST ;); how a girls is suposed to concentrate in a plot?!

    Now I have to go all this way up (with my eyes closed in Josh’ part) and check the bag.

    Thank you for sharing!

  8. thanks for the timely info on The Brazilian Blowout…I have been obssessed with the idea of having it done. I wondered if it could be too much of a good thing and evidently it can be. .
    I also wonder what it is like to have the new hair growing in wavy and having the ends still straight ?? Does your hair return to normal after a few months or is the treated hair straight until it’s cut off?

    • So far Marcia, I have no definitive regrowth demarcation. My hair is still very straight over two months in. Perhaps the most underneath layer, some of the wave/curl is starting to return, but the top layers- ruler straight.

  9. Slim, Thanks for the tip on THE Brazilian. I have had many people recommend it to me. I was going to try it before summer when I don’t blow my hair out. As for the hair growing in, can you clarify something? I have been told hair doesn’t grow in curly at the roots like THE Japanese treatment, that THE Brazilian sort of wears out evenly all over the head so there isn’t that weird regrowth thing. True or False? Also, did you do the Three Day Brazilian or the One Day? The three day makes it straighter and has more formaldehyde in it but it lasts longer. The Three Day means you do not wash your hair for three days after the treatment.

    • I did indeed go for the no washing your hair for 3 days treatment and so far, what you heard is true- no weird regrowth thing. My stylist told me there was very little formaldehyde in her product. There was no smell of formaldehyde either.

  10. I’m so glad I recently found your blog. You are so funny, witty and yes, where else could I read about all these things in post! Love it!!!!!!!

  11. Sally Struthers in ‘Five Easy Pieces’—-Aaron Eckhart has an adorable dimple chin.

    Betty: When I was four, just four years old, I went to my mother and I said, “What’s this hole in my chin?” – I saw this dimple in my chin in the mirror, and didn’t know what it was. And my mother said – get what my mother says – she says, “When you’re born, you go on a assembly line past God, and if He likes you, He says,
    [grabs her cheeks with both her hands]
    Betty: “You cute little thing!” and you get dimples there. And if He doesn’t like you, He goes,
    [presses one finger on her chin]
    Betty: “Go away.” So about six months later, my mother found me saying my prayers, and I was going,
    [holds one hand over her chin]
    Betty: “Now I lay me down to sleep…” My mother says, “What are you covering up your chin for?” And I said, “Because if I cover up the hole, maybe He’ll listen to me.”

  12. brilliant “healthy eating tip”- thank you!

    it’s so comforting to know that on top of laughing i’m also picking up healthy habits while perusing your blog

  13. We laugh, we get health and fashion hints, beauty and book tips, your beautiful flowers, and oh yes, recipes.
    Most of all you make me smile- no LOL in fact! Great post S.P.

  14. Were you watching me in the elevator yesterday? My new coat: struggled to get the loose zipper stop to go through the two zipper sliders, upper and lower, at the end of the zipper and it just wouldn’t go. I had them lined up perfectly & everything! So I have a full length snap coat now with a non functioning big gold zipper.

  15. Slim,
    I’m a lamb and curry fan too! you can buy a fab Veggie Paneer at Trader Joes, you’ll find it in the freezer, Go Get it!
    I also saw Josh while he was in town with his wife,they were bickering on State St, Jeez I hope US magazine doesn’t read your blog???

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