Ten Things I Know on This Birthday


deep rose roses


Ten Things I know for sure on this Birthday


1. I know there aren’t too many things that give me more pleasure than having the luxury and time to arrange flowers from my own garden.

Mother Nature is The best therapist.


2. I know I’d love to keep a gardening diary but probably never will.

Instead, I’ll diarize (I say it’a word and it’s MY birthdayvicariously through Monty Don’s beautiful books, the newest of which I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of;

“Gardening at Longmeadow”


From “Gardening at Longmeadow” by Monty Don.


3. As my birthday coincides with my newly official “Empty Nester” status, I know the future is ripe with new opportunities.

Not quite sure what they are yet, but I’m certain they’ll be presenting themselves in short order.

Or, perhaps I must go in search of them…


4. I know my passport(s) are buffed and ready at a moment’s notice.


mountain climbing, Sri Lanka

My fellow climbers at the summit of Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka.


Travel is, without a doubt, one of the greatest pleasures in my life.

except for the packing.


5. Speaking of multiple passports, this will be the FIRST time in my life and the first time our entire family will all be casting a vote for the Presidency of the United States.

And I know my vote COUNTS. 🙂


6. I know that getting up early and running the other morning felt great.

Well, not the actual running part. but making the effort to do something so out of character felt wonderful.




7. I know that I was truly inspired by the incredible athletes and their stories this summer and I hope to hold on to that inspiration until the next Olympics.

Or, at least until hockey season.


8. I know that all my laugh lines are well earned but considering how funny my friends and family are I could actually look a lot worse.

Besides, I’d rather laugh than be totally smooth.

I’d like smooth hair though for my birthday.



9. I know that after telling myself I was too old for leather leggings last year I now have a new pair hanging in my closet.



Apparently I got younger over the summer 🙂


10. I know that I’d like to try writing a book and if I put that thought out into the Universe it might actually come to fruition.

  I might just need the pressure of saying it to DO it.


11. I know that every few years my husband will happily re-watch “Withnail & I ” with me and we’ll laugh our asses off and I love that about him.


favourite film

“Withnail & I”



Slim Paley


12.I know I have to stop and smell those roses.

THAT, I really do know.



13. And I still know that math is not my strong suit.


14. I feel a bit like a kid with a brand new binder and a shiny case of sharpened pencils on the first day of school-

I want to shoot for straight “A’s” this semester!


Lastly, for those of you that missed this on my Slim FB page;


Is this me, you, US or what?!





  1. Happy of Happiest Birthdays! May your year be filled with new discoveries and a new book (I can totally see you writing a book) if you manage to focus not my strong suit. Thank you for adding some laughter lines to my face, so worth it. Lots of love from a gloriously sunny London, wish I had a garden…well Hyde Park will do for now. xo

  2. How exciting – another birthday! Hope you get lots of what can only be described as fancy birthday loot (whatever that may mean to you)! Happy Dayz……….B;)

  3. Dear Slim
    Happy Birthday! Have a lovely Birthday Week and do something you enjoy everyday to celebrate. Good luck with the book! You take such brilliant pictures and write such wonderful posts so I’m sure the creative juices will flow!

    Your picture of the pilgrims at Adam’s Peak brought back many memories.

    It’s wonderful to have a husband who enjoys travel and has a great sense of humour! The love of my life is like that too. Sadly though he suffers dreadfully from hayfever, especially just now in Australia when the wattle is in bloom. So, much as I’d love to bring in lots of flowers from the garden (camellias are lovely just now) I have to enjoy them in the garden and not in a vase. But we both love Monty Don’s book and television programs as well.

