Friday Favourites (#21)



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Leaves burning bright in Ojai, California



Happy Friday Favourites!



Slim Paley photo

The BEST burger this side of the Mississippi- At the Ojai Valley Inn.  So big, so thick, so insanely good.

Delicious fries and home-made potato chips too.

Speaking of home-made potato chips, I heard this recipe on Martha Stewart Radio yesterday; Bake plain, store-bought kettle chips on a cookie sheet at 350 for about 10 minutes until they get all oily. Remove from oven; sprinkle freshly grated parmesan cheese, a little paprika & a little cayenne. Let it all soak into the chips and serve still warm.

Trying it this weekend. I bought the plain chips already.




May we get to the important stuff first? This seemingly endless marine layer we’ve been living under here in California is having the worst effect on my hair.  Omigod. Does anyone have any MIRACLE suggestions?  I will pay you.  Well, no, I won’t because I’m not set up for that but who says we can’t play “Sharesies” on Friday Favourites once and awhile?

The situation’s getting desperate-


Jacquelyn Jablonski

There’s not enough room in the room for me and my hair.

 I don’t wanna say It’s leading a life of It’s own, but It went out twice last week without me.

So if you have one crazy, super bad-arse secret for foiling the frizzies,  fess up!!



Favourite new appliance;

The Nespresso 



Slim Paley photo

Look at these pretty Fall coloured coffee pods- fallen leaves of caffeine.

Lurrrving my new Nespresso Expresso machine. I have it set up in my bedroom office. It’s super quick, easy and fun to use. I love the little “pouft” each time the capsules are punctured to release the rich, intense coffee. In this photo I’ve added cream, as it’s the second (possibly third) cup of the day and I’m a wuss.  Join the “Nespresso Club” and have the pods delivered quickly to your door. More than 16 different flavours of pods to choose from…decisions, decisions… (There’s even a “Decaffeinato Intenso” for those of us who just like to flirt with the Dark Side 🙂 )

For more information on Nespresso click here




One of my favourite writers, Michael Ondaatje (The English Patient)  has a brand new book out;

It sounds fantastic.



“Three children mapping the hidden regions of a floating world – a world of displaced people, of travelers between lands…. The Cat’s Table deserves to be recognized for the beauty and poetry of its writing: pages that lull you with their carefully constructed rhythm, sailing you effortlessly from chapter to chapter and leaving you bereft when forced to disembark at the novel’s end.”
— The Telegraph (UK)

The Cat’s Table is an exquisite example of the richness that can   flourish in the gaps between fact and fiction…. It is an adventure story, it is a meditation on power, memory, art, childhood, love and loss. It displays a technique so formidable as to seem almost playful. It is one of those rare books that one could reread an infinite number of times, and always find something new within its pages.”
London Evening Standard

And a great review by Annie Proulx in The Guardian Here



Ships out October 4th

Can’t wait!



Favourite New Movie;

My Hair and I saw Moneyball last weekend.



The year I was pregnant with our first son, we were dividing our time between NY and LA.  For some odd reason (considering I was pregnant and hardly  an exercise devotee, despite the rage at the time for spandex & leg warmers) my husband and I started working out with some regularity in a very small gym by the Beverly Center.  Brad Pitt worked out there too though he wasn’t really Brad Pitt  yet.  This was way pre-Jen, pre-Gwyn, possibly post-Juliette Lewis.  It was 1990, so I assume he must have been filming “Thelma and Louise” which, for the record, I’ve never seen.  I barely remember anything about that gym; not the name, or who recommended the trainer or even his name. Here’s what I do remember; Brad came in many times when I was there.  He always worked out in workman boots- those big dusty Timberland (?) steel-toe kind, completely unlaced, thick grey socks with the red stripe at the top, grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt.  (Memory is an amazing thing, isn’t it?!)  He was friendly, had a sweet smile and, Dear Readers, he rubbed my pregnant belly. Yup, he did.  He loved kids even then!  Years later, on one of the exceedingly rare times I’ve gone to see a movie on my own, I sat in a dark, virtually empty theatre in a now forgotten city and watched Brad in “Legends of the Fall”.  I really loved that film and of course my thoughts drifted back to “The Gym Days” and how he was just that cute young guy in the workman boots who rubbed my belly and wished me luck…

but wait, wasn’t I talking about “Moneyball”?!

Go see it- it’s great.  Brad Pitt is one honking big movie-star and Jonah Hill and the rest of the cast are wonderful too.

