Friday Favourites (#19…ish)



Slim Paley photo

Garden Dahlias are all tight and gnarly from lack of vitamin D



Phew! Busy week… and believe me  “Busy” is not really a word I like to employ in August.

Then again, not sure the coast of California got the “Summer” memo as we’re thick in FOGUST here. I hate to complain

(busted, that’s so not true- I’m first out of the box when it comes to complaining about the weather)

but whatupwiththis???

 Looking forward to going to NY and soaking up some delicious heat and humidity. Buhring it!

I’ve got my restaurant list primed and as you can see, the packing process (and I do mean process) has begun.

 The men in the house all tease me as packing for them happens in the last possible minute and takes oh, aprox.  35 seconds of said minute.

 Just to look in their suitcases frightens me.


Slim Paley photo

Once I packed for a 3 or 4 day trip and put each and every “ensemble” together from soup to nuts, wrapped them all individually  already on a hanger.

God that was brilliant.  It was the best thing ever that I’ve never done again.

One of the things I’ve come to realize as I get older is that instead of becoming more decisive, I’m going in the opposite direction, and I’m not just talking about packing.

Not really liking this at all- any tips for overcoming??



Anyway, I digress…

Friday Favourites is back!

 Those new to the blog please do not look for any common thread here, these are totally random;



I have a new favourite way to cook fish;


Slim Paley photo

Wrap it in rice paper and fry. It gets crispy on the outside and stays oh so moist on the inside.

*Note; If you like to leave the skin on your fish (like moi- it’s so good for you) I would suggest quickly flash frying the skin side just to crisp it up before wrapping in the rice paper.



Slim Paley photo

This recipe from Food & Wine magazine couldn’t be easier or more delicious.

 I substituted coconut oil for canola for a slightly more exotic flavour and that version was great too.


Please excuse food stains on recipe 🙂



Slim Paley photo

While we’re speaking of food, have you tried the frozen garlic Naan bread from (my man on the side) Trader Joe’s?  It’s SO good!

Slather with olive oil and pop in oven for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. (4 naans to a package)






So after my recent post asking what everyone is reading (and once again, thank you very much for all the wonderful recommendations!) I read “Sarah’s Key”. I must be totally honest, as is my curse when it comes to books- I liked but didn’t love it. Yes, I agree that it’s hard to put down and the main story of Sarah and her family is heart-breaking. My issue was the back and forth of every chapter from past to present which, in my opinion, kept  me from being totally immersed in the story.  I didn’t really love the “present”  style of writing either 🙁  Sorry, I know I’m  in the minority. The “voice” of the narrator was so much more affecting in the “past” chapters.  I would definitely see the movie as I love Kristin Scott Thomas and can imagine the meshing of past & present might be more subtly achieved in film.

If you haven’t read “Suite Francaise” by Irene Nemirovsky I would highly recommend it, it’s an incredible book; a memoir of the German occupation of France uncovered by the author’s daughters long after her death.

Watch trailer for “Sarah’s Key” HERE


One book I have pre-ordered on Amazon and can’t wait to read;

It arrives early October.

This book follows Fuller’s first memoir of growing up on a Rhodesian farm; “Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight” – another wonderful read, and sorry, but could there be a title that I can identify more with than “COCKTAIL HOUR UNDER THE TREE OF FORGETFULNESS”??!



Save The Words…



While I’d hardly describe myself a Wordsmith, I do sometimes lament what feels to be the gradual passing of gracious language in the digital age.

This is a fun little site where you can “Adopt A Word” that has seen more popular days.  If the word that appeals to you doesn’t cry out as you pass the cursor over it, it means the word has already been adopted, so be happy for it.

Of course I couldn’t resist “Slimikin” (a small slender being) and then, got a little greedy and also adopted the word;

I think it’s going to come in really handy.



And lastly,

My Favourite Pooch!

