The Inventor: Out For Blood in Silicon Valley




You absolutely HAVE to watch this brand new HBO documentary-  “The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley”   It is cuhraaazy!!

At least watch the link to the trailer (above) and then decide if it’s worth your time.  I found it completely riveting. My husband had already read the book and said it was even scarier. It will be fascinating to watch this trial unfold.



  1. Can’t wait to watch it. Thanks! She’s playing hardball, and there are forces out there who want her to succeed and/or fail, regardless of whether she’s on the up and up or not. In the ’70’s, my late husband’s first public company invented the microprocessor and the first desktop computer and then in the ’80’s, he invented and his second public company marketed the first smokeless cigarette. Our product underscored that cigarettes were harmful and addicting plus the Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms couldn’t tax it because it didn’t meet the legal definition of a cigarette. So… the Big Six tobacco companies AND the Feds would steal our garbage, break into his lab in our house and sent a goon to threaten us. We wound up living with a bodyguard. They were out to stop us one way or another. Scary times.

  2. Watched it last weekend and then Googled everything I could find about her/the company. It’s fascinating-slash-horrifying! I just bought the book. I just cannot understand how she sold so many smart, bright people on NOTHING and yet how they gave her about 900 millions dollars!

  3. As a PhD in Electrical Engineering, and a woman small business start up owner, this documentary and the whole story has made me sick. A male colleague told me he would have given Holmes money because “just look at her, I’d f* her in a minute.” So glad to hear that could have been the main investment factor rather than a real business plan/product built on solid science. This “chick” is/was/never will be a valid role model. It just disgusts me so very much. I was immensely impressed with George Schultz’s grandson and his willingness to stand up for what was right. Articulate, smart, and with strong sense of morality: he is the one that needs to be praised and given future opportunities.

  4. The Podcast “The Dropout”, plus a related 20/20 story are also fascinating!! The same story but with a slightly different angle.

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