Hang it Up?

I’ve adored fashion as far back as I can possibly remember.





Truly, madly, deeply.



Love it still.


Karlie Kloss


I wore gloves in my first British passport photo.



I still remember the thrill of the ‘glass slippers’ left by the Easter Bunny (little heels!) before my 6th birthday.  My Barbies were edited like there was no tomorrow. Even my trolls sported seasonal wardrobes.

Listen, I had freaking ‘Go Go’ boots when I was 10 and they were white leather folks.

Ixnay on pleather for this little fashionista.


Baby Fashionistas  (source unknown)

FFF (Fast Fashion Forward) on the catwalk of Life…

Different cities, countries, interests, passions, hair colours, boyfriends, marriage, homemaking, children (2 boys, just saying), empty nestying, one thing remained consistent… this girl loved her clothes.



Wearing vintage on the red carpet (I don’t know how to get rid of that darn writing  🙁 )



A page from one of my scrapbooks-in Paris. The same trip I attended the most beautiful couture show I think I’ve ever seen…


The Master, Christian Lacroix at his most ethereal.

So where am I going with all this?

You’re like ” Is there a gas station between me and the end of this story?”!

Yes, and here it is…

When the opportunity eventually arose to design the closet of my dreams in our new home (and what girly girl doesn’t dream about that?)  let me tell you… it wasn’t going to be about editing.

At least I didn’t think it was going to be.

This is me packing for an extended (two week) summer holiday (in our barn, not my closet!)

Not proud but there it is. Well,yes, kind of proud.

Because obviously I took a photo-it was so organized! and 2) many of these pieces are old, vintage and even antique.  I often take photos when I pack in case things go missing. I am not unacquainted with lost luggage by any means.

I also like to put things together and take a pic for quick reference.

For example- these photos are from 2011-but I still wear everything here.

Once or twice I’ve even packed this way, with everything for an entire outfit/event, including underwear, shoes and jewelry in one bag. Man, that was good. Wish I was together enough to do that all the time.

Anyway, throughout our construction my Closet became so important it was capitalised. It developed its own theme song and dance moves. It helped that one of our contractors is female. She even uncovered ‘secret’ attic space for more closet storage.

Some relationships need no words… just hangers.

But as all things in life seem to fly by (except football games, mammograms and construction) much of my beloved wardrobe, including all the vintage and antique pieces acquired over several decades, remained packed away for longer than expected.


More vintage on the red carpet…

And there’s a not so fun thing that happens to clothes stored away for too long.  Sure, in the plus column;  “Ohhh, Jacket with Excellent Lapels, I missed you!”, “Gorgeous giant wrap, lifesaver on freezing overnight flights, getoverhere!” or ” Hello, hot pink bikini that, wow, fits better than ever!” Not.

Just seeing if you were still paying attention.

Another epic packing marathon. FYI-vintage pieces go in my carry on (Can you believe we’re still married?!)

In the not so pleasant column, many items succumbed to banquet fare for moths & silverfish-the worst!

And shrinkage-wtf?? particularly in the upper arms of all my clothes. It’s sooo freaky.  As we live in Southern California, I assume it’s caused by the drought. And here we innocently thought the drought was only affecting our landscape and wildlife.

The final straw?  S  E  V  E  R  A  L  former favourites fell victim to my

 “Questionable in Age Appropriateness” category.

Quel horror!!

Which begs the Question;


What are we still comfortable wearing?  Us “Over 50’s”?

Not quite 60 but close enough to be handing back the headsets and placing all carry-on bags in the overhead bin for landing.

headphones via Net-A-Porter

Perhaps more pointedly, “What is still acceptable at this age for those of us who still really care about Fashion”?

Which, Hello, guilty as charged.  Because frankly, if all I cared about was being ‘comfortable’ I’d be in sweats or pyjamas 24/7.

Close friends, no comments please.


Me in Heaven


But isn’t it just wonderful when you can mix the two?!


