Roses. Just Roses.

..The Roses

.have arrived….

..I only wish I could share the scent with you as well as these photos

.I think you can probably imagine though, right?

.The first blooms are always so gigantic

The colours heartbreakingly beautiful

Feel free to pick one!




  1. Slim, your roses are gorgeous. We planted a rose garden two years ago. The wild rabbits (we think) have chewed them down so that they won’t bloom. Do you have a problem with rabbits or know how to deter them?

    • Hi Marina,
      yes, we have SO many rabbits it crazy! They’re so damn cute tho. My roses are pretty big, established and high so luckily the bunnies don’t wreak much damage- they seem happier out on the lawn and around the hedges anyway. Scroll down to “Rosebud”s comment for info on deterring them.

  2. We broke a record from 1934 today in Boise for 90 degree temp! Sooooo—–our roses are starting to get tiny buds! Believe it or not I could actually smell the roses especially the ones that looked like English roses–so perfumy and spicy! And it does seem to be true that the first roses are the most perfect ones–maybe weather being cooler attributes to that! Thanks again for the gorgeous photos!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Can you share their names? (is one an Eden rose?) I need to get some new roses- a Mother’s Day tradition…

  4. Gorgeous. I can smell them from here. I am lucky if I get 4 roses all year. And I love them so. will have to come out and enjoy yours. xo

  5. Beautiful sunny garden!…..If only we can share the smell all together!…Thank you for these perfect roses pictures…XXX

  6. So gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. You inspired me to spritz a bit from a sample of Jo Malone’s Red Roses.

  7. I’m almost inspired to create another rose garden. (key word here is: almost!) After watching rose bushes be destroyed by voles, etc., The only rose growing in my garden now is a large New Dawn covering my fence and gate. Your roses, btw, are beautiful!

  8. Slim,
    I can imagine the fragrances. More garden photos, please. Especially this time of year…it gives me such inspiration to drop everything and get going in the garden.

  9. Beautiful and the scent must be so heady! We are excited with our crocus and some daffodils……It’s a beginning…… Happy Spring!

  10. Hi Slim! I look forward to your posts every week. You are an inspiration to me. Your roses are incredible! Just beautiful. Could you please tell me what kind of camera you use to capture your gorgeous images? I would like to upgrade from my iphone!
    Thank you & enjoy your lovely garden. xo, Dina

  11. these roses are real beauties. You are so lucky to have them right on your doorstep, can only imagine their gorgeous perfume that pervades your home

  12. Oh my gosh your roses are gorgeous! I CAN smell them….exquisite! do you have a drip system? I am sure that you have thought of everything,but it saved my life! I moved to the middle of the Historic District, and gave up my garden, and I miss it so much! Especially my roses and camellias (Proud member of the Camellia Society Tee-he)! My Grandmother had a gorgeous garden and my Mother was the Camellia Queen (I couldn’t make this up!), but all of our knowledge and effort, combined, never produced such HUGE gorgeous blooms. Soooo pretty, thank you for sharing. My computer is letting my use it for over an hour this morning (Savannah’s servers get swamped during SCAD exams) so I was so happy to see your post! Thank you so much again for these gorgeous photographs!

  13. These are some of the most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen! And their size……you certainly have a green thumb. Would love to know the names of these spectacular beauties!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous – our roses in Texas have been blooming for several weeks especially the Knock Out Rose, a disease resistant, repeat bloomer that is laden with blooms from spring until first frost. Not as pretty as the antique roses or any of the fragrant English roses but worth having….. I’ve gotten several of our roses from the Antique Rose Emporium which has a vast selection of antique roses that seem to thrive with little attention. Thank you for sharing your beautiful roses.

  15. Do you have the Just Joey rose – an apricot Hybrid Tea rose? It would look terrific in your garden and your house. Will you share the names of your roses?

    • See “Rosebud”s comment just below ASE30. I have heard of Just Joey but I don’t have it.
      Going to check out the Knock Out Rose. thanks.

  16. Hi Slim, I had a one hour window on my laptop this morning so I was able to see your gorgeous roses, just exquisite! I was rubbing my hands together as I tried to post a comment, wrote a well thought out response to your gorgeous Post, pushed Post, and the connection vaporised! I am dying to pin your beautiful roses, so I am hoping that the servers will give me some more time today. I have never seen such huge blooms that were not forced! I am sure you have a drip system, it saved my life! Thank you so much for sharing, that was so much fun, as usual! Take care, I’m about to drop my Mac off the balcony, and it is not even the poor Macs fault! 🙂

  17. Wow, breathtaking, I can imagine the scent and can hardly wait for roses in Vancouver, but it will be a while.

  18. Oh my Slim , simply divine. I have been looking forward to enjoying your fabulous garden. Thank you for sharing,

  19. Many of you are asking about the names of my roses; I am very blessed to live just down the road ( about 15 minutes) from undoubtedly one of the most beautiful rose farms in the country “Rose Story Farm” . Mostly all the roses were purchased from there- but here’s the great news; They ship! My friend, Dani, who runs the farm with her family, is going to leave a comment giving you names, some info and hopefully a link.
    Take it away Dani!

