Late Night Monday Musings

Slim Paley Photo.

I hate to brag (Well actually, that’s not entirely true) but this lily was from my garden today.

I’m serious.  And don’t be thinking this is a dessert plate either.

Firstly (and did I mention I hate to brag?) I truly think my idea from yesterday’s post, expanded and embellished to perfection by my loyal reader’s comments, to have the Olympic Figure Skater’s costumes designed by all the leading fashion designers of the world was a great one and I’m wondering…who do we call?  I know we still have some time before the next games in…(?)  but I have to reveal that I’m a deadly procrastinator.

If I start the ball rolling now, we might be in there with a shot.


Secondly, may I just say that Tinley is the luckiest girl on the planet tonight.  

Dear LORD.  Why my husband insists on watching “The Bachelor” is beyond me.

 Moments we will never get back! The show is about as realistic as…well, let’s just say it makes “Survivor!” look like The Planet Earth Series. And isn’t there something ludicrously wrong with insisting you are equally in love with two women at the same time? (I know it’s wrong to start a sentence with “And” and yet I do it almost every post.  Because it’s my blog. Ha!)     

As for Vienna– she has ruined the city for me.  And the coffee. Definitely the little creamers.  Pastries…borderline.

Photo ABC”News”………………Jake & Vienna…Forever…or until Thursday

-I’m going to dispense with any attempt at segues here;

I STILL WANT A TEACUP PIG.  I really, really do.  I’m going to call him Earl Grey. Come ON!  Just look at this guy!  I first saw them several months ago, lost my heart, and then again this evening on “How I Met Your Mother“.   I like Cobie Smulders on that show btw, she’s very funny.  I also had a friend make a great guest star appearance on tonight’s episode.  Well done “Henrietta”! That’s a helluva stretch for you to play the jilted girl!

– Does anyone else feel like Gilt Groupe is kind of like the naughty friend that was always trying to get you to sneak out at night after your parents went to bed?

I see the emails pop up in my mail box everyday and I try to ignore them.  I know they’re so  BAD for me…but they just keep throwing stones at my window!

So here’s how I look at it- cause I’m a shopping cart half-full kind of gal;  It’s like a halfway house after weaning off of Couture Lab .  Never good to go cold turkey.


– Lastly, I’m very excited because I’m finally having Lasik surgery later this week. But just on one eye. The good news is I hopefully will no longer need glasses to drive, find my way back from the Ladie’s room in restaurants, or recognize my children. The bad news is I will probably no longer be able to see (and pluck) all the Neu-Lash-induced eyelashes growing out of the corners of my eyes.  I welcome any encouraging words with regard to my achingly deliberated decision to have the surgery- just don’t share any horror stories because I’ve already made my deposit and thrown away my tweezers. 

  And just play along if next week all my posts are typed way over to the left.

Photo from

.AND  lest you think that I was telling a Porky-Pie and that was not really a dinner plate my lily was sitting on…

Slim Paley Photo……………………….. A glass of wine to add perspective

 Cheers and Bon Appetit!!







  1. Hi Slim! 🙂
    I had that surgery a couple years ago and I highly recommend it.
    It was so easy that I thought I was still in the preparation mode (which takes a bit of time comparing to the quickness of the operation itself).
    And it was wonderful to read the bus directions, and see the gargoiles in top of Notre Damme ahahahah.
    Wishing you the Best!

  2. Of all the reality shows out there, ‘The Bachelor / ette’ eludes me. I just can’t get behind a television network acting as a marriage broker / pimp. Too Orwellian for this girl.
    I want one of those Piggies, too. I’d name it Silly Putty.
    Hmmm—wonder what a major fashion designer could do for the Olympic swim suits. Hey, only recently has tennis embraced a more fashionable look. You are on to something, Slim. The outfits could be auctioned off and the proceeds be given to a deserving sport’s oriented organization or charity. Perhaps contacting one of those charities that auctions off donated Oscar gowns. Hey—perhaps bidding could take place on line during the actual Olympic event with proceeds going back to the IOC? Run with it, girl.
    Where ever did you find a meringue mold in the shape of a Calla Lilly, Slim? (:

  3. This was by far the wort bachelor ever, they could not have been more cheeseball if they tried, and the tears at the end, puleeze…. boring as he is, I still think he will end up running off with the host! HA~~

  4. The calla lily is gorgeous! Brag away, Slim, brag away. You certainly earned it! The pig is adorable, but Sugar Magnolia would NOT be amused. But let us know if you succumb to the lure of love. Good luck on the surgery.

  5. Holy Hannah!!!! Gorgeous!! Best wishes on the surgery later this week. Always enjoy reading your posts. And yes, Gilt is the greatest creation for fashion junkies like myself – love it!

