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The  Farmer’s Market Santa Barbara, CA


I’m 3 days into the first “Cleanse” I’ve ever done in my life.

I tell you, I’m just ripping through those resolutions!

Despite the title of the post, this is not really about losing weight but rather about trying something new that is also going to be GOOD for me. (oh T.J.’s croissants…I miss you already)

As a novice cleanser I didn’t want to do anything that was too deprivational as I knew that would just be setting myself up for  guaranteed failure. I know myself too well to even attempt fasting or juice only cleanses.

Instead, I chose to do a 7 day “Earth Season Cleanse” offered by the “Alchemy Arts Center” here in Santa Barbara.  The Center is a relatively new and lovely spa/holistic retreat/cafe that amongst many other worldly and other-worldly delights offered the  cleanse in either a 7 or 13 day package.

 No sugar, animal based proteins, alcohol, carbs, or dairy for 7 whole days is more than enough of a challenge for me, thank you very much. Especially if you’re living with someone who is not doing the cleanse with you (ahem..)

So every morning you pick up  your prepped food for the rest of the day from the Center.



This is not it.

Although this is one the many delicious items they serve in the cafe. And who could resist food, no matter how good it is for you, served on such gorgeous dishes?!




This  is a sample of what your menu might be on a given day.

Despite portions being relatively small, everything is very tasty.

The juices are especially delicious, particularly the Adrenal Boost.




Breakfast every day begins with a fresh shot of wheatgrass juice. Today’s fare included Miso soup with green vegetables and quinoa.  Soup for breakfast might not appeal to some, but I love to order the Japanese Bento Breakfasts when I stay in hotels that offer it so I was very happy with my soup (Listen, at this point, I’m happy with anything I’m allowed to put in my mouth)



uh uh uh…no carbs girlfriend



Supplementary Food Cheat Sheet; greens steamed or in a small salad lightly dressed are allowed.

“lightly dressed” is so subjective, isn’t it??



photo Jean-Francois Campos



Another delicious item on the menu at Alchemy Arts; Chilled avocado soup



The Farmer’s Market Santa Barbara, CA.



Elle Decor



Another of my personal faves from the Alchemy Arts Cafe are these incredibly fresh vegetable spring rolls


But why am I tormenting myself with these right now-I guess the wraps have naughty carbs right?

As I write this I’m sipping my evening tea of fresh lemongrass which tastes just like being in Thailand. It’s delicious.



Only 4 more days and then…




I’ll be celebrating successfully finishing my “Earth Season Cleanse” with a 50 minute float in the Alchemy Arts Center’s iSopod floatation tank.

Yes, I’m a little nervous (anyone remember “Altered States”?!) but my curiosity is definitely trumping my nerves.

 I let you know how it goes!

In the meantime,

  Eat your greens and don’t talk about cocktails in front of me.

I barely survived lunch with two friends yesterday sipping my juice like a martyr while they enjoyed a most hearty fare.




Swing out Sister,  raw almonds are also allowed.



For more information on The Alchemy Arts Center in Santa Barbara click here





    • Sorry Krista, your comment obviously refers to a previous one but it didn’t go thru. This has happened a few times lately 🙁

  1. Good luck… I am very impressed and can’t wait to hear all your encouraging thoughts at the end of this ‘cleanse’…. I am hoping to be inspired by your incredible willpower Slim.. Enjoy those greens… xv

  2. Several friends do this fairly regularly and I have toyed with the idea but frankly never have the gumption to follow through, yes call it lack of discipline and willpower but I am curious and want to try, they tell me they have so much more energy, feel so much better, etc…so I am intrigued! Floatation tank? I am really intrigued by that but being so claustrophobic, even seeing a picture of that contraption makes my heart beat a little faster. Hope you will share your overall results/opinions of the cleanse when you are said and done. Good luck…sounds like you are determined!

  3. But you did mean to say the day is started with a shot of FERMENTED wheatgrass juice, yes? I am on week two of my way to a healthier life – no sugar, no carbs – but there WAS a glass of fermented potato on an evening out – if it is fermented it means it isnt a carb anymore, true?

  4. Good luck with it, Slim. That food in the cafe looked awfully good (especially on the pretty dishes) but the food on your counter? Eh, I think I’d be left feeling a little hungry and I would probably eat way more almonds and lightly dressed greens than you’re supposed to…I’m interested to hear about the pod experience. Keep us posted!

