Moncler Gamme Rouge



So here’s the deal; if  I were way younger, super skinny, a really fantastic skier that never fell down and had a chalet in Gstaad I would be so ON these  Moncler Gamme Rouge “Ski Jackets”.  I love them for all the over the top reasons that make them completely unwearable and that, Dear Reader, is the beauty of Fashion, right?   I can sit here in my sweat pants and hair clip and Uggs with the big paint stain on them and say “You Go Giambattista Valli”!!  I’d wear those jackets and the tiara too (and check out the gloves!!) if I were a way younger, super skinny, a really fantastic ski…ohhh… now I’m depressed.

Oh well, let’s put some music on and dance!

Since I’m on the subject of winter(?), I’m going to force just ONE MORE Fleet Foxes song on you because they are so damn good.  And original. And different.  Just like Moncler Gamme Rouge.

PS.  At first glance, doesn’t it look like she has a monkey tail in the first photo?


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