1. Just downright adorable, these youngsters are way more adventurous in their eating habits then when I was their age. When I was their age, I would mainly eat only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! 🙂

  2. My husband took me to Daniel in New York as a surprise, he wasnt wearing a jacket & had to borrow one which was really embarassing but Daniel was so charmimg, having a fellow frenchie in the restaurant took us through the kitchen, run like an army platoon, very impressive & photos of presidents past &present with him, may I add that it ws so so delicious & full of very interesting mixture of people as well as Daniel being such a passionate foody & workaholic, a wonderful experience

  3. what a grand treat!!!! I hope these children get a copy of this for their “old” age – whenever that may be. Enjoyed all their reactions.
    My mouth watered.

  4. I met Daniel when I took a cooking class from him at his Wynn location (now closed). He was as charming a warm as he is in this video. I have been a huge fan since. Cheers to these cute kidlets and Daniel!

    • Hi Rachel. Don’t ask. I am still having email issues with the “Daily” Paleys- hence the dearth of posts here until it’s rectified.

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