Ciao NY!


Slim Paley Photo

Slim Paley Photo

Slim Paley Photo……………………The Carlyle Restaurant

Slim Paley Photo……………..Orchids in The Carlyle Lobby

We bid adieu to wonderful New York until the next time…  

We had such a great stay, as always.  Mr. Chow’s was the choice for our last meal (one of my husband’s favourite restaurants)  It was predictably delicious and as busy as I have ever seen it in all the years I’ve been going there.  Good for you Michael Chow!  I did check out The Carlyle’s Bemelman’s bar and it was indeed as charming as everyone said.  AND, as luck would have it and at the risk of sounding like The NY Post, we also caught Elaine Strich in the hotel hallway as we were coming out of our room! In her robe, giving a staff member a hard time about her carpet not being clean enough.  I swear!  She must live in the building.  A classic NY moment.  We could still hear her as the elevator doors closed and we descended a couple of floors- the woman can PROJECT.

Back to Santa Barbara tomorrow, just in time for more rain.  But I don’t mind really, I just need to get someplace where there isn’t a restaurant within 20 ft. of me for a few days. I’m excited to see my willow trees popping their little green shoots.

Lastly, if my pilates trainer ( Kristi is reading this… yes, the gym here in the Carlyle is really great.  It is…um, blue-ish…and it has lots of silver and uh…grey equipment stuff. Many…things…and towels and a TV.  Just wonderful. It’s on the 8th, 11th, well actually I can’t remember the exact floor because I always took the stairs. Super place.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Slim Paley photo………………..Nina Ricci at Barney’s


  1. Couldn’t you stay for just a day or two more? I’ve so enjoyed eating with you! Ah well. Welcome back to the coast SP……

  2. Oh how funny! we saw Elaine Stritch at the Cafe Carlyle (murals by the artist I collect) Marcel Vertes…(recently restored after 50 years of cigarette smoke……Lordy!

    Elaine is a total hoot and a great performer……..of course; she is a pain as a tenant. She lives at the Carlyle.

    Thanks for the great commentary!


  3. Of course I’m reading this…I read and love all of your posts! Imagine my surprise however, reading about ALL your culinary adventures, most notably, the meat fest at Peter Luger’s Steakhouse (I know, I know, you warned us). Honestly I’m conflicted, I get lost in the beauty of the photos of shoes, cupcakes, shoes that look like cupcakes, hot pretzels… and then it hits me! This is one of those times she’ll come home and blame ME for not fitting in the Lanvin dress she purchased just days ago! The good news is I have witnesses now ☺

  4. Oh and don’t think for a second I believe you saw the gym. I’m sure it is nicer at The Carlyle, but you just described every gym in the country. I look forward to our next session, and I don’t even have the sinister smirk on my face that one might think… Safe travels.

  5. What a great post! We had seen Elaine Stritch in Showboat years ago – we were in the third row all the way to the left of the stage, and there was a scene where they are reading a letter, at the end of the stage to the left. She looked down at my husband and I, and gave us a wink and a smile before going on. (it was the second time that show that we were “part of the action” in the first scene, a dockhand was getting water from a bucket and splashed my husband quite a bit. He looked down with a laugh, and a quiet sorry before moving on. Only in NY.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures. Glad you had a good time – have a safe trip home.


  6. Thanks for sharing your journey! I come from New York , now live on the western shores, and don’t get to visit very often. Your photos brought the city as I see it to life. The hotel Carlye, the scrumptious and beautiful food, the fashion to die for, and best of all the streets of the best city I know.

  7. You’re hilarious! It’s tough getting to the gym while on vacation! I’ve tried many times….and end up blowing it off. But look at all the walking you probably did! Fabulous pictures as usual….thanks for sharing your wonderful
    trip with us! Love the poodles! xoxo

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