 I just had to share this photo of my sister’s beautiful dog “India” celebrating her 8th birthday and waiting ever so patiently for her “Birthday Treat”


“When can I eat mom??”



Happy Weekend Everyone!

PS. I’m composing a post on High Tea- if anyone has recommendations for taking tea in NY besides The Plaza, please share!

(I know Laduree is opening on the upper east side but I believe that isn’t until September)





  1. Mmmmm… love the salmon in rice paper. I like to make it in parchment with tarragon, could be even better in the rice paper {and I SO agree about the skin}!

    You may like Cafe Sabarsky on 5th, it feels like a very authentic Viennese cafe. It’s a special little place.

    Have a great trip!

  2. I want everything you are packing. It all has such a great feel, texture or sense of soul. PS the fish looks great too. Have a great weekend and thank you again for your posts.

  3. How fun! I just claimed “Snollygoster”, defined as “A shrewd person not guided by principles, especially a politician”. What an appropriate word to use at this time. Snollygoster should have a long life.

    Love your sister’s dog! Our dogs celebrate birthdays as Happy Hamburger Day and get a McDonalds’ cheeseburger, no onions.

  4. Please don’t apologize for the food stains on the recipe; it’s proof that you really used it 😉
    A friend was telling me about a Russian Tea Room in NYC, that served an amazingly elegant tea all day. Mind drifted and I don’t remember where. (one of the not so charming perks of becoming a certain age)
    Have a great a great trip.
    SF Bay Area

  5. I love your posts! This one is a little “roller-coaster-y” to me, but only because you have a number of topics to cover and interesting things to talk about and you take me here, then there, then here again….wonderful! You make ME want to pack for NYC!!! Thanks for sharing the book info and the link to the trailer for Sarah’s Key. I think I will have to read the book before seeing the movie, for sure. I, too, love KST! She is AH-MAZING!!
    Have a marvelous weekend!

  6. You managed all my favourite things in one post. How did you know? Flowers, fish in paper, a beautiful feminine still life (reminds me of my favourite aunt’s vanity), food (I’m totally in envy as a Canadian of Trader Joe’s!), books, words, tea, NYC, and last but not least, dogs.

  7. Agree with Spendid Market……Cafe Sabarsky is a lovely place for lunch or afternoon tea. Aaahh New York. Hoping to get there in the fall. Slim, have a heck of a trip !

  8. As usual fabulous post Slim. Something for everyone. Just commented today, we do not eat enough fish, will for sure try that recipe.
    Have a wonderful time in N.Y. Special time with your young men.
    Oh I love India also. Thought she was a bit skimpy with the treat, however maybe thats why she looks 4 and not 8. Happy Birthday India.

  9. Well now, that was entertaining! Love your Friday favorites. I agree with you about Sarah’s Key. I like books about WWII so was somewhat disappointed too.
    Have a great time in NYC! The weather here sucks! I’m hoping we get warmer weather in the Fall at least! ~Delores

  10. have just spent the better part of two weeks reading every single archive and comments on your entire blog.
    you are fun, innovative, witty, and you top all that with exquisite taste!
    can you tell i’ll be a happy follower of your site? too gushy?
    well… i’m in the middle of oklahoma and the weeks on end of over 100 temps have maybe cooked a few of “the little grey cells.” all we need is some dust and we’re in the bowl again.
    have fun in new york!
    tammy j

    • Thank you Tammy! I’m so flattered that you took the time to go back and read through all my archived posts!!
      A warm welcome to you there in Oklahoma. Speaking of Dustbowl, that’s another great book; “The Worst Hard Time; The Untold Story of Those Who Survived The Great American Dustbowl” I found it so fascinating, have you read it?

  11. I saw Sarah’s Key last October, while spending a week in Versailles. I had read the book and thought it was very faithful. The little girl who plays Sarah is wonderful and so is her mother. Last spring I stayed in the Marais and found myself on their street. I also loved Suite Franciase. Have you read The Invisible Bridge?

