Slow Dance



Greetings from my home in Sun Valley, Idaho, where Summer and Fall are just beginning their slow dance.


The view from my bench at the river’s edge


The water level is lower than I can ever remember it in all the years of coming here

I could actually walk out, almost to the middle and fish.

(if I knew how to fish. Love those cute waders though.)



It also revealed this big pile-up of wood  right below my house, which I suspected might be the work of naughty BEAVERS!


So after going back in and changing into Rabid Beaver Bite Protective Gear…


I carried a long stick and bravely ventured closer.

(everyone that could save me from attacking beavers was still sleeping)



On closer inspection, the wood was all charred and was just the stump of an old tree felled by the forest fires much farther north this summer.




But Mother Nature had also been very busy creating new life, even as we approach this season of dormancy.


The Hops vine I planted eons ago finally took root and decided to blossom.

I’m not saying I’ll be starting a home brewery anytime soon, but I might have some nice garlands to festoon the mantle for Fall.


growing hops


But the biggest and best surprise of all (and boy, was it a surprise!) was opening the door of our home to find New York Son standing there waiting for me!!

My husband was in on the secret, but somehow managed to keep it under wraps (truly, a miracle ) so when I said “I’ll turn off the alarm” and my husband said “I told them to leave it off for us” you might well imagine the split second of horror I experienced upon seeing a big dude in a black leather jacket standing in the mud room!

Once my heart started beating again, it was overflowing with happiness!


That afternoon we hit all our favourite spots in Ketchum


The Iconoclast Book Store


F. Scott Fitzgerald


Where the husband picked up this beautiful edition of  “The Beautiful and Damned”, my son bought the latest Junot Diaz book and I found an old book about coconuts (can you say obsessed?!)

 I finished “Gone Girl” and I’ll say this; it was a real page-turner.

In fact I really didn’t want to put it down until the end, which-oh I hate to say it!

was so implausible that it ruined it for me.

soorrreeee 🙁



Hot dogs were consumed at Irving’s. Me: 1.  Son: 4.


Some fun window shopping at Jensen Stern Jewellers 



How fun and unique and very “Sun Valley” are their windows?!


Good beaver hunting chandelier earrings




Vegetarians look away now


Mighty Man-sized steaks were grilled

Books were read and football watched(ish)

No hiking for me due to the tail bone injury.

We also enjoyed the documentary “My Best Fiend” by Werner Herzog about his relationship with the actor Klaus Kinski.

Listen, if you’re ever worrying that you might be going crazy?

Watch this documentary and you’ll feel better. You’re like, so normal compared to Klaus.


All in all, a most excellent time was had by all.


The leaves of the trees on our property snapped with my iPhone, and not enhanced in any way.


So I might even go so far as to say I’m almost ready for Autumn…


But not for the clocks to be adjusted.


In the park, downtown Ketchum.



Wishing you a terrifically splendid and sane week






  1. I agree with you about Gone Girl. So promising in the first half, so disappointing in the last. Yep, it’s a page turner, I kept thinking, how is she going to sustain this? Unfortunately, she couldn’t. It’s a shame because there was so much nice writing, especially in the beginning, so insightful about relationships… but then it became superficial and plotty and mean…. ah well, it’s not easy, that novel writing business so credit to Justine Flynn for all the good bits.

  2. Beautiful post Slim! Love the meat pic and knowing that someday I will be utterly bamboozled when I get a surprise visit from my offspring. 🙂

  3. I felt the same way about Gone Girl. I don’t understand why it has stayed on the best seller list for so long. Ending was a total let down. “Presumed Innocent”, similar story line but much better read from beginning to end. It’s a great movie too.

