White Water Glafting



Slim Paley Photo

Thanks so much again to all of you who contributed book suggestions to the previous post. I’m really looking forward to going over all your comments again and compiling a list when I get home.

In the meantime,

I’m off White Water Glafting for a few days.  You heard me.

Glafting is the new Glamping.

 Sure, I know what you’re thinking…Slim- you don’t strike me as the sporty type, but believe it or not, I live for danger.

 Besides, I’ve done this before, although the river wasn’t as high the last time



and the apparel ante has been seriously UPPED on this trip…


Resulting in some agonizing chapeau editing

Slim Paley Photo


Love these OMO nylon pants, but $1,700??


The adventure includes yoga, fishing, great food and drink, and most importantly, a glamorous toilet (nicknamed “The Groover”) precedes the party to each campsite.

 Happiness is a well guarded Groover 🙂


Slim Paley photo

Nothing like a friendly game of Bananagrams after a day battling the elements


Slim Paley Photo

Did I mention the river is high where we’re going??

We’ve been told hiking alongside the river is also an option,

however the concern that lunch will be devoured by the Rafters before the Hikers arrive at camp has already crossed my mind.



So just in case, I’m bringing giant marshmallows for fireside toasting

The days are warm but the nights are still cold


Slim Paley photo

Have you seen these? They’re about 3 times the size of regular marshmallows- Now that’s my idea of multi-tasking.



Slim Paley Photo

So off I go into the wild blue yonder

Wish me luck & I’ll

See you in a few days.



No “Deliverance” jokes please 🙂



  1. Dear Slim,
    As always, I’m impressed. Have lots of fun and tell us all about it. Would love photos too.

  2. Love, LOVE the pith helmet ready for glafting (bet Dennis Finchatten never imagined that!). Happy trails!! Can’t wait for pictures to come (may we ask for one of you in upped apparel??)

  3. Love the little bit of Canada in the Cowichan hat! Remember wool keeps you warm even when it’s wet – have a great glafting trip Slim.

  4. I have two loves in my life- Interior Design and River Rafting. In fact, I had to choose between Interior Design and Parks and Rec for my major, it just about killed me!! You will have a fabulous time, I am sure. (And a little tip for those gynormous mallows– you can pull off the cooked outer shell and stick crumbled gram crackers and chocolate in the center for an inside-out smore. It’s the best!!). Chic Rooms

  5. Fun! We’ve been to our cabin near the Green River multiple times already this summer, so here are my tips:

    1. The rivers are running faaaaaast this summer! If you’re up for an adventure, this is your year, baby! So fun!

    2. Those monster-sized mallows rock! They’re so huge, though, you’ll want two roasting sticks — use just one, and your marshmallow will stretch and goop right off the stick.

    Now, go for it!!!

  6. All sounded great until I saw that water…no sirree!! I would be the hiker everyone was looking for but the extra large marshmallows would certainly be incentive to get back to camp. have fun!

  7. Those marshmallows are great – my son used to use them in his Marshmallow Air Crossbow (won at scouts) which he has recently passed down to a neighbor. BTW… I’m drooling over the LV day pack. That’s my kind of camping!

    • Wow, Laurie this CD has The Calypsonians which Taj Mahal sang in Six Days & Seven Nights! Thanks for reminding me what a great song it is!

  8. Have fun on your glafting trip.

    I’ve gotta go now and try to get my head around the fact that you own a buffalo plaid hat with giant ear flaps and a real fishing vest…

  9. OKaaaaay ……..my idea of camping and hiking is the Bel Aire Hotel parking lot… {on the way to my room)

  10. What a crack up!!!! When I saw “hiking along the river’s edge” and “devoured” in the same glance…yikes! I was seriously thinking bears not glafting mates, haha!
    That is so serious glafting attire, apparently, todo nuevo…right off the…hanger?!
    Wish I were a mouse in the mallow!
    Can’t wait to see and hear more about the fine art of GLAFTING!

  11. My body is in Maui but my soul is pure Colorado Mnt. girl having moved here from Vail. Local mountain folk always say, “Winter is grand, but summer is why we live here.” This newest post is making me homesick. Only shot missing is of my beloved hummingbirds telling us, winter’s gone, summer’s upon us…seize these fleeting moments. Now go out and get yourself some for me.

  12. Have a blast! The last time I went it was bridge Day in West Virginia, YEE HA…. and I fell out..c o l d ! It is still the best roller coaster as it is completely unpredictable! Plus, you don’t need a child with you to look sane. I am green with envy, please come back in one piece, stomach full of industrial marshmallows! Have a fabulous time. Pam

  13. I have seen those big marshmallows; when did air and sugar get so many calories? WIsh I could send you a photo of my son river rafting in N.M. last week and the “chapeau” he fashioned for himself….always forgetful but ever inventive! Did you pack hats for your boys?

  14. Have a wonderful time – it sounds like a blast! I wonder if “The Groover” is as posh as the throne from your African trip? One can hope.

  15. Slim…
    Could those possibly leopard Hanky Panky panties in your first photo on the bottom (no bun, I mean pun intended) left? If so, all the more excellent. Nature in one’s finest always makes it all the more lovely.

  16. I’m going tent camping for 10 days at Trinity Lake… no glamor here, just fishing, hiking, eating great home cooked food, and best of all, time spent with my family… everyone goes, including 3 month old grandson. Sounds like both of us are going to have fabulous adventures Slim… here’s to the great outdoors!!!

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