Slim Paley photo

It is, without a shadow of a doubt, Spuhrrinng in Santa Barbara!

After the rains, we’re  blessed with longer days, buds bursting forth into delicate tissue paper blossoms, birdsong and the frog’s chorus float through the open windows all day long.


.Slim Paley photo

Our resident songstress

Slim Paley photo

I even found these orchids, long discarded from an indoor pot, earnestly re-blooming way back in the cheap seats of the garden.

Meanwhile…I wonder if I’ll ever get everything I need to do, done.

Slim Paley photo

Probably not.

Dior ring

Slim Paley photo

china plates from Bodo Sperlein. Bespoke hand painted canvas by Annie Millar. via British House & Garden.

Detail from a cherry blossom sconce light at Anthropology

Slim Paley photo

Slim Paley photo

But I’m not going to sacrifice ‘Stop, Look & Listen’ (OK, I know that’s for crossing the road, but it works for the garden too) when there’s so much to take in.

Jo Malone Cherry Blossom cologne

Slim Paley photo

It’s like Grand Central around here

and look what I found outside a bedroom window on Easter Sunday

Let’s face it, everyone’s really busy right now…

…Here’s to new beginnings!



  1. WOW_Spring is right! Stunniing photos. I can’t imagine orchids growing in California outdoors! Simply beautiful post…..thanks for the eye candy (Pinterest is really spoiling me that way).

  2. I love that you captured a shot of the bluebird/blue jay/blue-thing-with-feathers. I had a flock of Western Bluebirds – apparently never seen before in Topanga – hang around my birdbath a month ago and it’s all just so spectacular! So YES! Yay to Spring!!

  3. We are going into winter and don’t really have proper seasons. Jealous. I’d love to see cherry blossoms all over the traps.

    That Snow White style women looks Deadset Frightening. And possibly dead.

    How are your little nails holding up?

    Cheerio Slim FF xxxxx

  4. It’s all so beautiful (except for poor Guinivere)! The color of those eggs is an only in nature phenomenon and I hope that you will keep us posted about what pops out of them…

  5. Take my breath away. Slim, do you have a GREAT camera???? Surely these are not iPhone shots? Wow…. I want to buy a GREAT one; but have not. Spring is sassy-good, even in Texas now!

  6. Stop look & listen. I love that. I do it all the time in the garden and could stand to do it more with the people I live with! A mother that builds a nest nearby and allows you to peek is a gift. Interesting that there’s always three eggs. Thanks Slim for sharing!
    xo Lisa

  7. Slim, you are fabulous in any season! Love your garden shots and that ring! In love with spring, and the gorgeous images you share with us!

  8. “The sheep aren’t sleepin’ anymore!
    All the rams that chase ewe-sheep
    All determined there’ll be new sheep
    and the ewe-sheep aren’t even keepin’ score!”
    …spring is bustin’ out all over…

  9. The birds are very busy here too. It is my favorite time of year. That alley of cherry trees is truly breathtaking. The bluebird is pretty fabulous too. Thanks for the lovely images.

  10. I hear you! It is busy out there. Standing in my garden (Vancouver, BC) I could hear the magnolias cracking open and the little husks falling to the ground. Amazing little miracles going on out there, if we simply take the time to stop, look and listen!

  11. I can hear the birds chirping outside as I read this. It looks like it is going to be another beautiful day in Santa Barbara. What a great start to my day. Gorgeous pictures Slim!

  12. Beautiful photographs of the cherry blossoms and the birds (full grown and in the nest). Spring is my favorite season, but I wish I could get rid of these pesky allergies!

    By the way, I just watched The Big Sleep last night and was reading more background about Lauren Bacall. She was “discovered” by Slim Keith and was pretty much imitating her look in To Have and Have Not – where of course she won the heart of Humphrey Bogart!


  13. Thanks for the breath of fresh air! It’s inspiring to see mother nature gettin’ busy. Reminds me of all the projects I need to tackle. Your blue chanteuse is stunning! 🙂

  14. Oh WOW, thanks for a stunning post. Your photos are beyond. The bird, amazing!the eggs & flowers. Every time i go outside I find another blossom joining the “Spring “Collection” Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.

  15. What gorgeous photos, I love the birds nest. Unfortunately we haven’t had spring yet in Vancouver, cherry blossoms but nothing else and it’s still raining – uggh. Wish I was in California.

  16. I think your yard could potentially be a National Geographic site for a documentary called SPRING! So pretty. Love the blossoming fruit tree branches and the birds nest. Lucky you.

    • yes- amazingly WRONG! They are not paying me for that advertising, in fact I’ve been told that I have to pay THEM to have it removed. Nice.

  17. You must have the most amazing garden Slim. I cannot believe you found that nest on Easter. Maybe it was nature’s gift to you, since you were a feeling a little down that day.

    Kim 🙂

  18. Brilliant photography as usual! Love the blue bird – he is my new desktop background.

    Can’t wait for the birdies to hatch.


  19. I’m far from nature-girl, but this gorgeous post might turn me into one! Spring is looking pretty spectacular in your little corner. Here in Austin we have spring for like 10 minutes. I may bookmark this page to visit once we get the 100* days of our 8-month summer!

  20. Do Cherry Blossoms grow in SB? I had no idea. We were just in NY, and they were everywhere…. just gorgeous.
    I love your arrangements. Thank you for sharing your beautiful world. xo xo Brooke

    • To tell you the truth, Brooke, they’re not true cherry blossoms- but I pretend they are. The apple trees gets lovely white blossoms , and the ornamental plums stunning pink ones. You’ll be enjoying lots of these trees in your Ojai garden!

  21. I have been reading your blog for a while and love how unique it is. Can you tell us what camera you use? Your pictures are stunning.

  22. So excited to see that I won those cherry blossom glasses! I bought them at the Armand Hammer museum in LA if you can believe it! Let’s drink margaritas out of them!

  23. I spent a summer in Santa Barbara inbetween college years and just loved it. I loved the cold misty mornings that would burn off by noon to reveal lovely sunny beach weather. I also loved the Spanish style of the architecture everywhere. Happy Spring to you too!

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