  6. Best of luck with the surgery, my husband had it years ago after not even being able to walk to the bathroom at night without glasses. 12 hours after he never needed glasses again! It is truly amazing. I am on the fence about the latisse for eyelashes. My doctor told me I will be fine and it will not grow in the corners unless you put it there. xo, MB

  7. A magnificent lily! I had Calla Lillies at my home in San Diego….then the girlfriend of the man nextdoor moved in with her dogs. Yep, my lily patch was
    watered and fertilized every day, and they died. I was heartbroken….they had
    barely started to come back before I moved to Colorado. C’est la vie…..

  8. I suspiciously asked my husband the same question “Why do you like this show so much?” as if I don’t already know every guy is dreaming it is them and they have all this choice. He says I am wrong but I don’t believe him one bit! I do believe that is your lily. Have a great week.

  9. Beautiful blog as usual!

    My husband had that surgery as well and has never looked back. You will be very happy you did as well. His Dr. was fabulous as I’m sure yours is as well.

    If I didn’t have calla lilies that big, I wouldn’t believe yours. Oh, the joys of living in SB!

  10. Is the tea-cup pig a piglet or full grown? It could LIVE in a tea cup! Think I would lose it the first day, like my keys.
    Gilt Group Men, everything I like is always sold out. So not difficult to just push Delete.
    That lily is stupendous!
    Am I the only male person on this blog Slim?
    Off to Lake Tahoe and Napa, then Fiji. Have not been to Fiji, if any readers can share where the best place to stay might be, please let me know! Going sometime in early May.
    Enjoy what appears to be a beautfiul Santa Barbara spring!

    • Dear Gaj,
      You will be happy to hear that you are not the only male on this blog!
      Im with you on Gilt Group…. I actually unsubscribed so now the guilt has gone.
      As for the pig, I think that maybe Slim has watched the movie “Babe” once too many
      times, as the mice in the movie say “pork is a nice sweet meat” Goodluck Earl Gray!

    • No, you are definitely NOT the only male reader Gaj- most of the others are just a little more shy 🙂
      I’m not sure if that little teacup is a baby or not, but regardless, they stay very tiny.
      I have a friend who has a massive pig (that lives indoors like a dog) He is blind and deaf and humongous and they adore him- his name is Francis Bacon. Compared to Francis, little Earl would be a piece of ….well, he would be easy! I just wonder if the airlines have the same rules for pigs as they have for small cats and dogs?
      Have a wonderful holiday- it all sounds divine.


  11. I love your musings posts !

    I am always amazed that every one of the 25 women chosen for The Bachelor are all mad for him, to a point where most are professing their love before the end of the second week…Really?? Don’t the producers think it would be a little more realistic if a few of them didn’t think he was their type and asked to leave the show? Honestly, I can’t believe I wasted 3 hours of my T.V life last night watching it, i miss the Olympics. Vienna scares me.

    I saw your friend on HIMYM last night, she was funny, she did a great job! so did Carrie Underwood for that matter, I believe that was her first acting role.

    Your lily would make a great bed for Earl Grey…

  12. I had the surgery about 8 years ago but I think the surgery fades. I definitely need reading glasses now (they warned me I would) and its just not as sharp as it was (for far away).

    I haven’t watched The Bachelor for years. I was grossed out by the girls making out with a guy who just made out with 3 other girls before them. Cooties!

  13. Slim…”Pastries…borderline” is one of the best laughs I’ve had in ages. You’re the best!

  14. I watched “The Bachelor” last night as well. I had previously seen 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there over the years but somehow last night it was a start to finish event. I feel such shame and just a little dirty.

    I really would like to hold that piggy. Pleassseeee get one.

    And what can I say about the lily that hasn’t been said? So very pretty…….

  15. The trick to using eyelash enhancers is….put eye cream or moisturizer around your eyes..especially where you don’t want the hairs. Then apply the Latisse, or whatever, very thinly and very carefully right on the upper lash line only. No sweat; no hairs.

  16. Lovely Lily Slim. And to think I am excited because the snow is almost gone here in Maryland !
    Gilt Group. Maybe there is a Gilters Anonymous ? And what about One King’s Lane ? There is nowhere to hide, even in Tiny Town USA.
    The pig scares me-I would lose it, step on it or it would become a squishy toy for my Aussie and Lab. Very cute though.
    Good luck with the surgery.

  17. Good golly that Lily is amazingly beautiful! Ahhh, to walk through your gardens Slim. Keep the beautiful nature pictures from your yard a comin’! And I cannot wait to see little Earl Grey. Hope you do get one. Soooooo cute!

  18. One thing about Latisse is that it can turn blue eyes brown, never to be blue again. read the small print..after your Lasik , of course.
    For Gaj: I love Fiji! Not sure where you are heading but Tavarua and Nomotu, the two big surf spots are great. Also, the Jacques Cousteau resort. I would not stay on the big islands. Get to the smaller ones.
    As for The Bachelor: Apparently the winner used to be a brunette, as witnessed by pics of her in US WEEKLY. This reminds me of an acquaintance who was a married brunette. After not seeing her for awhile I ran into her, learning that she was newly separated and was now a blonde. When I asked about her hair color she said, “Always blonde when single!”

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