Take jumpsuits for example.  I have an old Isabel Marant denim one I’ve worn so much it’s a  ’12’ on the Spinal Tap Comfort Meter (talk about showing my age) Ask anyone who lives in Santa Barbara and they’ll probably say ‘Oh her, that lady in the denim jumpsuit’.  But lately I hesitate.  Though it’s no favourite of my husband’s, that’s never stopped me before. He says it reminds him of Jay Leno tinkering with his car collection.  Not that he doesn’t love Jay, but seriously?? Add a YSL leopard belt and fluffy Gucci slides and who looks like Leno now?  Besides, any marriage that can survive the husband comparing his wife to Jay Leno is most likely in it for the long game.


No, I know exactly what the problem is:

I’m afraid of The Mutton Dressed as Lamb Squad arriving, sirens blaring;

Get a grip lady! buy a clue, party’s over, HANG IT UP!

It’s The Age Police rapping, rapping at my closet door…

with that one word



And dammit if there aren’t at least 10 other things I could add to the Nevermore List.

I’m not talking about short skirts, low rise jeans..mais non, those are no-brainers.

Rather I lament the demise of formerly adored items of emotional, fanciful, historical, romantical (go with me) consequence.  Mah Babies!  Who can give those away?

Has Chrissy Hynde surrendered her leather jackets? Stevie Nicks her sky scraper velvet boots? Diane Keaton her hats, men’s ties & vests?

While I’m not famous, I’m famously attached to my STUFF  😉

My most favourite coat in the world. Fendi, reversible cashmere & vintage 1800’s beaded bag. I will never not love this coat.


Fashion is just fricking FUN, right?  How else to explain it being a multi billion dollar business?



What has put blogging on the map more than fashion?!

Love everything about Mica’s look here, especially her hair.

Of course I will continue to purge as mandated by the organising gurus; make the piles, sell, give away, donate, throw out, hold items to my heart to see if there’s still a pulse (uh, yes)



and Life will continue to zoom by, but all joking aside, it does make me a tad melancholy.

I picture the much younger me, standing in front of a minuscule closet trying to decide what to wear, glass of wine and a cigarette (yes!) teetering on the edge of the bathroom sink. The smell of hot rollers and Herbal Essence. Those days we could wear anything (and boy did I)

Remember how much FUN that was? The power we had and totally took for granted!

wa wa. Where’s that wine?


Speaking of ageing gracefully, are you watching the new series “FEUD” starring Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon?  They’re great fun as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis during the filming of “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”?  What a pair! It’s all the high camp you’d expect, with some really touching moments thrown in for good measure.


So far I’m on Team Bette, but I always did like her best.

Photo by SNAP/REX/Shutterstock

But enough about them, “Back to me Jane, back to ME!!”

Does this still look OK? Really?

Am I too old?


News Flash- Second guessing, self chastising, dieting (boo) and losing sartorial confidence aren’t such fun roommates.  We don’t even get to wear as much make-up as we used to ( again, I give you JANE)

Funny how everything in life is a trade off.


And another thing; Have you noticed the older we (I) get the more we end up just buying shoes and bags, and belts and scarves…especially scarves. And, um, shoes and bags.

A bag to lust for, Saint Laurent


For example, you know how you see some crazy shoes in a magazine and think ‘oh puhleeese those are hid-ee-ous’. Then you see them again in a few weeks and think; well, I must admit, they do look a little better with that, then 2 months later they have your name written all over them?? WHY are you like that?!  😉


Dolce or Chanel?

Anyway, please please don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled to be getting older. I appreciate that ageing is the ultimate gift and the softening, the greying hair, the tarnishing of youthful glow is the trade off.  I get this is all mere fluff in the grand scheme of things, whatever that Grand Scheme may be.

But let’s be honest, how we feel about ourselves whilst navigating these ageing speed bumps is at least in part linked to how we look, or want to look or how we think we look, however much we might deny it.  It’s simple human nature.

Think about it.

No caption necessary here.