You don’t have to know a thing about baseball to enjoy this movie.




Favourite new “Might Have to Get One”



Just as I’ve been waiting so patiently for the new iphone to come out ( I still have the old one- I hear rumours of the newest one debuting next Tuesday) Amazon is taking pre-orders for the new Kindle Fire.

If the iPad and the iPhone had a baby it just might look a little something like this. At  1/2 the price of an iPad and offering a limitless “Cloud” of storage space to hoard your favourite shows, books, games, movies etc. it seems like a sweet little gift, no?  

PS. Fits nicely into purse or backpack


I wish everyone a lovely weekend and leave you with the image that brought the biggest smile to my face in the last week;



The Interpretive Dance Squirrel


Are we still doing more of what makes us happy??!





  1. Oh… I’ve been thinking of putting a Nespresso on my Christmas list. I have a Breville coffee maker (uses k-cups) and love it, but I’m hoping they’ll come out with one machine that does both coffee and espresso. And those chips and that burger… oy! Now I’m hungry and craving coffee.

  2. hahaha, love your hair photo, the best….what works for me for the frizzies, is frizz ease by john frieda and Secret Weapon (a cream from the same line) which smooths the ends of the hair. and I don’t work for J. Frieda, just love those two products……

    Really enjoy your blogs, ideas, inspiration and sense of humor…thank you.

  3. CHEAP & PLENTIFUL ALOE VERA GEL (“BANANA BOAT” or similar) used as a leave in conditioner/styling gel followed by after serum when dry (I use JOHN FRIEDA FRIZZEAZE, it’s still the best!) will sort out the FRIZZIES and it conditions the scalp and the hair long term too!

  4. Hi S.P.,
    You mentioned something in your post that caught my attention. You said your new coffee gadget was in your office/bedroom. Due to downsizing, I am forced to have my office in my bedroom!! Will you be willing to share photos of your bedroom/office. I love your style and know that your set up is probably far more interesting than what I have come up with. Please! Pretty Please?????

  5. My stylist just used the new Bumble and Bumble straightening products during my last blowout, and my frizzy, normally impossible to straighten hair was a breeze to get shiny and swingy with very little effort. I couldn’t believe it, and can’t wait for the new products to retail at my salon. If you can get them, definitely try them. It was like a miracle!

  6. BTW, not only was it the best “brushes with celebrity” story, but thanks for the great ideas for Xmas gifts and AND a wonderful shout out for Michael Ondaatje. BTW, he’s my brush with celebrity as I see him sometimes at my local coffee spot. That’s all. He’s cool…. but I think you win hands down with Brad.

  7. I live here, too and I dry my hair after shampooing, very dry then use Frederick Feiikai (Spelling?) shine oil ….place some just on the palm of my hands and rub only on the ends of my hair. It will smooth out the ends and weigh it down slightly. This seems to keep mine smooth and shiny. Hope this helps.

  8. Looks like the squirrel and Brad are also having weather / hair issues. So if we are sharing Brad P experiences … I have one of my own. While waiting for my car / date at Kate Mantallini one evening many moons ago, I notice a somewhat disheveled long haired young man (somewhat up my alley at the time) who was sitting on the planter box also waiting for his car – ps: I think he had those work boots on then too. This was Legends of the Fall hair so the date is your guess or mine … another life time. I did a double take because he was looking my way and thought hummm… that is that actor Brad Pitt. He smiled that coy boyish MOOOOOOOOOOOOVIE STAR grim of his and said “need a ride?” at which point my date pulled up. Bummer. I smiled back .. also very coy but NO MOVIE STAR (perhaps more Soap Star) and fumbled my way into the car. In those moments I KNEW he would be huge huge huge .. and I knew why. He definitely had IT. Just think had I said “yes” … guess he could have left me for Angelina too … but I think.. it would have been so freekin’ worth it !!!! sigh.

      • Snap Canuck. Lola- obviously you had either been to church that day and were being way too decent for your own good, or…had one cocktail too many and not thinking straight.
        I think I need a cocktail just hearing that story!

        PS. Please at least tell us that your “date” was George Clooney

  9. As always….wonderful, I can taste the chips and I think this new movie shows that B.P. is aging well! AND love the squirrel!
    Happy Weekend…..

  10. A Sun Valley friend (Nina F.) told me about your blog….so glad she did..I love it!
    I am a Moroccan Oil fan 🙂 Using every other shampoo seems to work best! Looks like a salon blow dry afterwards.
    Aloha, Cindy

  11. Great post. I smiled all the way through it… again. That is until the smile turned into a laugh with the squirrel pic!

