Arabian Night


Slim Paley photo

Night falls at The United Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

Where the sand is very white


The cars are silver

Not painted silver, actually silver

(it drove right past my friend arriving to the hotel)


And the Desert desserts are sprinkled with real gold

Have you ever had “Umm Ali”?  I will be ordering this again.

Interesting dilemma; If you get gold stuck in your teeth should you save it??



Over the top-ness aside, the level of service was great and the food absolutely delicious.  When this breakfast of egg white omelette with wild mushrooms, goat cheese, roasted tomatos and potatoes arrived I thought-well, honestly, who would eat that many potatoes at breakfast.

 Apparently ME, accompanied by the best freshly squeezed green apple and pomegranite juice. So yummy.

Didn’t have time to go sight-seeing this being just a quick pit-stop enroute to Sri Lanka.

More to follow soon…


Hope everyone had  a wonderful weekend.

I bet you’re all watching Downton tonight. I see “Cousin Matthew” is tweeting away but don’t want to even glance in case of spoilers.



  1. Love the silver cars. Which leads me to wonder: who polishes them when they tarnish. A huge undertaking indeed!

    The food looks delish too. (Also your post brings to mind the SATC2 movie!)

    Regards, Dawne at D Magazine

  2. My Granny would have said: “Lord have mercy upon my soul!”

    What lovely and amazing things! How wonderful for the artisans and chefs and artists there who can earn a living!!

    Bravo to you for publicizing it! Yowzers!

    Cannot wait to hear about Sri Lanka. You do get around; girl!

  3. Ahlan wa Sahlan ,
    When I worked in Abu Dhabi there was no lovely Emirates Palace, only one basic hotel. But there were the crazy cars, there was one Sheikh who had a garage shaped like the World and a Car for everyday of the week. A bit like the underwear from Bloomingdales, just a tad more expensive.

    I wish I could have Room Service deliver me Breakfast at home very morning! Looks delicious! Have a wonderful time in Sri Lanka. x

  4. Hi Slim, I have missed you. I typed your blog in my Gmail today to see if I had missed your recent posts somehow! Glad you’re, not only ok, but on a fabulous adventure that you can share with us! How much fun! Silver cars?Gold scattered in your food? Now I know that I have heard it all! Please be safe, have a blast, and take loads of pictures for us. Thank you. Pam

  5. How exciting. My sister used to live in Dubai and I have had an amazing time there. Apparently the number plates with the single digits belong to the Royal Family. Enjoy the shopping, hope you get to the spice souk. x

  6. Sounds like a great start to your adventure. The breakfast looks delicious and the cars one a kind! Were there any local foods on the breakfast menu that you would not usually see on a menu back home? Safe travels and can’t wait to see more from your travels!

  7. I second the grandmother: “Lord, have mercy!” 35 years ago as a newlywed living in Saudi Arabia, uhhhh……nothing like this. They’ve come a long way baby. And YOU enjoy every minute!

  8. Thought of you last night as I enjoyed the finale of Downton….but looks like you are living your own Masterpiece! Have fun and be safe!!!

  9. I, too thought of you while watching the final Abby! Such a great thing! Must admit I can’t get those bells in your Sun Valley kitchen out of my mind! And your explorations are fabulous! Love to know there are car guys there. Can’t imagine a sunny day there at a concours d’ elegance with those cars as the marque! Giant Gold sun glasses for all! Could probably see it from space!! Never stop this, please! Especially now that the Abby is finished….

  10. Silver Car- how fabulous-gold sprinkled food-Yes. Have a wonderful trip + take lots of divine pictures , can’t wait to rest these baby blues on them.

  11. I am speechless. God knows that doesn’t happen often. Thanks for sharing your AMAZING trip. Enjoy every minute. Will look forward, hopefully, as you continue your journey to more. Yes for sure-keep the gold!!

  12. Thanks for the pic’s Slim! OMG on gold food and silver cars…wowsa. Watch out for handsome strangers though. Remember Samantha’s escapade on S &TC2? Enjoy!

  13. Just played the downton soundtrack all the way through while catching up with you…and I must say, it added quite a nice bit of drama and intrigue to each of your posts!
    The finale was marvelous…you’ll love it!
    Wishing you continued sparkling and safe travels…and congratulations on survivng your health week…it was an inspiring read!!
    xo J~

  14. Slim, The finale was so good! It’s going to be hard to wait another year for part 3! Your trip looks amazing so far. Food looks divine. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your journey! Watch out for those Silver cars!


  15. Heavenly. And I am glad to see that I am not alone in wondering who polishes the silvere cars! (Asmuch as I like polishing silver, an entire car would be too much for me, I think.) Enjoy the rest of your fantastic trip and do keep us posted!!

  16. are living my dream! Thank you so much for
    posting your fab photos…one day, I will follow in your
    footsteps! Share as much as you can with us!!

  17. Des Slim

    Looks as though even the start of your trip is amazing – hope it all goes so splendidly as in Abu Dhabi. Have tried unusual food additives like gold leaf fragments/sparkles in the past – it used to be a highlight with some Indian food, though not sure in the days of high gold prices whether it still is, except perhaps in rare circles. Speaking of other different table decorations, when we lived in Colombo years ago we were invited to a very establishment ball where the theme colours were purple and gold. Each place setting had a magnificent spray of purple orchids – and a live gold fish in water in a brandy balloon. Yes, you guessed it! Towards the end of the evening, a number of inebriated gentlemen accidentally drank their goldfish! And all along the street outside the grand hotel where the ball was held there were hundreds of homeless people sleeping in gateways and wherever there was a little shelter.

  18. Perhaps the owner of the silver car has it covered in newspaper every night. Martha says that keeps silver from tarnishing 🙂

    More pics to come very shortly.

  19. Silver cars, gold dust on the desert, is the bathtub made out of platinum with diamond accents? I hope you have an excellent trip and I am so looking forward to seeing your photos.

  20. SP I’ve been a reader of your blog for some time! It’s beautiful and I’m just catching up after moving from West Coast of US to Abu Dhabi UAE so I’m thrilled to see your visit here recently! Fascinating place! I’m loving it so far! Best to you!

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