    Strangely, when we lived in Colombo for two years he was never troubled by it. Maybe the tropical plants don’t affect him and of course there was nearly always a little of the salt breeze from the sea. Best wishes, Pamela

  4. Bless you Slim. And a Happy Happy Birthday. You are on the right track in life.
    Oh, and I have those leather leggings too. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday, Slim!! A book is a must – your fans will spur you on. BTW, the roses are gorgeous. Ah yes, well earned laugh lines add character, show a life well lived and are far better than no lines, don’t you think. I look forward with great anticipation to reading your blog and am terribly sad when there is not a new post in my inbox.
    Raising a glass of bubbly in your honor and wishing you a spectacular year!!!

  6. Joyeux Anniversaire, Slim!! So typical of you to give us all a gift on your birthday–whew, that card made me laugh hard and I got a little package of perspective to boot. That is pretty brilliant that you shut up that snarky voice about the leather leggings, as for travel well there are worse places than Provence and let’s get the chant started now: BOOK, BOOK, BOOK!!!! Yes, please. 🙂
    Wishing you a fantastic year ahead,

  7. Happy birthday…this is your heaven on earth day! I hope you do and/or get something that makes you very happy. And then include it in your book which I would love to read. Have fun! Ruth

  8. Since “meeting” you {or your blog}, I have aged – in a good way! (i.e., more laugh lines!!) Oh, SP – happy birthday to YOU! May you find favor in ALL your comings & goings this day! Birthday hugs!

  9. Happy Birthday! Did you ever turn that barn into a boys’ playroom? If not, suggest that you make it a writing den for yourself! You could paint, of course, but the writing is natural – proof is in the blog pudding! You are so blasted funny, that I can feel a belly roll coming before you’ve put pen to paper! I love your outlook on life, and I think you would do an amazing job of presenting your views to the “print” world! Gather some blogging, find an agent and get going SLIM!! In the mean time, enjoy your special day with cake and… if it were me…a new pair of outrageous shoes!

  10. oh, Slim…happiest of birthday wishes coming your way! Thank you for this post…I smiled, I chuckled, I swooned at the roses pics …your life is GOOD and I thank you for sharing it with all of us. I did get just a tad envious of the leather leggings…you will rock them!

  11. Happy Birthday! I wish you a year filled with excessive laughter, plentiful gardening, and wild inspiration for that book! I think the leather leggings are a must! Have a fabulous day~Angie

  12. Wishing you fresh flowers & more laugh lines as you travel here, there, and everywhere Slim! Whether it’s a new semester or a new season, mother nature and I think you deserve a seat at the front of the class!
    Happy Birthday!

  13. HAPPY B-Day, Slim!! May good fortune rule over you. Peace live in your heart. And the stars watch over you. franki

  14. Happy birthday! May the year ahead be filled with excessive laughter, plentiful gardening and wild inspiration for that book! I think leather leggings are a must! Have a wonderful day~Angie

  15. Happy Birthday Slim! May your birthday year be filled with an abundance of love, laughter, wonderful adventures, peace & good health. I agree that Mother Nature is the best therapist. Your roses are so beautiful. You & your blog are so inspiring & I look forward to each post.

  16. Happy Birthday! Your blog has brought me great happiness and laughter. I am so thankful that you are alive. Have a fantabulous day!!! And don’t quit writing. Thanks!

  17. I wish you the happiest of birthdays! And yes you will write a book! Thank you for the book you have already written for us with your pictures!!!!! You have blessed so many of us with your stories, please continue.

  18. Heard this the other day re this time in our lives:

    “May I grow into using these unconstructed days in beautiful ways.”

    When I think of you, dear Slim, I think of someone who is already living her life this way. I don’t know the places you want to go (did I hear BOOK?!!!!), but I do know that wherever/whatever it is, you’ll do it in beautiful ways.

    Happiest of days to you!

  19. Happy Birthday, Slim! Maybe you should try another run – just think of those leggings! Many happy returns! (And you should definitely start on that book!)

  20. Happy birthday Slim! And thank you for your gorgeous blog. Here’s to lot’s more traveling,gardening,laughing and authoring….