    Another vote for John Freida Frizz Ease. It’s what I use too, followed by a flatiron.

    Happy Weekend!

  12. unfortunately I don’t have a Brad Pitt story, but MacGyver asked me to dance one night at a club in Vancouver in the 90’s.

    mmmmm that burger looks fantastic! and the Kindle Fire looks great for travel!

    I love squirrels, they play on my fence all the time, very entertaining for my dog.

  13. Legends of the Fall…in my top 5. What a sweet Brad Pitt story. So glad he ended up with a lady who loves kids too.
    I love my iPad but the smaller new Kindle is enticing because of my purses — it will fit!

  14. You are my favorite, most fun “imaginary friend,” Slim Paley! The fact that I have to call you Slim Paley tells me this is not a real 2-way thing we have going on…HAHA!! Try Aveda products for frizz. After I lost my hair to radiation it grew into gorgeous curly locks – I am given compliments daily by strangers, none of which thrill me more than the ones I get from the wealthy women walking their coiffed pooches in Montecito. Anyway, I had to learn from my hair dresser how to have this curly hair and not frizz it. Step 1 – wash and condition and pat dry but don’t rub. Step 2 – apply your cocktail of choice — I use Aveda Be Curly “Style-Prep” which has all-day frizz control and Be Curly “Curl Control” which defines curl & reduces frizz. I’m assuming your hair is curly, but this works for wavy hair too. Step 3 – LEAVE IT ALONE – do not blow dry it, brush it or comb it thereafter. Once it is dry, you can scrunch it in the whole hand, separating the curls, but don’t play with it to much or you will get frizz. Hope that helps.

  15. I am in Florida right now checking out my fathers new home and I like it all except the humidity I am sure is hoovering around 100 percent…my hair is seriously looking just like Bozo the clown…I hear ya

  16. great post Slim and I just had to comment (even if I had to wait hours for all the comments to scroll by-wink, wink). Thank you for sharing your Brad Pitt story and I am sure the only reason you aren’t Mrs Brad Pitt was that he realized you were obviously happily married by then. I am sorry about your hair but I know you will find the perfect product and tell us about it. Come and visit me at my new planet (called Blogger Dynamic) , it is lonely over here. XO

  17. I find Kerastase products to be the best! Try their Oleo-Relax and Elixir Ultime to combat frizz. I am not affiliated with these products, but live waterfront in Florida (humidity central) and this line has FAR exceeded my expectations. A little pricey, but totally worth it. You will literally love your hair again.

    • I am way late to be reading this but Natalie is dead on right! Oleo-Relax tames my frizzies. I live south of San Francisco (on the peninsula) and let’s just say that on marine layer days if I don’t use it my husband asks me if I”m having a “Hagrid hair day”. Yes, that Hagrid of Harry Potter fame. Really not a good look. 😀

  18. Best way to get rid of your frizzies? Come back to Idaho–weather here has been BEAUTIFUL with no wind or humidity–just lots of blue skies and warm (hot) temps!!

  19. I’m a John Frieda Frizz Ease fan, as well. I never had a problem, until moving to the UK, and I’ve tried E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Please let us know if you find anything else. There was something else that Vogue Salon at St Regis Monarch Beach used, but I’ve forgotten the name. Perhaps by Bumble and Bumble?

    Your Brad Pitt story was brilliant! Inspired me to consider telling my favourite celeb encounter story…Robin Williams outside the Hotel Bel Air. My own private comedy routine!

    All the Best,

  20. I had to move from Australia to Europe to solve my hair problem Slim…..a radical step but it was the only solution to the humidity problem!!! 😉 I understand the hair thing only too well….Love your favourites by the way…..xv

  21. I had my chance with Brad and did not take it….that is destiny. But he was so nice and had the best manners. I will never forget the brief moment of kindness.

    I have hair that is enough for a whole family and has life of its own, so one of the products I use to use are Phillip Kingsley, they are fantastic, of course the best one are the ones you get directly from the hair clinic in London and New York but they do sell their other products everywhere now.

    The other thing that changed my hair forever is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. If you find a good quality one , that is well applied it makes your hair shinny, soft and frizz free and even the blow-dry is cut down to minimal time and it lasts for months.

    The Squirrel gets me every single time, now when I see one in London I laugh, well I always did see them as Chip And Dale.