  5. My version was the sweet potato, black bean and cabbage tacos I made for dinner last night…the cleanse light, or heavy as it were.

  6. you’re really on to something here, slim!

    i recently did a 7-day juice fast — DETOX!! — and it was amazing…. along with losing 8 pounds, i’m feeling 110%. watch “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” (i know… the title….) and “Forks over Knives”. Along with “Food, Inc.” and you’ll start to have an understanding of why being a ‘veganist’ (as author kathy freston says!) is a step to healing from the inside out, reversal of and prevention of heart disease and a vibrant, long life! something all of us wants —

    of course a trip to a fab pampering spot like the one you’ve described could ALSO be just what the doc ordered!!…… keep at it!

  7. Slim, your common sense is deeply admired. A regulated cleanse? hmm. Now I on the other hand, bought myself a powder offered by a store that I’m sure now was a ‘dollar tree’ in disquise. After the second day of drinking that ‘God Awful’ thick, lumpy, Goo, that tasted like a vanilla Flavored White OUT, all I could ‘literally do was moan uncontrolably. The only thing that kept me out of ICU was my inability to get to a phone! The toilet being so much more comforting and useful.
    But Slim? on an upnote, if I had the chance to ‘Cleanse’ again I’d much rather eat the plate your food was served on. By the way, love your blog. Beautifully done. 🙂

  8. Very interesting. The food at the cafe looks great to me . I can’t wait to hear how the IsoPod experience turns out. Brings to mind Maris Crane’s isolation chamber. Was that the same thing? Just asking… Ruth

    • I also keep thinking that it looks like Lady Gaga’s Egg Pod. Will you have a team of male dancers to carry you about when it’s time to emerge? Please do let us know and hopefully include some of your great photos. Ruth

      • Yes Ruth, I’ve taken out an ad on Craig’s List for Male Egg Pod Dancers for this Saturday. Surprisingly, no replies thus far…

  9. Good for YOU, Slim!
    My daughter and I (and even our husbands!) have been juicing. We LOVE the wild fresh tasty way to get our healthful greens–in fact–rainbow of colors. We are really appreciating that Food is the best medicine. <3

  10. Oh, lawdy…it all looked doable until the pix of the float capsule. Do they shut you in? The almonds sound like they save the day as they give me the same happy feeling that carbs do. Now for the no wine part….

  11. I am with you, sister. Or behind you. I start a two-week cleanse next week. This
    one comes from Frank Lipman, M.D. and administered by Soho Sanctuary–a wonderful women’s only place dedicated to health, beauty and fitness in lower Manhattan I am prepping this week, slowly eliminating coffee, alcohol, sugar, meat, processed foods altogether.

  12. OK, if I had that gorgeous farmers’ market fare nearby, I *might* be tempted to go along with it. But winter in NY does not allow much for markets. Good for you though, and do let us know how it turns out. That flotation thing kinda scares me!

  13. I love Alchemy’s plates! So pretty. I usually prefer white as a backdrop to food but these elegantly say “eat you flowers too”. I’m about to start a cleans too, the bod is crying out for one. I’m favoring the cleans by Alejandro Junger, M.D. called CLEAN. Hey if it’s good enough for Gwyneth. You might enjoy reading his book (got mine from Amazon) while you do your cleans it really helps you stay inspired and stick with it as it is filled with healthful information. You can do it Slim and you will feel amazing by day three!

  14. Holy carbs and cocktails–I’m impressed. I’m not sure I could skip my wine o’clock ritual (two little kids call me mom) and I didn’t see the elimination of coffee. That would probably tip me over the edge, but I’m fairly certain most cleanses avoid coffee and caffeine…yes/no? Say it isn’t so. And speaking of juicers–mine is a kindred spirit to my Clarisonic. Beautiful, useful, yet spindly from neglect. Good luck. You’ve given me pause…to dream…of a cleanse.

  15. You had me at avacado soup!

    And yes I remember “Altered States” *yikes* I didn’t know that people still did the sensory deprivation thing. Love the look of that Pod though, much better looking than the one in the movie!

  16. Oh I was just sayin’…how funny to see your post when I was also on Day 3 of a Raw Food Cleanse myself – day 1 and 2 were really hard, but day 3 was pretty awesome. I feel much clearer and more energetic. I’m doing mine through Delish & Noutrish in SB b/c I had a groupon for it and they deliver to my door 2x during the week. The last dinner is steamed fish to transition back to cooked foods. Enjoying the better health and the 4 lbs lost so far!

