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It’s true, right? And if it isn’t fear, it’s laziness.  Either way, NOT GOOD.

This is one of the major things I’m working on because, for me, it’s a doozy.  I think it should be added to “The Ultimate List”.

Earlier, I’d suggested comparing notes periodically.  Numbers 3 & 4 have been the most successful for me so far.  How about you? Who would think “Drink more Water” would be that hard??

I’m reading a good book which I’ll recommend if it stays good until the end, and I’ve been to yoga class twice this week.  I think it really helps to feel you’re being held accountable other than just to yourself. Which is why I shared the list last week.



In other news, there ARE a few weeks left of summer still. Yes, there are.  So I’d like to ask all the folks posting pictures of rustic looking apples and falling leaves and cable sweaters on Pinterest to cease and desist immediately.  Get out of here with that!  I went to “Michael’s” last weekend (why?? why do I ever even go there? I was looking for a label maker for #5 if you must know) and it was full of Halloween stuff already. August is SUMMER the whole way through People, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Speaking of procrastinating  :-0




Link for Key Lime Pie popsicles recipe

Quote from Elizabeth Gilbert’s (“Eat, Pray, Love”) instagram feed  @elizabeth_gilbert_writer

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  1. I confess, I’m so ready for a little fall…it’s my most favorite season. But in deference to you I’ll contain my enthusiasm for the season until September Deal?
    I really can’t imagine you as a procrastinator. I have a dear, sweet hubby that is the worlds best procrastinator…they can be lovely people. LOL

    • “I really can’t imagine you as a procrastinator.”

      I don’t know that anyone’s ever said anything that made me happier 🙂

  2. With days being upper 90’s with intolerable humidity, I’m ready for fall. It’s miserable riding my horse in this type of heat. I mean, you can only take so much off without being indecent ……winter clothes are what I live for.

  3. Switched over to Facebook because I was on Macy’s website checking a bridal registry, going to a shower on Saturday….it’s now Thursday…I have no gift yet…then saw all the gifts on bride’s wish list had been bought up… now I must find a gift by Saturday…don’t know her colors, I’m starting to become anxious…..then I saw your post and the word PROCRASTINATION… did you do that? I guess I am lazy.
    ….and a little afraid……

  4. We get a dividend check each October from big oil money. The Department of Revenue sent me something in May. What?What do you want from me? Last night I was checking to see if all was well. Nope, they need a signature, even an electronic one would do. Well, this @&$)(;!?/ iPad I bought isn’t doing it for me. So, I opened up the scary envelope from the revenuers, sure enough, they just wanted my John Hancock. You’re right, stupid fear!

  5. I got an email today from Radio City Music Hall selling seats to the Christmas show. Definitely NOT INTERESTED.
    Amen to August being all about summer! Enjoy Friends!!

  6. I love you Slimmy!!! Okay, have you ever heard of Round Top????? What is it you ask (if you have never been)? It is the MEGA…..I mean MEGA shopping experience that happens twice a year. It is literally in the middle of NOWHERE Texas. In between Houston and Austin. 35 years ago these people turned all this farm land in to the greatest outdoor shopping experience ever!!! Well…..myself and 2 other artists are showing our art there for TWELVE days starting Sept 20 – Oct 3. Many many high end artists are getting out of galleries and showing there twice a year. I have heard that Round Top is an experience one would not want to miss! People come from all over the world (I’m serious) for this event!!! European antiques, many, many unique treasures that you can’t find anywhere else, and now they’ve added the art section! Anyway, just thought I’d tell you about it. If you decide to come on over, please contact me and I’ll tell you more about it. Great girl’s trip!!! kiss/hug kb

  7. I love you slim Paley. I always look forward to a post and today’s was so sweet with mr walrus starting my early day. I have an art show opening tonight and we artists always assume no one will like a thing😔. I’m working on fear of rejection too. Keep us grounded beautiful soul.

  8. It has been 90+ degrees here for months, so I’m ready for sweater weather. In the meantime, I’m enjoying wearing my white jeans until labor day. And, speaking of yoga, I’ve wowed to go at least twice a week. Sweaty Betty has a nice selection of yoga wear. I figure I’ll be more motivated to go if I look cute. The gear affects the performance after all.

  9. Here’s a little diferent look at ‘Procrastination’ by the poet David Whyte: good word!

    is not what it seems. To see procrastination as undesirable, especially in the initial stages of
    an endeavor is to say that Job was procrastinating by wrestling with his angel; that a woman
    feeling her first birth pangs should simply get on with it; that a bud should be broken open
    to reveal the full glory of the flower. What looks from the outside like our delay; our lack of
    commitment; even our laziness may have more to do with a slow, necessary ripening
    through time and the central struggle with the realities of any endeavor to which we have set
    our minds. To hate our procrastinating tendencies is in some way to hate our relationship
    with time itself, to be unequal to the phenomenology of revelation and the way it works its
    own way in its very own gifted time, only emerging when the qualities it represents have a
    firm correspondence in our necessarily struggling heart and imagination…………

  10. My kids go back to school on Monday… Sends me in to a mini-depression and it feels like summer is over.

  11. September even feels like summer here, and then you start seeing holiday items in all of the stores!! I like to take one season and holiday at a time!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

  12. Slim,
    I’m with you on the sentiment that it is STILL SUMMER! I, too, saw the Halloween/Fall garbage in the stores and was NOT happy. Love the look of the ice cream treat.
    The way I usually get around procrastination is by breaking down any job/task into the smallest parts possible, then telling myself to just get one tiny step done. If that is successful then I tell myself, okay, how about just one more, you can do that. And seriously, before I know it I get caught up in the task and get more done than I originally anticipated. It seems to me that it is fear, but also uncertainty behind procrastination. Sometimes, I pretend I ‘m explaining the task to someone else and so I have to be nice and clear in my thought process. And sure enough as I explain how to do it, I find I finished the task. Our brains are so silly, they can be tricked this way. Give it a try.

  13. My husband has to work on that very thing every single day. But we complement each other since I am just the opposite so it works out. But I must admit I was surprised to hear this admission since it seems like everything you do runs so smoothly! And, yes, let’s get through these last days of summer before we start celebrating the arrival of fall…although after this hot week in SoCal we may change our minds!

  14. Makes me think of another blog named “Summer is a Verb”, which so resonates with me. My apologies to the blog author – I can’t remember her name. I love Spring and Summer and always feel a bit sad and wistful when it’s over. Maybe the carefreeness, (is that a word?), of it? Thanks again Slim, for your post. The walrus picture made me laugh out loud.

  15. Hello! I’ve been following your website for a while now and finally got the bravery to
    go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the great work!

  16. Summer is my favorite season, and I’m never in a hurry for it to end. I was quite perturbed when I went to Hobby Lobby, on June 30th, to find that half the store was filled with Fall and Christmas!!!!!!! merchandise. I know that’s how retailing works, but I find it difficult to accept. Let’s fully enjoy each season and not rush life…

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