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'phants  slimpaley South Africa

I”ve decided to save the wine country post for later and jump ahead to one of the most memorable highlights of our recent holiday; our stay at ‘Singita Sabi Sand’ in north eastern South Africa adjacent to Kruger National Park.

Boulders deck, Singita slimpaley

I’m not a hoarder, I’m just really feeling the magnetic pull of “Safari Chic” at the moment.

Ralph Lauren 2015

I blame it on Ralph Lauren. And while it’s hardly the first time Mother Africa has inspired R.L. over the years, I certainly found the collection he showed in NYC earlier this week an inspiration.

Are there enough words to describe how much I love this dress? I think not.

Let me show you another angle.

Ralph Lauren 2015

Ralph Lauren Summer 2015

And this.  I reeeely could have used this bag on our trip! + could a bag be more slimming??  Beats Spanx any day (not that I wear Spanx. I tried once, but I have this crazy attachment to breathing.)

But back to Singita…


Consisting of two lodges a very short distance apart  (and an unbelievable gift shop-a gift house really)  “Boulders” and “Ebony” are perched right on the edge of the Sabi Sand River.

Sabu Sands  slimpaley

Due to the river being the only source of water in the area, it’s basically a never ending ‘Burning Man’ for Wildlife.

Take breakfast or lunch on the decks of  Boulders or Ebony before heading out on safari and be prepared for a show.  Nurse a cool drink at any time of day really and marvel as elephants stroll casually alongside the river, adorable monkeys wait patiently for belongings to be left unattended or delicate deer-like creatures graze right at the edge of your table, seemingly without a care in the world.

Sweet potato salad slimpaley

and the food! Above, a roasted sweet potato and artichoke salad (I was trying to be so good!)

Boulders slimpaley

We stayed at “Ebony”, the older of the two Lodges, with a more traditional Colonial African style which I’ll share with you later too. The photos in this post (except for the salad above) were all taken at Boulders which, as you can see, has a much more contemporary African style. Both are equally divine.

Boulders Lodge, Singita slimpaley

A wooden bridge over a pond and huge carved wooden vessels gathered against a stacked stone wall at the entrance to Boulders.

Pots, Singita  Slimpaley

The design aesthetic is ALL about texture.


Gorgeous dappled light dancing over the pool area

Slimpaley Singita, Boulders

A little Instagram moment in the bar 🙂

This lightweight, black silk jumpsuit was probably the 2nd best item I packed as I wore it so much and it rolls into a tiny ball. omg though-did I overpack.

jumpsuit Ralph Lauren 2015

This jumpsuit would have been great too 🙂

Bar, Boulders, Singita  slimpaley

I loved the ‘Pick up sticks’ style wood columns sheathed in copper in the great room…

Copper bar, Boulders, Singita slimpaley

More copper at the bar…

Boulders Singita .slimpaley

and gorgeous roughly woven baskets stacked beside the fireplace.

Ralph Lauren 2015

Ralph Lauren Safari Chic Summer 2015

Singita Boulders -slimpaley

The dining room at Boulders

In the bar, Boulders, Singita

Texture, texture, and more texture with woven copper throw, nubby linen chairs and leather pillows.

Ralph Lauren Safari 2015

Boulders, Sabu Sands

Lunch on the deck

Unfortunately, there were no available guest rooms to peek in on at Boulders, but I snagged this photo from the website;


I could manage.

Next time 🙂   I chatted with an older American guest at Ebony who was returning for her 12th visit!!  And she had her entire family with her-husband (a professor), grown children, their spouses, grandkids, the whole shebang.  What a dream!

Fringed Chandelier SlimPaley

A fabulous fringed leather chandelier gently undulates like a sea creature over the bar area in the main lodge.

Ralph Lauren 2015 finale

Cue applause for R.L. finale.

The Sabu Sand River from Singita slimpaley

I can hear the song of Singita from here…

(Actually I can hear it in the middle of the night too as I’m still not over my jet-lag)


“The Sabi Sand is a privately owned game reserve adjacent to Kruger National Park, and together the two areas make up some of South Africa’s most incredible and pristine land. Singita Sabi Sand has been owned by the Bailes family who have acted as the dedicated custodians of this precious part of South Africa’s natural heritage since 1926. With the opening of its first lodge, Ebony Lodge, in 1994, Singita’s philosophy has been to protect large tracts of wilderness and wildlife populations for future generations. Prior to the lodge’s construction, this part of the Sabi Sand had been completely inaccessible save for Singita’s environmental team and the owner’s family. Since Singita Ebony Lodge opened and subsequently Singita Boulders Lodge, guests have shared the privilege of experiencing this carefully protected part of South Africa. Spanning more than 45,000 acres, Singita Sabi Sand is renowned for high concentrations of big game and frequent leopard sightings.” (taken directly from the Singita Sabi Sand website)

For more information on SINGITA Sabi Sand



Have a Wonderful Weekend-the 2nd to last one of Summer 2014!