    Love SB Farmer’s Market! We are so spoiled here to have a farmer’s market on almost every day of the week around town!

    BTW, I’m celebrating 3 yrs post-bone marrow transplant “a birthday” with this raw food cleanse. Yay! Posted a ‘review’ w/pics from then to now – it blew my own mind, so I share!

    • Happy 3rd Birthday Krista! thanks for sharing your story, you’re such a strong woman and I’m sure an inspiration to many. I’m so happy that you’re feeling better!

      • Thanks so much for those kind words, Canuck! Very thoughtful to take time out and I for one am glad you are a happy Canuck (meaning I’m feeling better and you are a happy Canuck.)

    • Way to go Krista! You and your story are an inspiration. Your family must be SO proud of you!!

      PS. I hope your cleanse goes swimmingly 🙂

      • Thanks, Slim! My husband and oldest are for sure, my youngest was too young to understand it fully and that’s why I wrote the blog for them. I’m amazed that the whole time I was incapacitated with surviving and in the coma, my husband was there 24-7 for 3 months and he picked up blogging where I left off. He’s amazing! BTW: Tonight’s raw food cleanse dinner was my fave so far: “Pad Thai” which was julienne carrots and zucchini, pea sprouts, strips of red bell pepper and red cabbage, cilantro, green onions and chopped cashews with some kind of amazing sauce that was nut-based (prob. cashews) and seasonings. It was like an amazing Thai salad…don’t think they should tease us with the “pad” part. haha

  17. I like the Spring rolls!! Good for you. Look forward to my food too much to deny myself for 6 days.
    Be interested to know if you feel better. ox

  18. Good for you, Slim! Really! I’m planning on reading more about this subject because I feel I need to detox all the MMs I ate during pregnancy! 🙂 Seriously, I think we all should try it at least once in life.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.


    Luciane at

  19. Can’t wait to read you post on the day you finish, you will be buzzing with energy Slimmer.
    I live in the wrong place, would love someone to drop off my weekly food. I would be quite content. Enjoy. XO

  20. Wow…I am so intrigued and incredibly impressed!
    I am a huge Alchemy Arts fan…The “Chromalift Facial” is incredible.

  21. Hi Slim

    ‘Tis a beautiful post you write with inspired ideas for “cleaning out”. What is the brand of the plates/dishes – they ar gorgeous. Where can we find them? Any idea of brand? Thanks. Joanna

  22. I think you’d do a fabulous job with this cleanse. I just did a 7 day juice detox and after day 2 – I felt wonderful. I was getting plenty of nourishment but the need to chew was screwing with my mind…haha…So if I were to do a cleanse again, it would be one similar to yours. It actually looks and sounds delicious! Enjoy!

  23. A really delish dressing for your steamed greens is raw tahini, Braggs cider vinegar, lemon juice and some walnut or olive oil. I personally love this on everything. Here’s to an easy time of it. Cheers.

  24. Oh loved this post. We here in Montana this time of year on non-self-imposed fasts all winter. The photos are exquisite coming from a veggie lover. Going to buy avacados immediately. Good luck with the post and the flotation chamber. Wish I were there.

  25. Slimmer Paley,
    Hey, when did you catch me shopping for veggies in my orange jacket, leggings and bamboo bag? Don’t forget the cool fedora(sp????) too! Right! Like I dress like that shopping for veggies? I don’t think so…Do you?????

    I am concerned that with the amount of protein in your diet you described being practically nil, you will be very hungry and weak….I have been on a nutrition plant for three and a half years that my nutritionist suggested, which has been great….27grams of protein for breakfast, 27 grams of protein for lunch….LOTS of veggies, vinaigrette, alkaline fruit, nuts, fish, chicken, some beef….the protein gives me tons of energy that sustains me through workouts and tennis each am….I am a therapist and see clients at home three afternoons a week…I dropped fifteen pounds very quickly and steadily over six months…am still eatting that way and feel really good…low fat, but we all need some to help metabolise the other foods quickly….I also eat multigrains, legumes and quinoa…no salt added or salt in premade soups allowed…you will drop weight on what you described is your intake…alot will be water loss….the thing with cleansings is they can be very dangerous if they are done for long periods of time and depending on what they consist of (my husband is a physician and I run medical things by him alot)….be careful and take care….k

  26. You’ve totally sold me on this cleanse! I think I can do it, I think…..The hard part is going to be finding 7 straight days where I don’t already have dinner (drinking) plans that will allow me to make this work. Or I guess I could bring my cleanse with me to happy hour 😉

  27. Okay…just seeing this, so that means your almost done…yay!!! Your willpower is extremely admirable and I might be more motivated if I still wasn’t freezing in Seattle and wanting massive doses of carbs and cheese…but you are an inspiration none the less, and I can’t wait to hear how it all went for you!
    Best is yet to come…
    xo J~

    (Huge congratulations on becoming a US citizen…what a proud moment!!!)