  21. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister…
    Hope you have an amazing day and many more….
    Best wishes from the great white north…. Lots of love , your Bro.. xoxo

  22. so another birthday + happy, happy! Yes to the book, travel + all the things you adore. Love that quote from Ruth

    Happy birthday…this is your heaven on earth day! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  23. Hey Slim, I’m all about that idea of getting up early to run….I did it to the other day while on Cape Cod at an uber healthy friend’s house. Her early workout was at 5:30 am (after a few bottles of wine the night before), mine was around 10 a.m.

  24. Happy Birthday! If you write that book I promise I will buy it! You brighten my day when your blog arrives. You are witty, charming, smart and interesting.

  25. Happy Birthday, Slim! Lots of love and thank you for making me smile (and think, and read, and weep sometimes…) every time you post! Is “The Book” ready yet?

  26. Happy Twin Birthdays, Slim! Have a happy and healthy year and get that book written! I will be first in line to purchase! I’ve been eyeing those leather leggings, too….hmmmm. Rock on!

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!DO write a book!DO smell the roses!Is that a Burgandy Iceberg at the beginning of this POST?Do go into the garden and enjoy!I have been to SRI LANKA!I could never wear skinny leather leggings however!GOOD FOR YOU!I did have ice cream last night!Opps…….maybe thats why!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY HAPPY DAY TO YOU!I lok forward to your BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO IT!

  28. Joyeux Anniversaire Slim! Have a brilliant day!
    The universe is saying “Do it!”. Your book would make my Christmas’ shopping very simple…i know it is a selfish reason.
    Leather leggings, way to go New Empty Nester!

  29. Thank YOU Slim! And a Happiest of Happy days to you! You and Your blog are such inspiration to a small town farm girl (Coeur de Terre Vineyard) I aspire to be as stylish and refined as you and am very grateful you were born! Best Wishes sent to you this day!

  30. Happy, happy birthday to you. Empty nester is such a depressing label…you should replace it with author. Just DO IT!!!! 🙂

  31. Happy birthday Slim!

    With your sense of humour and photography and writing skills you’d be crazy not to write a book!

    I hope you have a fantastic day doing all your favorite things with your funny friends and family.


  32. Happy Birthday! You KNOW some really great stuff. You most certainly can rock leather leggings…you’re thin and young. Thanks for the word on Monty Don, I had never heard of his books. Your garden always inspires me.
    Have a great birthday and a happy, healthy year.

  33. Happy Birthday Virgo lady! I am married to one and now I see why you are so organized!! Wishing you happiness and celebrations every day! Keep going book, blog, garden or whatever you do keep it Joyus and thank you for sharing it with us! M

  34. Another Virgo…..i knew there was an extra special ” something” about you. I love your list idea and am now going to begin mine. I’m now on a ferry traveling a bay to a favorite isand off the coast of Maine. A week to celebrate my new year. Happy New Year to you.
    Your psts always delight my day. Happiness!!!!!

  35. Happy Birthday! Hope it is wonderful.

    Thank you for being you!

    and… Write that BOOK, so we can enjoy even more Beauty in our lives.

  36. Your posting is beautiful and one I can certainly identify with.. the love of gardening, lack of math skills :-(, love of arranging flowers and remembering to smell the roses…… Happy Birthday !

  37. Funny, even though it’s your birthday, we get a gift! Thank you for always sharing your happy thoughts, gorgeous photos, life experiences. You are such a bright light. Wishing you a blessed birthday. And PLEASE write your book. It’s waiting to be written – and we are all cheering for you! Your future travels just may include…a book tour!

  38. Happy Birthday Slim! Mine is tomorrow, so no wonder I adore your blog so much. Yea for the leather leggings! You go girl! It just gets better.

  39. Slim, I hope you have a beautiful birthday today. I have enjoyed your blog so much and look so forward to it as I will your book !! Have a glorious day !!