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  5. I can understand your overwhelming delight getting a surprise visit from your son! All four of my sons (and a few girlfriends) visited us over Labor Day! It’s so much fun having them all together…I’m still on the fence about this empty nest thing…

    Oh, those gold leaves with that intense blue sky! wow…so beautiful

  6. I love all your posts, but I think these “slice of life” ones are my favorite. I was there when you checked out the potential rabid beaver situation, lump in my throat when you discovered your son – HAPPINESS – was with you at the charming bookstore, at the table for steaks and on the sofa for book reading/football watching-ish. What a perfect few days. Thanks for sharing these things. They make the world cheerier! And I didn’t mention this on the post when you had just begun ‘Gone Girl’, BUT I had totally heard the ending ruined it (because my dear “friend” Hoda Kotb : ) said the same). That’s two reviews with the exact same comment. Think I’ll skip it. Have you read Louise Penny’s latest, ‘The Beautiful Mystery’? Love her. Such a great fall read – wonderful writing, moody setting AND…she’s Canadian! (All her stories take place there.)

  7. THE best surprise in the world for a mother is definitely unexpected time with her child.

    Really like the beaver hunting chandelier earings. The bracelet display in the hen house window is good too. I think I might like one of each.

  8. What a fantastic weekend you had.Nothing better than a surprise from our young ones , no matter how old they are. The trees on your property , the most amazing I have ever seen. I love that book store also, Too bad about “Gone Girl “,,,,,, Next? “The beautiful mystery “

  9. It feels cooler just looking at your beautiful pictures. Thank you. I hope the movie version of ‘Gone Girl” fixes the ending and she gets what she deserves. No one will go if they don’t!

  10. We can always rely on you for an original post with fabulous photos – the highlight of my day definitely today. Seriously, never mind reading all those books, you should give some thought to writing one (with pics too please). The imagination that goes into your posts could definitely create a bestseller. You already have the pen name and a loyal following……you are half way there!!! x

  11. Idaho looks like a very beautiful and pristine spot…
    the image of those golden trees could be enlarged, framed and hung on the wall.
    Thank you for saving me from disappointment on Gone Girl, there are so many fabulous books and not enough time for all of them!

  12. What beautiful scenery and such a lovely place you have to sit and watch the river.
    I too have just finished Gone Girl and couldn’t put it down- and totally agree with you about the ending. Very disappointing. It left me frustrated – with him particularly. What a wimp!

  13. you are too funny the approaching beavers with caution story..have you seen the David Attenbrough episode (not sure which series) on beavers? very amazing animals.

    Kinski crazy ? maybe ? but what an actor

  14. Oh how would love to see my son at my door. he is in Fl., I am in a. I haven’t seen him in a year and a half. I am praying he can come up for Christmas this year. Yor images are breathtaking. I have never been to your “neck of the woods” but would love to. Hopefully one day. XO, Pinky

  15. Got to the end of Gone Girl, but I couldn’t believe it was the end….I turned the page looking for the rest of it, yelling at the damn book. 😀

  16. Oh how I love Sun Valley in fall. I haven’t been there for years but seeing your pictures I remember exactly how it feels being there. So nice, the best place ever! Gorgeous pictures. How fun to just have your son pop in!

  17. Damn girl, so you don’t fish ? Down here in Texas we put our cane pole in the crack of our boat dock, put our foot on it and wait for the cork to sink while we’re drinking a good champagne !! Just sitting in lawn chairs telling lies. When the cork bobs we all scream. Fun !!

  18. I didn’t know hops were such a lovely vine with fragrant green cones. They look easy to grow. Next year. Summer’s ending where I live. Thanks for lovely thoughts and photos.

  19. What a paradise Slim… and especially with your boy there… I have only seen Sun Valley in snow… but it was so beautiful .. I can only imagine how lovely autumn is.. xv

  20. Greetings from southern Idaho……I think my lawn took up alot of your river water this summer as it has been a scorcher and only let up for a few days….still hot here. If you have never made a wreath from hops here is a tip…..don’t let them dry out–wind them around your form while they are fresh and still green as they are like tissue paper when dry and very fragile…but they are very stinky when being picked and ground! Nice post-and glorious photos as always. Thank you.

  21. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing a wonderful journey. Please compile your lovely, heartfelt posts into a book. You are amazingly talented and a beautiful soul.

