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Wishing all of you a beautiful day filled with

family, friendship

and fantastic food prepared with love.



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Oh I do love the colours of this Season!



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If candied yams or sweet potatoes  are a traditional treat on your Thanksgiving table

have I got a tip for you (You’re going to love me for this-seriously, a game changer )

Use coconut oil in place of butter & glaze your marshmallows with the oil too- they get all crunchy on top



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Slim Paley photo


We always make  fresh cranberry sauce with lots of orange juice-very tart to balance those sweet potatoes (and lots left over for yummy turkey, brie & cranberry paninis)






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A clove studded onion simmers in heavy cream & whole milk for English bread sauce



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I’d like to say I’m so thankful for all the fun I’ve had & the friendships I’ve made over the course of writing “Slim Paley”.

My readers (That’s YOU) are The Best!



Enjoy, be safe and don’t forget to pace yourself  🙂

PS. Is the football game over yet??!



  1. Your Thanksgiving pictures are gorgeous. You’ve inspired me to try the English bread sauce next time I roast a turkey. It sounds so fragrant…is it eaten like a gravy and poured on the meat?

    • No, Trianna
      It’s like a really thick gravy (at least mine is) so you serve it on the side. Many recipes call for bread crumbs but I prefer to use small cubes of bread to give it a bit more texture. I hope you like it!

  2. How wonderful! I (we) love you too Slim! you are absolutely the best blog to which i subscribe … i feel like i have a kindred spirit and friend thou virtually …you are so talented ….a HUGE BLESSING AND INSPIRATION! I always have fresh cranberry sauce – yes, with fresh orange, trying a new recipe this year with jalapenos, fitting since i’m in West Texas … Slim, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, God’s Blessings today and always …

    • Thank you Jeanne! that’s so nice. Blessings right back at you!

      ps. cranberry sauce with a little jalapeno sounds good. My sons would love that I’m sure.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving- I actually roasted a turkey and actioned Faux Thanksgiving food here in Oz. I made a cranberry chutney- It’d work well with roast pork or ham too.

    I’m always thankful for just being here and being alive but I like it how the USA has a specific day. I love your table. It is really hot here, you are lucky not to be boiling.

    You should visit Oz. You’d like it.

    I use coconut oil sometimes as a hair treatment!!!!! that stuff is the BOMB.

    love FF x

    • I have family in Oz so I’ll get there someday…
      and when I do, I’m calling you! We can “action” some martinis together 🙂

  4. Slim
    Wishing you a splendid time with your loved ones and family as you celebrate Thanksgiving. Thank you for always sharing the most interesting bits and photos with your blogger friends across the globe. Take care

  5. As always, your post makes me fill up with joy. The table is gorgeous, but I have never heard of clove studded onions!! Please give further details. Have a wonderful happy yummy day. Mary

  6. Hi, Slim,
    I am pleased to see my family is not the only one that likes marshmallows on top of the yams/sweet potatoes. I don’t care what they say, it is tradition. Thanks for the coconut oil tip and all the lovely tablescape inspirations. Your photography — as usual — is fabulous. Have a wonderful time today with your family and friends.

  7. Dear Slim,
    Coconut oil has been found to be good for us – our bones especially – so I’m always looking for ways to use more of it. Your tip for sweet potatoes sounds delicious!
    Thank you for all the ways you inform and brighten my life. May the blessings you bestow return upon you an hundredfold.

  8. Your table looks beautiful! I’m drooling over the thought of your left overs – turkey,cranberry,brie,
    panini’s.YUMMMMMMMM!!!! LOVE your blog!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    kirsten marie

  9. Slim football is just getting GOOD
    Coconut oil is good on everything…..
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.oxoxo

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Slim to you and your family!

    I keep hearing more and more about coconut oil. It keeps popping up in news articles and recipes I read. In the “NEW” section at Trader Joe’s, coconut oil was stacked up high on the shelf. And now on your blog! Looking forward to giving it a try!

  11. Hi Slim,
    The coconut oil tip is great. I wasn’t sure what folks were doing with coconut oil…love that it can do double duty as hair conditioner. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…love your site and feel like we’re blog friends.:-)


  12. Everything is absolutely Beautiful, Slim!
    I wish you and yours – and all faithful disciples a wonderful Thanksgiving,
    Filled with GRATITUDE for the bounty we all have!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Lucky to have your blog pop into my mail box. It always is a joy to read, and honestly I learn such good tips from you.

    Enjoy your day, and football will be on in our house all day.


