Live From New York…


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The weather has been  absolutely GLORIOUS in NY so far!

Gosh, I hate to jinx myself (and the rest of the city while I’m at it) but I simply cannot post without acknowledging it’s ‘Hot Time, Summer in the City ‘  So Thank you, Powers That Be!

Did I overpack?? uh…Is there a Royal Wedding this week??

Oh well…better to be safe than sorry, and if that lost wedding invitation just happens to arrive right at the last moment, I have more than enough clothes to see me through to London  🙂



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The juxtaposition of the pink blossoms against the black brick was so striking on the streets of Soho today.


In fact, come to think of it, pink puffs of pleasure were to be found all over the NY…

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Ricotta cheesecake with rhubarb compote and sorbet at Locanda Verde , Greenwich Hotel, Tribeca.

Great restaurant, fun atmosphere, good service and nice selection of wines at reasonable prices.

We ‘d definitely go back.


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Meet Bruno and his little brother

As always, I’m enchanted by The Dogs of New York…could they be any cuter?!



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Oh, and vintage enamel, turquoise, ebony & diamond vintage Cartier sautoir in Stephen Russell’s window on Madison?

I ‘heart’ you too 🙂



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Mad. Ave. Tuls.  are in full throttle.  These ones on upper Mad. were particularly impressive.


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And a fun ending to a beautiful day in the city…

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I went to Yankee Stadium!


Slim Paley photo


It was fun! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect…I’ve never been to the Bronx before, so I thought I better bring some provisions …You heard me…

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And of course a good book, just incase things got boring.


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Silly moi- my snacks weren’t necessary. There was plenty of hearty fare at the ball game.

Oh, and that reminds me;  NO iPads, laptops or Kindles allowed at the New Yankee Stadium!

(Thankfully my husband had already gone in ahead and therefore wasn’t privy to my cloak & dagger smuggling of said ipad slid down the back waistband of my jeans  (mercifully, I brought a coat and I know you won’t tell anyone 🙂 )  It was all terribly exciting and dangerous, not to mention good for my posture.

Not exactly sure what one can do with an ipad  in the stadium that you can’t with a iphone,

but thems the rules.


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The New York fans love their Jeter and A-Rod !  (I think )



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Don’t you think I should work for Sports Illustrated?!


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You won’t even believe what these are…

Slim Paley photo

Deep Fried TWINKIES. Swear to God.  I guess it goes without saying that the ipad was no longer down the back of my jeans when these were consumed.


Slim Paley photo

Of course we all shared these…


Don’t want to leave you thinking I’m some rule-breaking, deep fried Twinkie hog…

Slim Paley photo

The good news is; although I forgot to transfer my pedometer into my jeans pocket (like there would have been anymore room – God works in mysterious ways 🙂 )  I definitely walked over 10,000 steps today so all that junk food was totally canceled out.

OK- gotta go check the final score in the Vancouver hockey game.

More from Gotham shortly

Hope you’re enjoying your week so far. Are you counting down to the Big Wedding on Friday or do you think it’s  much ado about nothing?

I must admit, I’m tempted to go down to Soho House at 6am in the morning to have tea & crumpets and give it a watch… so much doom & gloom in the world lately, doesn’t everyone love a beautiful bride?!

PPS. any last minute predictions on the wedding dress?



  1. Watching wedding{BIG fashion day} and then throwing a huge birthday bash for hubby at night!Have fun …so jealous…this is my fav time in NYC!

    • Happy Birthday to the Hubs- Must make him feel a little special having so much pomp & circumstance happening on HIS day!!

  2. I am waiting to board the red eye right now so will catch all written about here.
    I have a charity event and then plan on going straight thru the night on the sofa of a NYC Penthouse apartment . Not missing a morsel of a crumpet. I just hope the dress is grand. Needless to say it’s a large venue!! Cheers!

  3. 2-1 FINAL OT!

    SO AMPED RIGHT NOW! It’s 7 am…probably time to go to bed eh?

    Lovely pictures as always, go Canucks go! (happy to see you haven’t switched allegiances to a Cali team!)

    • Omg Kimberley- I just checked out your tea infused homemade marshmallows- they look SO good!
      what a chic idea for such a classic treat.

  4. I am going to get up at 3 to watch the wedding. Can you believe this??? I watched the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth…I could hardly breathe……. (obviously not live)……..I was 4 or something……we had the only tv in the neighborhood. I will never forget it …..never.

    I also watched, sadly, the funeral of Lady Diana…….at 3 am. Watched the whole darn thing……. Sobbing. (Right after we moved to Santa Barbara)……… I sorta have to watch this wedding. Just do!

    We actually were in London the week before Lady Di and Charles’ wedding…….and were travelling with our children……..missed that wedding!

    Not missing this one!


