I’m Still Here…Just Away


Believe it or not, I’m still the proprietor of this blog.

I haven’t quit, misplaced my muse, or simply done a runner…

though I did skip town  🙂


Girl’s Trip!!


So things around my bedroom looked like this

jewelry.slimpaley.comand this

jewelry.slimpaley.comand this

For days…

goldjewelry.slimpaley.combecause what better time to totally organize all your summer clothes and every single piece of jewelry you own than right before going away for 3 weeks?

(I’ll spare you the pics of my emptied & reorganized drawers as they won’t provide the same thrill factor for you as they did for me)


OK, maybe just one. It’s too exciting!

My thought process being I wanted to be totally & meticulously prepared for this trip as well as come home to a beautifully  organized closet.

Everything sorted, grouped and instantly accessible.

IMG_9283.slimpaley.comMy jewelry in the hotel room this morning.

Let’s move on, shall we?

Dubai.slimpaley.comWe rendezvoused in Dubai.

A city of conundrums & contradictions.

luxurycars.slimpaley.comToys parked outside the Burj Khalifa/Armani Hotel


These old boats, a veritable kaleidoscope of patina and charm, dock directly across a busy road from the Spice Market where baskets of cinnamon bark, cardamom pods and nuggets of indigo jostle for precious space amongst teetering stacks of rayon ‘Pashminas’ and plastic Louis Vuitton umbrellas. In the distance, barely visible here (alas, another post) staggering skyscrapers from The Future are here now and battling for supremacy.


Indigo & rose hips

The Dubai Mall slimpaley.com

Lady hips & more modern shopping

IMG_8995As I said, conundrums & contradictions…


The Burj Khalifa-Armani Hotel  (also in another post)


Next port of call; Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We flew right over Thiruvananthapuram.

I just wanted to say that  🙂


Lots more coming, including good travel & packing tips!

Internet & phone service is sporadic so please bear with me if your comments don’t post right away.




Header image via Flickr


  1. Wondered where you were, Slim. Looks like we loyal readers have some really exciting missives coming our way!

  2. Namaste, Slim!
    All I can say is “WOW”…your flippin’ in Dubai and jetting to Sri Lanka next?
    Can’t wait for more posts…truly on my Bucket List!!

    PS. Your photos strongly illuminate the contrast for women’s lives in Dubai.

  3. Nothing more fun than girls time away. Can’t wait for the pics. We will be here waiting for your sage words.

  4. The nuggets of indigo with the rose hips is an amazing image. What a wonderful girls trip.Your girls trip kit is impressively complete. I sort my jewelry by colors too, makes it so easy to pack. CANNOT wait to hear more about the slim adventure.

  5. Your drawer is inspiring! believe it or not:) I’m going today to Canada and your organized jewelry – hm… love it. Going to buy those hundreds of nice “pockets” for all stuff I need to take with me. Simple think and so nice! Thanks.

  6. Fun and so exotic! Isn’t Emirates the best airline? I was so impressed with it. Sounds and looks like one fun adventure you are on…….look forward to seeing the highlights, loved all the “pre packing” shots, looks very calculated and thorough!

  7. About to leave on a trip myself and saw a lot of things in one of the photos that I need to pack …Bling wipes…woolite envelopes…
    P.s also glad to see your Lappland bracelet amongst your jewlery:-)!
    Have a fantastic trip and keep us posted! (Btw, you were recently in Sri Lanka, more to see and do there??)

  8. OMG.  I KNEW we should have accompanied Mick to Dubai! Tha darn Slim….she’s always one up on us! After seeing all her jewelry I have to go back and lie down.


    • You are heading back to Sri Lanka?! Are you going to do the famous climb again, Slim? 😉
      Please keep the dreams coming, SP, you are doing us all a world of good. See? You get to have a fabulous getaway AND get good kharma at the same time!

      • Hi Heather
        Not doing the climb to Adam’s Peak again as we are not in that part of the country this time. Just in love with Sri Lanka and can’t resist stopping for a few days before heading on to Myanmar- a trip that got cancelled a couple of years ago.

  9. YOU are my HERO!! I can’t even believe how closely I relate to your…jewelry!! Thank you for putting all of this into words, photos, dreams. franki

  10. A girl can learn a lot simply looking at the products tightly packed in your toiletries bag. Hopefully the full inventory list will be in the next post! Great stuff!

