Cereal Killers

Poached Eggs with spinach & mushrooms


Ever get bored with Breakfast options? I do. In fact it’s my least favourite meal of the day. So I’ve decided to start sharing stellar breakfast ideas I stumble upon, this being the first;

Poached eggs served on a bed of sautéd spinach & mushrooms, a potato latke wedged in-between (stop it!) topped with a dollop of warm and savoury fruit chutney.

Room service, courtesy of The Ellerman House Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa.

Let the day begin!


  1. Instead of the ever popular blueberry pancakes, I tried raspberry at home one time. Yummy. I put sugar on them first, really made them indescribable. When I first moved away from home, my favorite breakfast was taco flavored doritos and Dr. Pepper, ca. 1972.

  2. I am an eggs Benedict / poached eggs kind of girl. This looks delicious, and easy to replicate at home, Slim. Thanks and keep sharing breakfast inspo.

  3. So, last night during the thunder and lightning storm, around 3 a.m. you were in my dream (?!)…. (you looked great, your hair was perfect), so I had to find the time to get online and visit you today, (life has been consuming me)…anyway…….Screw Chex and Raisin Bran……..Egads!!!, its been so long since I have had the opportunity to peruse “The Stuff of Life”……hmmmmm, speaking of Life, “Life” cereal yum…..ok, ok, I am a sucker for a big breakfast bowl of cereal, it’s all about the crunch……..but, now I am very aware (since daughter numero uno is almost a licensed dietician), to watch out for any breakfast cereals that contain the preservative “BHT”………right now we are into poached eggs, pesto and bur rata and brioche…..btw, I love all your “changes”…..hey, did you ever paint that light fixture?…..can’t wait to catch up on all of your posts over the last 3 months!!! Cheers! Travel safely Slim!

  4. Oh my….that looks like a tummy pleaser for sure…..but it might need a shot of hot sauce instead of the fruit chutney.

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