    • Oh shoot- It’s my pilates trainer …(busted)

      Hi Kristi!!
      So nice to hear from you!
      I actually only had one or two super small bites- the boys ate most of the deep-fried twinkies-
      twinkie-pinkie swear.

      PS. Did I mention I’ve been walking a lot?!!

  5. love it!!! I think the dress will be all white vintage lace with a tiny cap sleeve and a scoop neckline. Then bustled out from behind. Wait, I think I just painted that dress! haha! no I’m serious!!! With that, a soft simple but very long vail. She can pull that off and I think it would be stunning. My youngest (who just got engaged last night!!!) yes, we are THRILLED! is going to Atlanta to Chastain Park (i.e….fun) with high school friends to watch it. Dudn’t that sound like fun???? oh, and those twinkies rock. I had something like those the other day if you get a craving.
    Philly Cheestake fries. OMG They are dough fried with powdered sugar. Don’t get started on them if theres a Philly Cheesetake around you. Just giving you fair warning!!!

    • Congratulations to you and your whole family Kendall!
      what a great time to get engaged- lots of wonderful wedding ideas floating around the world right now…

      • Hey Slimmy! Well, I guess I got [a little] close to the dress? I like the dress okay but thought the veil is stunning. Thankfully I learned how to spell it!! haha!
        Callen will really need to think about something like that. I must want “C” to have a scoop neck/cap sleeve all white lace dress. Could that be why I’m painting dresses???? I knew there was some reason in this crazy brain of mine!!!

  6. Holy Mary Mother of God —fried fing Twinkies and for Easter no less! Geez hope you had a diet coke to get them babies down!

    On the wedding dress –she should go so over the top King Arthur/Guinevere as in the glitziest tiara and Alexander McQueen–give them all something to talk about for years!

    P.S. check out the Mad Hattery blog it will have you laughing off your Twinkie calories and get you prepared for the big day!!

  7. Jeter? Jeter? Yes, we love our Jeter, but that is A Rod on the big screen! We were in London for the Sarah and Andrew wedding – lots of excitement – and we waited for our invite until the bells rang! Just sat there in Dolphin Square wondering where oh where could it be??? Enjoy your stay in New York! So MANY things to do, how can you decide what to do next???

  8. Oh I am so excited to see your post is from NY! I have just booked a 10 day trip for my 19 year old daughter and I for later in the year. With the Australian dollar so strong we are going to shop until we drop (well that’s the plan anyway). I’ve jotted down the Locanda Verde as I am looking for great places to eat too.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  9. Your blog is my fav! Just got back from NYC, best part was the Marie Therese Picasso exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery 21st & 10th- museum quality, you must go! Have fun

    • Thanks Kiwi- Our schedule is jammed (typical trip to NY) so I don’t think I’m going to get there this trip (though I did sit next to Larry Gagosian in a restaurant the other day :))

  10. Royal Gown: I say McQueen….somewhat conservative with an edge and youthful but elegant details. It’ll be haute couture but not as daring as everyone thinks…it’s being designed FOR HER so of course it’ll be toned down I feel. Interesting headpiece and long veil. She’ll be changing multiple times so i am sure her head will don a Treacy number later in the day!

  11. So HAPPY we finally have some good weather here in NYC………..thanks!
    When Queen Elizabeth was coronated, I, an ex-Canadian, spent WEEKs afterward “practicing” in my nightgown walking around balancing a book on my head………..great memories.

    Pssst……….I think Jeter’s number is “2”.

    Off to Locando……..ummmmmmm.

  12. Hubby is setting up the DVR to record…I know, it’s not like watching live but I just won’t let anyone tell me about it until I’ve seen it. I’m a fan for all that pomp and circumstance.

    Not a Twinkie fan, give me a Ding Dong anyday! 🙂

  13. What a wonderful trip you’re having. I’m sooo envious! The ipad story just gave me a giggle with my morning coffee. I’ve seen deep-fried Twinkies, but never experienced them—good for you! A girl who knows how to have fun—you’re my kind of person!

  14. Yes Slim, go have tea and crumpets (or twinkies) and watch the wedding… I’m not missing it
    It’s a fairy tale we all get to enjoy for a minute… a little escape from all the bad news.
    wedding dress… Stella McCartney

  15. Oh you are making me miss NY more than ever! I love NY in the springtime! Your images are lovely! We love the Yankees and there is plenty of good food in the Bronx! Try Arthur Avenue after the NY Botanical Gardens….not to be missed, especially in the Spring…the peonies are gorgeous!!

  16. uhh Slim- I’ve never been to a baseball game in my life. But I know fab seats when I see them. Your pic was definitely Sports Illustrated worthy. Are you staying at the Greenwich Hotel? I’ve looked at their website and it looks looks amazing. Haven’t been to NYC in a while but I’d love to see Book of Mormon. (by South Park guys) When you get back to Cali you must see God of Carnage at the Ahmanson. (yeah I know a drive but you will love it and it has the original Broadway cast). xo

    • Hi Julie
      No, not staying at the Greenwich- we are downtown at The Trump Soho (and yes, although I wasn’t born in the U.S. I did bring my birth certificate, just in case I ran into The Donald in the elevator)
      It’s very nice, great views and impeccable service. Also pretty quiet for a downtown hotel.