    • Yes, I heard the little girl is amazing in the film. I have not read The Invisible Bridge, but I will check it out, thanks Beth.

  12. Try Alice’s Tea Cup in New York. If you are in Vancouver you must try The Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale. The best high tea!

  13. dear “slim”
    good reads are so rare, and so many are touted as such.. but not.
    i too did NOT like sarahs key, loved suite francaise.
    with that in mind, here are my favorites of the summer:

    to be sung under water
    rules of civility
    a soldiers wife

    happy reading!
    anne miller
    p.s. precious dog

  14. Haven’t been but seems perfect, doesn’t it?
    The Astor Court at the St. Regis Hotel
    2 East 55th St. btwn. Madison and Fifth Aves.
    • Daily 2:30 and 4pm • 212-753-4500 • Reservations recommended • Full afternoon set tea. Champagne. Port. Sherry. $$$
    There is no tea service in New York more elegant than afternoon tea at The St. Regis. Fifteen tables, crisply dressed in snowy Porthault linens, gather around an enormous bouquet of fresh flowers. Patrons are served on Limoges porcelain designed by Tiffany and Company exclusively for the hotel. Comfortably seated in plush chairs or perched on a plump banquette, guests are never rushed.

  15. For your tea quest, Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon at the Inn at Irving Place for sure. And for a funky contrast, Tea and Sympathy in Greenwich Village. And a walk on the High Line to burn off all the calories. Can’t wait for your post.

  16. oh Madame Slim!!! Having just discovered your blog last week (where have I been…I read Hab.Chic!? but just found you through Cote de Texas), I have just emerged TODAY from a one week odyssey (BENDER?!) of reading each and every one of your posts, starting with NUMBER ONE! I thought I’d be able to breeze through, but was captured into the amazing world of Slim thoroughly – and the wonderful comment gallery to accompany. What a lovely group of people all around! Yes. I read ALL the comments. I tried to not, but then wanted to know what each of the ‘regulars’ had to say at various points…. and wished I’d known about the party at that time so I could have joined in!

    While my children poured themselves Pirates Booty and chocolate milk for breakfast at our beach house and generally ran rampant, and my husband wondered what became of me, I was taking notes on Biosil, Rausch shampoo, the Ninfa gardens, Fleet Foxes, and peach prosecco popsicles. And I thought I was so dialed in already. Needless to say, my post-it note turned into a legal pad. Oh, and quite probably a new camera in a week or so.

    Your ability to blend a fantastic humor with glamour, wordly travel with down to earth approachability, and your OWN gorgeous lush photography peppered in has really been more than inspiring. What a lovely gift you are giving to so many like minded peeps. I know you have heard it from legions before me, but please know you have one more convert! This past week has been more fun than any juicy beach book (I crack up when I think of your Halloween bat incident last year.) Thankfully I am through them all now, and can get back in the vacation regime of my ipad yoga app, and laying off the Kettle Salt and Pepper chips and G&Ts. But, I am now fully tuned in (if not a little fatter and drunker) and waiting for more!

    My book recs- Lunch in Paris (her ‘voice’ is as humorous as yours), and Rules of Civility, which I’ve just started but it looks great.

    have a lovely trip to NY, i love the accessories you are assembing for 4 days. 🙂 (almost bought a similar prada blue toile this spring…!!)


  17. Another great post – I, too want all of the goodies that you have laid out on your table. As a big tea drinker (never learned to like coffee), I have to mention that you are looking for “afternoon tea”, not “high tea”. The latter is a working man’s meal consisting of hearty foods like steak and kidney pie; the former includes the dainty sandwiches and crumpets that we all love. Have a wonderful time in New York – and I hope you find a lovely place for your tea.

