Jean Genie


I‘m packing again.

Hey, Life is short.

Last time I checked, I wasn’t getting any younger and there’s a great big world out there.

Given the disparate nature of my two destinations; London and Morocco, packing has been a week long Herculean task.

 First of all, London in late February… Dude, definitely not Santa Barbara weather. But with boots, coats, sweaters…Mon Dieu! How to save luggage space for all the souk spoils of Marrakesh?!

And then the wardrobe to indulge my Talitha Getty/Marisa Berenson  Moment?

STYLE_Inspiration_Morocco_PostPhoto of Marissa Berenson by Henry Clarke

tumblr_m2wu7jPHGu1qkzwano1_500Talitha Getty in Marrakesh circa 1960’s

I am NOT coming back from Morocco without sandals, spearmint tea & spices, black soap and my Riad rooftop photo. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, as I receive multiple last minute warnings from friends (I guess I should’ve enquired sooner) that Morocco gets COLD the moment the sun sets and rain is likely this time of year, I’ve repacked my bags more times than the guy in ‘Midnight Express’

And of course, the eternal question of JEANS

How many is too many?

890A0259Perhaps there are some I can take and leave there, thus freeing up room in my homeward-bound bags?

Uhh, NO.

 Because as you can see, I really like my jeans.

Call me crazy, but I actually become quite attached, despite the fact I now split them into the following categories:


“OK, No Wine for a Week”

“Who Cares? They’re So Comfy”

“@#^&  it. Pass the Wine”

“I Still Love You After all These Years”

“Sexier Than Sweatpants”

“Still Good From the Side”

“Was I Drinking When I Bought These?”

and, my newest category;

“Muffin Top Madness”

890A1806Jean shopping Paris

la-modella-mafia-The-little-black-jacket-from-Chanel-Sophie-Hulme-x-STYLEBY-photographed-by-Oliver-Stalmans-styled-by-Colombine-Smille-11 2Photo Oliver Stalmans, Stylist Columbine Smille

In a Perfect World we’d just cut out the bits that don’t fit 🙂

 a few more fav’s

20120922-063239Jeans, heels & false eyelashes-Done!

22711Flare_0314WebAdd a Birkin? Even better


25121710392599284_IfWgk6JH_cI have this jacket!  Alas, this isn’t me.

20121011-073047Elle McPherson

20120314-024330Daria Werbowy

If you could have just ONE constant in your wardrobe what would you choose??

It would be jeans for me, no question.

(& Uggs)

OK, so I better go finish packing. I might be pulling an All-Nighter.

Have a great weekend and let’s chat after the Oscars!



  1. the perfect James P. tee….ALL the perfect James P. tees …and jeans…and havaiana’s. We are Cali girls Mon Ami. I am just back from 2 days in Big Sur & it took me a day to really pack right (it was cold there too!) So Slim, good luck, happy trails & come back safely to us.

  2. Moi aussi, in travel I find all you need is a couple of pairs of great of jeans {and tops}, But I am most impressed with your assortment, I am and feeling understocked, thanks for the inspiration. Have a great trip, looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing your riad rooftop shot.

  3. Love the Jeans, heels & false eyelashes!
    You could DEFINITELY rock the Marissa Berenson gold dress… thing (can’t wait to see the rooftop photo!),
    My favorite part about this post is the fact that you (YOU) said “Dude!” 🙂
    Thanks Slim!

  4. Another new fav. for me. Love all your jeans, only need 4 maybe?
    Oh you lucky duck. Have a wonderful trip, God speed, we will be waiting daily for your opinions, yummy foods…ox

  5. OMG, I have said those exact things while putting on my jeans! Ive been laughing through this post. No wine for a week, as if! Pffff. Have a wonderful trip, Slim. Looking forward to seeing the pic’s!

  6. The one constant would be white long sleeved tee shirts……white anything…..pants especially!! Have an outstanding trip…hope we get to be a small part of it!!

  7. S.P. Now that you’ve finished packing a number of jeans….
    Check out this Satorialist post from Dec (had to search it the long way, one day at a time!)

    She is wearing her jeans inside out. A perfect way to extend the wear of your favorite pairs (those that made the trip ie: George Carlin’s “Stuff”). I do notice now that she has sacrificed the pockets. I especially notice this as I tried on a pair of embroidered jeans the other day to test this look – loved the reverse embroidery – it was the pocket flaps that nixed it!

    Safe travels – Cheers!