And while I certainly have other interests, passions and pursuits, I’d still like to embrace fashion for as long as I can. Though it’s not as important to me as it once was, I appreciate beautiful things and people with great style, just as I appreciate good architecture and gorgeous gardens and books and traveling…they all bring joy, inspiration and excitement to my life.



@lilymdonaldson by Carter Smith for British Vogue


So in closing, I just want to say,

How GORGEOUS is this Ralph Lauren silk satin duster ?!



and check out these Louis Vuitton cell phone cases .  Srsly. the cutest.



P.S.  I wish I’d saved all my teeny tiny clothes from the 70’s… I’d pop them on key chains and hang them from my handbags.

Cause you know, big stuff hanging off your bags? that’s a trend…

in case you’re wondering  😉



Watch this new interview with Jane Fonda in Porter magazine! 


No Baby Jane here.



Next up, either a post about growing out grey hair, salt, growing “Proteas” in the garden, or a new restaurant review.

I can’t decide.

I’m coasting on 5 hours sleep a night over here.


Have a stylish week!

xoxox  S.P.


*first photo credit; Peter Lindbergh


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, Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and ‘Work in Progress’ striving to Live in the Moment (any minute now :) ) I love to design interiors, snap photos and fiddle with flowers and started this blog in 2009 on a dare. Now, even I’m shocked. I love my family & friends, books & travel, martinis and people who make me laugh.


  1. 1. Your Babies: have them framed in a shadowbox where they’ll be protected. Hang them in your Closet where you’ll see them every day.

    2. Feud: as soon as I saw the beginning credits, I knew Feud would be something special. The graphics were right out of the early ’60s. Emmys for everyone, please.

  2. I nearly snorted my wine up my nose:) I seriously adore you! You say it like it is and make it hilarious! Please post more. We need your wIt and wisdom. xo

  3. I LOVED every word, every thought of this article and your delightful style… of writing and of fashion! 😊

  4. If you can allow Jay leno and maintain a relationship, I am comfortable that ours will remain intact as I compare your writing to John Madden, ‘One Knee Equals Two Feet’. Regardless your topic, I read you; and, I hear you. I start; and, I have to finish. The last scroll, like the final page, leaves me smiling and sad, sated and hungry. You do good work!

  5. Figures yiu would be married to Dennis Miller , what a couple ! Fashion choices fantastic, I wouldn’t change a thing!

  6. At long last a not-fake post about fashion. Congratulations for your wonderful way of putting it all together. P.S. I love those Gucci slingbacks at 47 y.o.!

  7. 5 am in New York City… insomnia… thoroughly enjoyed your witty words and your vintage… stunning!

  8. Delightful and honest. Love this. 💕 You have nailed it again, Slim!👍🏽
    The wisdom and perspective we gain vis-a-vis age is to be valued but painfully poignant is the slow letting-go of some of the fabulous accoutrements of youth (certain styles, naïveté, risk taking, that one extra glass, flirty glance just because, the notion that anything is possible)…but damnit my super-tight fuschia/white tie-dyed bell bottoms are staying front and center in my closet (cuz they go so well w my grey highlights) 😂!!!

    Cheers to the 5-hrs/night club!!!

  9. Always love seeing Slim Paley in my inbox!! Truly enjoy your posts! Keep them coming!!

  10. I just love everything you love, so happy to get lost in your post, better than feud to me…. fellow fashionista

  11. I luv luv clothes and all the other stuff that goes with it…handsome couple you two are….a wonderful blog.
    I often said “my 401k is in my closet…small it may be. But when the market crashed in 2008 and a friend asked ‘How much did you loose???….I said nothing…I opened my closet door and it’s all there.” My addiction is I luv pretty stuff …clothes, flowers, a pretty dish, a lovely table, it goes on and on.

  12. Who are you, you fabulous person?
    I need to do a fashion illustration of you! Look at my Instagram
    Denise fike designs and if you agree I would love to play with your images. Cheers

  13. I don’t have your beautiful body or the money…but I feel exactly the same way. I still love fashion and design. I will soon be 68. Don’t think its ever going away.