  40. happy happy birthday to you, sweet slim! i am thankful you were born on this day…wishing you a year/lifetime of lovely laughter, joy & love….

  41. HAPPY, happy birthday, Slim. Mine was the 26th. You go girl and wear those leather leggings! I used to have leather pants, now you have me wanting them again but I am SURE I am too old…..maybe:) I hope you DO write a book, I will be first in line to buy it. Smell those roses and arrange those flowers, I know how you feel as a floral designer. It is real therapy. Have a GREAT week. XO, Pinky

  42. Happy Birthday to you mon ami, hope you have a fantastic day! The only person our age I know that could pull off wearing leather leggings is you.

  43. Happy Birthday Slim! You’re a beautiful soul. I hope you do write I book – I can’t write books, but I love to read them, so whenever someone says they want to write them I encourage it. I’m a parasite that way. 😉

  44. If ever there was a maid who was meant for leather leggings – honey, it was you – with a rose clinched in your teeth – walkin’ the walk……….Happy Birthday – May you discover a 100 more “Things that you know on your Birthday” – to share with us next year…in your book!

  45. Happy Birthday Slim.
    Have a wonderful day with your funny friends and family. Love the roses, to die for………..and write that book, it will be a best seller.


  46. Happiest of Birthdays Slim. But more importantly WRITE THAT BOOK ! You have got it girl.
    Waste no more time…………….

  47. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU! Hope you get all that your heart desires! Beautiful post as always and the list is quite a formidable one–good luck. The book part should take top priority as you write this blog so well and with great humor and tongue-in-cheek philosophies. A photo book featuring your gorgeous roses is the one I would buy!! Best wishes for the next however many years!

  48. Happy Birthday Slim, is that your real name??? Your birthday blog is such an inspiration , lovely pictures and great writing. Thank you for sharing your birthday with all of us bloggers. You are truly inspiring. Wish you a great year ahead of you with fullfillments in any perspective. Happy blogging! Cornelia

  49. 10 things, or 14 things…whatever! 🙂 Good lessons, all of them. Hope you have had a very happy birthday, doing whatever it is you like best. I will definitely read that book of yours WHEN you write it (not if). The universe is waiting…
    Enjoy the rest of your big day and thanks for my favorite blog!

  50. S.P. It’s not age that would prevent anyone from wearing leather leggings, it would be the legs and ass in them ‘ings. You’ll look fab.

    Happy birthday enjoying simple meaningful things as flower arranging, laughing with (not at) your husband, making plans by announcing to The World – you h.o.p.e. opportunities & a book are in your future and…..well, other great stuff you’d like to hear me say (I’m sorry. #1 son walked through the room. We had a chat. Can’t remember where I was going with this comment.)


  51. My legs DID give out and now my head HAS. They’ll have to re- work the wording on that poster but I DO like that image of me. 🙂 I FORGOT YOUR BIRTHDAY!! BUT … It’s OK because you forgot mine and it was a BIGGIE. But that’s what friends are for- to be there anyway in everyway. I hope I am. And frankly…I would appreciate it if you WOULDN’T write the book. I can’t take you being able to do one more thing that I can’t.
    Are ya listenin???
    Love you – and may the coming year bless you with good health and grand cheer. Mare

  52. It sounds like you are pretty wise this birthday Slim… 🙂 Many happy, happy returns, many wearings of those stunning leggings and much gardening… Roses are a total nectar… Aren’t they? Have a fabulous time… xv