  8. Fun! My friends in London right now for a wedding and said iits very cold…pack a few extra sweaters and lots of good layers! Will you be visiting Marrakech and Fes? Always wanted to visit Fes…so fascinating being the oldest medieval city!! I am sure you will have a blast…enjoy and safe travels to you.
    One thing in my wardrobe? Hum…probably my pair(s) of the best fitting slim black pants I have ever owned, I swear they make me 10 pounds lighter…bought four pair to be sure they never “run out” lol. So to me, there is no such thing as “too many” if they fit and fit well, they are worth their weight in gold!! My birkins a close second, they make any outfit instantly glamorous….enjoy!

  9. So agree – jeans are miraculous – they flatter so many body types & they weather so many life circumstances! I can’t wait to see the photos & hear the tales of your upcoming adventure!
    Have fun & tell us all about it…
    XO’s to you,

  10. I could not envision life without jeans…my favorite pair of jeans which means… it is the week end, i can wear whatever i please. I try to travel light, always pack 1 pair of jeans, and a black Prada dress with tons of accessories, belts etc.. the only place i never wear jeans is Morocco, I love dressing up, Marrakech has some fabulous boutiques. It does get cool in the evening. I was there last March for a work symposium…I came prepared with cashmere wraps and coat. We had a wonderful dinner under the stars outside of Marrakech and everyone was absolutely frozen to the bone… during the day, it is a treat to lounge by the pools… Have a great trip! morocco is probably one of my favorite destinations…

  11. I, too, have a packing problem oh, well maybe it’s just everyone else….go jeans! SAFE TRAVELS!! franki

  12. Oh Slim, you always make me laugh out loud at some of these funny things you say! Have a wonderful trip and can’t wait to hear the stories and can’t wait to see the photos.. thanks Noelle

  13. Thoughts on Marrakesh – same latitude as Shanghai, or to put it closer to home, northern AL and MS. It can be into the 40’s very easily in the evenings. Very nice days, but even early April can be very chilly at night. And cold out in the desert feels colder than a person might think! You might find yourself buying a Berber sweater or two…. Have a fantastic time. On of my favorite places to go.

  14. I live in Alberta Canada and we LOVE our jeans. Being in western Canada people even wear these to work, unless you are going to a meeting. They are my everyday wear, and I have some of the same catagories for them as you do.

  15. Slim I am so excited about your travel plans! Adore Marissa and that gorgeous caftan and sandals.
    For me; a pair of light wash, mid tone, dark denim and black jeans covers the gamut. Plus take the ones most comfortable. Then drink as much wine as you wish!

    Art by Karena

  16. I want the sparkly jacket woman’s butt! That’s my problem with jeans, they expose my failings no matter how thin I get or how much exercise I do. Still, too many jeans, Slim.

  17. I also subscribe to the theory that you can’t possibly own too many pairs of jeans… unfortunately, in my case I can no longer fit into 2/3 of them… it is really the sight of all those jeans hanging in the closet (and folded in the drawers) that forced me to lose 20 pounds last year… and I intend to keep going until I can get into every one of them!!! Thanks for another great post…

  18. Yes, too many:) I would pair it down to maybe 5 pair. Love the jeans, heels and false eyelashes. LOVE IT!!! have a safe and FUN trip, can’t wait to see the pics, especially the roof top one. Can’t wait for the Oscars too!!! XO, Pinky

  19. Perfect inspiration for my day, as I am off jeans shopping. After seeing your assortment paired with sense of humor, I’m thinking this buying trip could actually be fun. Who knew?

    Happy travels to you!

  20. Yay! Another trip, another chance to vicariously satisfy my wanderlust through Slim! And two destinations I’ve been dying to see. Please take lots of photos and share!
    Jeans are my constant, also and I love your categories! Thought I was the only one…

  21. I Love jeans too Slim and if you had asked me at 13 if I’d still be wearing jeans when I am almost 60 I would have said NO!
    I have some Vera Wang boyfriend jeans that have minimal distressing that are my current crush. So I get that you need to pack jeans and several different styles and washes. To chase the chill be sure to pack some cashmere and a warm pashmina and layer them under your coat.
    Morocco sound like the most romantic of destinations. I will be waiting for that rooftop shot and a wonderful billowing caftan.
    Safe journey to you,

  22. Trench Coat and Caftan! Love London and Morocco. So Jealous. Have fun and yes- that is too many jeans to take. I do love the style of the jeans in the photo with the Birkin bag.