  14. Thank YOU for what you share with everyone! A slice of happiness, humor, beauty and grace whenever you post. Happiest Thanksgiving to you and your boys. We are cozy in our home today with family and my little ones in Seattle. Counting the minutes till the PARADE. 🙂 xo, Dana

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. No doubt every dish will be delicious, and your table divine. Many moons ago you mentioned coconut oil, I bought it, love it and have been using it ever since, I will for sure try it as a conditioner.
    Enjoy a wonderful weekend. ox

  16. Your table (as always) looks gorgeous and I have to say I am not a yam fan but those I just might try. Big warm cozy hugs from my crew to yours. We love you guys and give many many thanks for years of friendship xooxoxoxL&A&R

  17. Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful! Cannot wait to get to Trader Joe’s for that coconut oil.

    Your table looks so elegant & simple (as in simply fabulous!)

    Thanks for keeping up the blog sharing fun & inspiring.

  18. looking at universities in Scotland for our daughter… no turkey’s here! Happy Thanksgiving, Slim. I’m grateful for all your inspirations, tips, and laughs!

  19. Sweet Paley –
    may your heart be full, your garden abundant and your path lined with posies – this you deserve.
    Happy Thanksging!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. The marshmallows look amazing. I think I gained 5 lbs just looking at them.

  21. I’m thankful for you and your exquisite blog. Also for Occupy Wall Street.
    (what’s a holiday without some politics?)


  22. Gorgeous images, as always. Love the idea of using coconut oil on the marshmallows…healthy and delicious(the coconut oil, that is)!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving ~

  23. On a side trip to the wild Southern Island of New Zealand where we celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time sans family 🙁 . No turkey, but spring lamb on a boat watching the waterfalls cascade in the remote Milford Sound with a new “family” of Belgiums and Brits wasn’t half bad for a one-off.

    You continue to inspire, if only for next year when we’re back home in NYC.
    Hope you had the happy, delicious day you deserve,

  24. Not to change the subject at the end of this sunny Thanksgiving Day but did you hear they had 10 inches of new powder at Sun Valley? Sounds like more fun than football…..Happy THanksgiving!

  25. Hi Slim

    Your Table looks fabulous and i love your tip for the coconut oil!

    A Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  26. I will definitely use the coconut oil tip. Got it in time for Christmas. Here’s one for you: Use coconut milk instead of milk in pancake batter. Makes the pancakes fluffy. Thanksgiving to Christmas is always my favorite time of year so I’m especially looking forward to your holiday blogs. One more thing to share; my niece’s blog about food. It was just featured in Gourmet Magazine….http://www.krystaslifeinfood.com/ Happy Holidays to you and the family.

    • That’s a great tip for pancakes, thanks Colleen. I’m ALL about coconut these days.

      I’ll go visit your niece’s blog, and Happy Holidays to you as well!

  27. Hi Slim, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too. I am thankful that I found your blog this year! Just beautiful, I only wish I had time to read it yesterday BEFORE my third helping of sweet potatoes, but I have filed it away for next year. Everything looked so pretty, I hope you all had a fabulous time. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.I have so laughed about my description of Pinterest, to you, before I even knew what I was doing! They are in Business Week,( this week) with a much saner explanation!!!!

  28. RTR Karen, tomorrow is a BIG day. Thank you Slim for always celebrating the important times of life. November the 24th is a time of being very thankful.

  29. Yes indeedy, we will be doing the coconut oil trick on our yam dish at Christmas.

    Love how you captured the sun beams on your dining room table. Beautiful.

    The older I get, (and boy, I am really up there) the more I find to be thankful for.

    Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  30. Happy Thanksgiving Slim Paley, you classy gal, you!

    Your sweet potatoes look so beautiful..made me hungry!
    I must not give in, I must not give in, I must not give in…
    must go to the gym, must go to the gym….

  31. No…thank YOU! Your blog is always such a fun romp! Love the photos, love the tips, and most of all….love your humor! I always know I’m going to be entertained when I “open” your blog. So…a hearty thank you to YOU! xo

  32. I found a healthier way to have sweet potatoes with the coconut oil. I have been cubing the sweet potatoes, tossing them in coconut oil and sprinkling with cayene pepper. It doesnt replace the decadent recipes at Thanksgiving but it is a really good veggie for every day side dish. Love your site. I am copying your copper backed plate shelves in my kitchen after the holidays are over. I hope you and your family have a great holiday.

  33. OH MY!!!! I’m embarrassed for you to read my blog! With twenty five, we used disposable wooden plates this year and all aluminum casserole dishes. And ya know what? I didn’t care! (that’s the great part). Thank you for giving me a good laugh every time I read your blog. Hope you had a wonderful holiday Slim!

  34. Dear Slim, So many of us love reading your blogs. We love the gorgeous travel photographs, the fabulous food, the glamorous fashion, the beautiful house, the great humour, and that oh-so-heavenly getaway in Sun Valley… Thank you for taking the time to inspire us all. As Jane Austen famously said: “If only we could all live such a life…!”

    Janelle McCulloch

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