  17. I woke at 5am to watch his mother get married and I for one will be up at 5am to watch Wills and Kate make it official. Although I never sat around as a little girl dreaming of my own wedding I certainly dreamed of a day when I could become a princess in a castle. Should of figured out the whole wedding thing was the means to my ends – that is with the right Prince. Rats. New York is looking just lovely this morning in your photos. Big hug to HM. xo

  18. Love it! Now I want the fair to start. While you’re there can you check out Fordham, Barnard, and NYU? Our brains our inundated with colleges right now…

  19. I love New York dogs as well. They seem to relish getting their picture taken; their walkers never seem to mind the attention. Carry my trusty canon powershot wherever I go to get those unique shots. Wish there had been unobtrusive digital P & S’s when I lived there 20 years ago. New York is filled with incredible contradictions everywhere you go and walking around without a camera is a loss.

  20. I am voting for Stella M doing the dress for Kathy…I am so excited about the wedding and plan on getting up at 4AM to watch. I was in UK in end of march and those Brits were getting ready then. Love that country.
    Have a son who lives +loves NY and me too.
    Have a wonderful time+keep sending those pictures of French Fried stuff.

  21. As a Slim Paley devotee and expat living in London, I can dutifully report the following dispatch. Members of my “Ladies who believe that a glass of wine at lunch is not only good for you, but very Forward Thinking” club, have mulled over the dress topic just recently. Of course, this was after first admonishing that we would not stoop to converse on the whole “marriage business” as it’s been SOOOO overdone and weren’t we interesting enough people to find something else to chat about? At any rate (ahem, cough, cough) we suspect Sophie Cranston at Libelula might be in the lead. Very under the radar but Kate’s a fan and it’s very “Diana-like” to choose someone relatively unknown. The Ladies and I will be having “gin at 10” this Friday morning and will lift a glass to all you SP’ers across the pond brave enough to throw back the covers and join in the “ce-libations!” ☺

    • Love your comment L.P.
      and cheers to gin in the morning! Besides, I’m on my hol’s and it’s a very special day 🙂

  22. Cute Doggies, beautiful necklace, and fantastic seats at the ball game!

    I can tell you that your ball game was probably not nearly as stressful as the Canucks “do or die” hockey game last night. So classic of the Canucks to have the other team score in the last 2 minutes of play to force sudden death overtime. I live about 10 minutes drive away from the stadium and OMG was it ever noisy even in my neighbourhood when we won, the car honking and yelling went on for hours, and that was just the first series in the playoffs.

    Those twinkies look amazing!

  23. Amazing pics of the cherry (?) blossoms and the bunt. Definitely need to contact SI on that one.

    Yes, I’m getting up to watch the festivities. Saw his momma wed and now I’ll get to see him wed – such a joyous occasion, what’s not to love?

    Loved your cloak (coat) and dagger story – your amped up heart rate surely used up some of those twinkie calories. 🙂

  24. Deep….. fried…. twinkies….. let me wrap my noggin around that one for a moment.

    Evokes images of a horrific car crash…. gruesome and horrible, yet can’t tear yourself away.

    NYC looks PDG (pretty damn good) about now. Many thanks for the great images.

    Kate/Wills… he is doubling down on the genetic bonanza of his mother with this young lady. Great move. There are some very old genes in that line that need to be remodeled 🙂

    I can’t commit to the 1AM-6AM PST timeframe, so I plan to Tivo the earlier hours and get up around 5 AM and zip through the boring/redundant/repetitive/over done/ beat-to-death bits. Dress…. will…. be….. white, form-fitting and elegant. How’s THAT for a risky declaration?

  25. I love this post so much. I am delightfully surprised by the tree blossoms, considering the long winter. Those dogs – how adorable are they? I laughed on reading your cloak and dagger act. Sounds like a jolly good time is being had by you all in the Big Apple. Can’t wait for Kate’s big day – I’m guessing a dress by McQueen!

  26. I have every intention to watch the wedding. However , the question is when I get up …will I remain up. Loved the deep fried Twinkies. Heard about them,did not know they were real.
    You never said if they were that good. Maybe I shouldn’t know.

  27. I bet they taste good, but I cannot bring myself to try them. The weather in NY has been dreadful, except for a few days here and there, so I have to assume that you brought the sunshine and flowers with you. If you have a minute, could you e-mail or pop over to my post and let me know the Slim Paley must-have apps? Mine arrives any time now (within the next 2 hours!) and I cannot wait!

  28. I love NYC and I love these pics…I was there at the height, and heat of summer last year….the spring blossoms just look gorgeous!

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