    • “oh that these first roses could talk”.. Trevor Griffiths

      wow.. where to start.. first of all, Slim’s roses are fabulous.. she is a wonderful gardener and caretaker of her ‘babies’.. & with 3000 roses in commerce, it takes her discriminating ‘eye’ to select the (colors, shapes, fragrances) that will go well in her garden as well as in her home!

      Here’s my best go at naming the roses in the photos.. caveat is that without seeing the plant, some are challenging to identify.. first photo.. darkest pink is Yves Piaget, just below (peachy pink) is Sunset Celebration, skip down two and the large pointy bud is Valencia, (this is one of 3 in this photo that are divine in arrangements).. there are some sepia tones in this rose that soften the yellow and make it suited to most homes, next to this large chamois/yellow on the bottom is Abraham Darby.. can’t beat the fragrance! the very fluffy pale pink (stem of 3) is (most likely) Eglantyne, silvery lavender (above the Yves Piaget) is StainlessSteel, another favorite for decorating, particularly in a silver container! The middle two-tone rose (tan center) is Distant Drums.. this could be an alltime favorite, although my favorites change with the wind… the center is a buff/tan color, subtly lightening as it opens, and around the edges is the most beautiful mauve.. it’s also pictured in 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th photos. There is a lovely melon/peach rose in the upper right.. Heaven on Earth.. aptly named.. disease resistant bush stays fairly compact so it’s great in so many environments.. it fades to the most beautiful pale pink as it opens.. photo #4 is Abraham Darby, photo #5 is challenging to name without seeing the plant! It could be Gentle Hermione, The Wedgewood Rose, or Spirit of Freedom… good to know that you can’t go wrong with any of the three! 7th photo is Yves Piaget.. everyone should have this rose in their garden.. think peonies on steroids with fragrance!!
      Rabbits.. most dogs and many cats will scare them away.. OTHERWISE, there is a semi-lovely black plastic (i know.. ugh, plastic) fencing material (small squares) that comes in about 24-30″ wide rolls and can be found at most hardware stores. Black is great (better than silver or green) because it ‘disappears’ into the landscape. I promise, it’s not so bad… surround your rose plants (and bury the fencing about 4-5″ or they will dig under) until the lower leaf growth is thick and/or high enough to escape our hungry pals (usually around mid summer). It’s unfortunate that I can never see them without thinking about their tiny blue jackets.. they are so darn cute… but honestly, do ANY good in the garden?? It’s clear why most of us cannot be haters…and thank you Ms. Potter, you only made things worse..
      now gophers.. different story, i’ve been known to go after them with anything I happen to be carrying.. no problem there..
      Mildew.. the Santa Barbara curse. After the winter pruning, 2 applications of an organic dormant spray (10 days apart) and 3″ of new ‘clean’ mulch are terrific deterrents.. after the plants leaf out, spraying preventatively (please please organic) for disease is best approach.. your roses will love a weekly dose, just after the dew is gone and before the heat of the day. For bugs: spray sparingly and only as needed… most bugs select a plant or two and can often be removed by hand. Aphids, though unsightly, do not hurt the plant or blooms and can be sprayed off with water. There are many new wonderful organic spray materials on the market.. look for active ingredients of eucalyptus, clove, rosemary, pepper as well as other ‘potent’ herbs and spices!

      Honestly, didn’t mean to write a book, however, given the chance, love to share enthusiasm for growing fab roses .. please contact us with additional questions, or visit the farm!! We’d love to have you all out! It is so incredibly beautiful here right now.. we’ve lived here over 20 years now and the first bloom still takes our breath away.. (questions, comments) OR (a new site is under construction.. coming soon )..
      “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful: they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul” Luther Burbank. Triple this thought for roses.. and my fave.. “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck”.. Emma Goldman.. need to meet this gal..

  20. Absolutely marvellous. Living on the 12th floor is not condusive to growing such gorgeous roses; however we do enjoy them at Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park Rose Garden and VanDeusen Gardens, in Vancouver, B.C. However, yours definitely take first prize. Thanks for a lovely blog.

  21. Slim…the scents of your roses are indeed floating through my computer screen and I am in seventh heaven…what a lovely post!

  22. Slim, Gorgeous! I think my favorite is the Distant Drum one. It’s so unique with it’s two tones. Each year I get older I appreciate my flowers more.


  23. I can only imagine! I am waiting breathlessly for the first blooms on my new David Austins, 6 of them with dozens of buds. I can’t believe how many buds for newly planted bare roots. I hope to have something similar to your roses sometime in the future…working on it. Is it true that the:
    The first year they sleep,
    The second year they creep and
    The third year they leap???
    xoxo, Chris

    so great having you back!

  24. Beautiful!!! I just finished my Roses post but mine are nowhere near that far along! I just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s that gorgeous Santa Barbara weather!!!
    Thanks for alway inspiring! kim

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