  18. I think that Jones and India could be soul mates–they have the same intense look in their eyes. Have a super time in NYC –can’t wait to hear about the dining adventures. Mary

  19. In San Francisco for Outdoor Land in Golden
    Gate Park with Alex, girlfriend, friends. I looked forward to escaping our endless gloom. Exchanged for uncommon fog for august here!!
    I give up. Jean jacket back in suitcase and calling North Face for all in the morning.
    Mother Nature needs to chill OUT. Enjoy NYC!!

  20. Yummy naan, yummy salmon, yummy hotdog!!!!!!!….Please, carry on to show us your high sense of humour!!!!!!!!!…….J’adore!!!!!!!!!!!……..X

  21. Hi Slim,

    Could shortage of Vitamin D cause ME to be tight and gnarly? Yikes, that may explain a lot!

    Loved seeing your bureau top. You’ve given hints of a fab wardrobe and dressing room. Maybe you could give us the full tour some day. I’d enjoy seeing your wardrobe and how you store it.

    We love wild caught salmon, so thanks for the delicious sounding recipe. Will try soon.
    By the way- what’s the yummy looking rice dish next to the Naan? Care to share that recipe?

    Thanks for sharing the save the word foundation. FYI, I do worry about language, as we know it, being lost. Well, BFN. SYL-Ruth

    • I must add that I’d like your rice recipe because it looks jussulent, a word I just adopted that means full of broth or soup.

      • Jussulent- what do you call those words that sound like their meaning?
        It’s one of those.
        That’s Chicken Korma beside the naan bread- delicious. Love Indian food.

      • I’ll order Chicken Korma, the next time I go to my local Indian Restaurant. Thanks for another great tip. Have fun in NY – can’t wait to see your photos!

  22. Tea at the Waldorf-Astoria is lovely. It is our favorite hotel to stay when visiting NYC. My daughter and I have always left feeling as though we have truly treated ourselves. And to enjoy the rich history of the city in this one building is amazing.
    Enjoy your trip.

  23. Love the recipes, the peek into your packing and your sister’s beautiful dog. I have adopted “lambition” which is the art of licking or lapping, something my dog knows all about. My favorite place for tea was at the beautiful department store on Fifth Avenue, Takashima, but sadly it has gone out of business. The St. Regis sounds wonderful, though. Have a great visit.

  24. “Don’t let’s go to the Dogs tonight” is one of my all-time favourite books. I also read “Scribbling the Cat” which I enjoyed but not as much. I’d love to know what you think of her latest offering.

  25. I feel compelled to correct my misspelling…Takashimaya. My mishigas. (I wonder if that word is up for adoption…very useful one. It means craziness).

  26. Your site reminds me why I love to read certain blogs! Loved your post and the pleasure of the website,! Packing all together is the best recipe for success and critical missing items, been there done that, and the tip on tea rooms always makes going to NYC an adventure! Now I am going to coquinate in my favorite spot!

  27. I attended a high tea several years ago at The Inn on Irving Place. It was very Victorian and lovely.
    India is a pup after my heart so sweetly waiting for her master’s cue. Happy Birthday India!

  28. Re: Packing. I actually use an excel spreadsheet that contains all the items I plan on bringing, puts them into “Daytime” ad “Nighttime” outfits, and then I even go as far as slotting in the outfits for each day of my trip. Sure, I leave a little room for improve, but it works like a charm. And I know it sounds more than a little over the top. Have a great time in my humid and somewhat smelly city!

    • Whoah. Not sure that we can still be friends
      🙂 Just kidding CB
      I don’t even know how to use excel.

      PS. NYC when it’s really hot and steamy at night always reminds me of the great movie “Sweet Smell of Success” with Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis.

  29. A favorite Christmas gift from my partner’s son and daughter-in-law, afternoon tea at The Ritz Hotel in London. They know how to “ritz” it.

  30. Slim,

    I will try the salmon recipe this week. As you know, I’m pregnant and trying to do my best to be as healthy as possible. We eat salmon every week and changing the way to cook it keeps it interesting. So, thank you for the recipe!