  14. Could not stop reading, and laughing, and sighing heavily (all at the same time?) You reached into my 63 year old heart and soul. Albeit I am not – nor ever will be as chic as you, I love your style, your wit and your taste.

    Thank you for sharing you with me (and others I guess)…we absolutely adore you! And I hope & pray you can overcome this insomnia

    • Thank you for the sweet comment Ruth. Right now I am trying a combo of Magnesium & Melatonin (with a 3:00-4:00am Ativan chaser if necessary :-0 )

  15. You are a delight! Want more, more, more of your wonderful writing and insights. Photos make me happy. I remember some time back, it was suggested you write a book, yes, yes, yes.

    • Thank you Bobbie. Books are a BIG deal!! :-0
      and then you have to travel all over and speak in public to promote them. Scary!

  16. Great post. When I saw the photos of Mica at the collections I said to my daughter, wish I could still wear my hair like that. Though even in my youth it didn’t look like that. But there are things we have to abandon. Though like you, sometimes those things I thought were hideous on first sight or deemed too young for my age, I give into and say, just one more round.
    Love that barn with all your clothes!

  17. I knew I loved you from your first post! And now I realize you are married to Dennis Miller. Ya’ll rock!

  18. Slim, totally relate and have 3 closets to my husband’s 1/2 in a NYC apartment….but I need you to check out the movie, “Advanced Style” (Netflix), and blog, if you haven’t already, and see how Ari Cohen has focused on the movement of women of a certain age, ala Iris Apfel, not willing to be invisible….it is a major movement world-wide and has resulted in many fashionable, not necessarily celebrity, women being used in high-end ads, having big fan “clubs” and generally not going quietly into that good night…there is Hope!

    • Yes, I saw the film and loved it Marsha. In fact I posted about it on the blog a long time ago.
      Hope, like cream, will rise to the top.

  19. Mad about your fashionista posts but in an armchair traveler kind of way. I’m in the mist of planning my ‘Medicare’ birthday so for a decade, or so, have been transitioning. I am finally thinking I found my comfort zone thanks to cyber stalking Ricky Lauren. I actually think you have creative leeway for ‘over 50 fashion’ because of your statuesque appearance and neighborhood you reside. But, I gleefully anticipate your transition blog posts on graceful aging (that word still makes me cringe). Xoxo

    • thanks Nancy. Santa Barbara is actually a VERY casual place. There’s not much need (at least in my experience) to really get ‘dressed dressed’ that often. Then again, I don’t get out that much. I travel a lot so when I’m home, I like to stay home 🙂
      I couldn’t really think of a more gorgeous style icon for you to emulate than Ricky Lauren! She looks AMAZING

  20. The look of being too deliberately dressed, with everything cautiously matching, always bores me.
    Babe Paley
    Oh Sweetie!! If I had your closet, your budget, and your body, I would work it for as long as I could! Fashion is for the fearless, and, as long as the wiggly bits are covered, I would say you’re good to go!

  21. Oh growing out grey… pleeeasssee, Slim (said like Roger Rabbit). I have been dwelling on it. Close to 48 here with heavy roots and naturally curly hair. Tired of losing endless hours at the salon once a month. But scared silly of cutting my hair short (hello, Orphan Annie) or looking like a skunk for two years.

  22. Your post just made my day. You have been missed. I resemble everything you said here. I feel like fashion is even more enjoyable as I age…only bummer is I don’t look as good in things. Like you said about our drought and the upper arms..it’s not fair!!

