Costco Buco



Buona sera !

I’ve been meaning to share this with you for awhile. It’s a perfect, quick & easy option for a comforting winter meal when you don’t have time to cook. And how often is that these days?

Couldn’t be simpler-  3 ways to heat up; in the oven, boil in the bag or microwave.  I’ve tried the first two methods and both worked well  (in general, not a fan of microwaving)  Granted, it’s not quite as tasty as Osso Buco that’s been roasting in the oven all day, but considering the no fuss, no muss, no chopping vegetables or time at the butcher’s, not to mention cost, it’s definitely a good share. Two fellow shoppers in Costco, spying it in my cart commented they loved it too (don’t we just love validation?!)  Add mashed potatoes (also from Costco) and/or a salad, some peperoncino pickles and dinner is served.




Buon appetito!



PS.  I have NO affiliation nor receive any freebies from Costco.


  1. Costco amazes. Have you tried the Creme Brûlée that comes in little glass ramekins? Broil/torch and in minutes, bliss!🍮

    • No I haven’t tried them. And how did you get that cute little creme brûlée emoji to show up in a comment?!!
      Happy New Year!

    • I doubt it Jayne! But I’m all ears if you find anything great in a similar vein that is meatless, as my younger son is now (a?) vegan.
      Happy New Year to you!

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