  22. Welcome back to our “bit of heaven”….and part of yours when you can escape the city.
    Almost at the end of Gone Girl but now will still have to finish to see what you’re all talking about. It has been a great read! Thanks for the look thru’ your eyes. Happy fall.

  23. My Dad once arranged a surprise visit from my Sister that he pulled off without a hitch and it is a moment that I will never forget!! But oh my, I think that your son is lucky you didn’t happen to be carrying any sort of pointy objects at the time–he could have gotten hurt! And is that him in the photo? If so, I have to say hooray for a fellow redhead! We are rare birds.

    Thank you as always for sharing the incredible beauty chez vous with us!

  24. What a fabulous surprise for you Slim, to see New York Son when least expecting it. Sun Valley looks beautiful in the fall and the steaks made my mouth water. Your post actually inspired me to start letting go of summer() and to embrace the colorful changes fall brings. I agree with Phyllis in that I think you would enjoy Louise Penny; interesting
    whodunits set in the gorgeous Quebec countryside. Caspar really said it all though…
    when do you start your novel?

  25. Oh, Slim,
    You know how I love autumn (well, maybe not) and we’ve been expiring in heat and humidity for what seems like ages. How wonderful to be in such a serene setting with NY son and hubby. Pretty much perfection.
    Hope summer ends slowly for you, gently introducing you to cooler days and nights and of course, an eternal Pacific Daylight Savings year. 🙂

  26. Beautiful… and I agree with Phyllis – I had a lump in my throat too, when your son appeared. I love these posts the most (but I like all your posts!).

  27. Love those aspen….always a magical time of the year…means Oktoberfest! the wind making the aspen shimmer…the cobalt blue sky….glorious…just glorious

  28. OMG I thought I was handling fall rather well, given that it takes away my favorite season each and every year but I had repressed the whole “fall back” thing. The darkness at 7 is not attractive and it’s getting worse each day.

    on a good note, am thrilled to hear NYC and husband were able to surprise you 🙂

  29. Gosh! Have I ever mentioned just how much I want to be you when I grow up? I absolutely adore your photography, as you know. But I truly admire how you show us your world in ways that make us feel as though we were there, and coupled with how much you clearly adore your family, well, it’s a winner! xoxo

  30. What a pefect segway into a new season for you and yours….me, well I am in denial that my bummer summer is coming to an end…I will admit that I shall continue this denial and wear my haviana’s thru the winter again (good thing I live in Southern Cali)…ugh dark when I get up, dark before I start dinner…all those big fattening autumn/winter recipes and Holidays..bah humbug I say! I am not ready for this at all…I am now in pretend mode…..I pray you are healing…arnica gel and arnica tablets…

  31. I so agree about “Gone Girl,” implausible endings bug me to no end–ugh! I did just finish “Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand” though, and was VERY pleasantly surprised!

    I just moved my big boy up to Cal Poly, only 45 minutes away from home. (NY is SO much farther, yikes) Sister, I feel your empty nest sense of freedom, ecstasy, joy and oh that pain 🙂 Also, thanks for the glorious shots of the aspens and the Idaho views…reminds me of summers at the family cabin in Little Cottonwood Canyon down the road in Utah. Peaceful times.

  32. THANK YOU for making me feel that I am not the only one who throughout the end of Gone Girl was implausible (but not implausible enough to make it Disturbingly Plausible, if that makes any sense). Beautiful pictures, great post. xx

  33. Your Slow Dance leaves us with the sweet aroma of recollection, the reflection of optimistic euphoria when play meets head on with responsibility and frivolity reins. But mostly what lingers is the best of all, our celebration of the cusp of another Indian Summer, the way the sun is just a bit different yet the same, clear with the warmth and welcome of shorter, cooler days, but none the less an intoxicating cocktail to be shared, warm and sweet.

  34. Slim,
    Lovely photos and post. Those yellow trees are so beautiful. So sorry to hear about the tail bone. I did the same thing in June. Stupid and it hurt like heck. It took a long time to heal especially since I did more than I should have, like hiking. (We were in Jackson Hole!) I hope you get well soon.


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