    I love your style and if anyone can pull it off you can! I am hoping we get to see your closet you designed. I mean you can’t be keeping the clothes in the barn anymore right? Please share as I’d love to see what you did. I am currently beginning to renovate and building a new closet too. I love that you’ve kept all your vintage. Never get rid of that. Kon-Mari method be damned. I love my vintage things more than ever and regret what I did get rid of. We both have boys so there is no handing down of things which would warrant keeping more. Dang. Maybe to granddaughters one day? That seems a long way off though. Last year I was given much of my 100 year old grandmother’s things which include 3 flapper beaded purses from the 20s and a box of perfect gloves and hankies. (Just love that little passport photo of you with the gloves!) Keep up the blogging. Even though it’s sporadic, it’s still wonderful. Kim

  23. Slim,
    This topic of wearing “age appropriate” clothing keeps popping up on different blogs and I have been mulling it over at the back of my thoughts and I surprised myself by thinking that it is up to women like yourself to try and segue our society into being more open about “older women” still having fun with fashion. The rules of covering up for decency still apply, but I sat and looked at that photo of the grey haired lady on the bench with the green socks and sandals and thought “You Go Girl”! I thought it was a cute and appropriate outfit. It would help alter society’s ideas about what a “correct older woman” should/can wear. Why be dowdy? Why can’t older women still have fun and make a statement? I don’t want to walk quietly into the night in a black mourning dress with velcro strapped sneakers.

  24. OMG! I had to read this post SEVERAL TIMES, just for the pure comfort and joy of it. You remain utterly amazing down to the very last word!!!

  25. I AM SO NOT GIVING AWAY and will go down with my “pleather boots” kicking in the air!!! I luv my clothes (and THEY ARE on hangers in complete OUTFITS!!) franki

  26. Fantastic post! These have truly been missed. Sometimes I go back through the old posts and read them for fun and inspiration. Thank you for sharing, whenever you have time!

    • Yay! Thank you Karen. I’m so glad that the archive and search tab works so well on the update I made on the blog (a few years ago now) There’s all SORTS of stuff back there- it’s like a warehouse!

  27. Please show us your closet when it’s ready for its reveal! I have purged until I don’t need a closet anymore! lol Just a couple pairs of yoga pants and a soft, cozy robe and I am good to go! If I do have to go out in public, I’ll throw on some Levi’s and any ol’ shirt that my arms still fit in!

  28. Born in 52, powerless over fashion,I’m right along with you on the Barbie’s, trolls and gogo boots in 6th grade. I was born with the fashion gene, designing makeshift clothing for my dolls from rags under the kitchen sink when I was 5. Went on to work for Chaivari in NYC , dressing celebrities. And now, asking salesgirls at Anthropologie if I’m too old to carry it off at 65 while holding excess skin on my neck back. This post was so timely as I just got off the phone with my sponsor and making plans on how to deal with my self obsession . The albatross of clothing I have stored since the 1970s is one shoe short of a hoarder.I appreciate and relate . Pain mixed with pleasure. I vote for Proteus next!

    • ha! Holding the excess neck skin back :-0 I have to always think of Nora Ephron!
      I will take your vote for Proteus into account, but I think so far, “going grey” is in the lead. No takers on “Salt” yet, surprisingly 😉

      PS. Hoarding is so subjective

  29. I’ll take that leopard bag when you’re done 😂
    Seriously, thank you for this. I was feeling like I had to sell off some of my beloveds. I’ll be keeping the ruffled leather Valentino vintage bag!

  30. oh, how I love thee. let me count the ways….. you are my most fabulous play-like “friend!” (in my mind we are bffs;) you are gorgeous. you and dennis are gorgeous. I love your style. and your clothes. and your organizational skills….
    please, please consider doing a favorites list of all your beauty favs, because yes, you are so right, how we feel about yourselves as we age has so much to do with how we see ourselves and how we look. I’m still loving my makeup brush that you wrote about (you’ve probably moved on) and so appreciate you sharing that. xxojoan

    • Thank you for this most lovely of comments Joan!
      but I must come clean and divulge that I’m probably one of the LEAST organized people masquerading as organized that you will EVER meet. (and hopefully we will meet someday, seeing as we are bffs)
      That is why I take photos of the times I AM organized, because in fact, they are so rare.
      I exist on little sleep, panic, help from wonderful people in my life, and wine 🙂

      PS. I still totally love the make up brush- it’s awesome.