    Hope your Marine Layer gets evaporated soon.

  22. Hi Slim, Thanks for another entertaining post. I used to use Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin #2 Shampoo & Conditioner ( and it was good) but I think my hair got tired of it. My current favorite product for overcoming frizz is a trio of L’Anza products: 1. Wash with Healing Smooth Glossifying Shampoo & rinse out, 2. after shampoo, apply Healing Smooth Glossifying Conditioner & rinse out and 3. use Healing Smooth Thermal Defense Heat Styler – spray on when hair is still damp after patting hair with towel and leave in hair for whatever styling process you use. It works with flat iron or blow dryer if you’re going for smooth. It also works for scrunching in curls the way Krista described. You can get it at a good salon and it’s great. Have a great weekend. Best, Ruth

  23. Three words. The Keratin Treatment. I have had it done three times now (lasts me about six months each time) and it is a miracle for my hair. I have “aggresively textured” hair (according to my hairdresser) it is THICK and coarse and frizzy, oh, and hard to manage. Keratin turns it into silk that receives compliments all the time, people ask to touch it! Prior to the magic of keratin I lived with bad hair most all my life, well, apart from the 80′s, I did big, fluffy and puffy with ease. It was all the rage THEN!

  24. Slim I love it all, must see the move, and am deciding between a Nook and Kindle, any thoughts?

    Oh I adore Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy! This serum has saved my hair! Trust me mine was totally out of control!


    Art by Karena

  25. What IS up with the weather—I’ve been trying to ‘close’ my husband on moving to Santa Barbara ( moving back for me) and every house hunting trip we’ve made in the last six months, the skies have been grey until 2-3 pm.

    Hair: Have you heard of Wen products? I absolutely refuse to buy anything that is the subjsct of an infomercial, but one of my friends turned me on to Wen before I knoew it was a TV brand. I buy it at amazon now. Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner–doesn’t strip hair of natural oils, perfect for my chemically-altered, often-frizzy (but never dizzy) blondness. It is the best.

  26. Just arrived in Hong Kong, reached 23rd floor hotel room just in time 1) to see giant Chinese National Day (like July 4 I think) fireworks exploding (LOUD!) over the gigantic amazing harbor……….and 2) be hit with high humidity…which or course makes my thick, frizzy hair go wild and gives me no chance to blend in with the swarms of sleek-haired young things from all over China and the world…I would swear we were eating in Soho, NY, not Soho, Hong Kong…the world is a mighty small place……
    have used Moroccan oil on your reccomendation, but of course it’s back on the shelf in NYC……also have used something called Cholesterol (yep!) that you leave in for 30 minutes…like basting your head, making you look like a greasy turkey…then rinse out, but some of the above suggestions sound better…..
    LOVED BP in Money Ball and the movie too, but then I like baseball….and husband was very glad I didn’t make him go to another “Merchant-Ivory’ movie……..loved Jonah too!
    Off to the escalators….they’re so smart here to have moving stairs that take you up and down (HK looks like NY on a mouhtain!)

  27. Hey Slim, me again…Your post and the drizzly day we’re having in Boston inspired me to try a product line that was recently recommended to me.
    Apparently, scientists from MIT expanded their attention from putting fire trucks on roof tops and moved on to solving the problem of frizzy hair. They developed a product line called the No Frizz Collection by Living Proof.

    Three hours ago I used the No Frizz Shampoo and the No Frizz conditioner which is for any hair type. Then I used the No Frizz Styling Spray which is a leave-in, wave shaping, curl defining product. In spite of the rainy, humid day we are having, my hair air dried into non-frizzy, soft and shiny curls – just what I was shooting for. I can definitely recommend Living Proof No Frizz for overcoming haystack hair!

  28. Frizz solution: My hair “explodes” in humidity. I’ve tried everything!!! Even silicones didn’t work. By chance I found that a little natural oil (Aura Cacia Aromatherapy @ Whole Foods), applied to my hair makes it soft, shiny and nearly frizz-free. I use “It’s a 10” products which are an ablsolute miracle. I’ll never use anything else. After I shower, I put on the the leave-in miracle product, let it sit a few minutes, then comb it through. Then, I take a little bit of oil (about half a teaspoon or so), spread it in my palms and apply it through my hair, starting at the ends. Then, I comb it through again. I know it’s counter-intuitive to wash your hair and then apply oil to it, but it works!!!