  23. You had me at,”Muffin top madness”. : ) I love jeans with driving moccasins. I have been on a quest since the age of 13 to find the perfect pair of jeans. Do you have a brand you recommend?? As much as I love jeans, my can’t-live-without would have to be black pants. They have really been there for me. : ) Your trip sounds absolutely incredible and I am sooo excited for you! Can’t wait for a field report! Have so much fun!!

  24. I admit that I almost always take jeans unless I’m traveling ultra-light. That and a nice pair of waterproof dress boots go a long way in winter travel! Take along some silk underwear for warmth and layering. Add in a loverly sweater. Cover up with a light waterproof trench.

    But maybe take less than 9 pairs of jeans.

  25. Haul two bags to London (one packed with London clothes, another for Morocco), then send the London bag back via a luggage service ( is a good one) when you check out of your hotel there, and head to Morocco with just your warmer-weather things. I often do this when I’m heading to two disparate locations.

  26. I would only take a couple of pairs then you can buy some more, i haven’ t worn my jeans for ages too hot for a sticky summer.

  27. Morocco,I am so jealous. I hope you write a post about your Moroccan adventures. I will be going in November and can not wait. Great idea, in the above comment, about sending one of your bags back after London. Safe travels.

  28. Whoa! You had me at Morocco! Always thought I’d love to go there and now you will bring it to all of us! Love jeans, love black pants more, love the heels with the jeans but can’t do it anymore…#&%*! Have a blast!

  29. Slim, dear, I feel for you. I recently did Switzerland followed by Madeira. A packing nightmare. I have no good advice to offer, just good luck wishes.

  30. Jeans for me too…. Have a fabulous time… Enjoy London… it is freezing right now…but jeans will be perfect… See you at the Oscars… on Twitter at least…;)

  31. F$€k the jeans, I want those short boots of yours in the 4th photo down!
    Don’t get me started on jeans. I have a bag in storage of my Helmut Lang’s Italian cut from say 1998 that are quite simply the best ever. Alas, my muffin top will not comply but someday…maybe?…A girl can dream.
    Something tells me you don’t need travel advice. 🙂 But in case you are swinging through Marrakech, the boutique in the Majorelle Gardens has some lovely antique photographs that are worth a looksee.
    Have a great time! Wave at Provence as you fly over!

    • ha-those short boots are Oldies but still Goodies for sure. We are definitely hitting the Majorelle Gardens as it seems to keep coming up! Watch for my wave 🙂

  32. Slim, I can tell you are now fully one of us California girls, dude! Also, I can see you are not a jean snob.. a lot of diversity there. Totally agree you can never have enough pairs. As soon as I find ones I love, along comes a better pair. The girl in the sequin jacket looks like she’s got the original 501s on..Hate her!
    I’m looking forward to hearing where you stay and what you do in London as I’m going this Summer..Stay warm! I layer my lightweight North Face jacket under a trench with lining..and warm boots. I can’t wait to see that rooftop pic!
    Have a fabulous trip!
    ps. Now wearing my cameo with distressed jeans tonight to the Oscar party thanks to you!

  33. safe travels, Slim! take lots of pics and if you see anything you know I would love, bring it back for me!

  34. Love the jeans! Love the caftans & sandals, too!
    You will laugh -but what saved me in the UK last fall (during apocalyptic winds, floods, rains, storms, waves… How did they know I was coming??), was CASHMERE & Tiger Balm!
    Of course, I began to come down with a nasty cold (thus my trusty tiny jar of Tiger Balm) & out of neccessity I ended up buying scarves, gloves & hat (thus the Cashmere) ….& eventually a beautiful long draping sweater. I also eyed the cashmere underwear: a beautiful lacy camisole & panties… But couldn’t justify the expense at the time -now I wish I had just gone ahead, splurged & bought the darn stuff because YIKES!! IT WAS COLD!! (…and seemed even colder due to windchill!)
    The cashmere items were incredibly warm, extremely lightweight, very elegant & fashionable AND surprisingly sturdy. They took up very little room in the suitcase. Actually, I brought some of them in my carry-on bag to use during the overnight flight… Being nice & toasty helped me sleep better.
    Now, you likely won’t need a hat & gloves in Morroco -however an elegant scarf & wrap sweater would work beautifully anywhere after the sun goes down -to help ward off the chill over that gorgeous caftan!
    PS: you can also get deliciously soft & warm cashmere socks- altho I am not sure how those would pair with sexy exotic sandals! :):):)
    Bon Voyage & I look forward to your next post!