    I also love naan bread. We buy ours at costco and it’s amazing. I also put it on the oven (w/ butter or margarine) I’m hungry now… again! 🙂

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful trip to NYC!


    Luciane at

    PS: Share your pics of NY w/ us. Always love them!

  31. As far as packing goes…..just the basics. Two pairs of pants,two shoes, one dressy the other comfy. A light weight jacket, a couple sweater sets, a couple of scarves, a shawl, 2
    camisoles and some jewelry. Too much more and I get confused, or I forget to wear it if I pack too many things. I get lazy. Than I see all the photos of me and I am wearing the same thing the whole trip ( probably not good ) I HATE TO PACK…….the spread sheet thing…….
    NOT going to happen here.Of course there are exceptions when we have a party to attend.
    Yikes…then I really have to think what to pack.
    As always love the Post.

  32. Wow, what a cute dog!

    I love the idea of adopting a word to keep the eloquent ones alive in this world of abbreviation.

  33. OH no! I was so excited to share my favorite Manhattan tea spot with you…but it says it is now closed. Here is the old info anyhow. Check out the photos. I’m leaving for NYC next week too to bring my daughter to college. Was planing to go to Ito en to stock up and have there amazing Japanese tea. It was a beautiful place. For a little tip Costco’s big box of green tea is made by this highly regarded company. It is in a big green “Kirkland” brand box but it does say Itoen on it. I buy only about 6 items from Costco but this is one of the reasons I keep my membership. Have fun!!!!

    • Thanks for the great tip Jessica. I am familiar with Ito-en-tea as I used to buy it for a friend in London when I was in NY. I even took a photo of my son standing in front of it when they closed shop to send to her. I had no idea that Costco, of all places, carried it!

  34. Oh that Naan bread! I am so hooked on it…have it many different ways…today I spread it with homemade pesto, shaved peppered turkey breast, roasted red pepper and some asaigo cheese. I put two together and grilled it in the George Foreman…super fast and easy. Speaking of pesto, I usually make it with regular sweet basil but tried it with lemon basil and it was outstanding!
    Have a great trip to NYC!

  35. I meant to give you this recommendation when you asked for books to read. If you haven’t read it already, you must read, “Those Who Save Us,” by Jenna Blum. It’s a fantastic read. There isn’t anyone I know who hasn’t loved it.

  36. Hello Slim,

    I just discovered your blog via “Cote de Texas”. Oh my! You are my female soul mate!!! Love, Love, Love everything about your blog! By the way, I am a Texas gal but Santa Barbara still remains one of my all time favourite places I have visited. It is gorgeous! I look forward to being a loyal follower!


  37. I believe you have an exceptional independent bookstore in Santa Barbara. Please, please, please support your local businesses and leave the dark side.

  38. Slim,
    So glad to read you also have been enjoying the Tandoor flat bread from Trader Joe’s.
    If you want to knock it up it a notch, make the olive tapenade from the original “Silver Palate”
    cookbook page 22, and smear it on the bread after toasting it under the broiler
    with some olive oil. Delish and such a summertime treat! Did I forget to mention
    a nice glass of chilled fruity wine goes well with that.


  39. “What do you call those words that sound like their meaning?”

    My adopted word is ovablastic. It means having the power to make the eggs explode inside the body. But, it means awesome.
    You have an ovablastic blog. (Dude, that’s ovablastic, man)

    Thirding or fourthing (is that a word?) the garlic naan love. Also, just ate an entire jar of T.J’s olive tapenade. By myself. Okay, it took a week, but still…

    (wait, I thought Joe was My man on the side. Hmm…)

  40. Hi Slim,

    I found the Crispy Salmon with Rice Paper recipe in the April 2011 issue of O magazine and not in the Food and Wine Magazine. I can’t wait to make it!! Thank you.

    • Woops- Sorry, my bad. I’d cut out the recipe and assumed by the typeface it was Food & Wine. Please don’t tell Oprah 🙁

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