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  1. Wow!! Love this post with the combo of your safari and Ralph Lauren. So chic!! I love the sparkly dress with tulle and also the beaded scarf in one image. I love all of it but those stood out.

  2. To quote a question from Joan Rivers, “Who are you wearing?” in your Instagram photo. You wrote, “This lightweight, black silk jumpsuit was probably the 2nd best item I packed as I wore it so much and it rolls into a tiny ball.” What a terrific piece to pack! Love your gorgeous pic’s!

  3. This was wonderful….this will top anything on my day today. How DOES Ralph Lauren continue to be at the top of his game…ALL THE TIME!!! franki

  4. Great heads up on the game preserve and lodge. Always good to know people still care about the properties they own and to be dedicated to its preservation…2 thumbs up! Safari, on the bucket list. I was scrolling / drooling over the RL spring collection yesterday and you tagged my favourite looks! He just keeps getting better.

  5. What perfect timing with the Ralph lauren Collection so spot on for African Safari tripping! I have been looking for a black jumpsuit, easy to get into, so if you have any suggestions, do email me!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. Stunning pictures! Such gorgeous views!
    The RL dress and jumpsuit are to die for! I also love the long white skirt!
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Went on a magical (watching a leopard for two hours sloooooooooowly stalk a mongoose!) safari at a spa lodge near Krueger………loved it…….wanted to just live in those platform “tents”……..hardly roughing it! Thanks, as always, for bringing back those memories.

  8. I am so drawn to the decor of “Safari chic” as you call it. In our last house I had a whole room done with objects from Africa! My FIL was a pilot and many things came from him but then I started to collect it too and LOVE it all! Your post is breathtaking. All the pictures are not loading for me but what I see is amazing!

  9. Beautiful mix of the RL collection and this amazing spot. Slim, it must have been fabulous! Love your photos!! Now I’m excited to see the rest. That top dress and the jumpsuit are so gorgeous. What a collection.. What woman wouldn’t dream of wearing the dress and all of it? The jumpsuit looks vintage with it’s long zipper- almost like a 1940s flight suit. I’m liking jumpsuits more and more and your black one is so perfect for that bar and local too! Another post to dream about!! Happy weekend!

  10. perfecto, Slim- well- all your posts are sublime- but this is one jewel in the crown. The chandelier is amazing. We’re eagerly awaiting part 3.

  11. Stunning, all of it! I have to start with your photo of the Elephants. Beautiful, gentle loving creatures. Great capture! A simply stunning looking trip!! Ralph has certainly done everything right this collection, doesn’t he always?
    I’m loving his safari in luxe fabrics. Just perfect. Welcome home and belated Happy Birthday!

  12. Love all Pics and some of the fashion. Grew up wearing a khaki school uniform so it’s not my fav. colour.

    Will safari suits for men make a comeback ..that’s the big question

  13. Beautiful as always. I know you’ve been involved in modeling in the past. I wonder what you think when you see these seriously starved models on the runway? These girls look skinnier than most. I also know you’re very careful about keeping in shape, which I admire. Anyway…beautiful!

    • Hi Gwen. While I do find over-the-top ‘starved’ looking young girls on the runways disturbing, I always think Ralph Lauren’s models look classic and beautiful. They are very slender though, I’ll give you that!

  14. The photos you take/curate, along with your charming, “you were there” storytelling, and the breathtaking scenery, of course, make Slim Paley the best blog out there. Seriously. Thanks, as always, for including us in the trip!

  15. OUT OF AFRICA was one of my favorite films . The landscape, clothes, decor, music. Safari and Ralph Lauren go together. Thanks for posting. Lovely

  16. Slim, Loved this gorgeous post. The textures of Africa and RL, so perfectly intertwined! The only sensory experience that I missed, was the unique SMELL of Africa. A dry earthy smell that I found intoxicating.Im am sure that is one of the reasons that Africa remains in our hearts long after we have retuned home…

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