  29. Loved your blog, but that squirrel did me in. Absolutely loved it. I needed to laugh out loud and that did it. A big thank you.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Hi, just came upon the “Interpretive Dance Squirrel” and me too, it “did me in”. I’m falllin’ off my stool, laughing so hard. I’m using as my background pix for a while – cracks me up and sets my day off to a good start.

  30. I am totally investing in a Nespresso when our Keurig coffee maker dies, which sounds like it will be happening soon by the obnoxious noise it makes when you hit “brew” and the even more obnoxious noise it makes after your cup is filled. Love using pods and not having to clean a coffee pot. I will never go back to those days!
    Loved your Brad story! And that burger looks SO GOOD!

  31. LOVE my Nespresso…when my 2 boys were newborns (now 2 & 4) this was my treat after sleepless nights! This is my new favorite blog-best discovery of September 🙂

  32. Just sat down to ready my weekly favorite blogs! Loved the hamburger photo. Just returned to Dallas this afternoon from the Famous Round Top Antiques Fair and must say I had one to many delicious hamburgers! Love your expresso machine. I have one downstairs in my kitchen and want one upstairs as well….. now that would be a treat! as always thanks for your fun post and fab. photos.

    Cheers! Pam Kelley

  33. Morrocan oil – the shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment – and you must use the hair spray on those days when you just know that as soon as you walk out the door, you will have what I call my “witchy” day. I don’t usually like to use anything with fragrance but this gets lots of compliments!

  34. Hi Slim, Thank you, wonderful Post, as usual. I have worn out four kindles, my they have changed since the first one. I love to read and I need to get back to it. I cannot figure out what I’m doing spending so many mindless hours on Pinterest, it’s silly, I have so many pins on some boards that it’s too much trouble to find ANYTHING! Also, I fell in crush with a person that I had never laid eyes on before in Legends of the Fall. I am green, and would have swooned to have him rub my belly, pregnant or not, what a fun story! Awesome.

  35. The humidity’s terrible on the East Coast too, Slim. Usually my flatiron will take care of the frizzies, but not with all this rain. I’m going to try some of the products mentioned in the comments.

    We loved Moneyball too. So glad to see Brad in something good for a change. Your story about him was wonderful.

  36. Yay! THANK YOU so much everyone for all your product and unruly hair management suggestions! I am making a list and I will definitely get back to you with reports.
    Going to clean out my “hair cupboard” first and get rid of all the stuff I never use- so ridiculous.
    Also, I did try the straightening process once but I wasn’t happy with it-my hair was as straight as a ruler and completely lifeless. What I had was called “The Brazilian” not “Keratin”, so I’m thinking I might try it again but just on the upper layers that are the most frizzy. I wonder if that would work…??

  37. “Slim,

    You haven’t seen “Thelma and Louise” ????? We may have to ask you to turn in your official Female ID Card for this infraction!!!! The image of Brad smiling that sweet smile, in his cowboy hat, with no shirt on, bouncing on the bed will get me every time.

    Do yourself a favor and see it on the largest screen available in the house & NOT with the DH in the room. Invite over a few girlfriends. None of your friends will turn down an invite to see Brad with his abs so defined you could grate cheese on them.

    BJ in FLA

  38. OMG, love, love, love the “Interpretive Dance Squirrel. I think I need to print that one and stick it on my frig. I’ll name her “Ophelia” – it suits her don’t you think? Anyway, came upon your blog and I find it very interesting, what I’ve seen thus far. New fan! Thank you.

  39. okay… since i’m the last to comment (at least for the moment!) here is the be-all end-all solution for your hair…
    embrace the volume and the pre-raphaelite look of your beautiful tresses!
    think vanessa redgrave in one of the most beautiful movies of all time… camelot.
    think renaissance and individuality!
    as a matter of fact… google it and you’ll be delighted what you find…
    “thick and abundant hair safely conveyed a vivid sexual message in an atmosphere of extreme prudery.” what? YES! (and if you want to stick it all up under a ball cap… then wet it down… tie it at the nape and slap on the cap!)
    i typed in pre raphaelite hair and fascinating info came up… including the second with
    images of pre raphaelite hair on beautiful ladies! you are you foremost… and you’re apparently in very good company!
    tammy j

  40. Slim, you are the highlight on my list of emails! Just returned from France and the Nespresso store was the busiest one on the street. Everyone, even businessmen were walking around with Nespresso bags..(big ones). If you don’t mind, which model did you buy? Also, just bought the By Terry Tient Supreme, love, love, love.

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