    • I once splurged and bought beautiful gray cashmere socks and could not believe how
      they felt when I put them on! It was like walking on clouds! I can only imagine how divine
      under things would feel. Where ever did you find them in London? Would love to try at
      any cost! Please share! Thanks!

      • Hello fellow cashmere lover! 🙂
        (Once we have experienced good quality cashmere next to our bare skin – nothing else will suffice… C’est Vrai?)
        I purchased my Johnston’s of Elgin cashmere goodies at The House of Bruar, near Blair Atholl, Scotland. It’s a large complex & they have a whole store dedicated just to cashmere knitted clothing & accessories of every sort… Top to toe! It’s truly worth a visit if you are ever on your way to the Highlands.
        (I thought I had died & gone to heaven… My better half almost died when he saw the bill… Although I redeemed myself from the ‘naughty’ list back onto the ‘nice’ list as I swathed him in a couple of cashmere scarves (in his clan tartan) when he caught the cold too!). Next time, I should like to visit Elgin proper, see the actual spinning mill & perhaps purchase some yummy cashmere yarn.)
        Johnston’s of Elgin makes LOVELY cashmere clothing (made in Scotland). You can purchase items online & they also ship internationally. Their website lists the London stockists as: Fenwicks, Harrods, Liberty & Selfridges, although I am not sure if the full collections are available at each stockist.
        All this being said -I am not exactly sure WHO was the maker of the aforementioned beautiful lacy cashmere scanties. The camisole & undies were kept in a glass case at the cashmere building at The House of Bruar (along with lacy cashmere tights…. the mind boggles!) Perhaps you could contact or e-mail them for the answer to this mystery?
        Alternatively, if you are a knitter (& prefer to feed your cashmere addiction through cashmere blend yarns), there are a handful of both modern & vintage patterns (some free) for knitted lacy camisoles & undies (even bras!) on the RAVELRY website (free) …That way you could have custom fitted cashmere undergarments….. WOW! 🙂

      • Hi JJT…
        I couldn’t figure out which “reply” button to click on in order to respond to your
        amazing follow-up cashmere post! Thanks for all the leads…I googled most and
        found some items that are on my wish list for birthday soon. I have been to Scotland
        a handful of times but never noticed the cashmere, only the tartans, which of course was
        short-sighted. Next trip I would like to pick up cashmere. Susan

  35. London and Morocco are two of my favorite places on Earth. But those are a lot of jeans! Bring half and shop like crazy in Marrakesh. You know you will. I love those iconic shots of Talitha Getty! I wish it were the 1960s again! Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see your photos from your trip!

  36. Just started following your blog about a month ago – didn’t know we live in the same town. Loving the sunshine, but actually a little jealous that you’ll be experiencing “weather” during your travels. Enjoy!

  37. Wow, that’s quite the jean collection! I think I’m too late to influence your packing, but I have learned the hard way living in San Francisco never to wear bootcuts/flares in the rain, even though it’s my favorite jean silhouette. They get so much wetter, it’s unbelievable. I stick with the straight/slim cuts for stormy weather!

  38. Slim
    Love the jean categories! You have such a fabulous sense of humour. Also the sparkly jacket. The pictures of Talitha Getty and Berenson are iconic. Look forward to your posts on London and particularly on Marrakesh. So beautiful and exotic, many happy memories. Husband and I were there years ago when we were little more than kids (he was a student at Cambridge) – camping in May during the National Folkore Festival – fabulous music and dance performances in the kasbah, and along the outside walls of the town the horsemen in traditional clothes would charge at you with their long rifles pointed and just at the last moment wheel the horses away and fire in the air. The fabulous souks were full of wonders from all over Morocco. It was roastingly hot in May – and not even officially summer. We loved it! Hope you do too in March! Best wishes, Pamela

  39. Thanks everyone so much for all your packing tips, Morocco suggestions and wishes for safe travel. My girlfriend and I are continuing to re-access our bags to the point of feeling a bit like 2 of the 3 stooges! Or perhaps Ethel and Lucy’s more appropriate, but I know we will have fun, whatever the weather!

  40. Everytime I read your blog I leave a happier person (those jeans categories, too funny!). Have a great trip Slim!

  41. Wearing the jeans inside out!?!?! I need a photo of this. Please let me know how you packed everything with space left for treasures purchased while there. Thank you and can’t wait to hear and see all your experiences!

    • Marcy – Click on the link to the photo (from The Satorialist) I left in my comment above.

      It is a fight fit to zip up… this look may be impossible with tight jeans.


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