  53. Okay, two things. First HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL! Second, you HAVE to write that book.
    Let me tell you why. (This was about 10 years ago) I had this story in my head for years and years. Well, I decided to go weed an area in my garden. (the one and only time…and last time I will ever weed). But I will say that some worker drove by and told me I had a great ass 🙂 that’s also the one and only time that’s happend. Anyway, so I weeded this place in my garden and got severe, I mean it was aweful posion ivy on one of my legs. So, had to go on cortisone treatment. “W” was on a 6 day golf trip with buds and I was left there with the kids and we just got a brand new computer. I barely knew how to work it. But…..I started writing that book. That cortizone kicked in and I stayed up 5 days and all nights every night writing my book. I mean I seriously never went to sleep. I wrote that sucker in 5 stinkin days! What have I done with it? Put it on a floppy and I see it every day when I open my drawer. I’m scared if I re-read it I’ll just die at how bad it is. It’s a great story line but terribly written. Maybe you should be my ghost writer, or write it with me?
    It’s called “The Dunes of Grayton”. I really think it would be another “Bridges of Madison County” hit!!!! Atleast it’s checked off of my never ending bucket list! Hope you had a wonderful day Slimmy!!!!

  54. I think you should wear those hot sexy leggings right into the voting booth and cast your valuable vote for the one who knows a thing or two about raising men, just like you do! I have an inkling you will!

  55. THANK YOU EVERYONE SO MUCH for your lovely, sweet, and funny comments and wishes on my birthday!

    You are all such a GREAT birthday gift to me!! xoxo

  56. Apologies to a few of you whose comments inexplicably went into my “Spam” folder- I’ve posted them now.
    Apparently my blog is getting a little over-protective of me now that I’m OLDER
    It’s going to be cutting up my food for me soon 🙁

  57. No excuse for not writing that book now, Slim. Just look at all the fantastic posts you have already done – you already have tons of great material! And regarding leather leggings – just who was it that said you can’t wear cool stuff when you are older? I’d like to find them them and flog them with cute silver platforms and leopard print mini dresses till they give up! Many happy returns.

  58. A belated but sincere happy birthday. May your travels continue, your creativity expand and most of all. . . keep blogging.

  59. Happy birthday Miss Slim. Sorry I missed the celebraton but our beloved daughter turned 21 and my dear mother in law passed away peacefully the next day.
    I sure would buy your book and I look forward to vicariously living your travelling life and smelling your roses.
    Kate Bx

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  61. okay, I just HAVE to respond!!!! First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLIMMY!!!! Second. I think I’m older than you (at least I look like I am) so, a few pieces of advice. Write that book. I had one in me about 15 years ago. Ya know, I don’t even think I owned a computer then. Long story short, I decided to go weed my garden. Now, to know me is to know that, well, I’m not really good at that kind of stuff (hang head). I did get a great compliment from the UPS man however, who drove by and told me I had a nice ass 🙂 (a joke in itself since it’s as big as a double-wide trailor). Okay, back to the subject. Hubs went on a golf trip. That weeding episode gave me a (and I mean A) horrible case of poisen ivy. Doctor visit, 5 day steroid pack led me to go buy a computer. (are you following me still?) I literally DID NOT sleep, and I’m serious, not a wink for 5 days. I wrote my book day and night. It was pretty darn good. What did I do? It is still on a floppy (yes, it was that long ago) in a drawer. One day I plan to re-visit it.
    2nd peice of advice? I started my life long dream of painting at age 49. 5 years later I have sold over 500 peices to collectors. You are NEVER to old to do anything my dear!!!! ISAYGOFORIT!!!!
    by the way, doing a giveaway on my blog right now!!!! would love for you and your readers to stop by!!!!!

  62. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Tomorrow, the 10th is mine and i have also snuck away to spend it with some special friends on a special island off the coast of Maine. Thank you, as always, for your musings…..they always make a regular day special. Happy New Year!

  63. Yes, it’s me/us! Means we are excited by everything around us so much that we are constantly open and require MORE ALWAYS!, Like your writing. I only (selfishly) hope you don’t write a book because you will probably stop your blog writing and I would miss you/it. It is quite the spark plug for me. Thank you for sharing

  64. I realized that was not getting my favorite blog(you). I thought that you were sealing with the fire. I am so glad to be back.I guess you drop people after a while. I am glad to be back.

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