  11. Hey Slim!
    Love that you got your drawers all organized so when you come home everything looks beautiful, smart!

    Can’t wait to read the hotel review. i love hearing and seeing what the rooms, food and service is really like!
    I wanted to go to Dubai, but I was told there is drifting sand all the time that gets EVERYWHERE.

  12. Have missed u Slim… Wanna know do you carry on your Jewlery? Looks like it would weigh a TON. Also would love packing tips seems like you’ve got it down. XOXO

  13. So much for traveling light…..two words I hate to hear! Looks like you’re traveling in style, but then you ARE the queen of style! Can’t wait to see the next leg of you trip…Sri Lanka! Travel safe!
    PS….love your suede boots in the first pic….who’s are they, please?

    • LOL. ‘Traveling’ & ‘Lite’…does not compute!
      I’m sorry to say the boots are as old as the hills…I wish I’d bought 2 pairs as they turned out to be all time favourites.

  14. Are you wearing all that jewelry? The persons and their luggage were weighed together once in airport in Katmandu…no way around! Have a great trip and keep us updated and posted.

  15. This post reminded me of you getting ready for your trip. Loved her coral collection!

    Sent from Laurie McCarthy’s iPhone


  16. I cannot afford right now to travel to someplace like Dubai. It looks very fascinating. You are so lucky for being able to afford to go there! 🙂

  17. We are all living vicariously through you. Don’t let us down! No pressure, though…….. I hope you are having a really great time. Take lots of pictures and share them with us, please. Love the architecture and especially the interiors.

  18. You are one brave girl! BRAVO!!!

    My mother in her twenties (in the nineteen thirties) lived in Hawaii (it was a territory!) then the Phillipinnes (we had an enormous military base there!) She hired people to come build an American “Miniature golf Course” and it was there until a few years ago!) Then she sold that! And moved to Shanghai……..she described it as “the Paris of the world!”
    In 1930!!!! This was one brave course for a woman! And then she met my father!

    Think if they had had the internet! YIKES!!

    My Granny would have said….”Lord have mercy upon my soul!!!


    ps for a real view of this amazing person my mother:


    and search; “my mommies’s wedding” the most astonishing gift I have ever received; by far!

    • On the Bund in Shanghai all those amazing art deco buildings are still there… Shanghai in the 20s and 30s for a European quite the lifestyle!!!

      • My daughter who is named after my mother “Ella” just went to Shanghai and she saw them! Even the building where my mother lived!!!

  19. We went through Dubai this year on the way to Singapore and i wish i had the chance to get out of the airport for a look around. The images of the old boats with the brand new crazy modern buildings.. it really is old and modern meet



  20. Ayubowan Slim! Wishing you a wonderful adventure. My husband and I spent the first 2 weeks of February touring Sri Lanka. I look forward to your upcoming posts….and seeing where you’ll wear all your jewelry!

  21. Dear Penny,Hello,it is Mary Eversole and I thought that white dress looked familiar! Hope all is well. Ellie Richardson ,our daughter, created the Bling Wipes product and I started reading the blog yesterday! Love your story about your Mom and have fond memories of our fun times together! Love to you and the family,Mary E.

    • Oh! I just saw your name and was going to reply!! I love you! And I loved your mother! Went to a lecture at Lotusland TODAY by Hutton about “the enemy of the average”! (YAY!!) Ganna Walska and Tony Duquette were friends! Remember when we went to the lecture by Hutton one million years ago!?!

      Thanks Slim!!!
      What are Bling Wipes??!!! I’ll google! I am sure I need some!!!

  22. I love following your adventures! Your packing tips will be stellar. I spot several items in your collection that I need to add to my repertoire for travel. Have a blast and send us lots of postcards from the road!!

  23. Enjoy, enjoy , enjoy! Oh, and take LOTS of pictures to share! (please?) I’d like to come back as Slim in my next life! 😉 Safe travels!

  24. Hi Slim, we loved seeing Bling Wipes featured with your fabulously packed toiletry bag. Is there a way we can send you a little something so you are prepared for your next jet setting journey? Sparkle & Shine! The Bling Wipes Team

    • Thanks so much for your offer Ellie but I am already well stocked 🙂
      Always happy to share new travel tips & products like yours with my readers!

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