  28. I hope the cleanse is going well!! I keep wanted to do one but some seem so extreme. This one sounds do-able and yummy. Do keep us posted — v. inspiring. (And the photos from the green market are again making me question why exactly don’t I live in California.)

  29. Loved the post. After eating way too many Hershey’s Kisses at Winter Market in SF, not to mention a gourmet burger at SF’s Roam I’m in dire need of a cleanse myself. Thank you for inspiring me. Shiree’

  30. Great post dahhling.. you are certainly on track with your resolutions… I have to say I was distracted by the beautiful plates from the cafe! I suppose it is good it was not the food that caught my imediate attention no?

  31. Oh dear – I loved everything that ISN’T on the cleanse – guess that means I wouldn’t be a stellar candidate, which I of course already knew! But impressed with your resolve – the almonds look good!

  32. Good for you! It sounds like every day for me, ha ha! Don’t worry, the more you eat like this the easier it gets. And a whole new, delicious world of food will open up to you, full of flavor, texture, and best of all nutrients!

  33. Congratulations on Everything! I’ve been out of touch for a while and my greatest joy was having THREE of your fun posts to read upon my return! I always wondered what the process involved to become a citizen, I hope that “they” don’t decide to make us all take that test, hmmm! Your friend is adorable with her patriotic flower, and I bet you would have won best dressed. This is what I love about America, everyone of us came from somewhere, at some point, aren’t we all lucky that you joined us for good! Just gorgeous flowers! Do you have a drip system? I sure did and it was a lifesaver, well… flower saver. That cleanse looks wonderful as I found out that not only am I allergic to dairy, I have Celiac, I’m going to call your spa and see if it is not too prohibitive to have it expressed! You just might be an answer to prayer! That avocado soup looks fabulous. Thank you so much, I’m off to juice some hideous concoction with a whole new outlook!

  34. Those spring rolls are amazingly simple and fun to create – I prepare my own spring rolls with my favorite “Three Ladies Brand” rice paper discs (soaked in warmed “spring” water for a few seconds to make pliable), fresh vegetables and herbs – sometimes raw, sometimes stir-fried. No deep-frying of the roll required. Home made sauces are best but I generally use store-bought dipping sauces of plum, sweet and sour, and hot Chinese mustard. I love the presentation effect of the sort-of transparent flowery platter they use. I admire your continued mind-body-soul wellness journey and enjoy your reporting and pictures. Keep up the good works!

  35. Oh my mercy. I’m very impressed and so intrigued by the blue claustrophobic space tube:). Can’t wait to hear all the yummy details.

    I’m having such fun checking in with you often!! I do giggle and smile and covet regularly, especially your roses and recipes. Come southeast sometime I.e. the South Carolina coast and I’ll treat you to a post cleanse cocktail.

    After the cleanse I’ll look forward to your scrumptious recipe posts



  36. I’ve been meaning to comment on this post all week, as I first read it on my phone. This may be my favorite post of yours. First, you had me at that image of the chic farmers market lady. Then the carb girl! I don’t know where you find these things! I’ve been wanting to try Alchemy. That soup looks delicious. Well done, Slim. You deserve a marshmallow-tini! 🙂

  37. You are so brave Slim! And I’m so impressed. Although the food does look tasty and I enjoy eating that way too, I so love my animal protein, milk, carbs and red wine. Hang in there. It will be worth it!

  38. You’ll make it Slim. I did a month cleanse with Dr. Frank Lipman at the Soho Sanctuary over a year ago….no alcohol, caffeine, gluten, cow’s milk dairy and only organic foods, morning protein shake and prescribed daily vitamins. My digestion definitely was better and I felt less bloated. I’ve kept up most of the diet except for my daily glass of wine. There’s a cleanse or diet somewhere that allows that, no?

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