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Dahlias & Roses slimpaley

While I’m sad to say good-bye to Summer (only 3 days left!) it does mean it’s Dahlia season.  This Cafe au Lait dahlia mixed with  tawny pink roses is a particular favourite of mine, especially with the late afternoon light streaming through the windows.


PS. apologies if you received an email notification for this Daily Paley-that’s not supposed to happen. Email alerts should only go out for regular posts. I don’t know what has changed on WordPress but I will try to rectify it as soon as possible.  arrrgh.


  1. Love them and fall parties need an abundance. When I was growing up my Mother , a rosarian with 600 plants, considered the dahlia as déclassé. Now with the hybrids and so many wonderful ones to choose from they have sure made it in the pecking order.

  2. Love your photo and the dahlia/rose arrangement is simply breathtaking. We visited a dahlia show at the Vandusen Gardens in Vancouver 2 weeks ago and it was amazing…eye candy…some the size of plates. They are such a perfectly formed flower, esp. the ones that are shaped like a ball/dome. Thanks for such a lovely photo!

  3. I love Dahlias. Alas, unable to grow them inland–to hot and dry. Sigh.
    The colors are perfect.
    On another Dahlia note, my son and daughter in law are considering Dahlia as a name for their baby girl, who will arrive in December!

  4. Slim,
    As a faithful reader/fan, I’m not getting your emails telling me there is a new post. I’ll put your blog on my desk top so I can check without the email alert, but I thought you’d want to know.
    I love Dahlias. I need to try my hand at growing them next year…of course I say this every year this time of year! 🙂
    Enjoy the weekend, thank goodness it’s cooled a bit in SoCal.

  5. It makes me smi)e when I see Slim Paley in my inbox! Today I have the luxury of daydreaming about Slim Keith and Babe Paley dressed deliciously, dishing enormously, while lounging on the sofa enjoying the fragrance of the Dalia bouquet… Thank you for the email… Email me anytime you wish to do so 🙂

  6. I am crazy for dahlias, and Cafe au Lait has been one of my tried and true! Moving to Georgia has put a crimp in my dahlia growing but I am determined to get them going here! Interesting from one of your readers above, that her Mother was a rosarian and wasn’t impressed with dahlias. I too grew roses roses, roses, but the chemicals you end up using to keep the rose bushes in top form discouraged me and I now prefer the dahlias which have few problems to the roses!

  7. The flowers are stunning. And I join the others who really like getting the email notifications of any post ~ both the main posts and the Daily Paley.

  8. Aren’t they wonderful? In Holland there are a lot of Dahlia clubs. If you donate a few euros each year, you can get a bouquet for free on Saturday during the season. A prize winning lady from our local Dahlia club gave me these tips for a longer vase life:
    Always let raindrops on the flower dry outside your house before putting them in a warm room. This is to prevent brown spots on the petals. And put a little drop of bleach in the water. Enjoy!

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