  31. Wow! That was an amazing ! So much to think about… Fashion is fun, I can’t believe how you put all your outfits together. I think that’s an art form. And that Fendi coat ,is deadly . Remember when we used to go to Fendi together ? When we were young and didn’t even think that we would get older.
    My sister and I went to a screening of Feud, Liz dressed like baby Jane. And no one noticed,( so New York ) except Kathrine Zeta Jones. Who berated me for not coming as Joan Crawford. She was right damn it. I barely have my vintage pieces anymore. Sometimes pregnancies will make you purge clothes way too much . Because you can’t believe you’ll get back. Love all your photo’s always. Sending you a high Five sistah

    • Hi Five back Sistah from anotha Mistah! I miss you! Ahhh…yes, the splendiferous Fendi era! God we had fun!
      I LOVE that your sis went to the screening as Jane and I agree with CZJ- I can’t believe you didn’t Joan it up! That would have been fab!
      Anyway, you should NOT be one to purging with all those beautiful daughters.
      IMHO 🙂 xx

  32. Yes, you are young enough to wear it all!!! Just not pajama tops, pleeeeease, no matter how fabulous the pants just not pajama tops. Just looks lazy and silly, if you ask me….. but, of course you didn’t. Love the simple looks rocked with fabulous shoes. And you, you adorable fabulous thing, you are still packing way too much stuff!!! So many looks that you could mix up creatively and create more looks if you try. We mere mortals don’t like paying for extra baggage and the porters that it takes to schlepp them! Love you! Mean it!

    • Yikes…Pajama tops are one of favourite things in my wardrobe :-0
      At least I don’t wear matching bottoms at the same time though.
      I’ll admit my compulsive overpacking is usually due to being disorganized, panicking and throwing everything in at the last minute, though that was not the case in these photos.

  33. A new Slim Paley post! I always think after reading one, “Oh, THIS one is my favorite”. But I REALLY mean it this time. Sigh. The photos are wonderful {love the packing pics in the barn} but it’s your warm, witty writing that keep me wishing for more!

  34. YOU’RE SO READING MY MIND HERE !!! After losing my amazing husband suddenly at only 55 years old last year, I began to reflect on a lot of things. Not least of all, GIVE UP WHAT HAS BECOME A BATTLE. The sky-high Choos, Loubies and Rossis, the low slung True Religion, the tiny panties (ugh).
    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I too *still* love fashion, and collecting fashion, but I now know that my Hermes scarves, my Birkin, my Ferragamo black patent flats, my little black Chanel sling backs, my Yves Saint Laurent LBD, Gucci loafers, my Current/Elliot ripped to shreds boyfriend jeans and my Vince cigarette pants are my true friends. They’ve stuck by me through thick and thin, and hospital waiting rooms waiting for glorious grandchildren to be born, and through soul crippling hospice, and through a funeral mass for the Englishman I was meant to grow old with. My Renee Caovilla’s could never say that.
    Lots of love to you,
    D xx

    • I am so terribly sorry for your loss DeeAnne,
      I didn’t know you had lost your husband last year.
      Sending you lots of love back.

  35. Thank God…a Slim post! I’ve been suffering from Slim withdrawal! You’re a natural born storyteller. Forgive my ignorance, but aside from your blog, have you written anything else? ( I just know I’m going to embarrass myself with this question). I so look forward to reading your posts. Please, please don’t ever stop blogging! And how do you always find these amazing pics to go along with your narratives?

    • Thank you so much Lisa.
      In answer to your first question, no, I have never written anything else.
      As for the photos, I keep sort of a file of possible future posts in my head and just save photos that might work with those ideas as I come upon them. I wish I had the time to write more often as I really do enjoy the process, it just seems the weeks (and months) fly by with increasing speed every year.

  36. Shoes, bags or scarves never make my butt look big…. but belts are another story.
    Love your wit and wisdom and like many others hoping you’ll show us your closet soon.

  37. You’re back! Love this post!!! You have gorgeous style and I want you to be one of those people who doesn’t care about the Mutton Dressed As Lamb Squad ambushing you. It will never happen. I think we should all feel more liberated to be who we are as we get older. As Mark Twain said, “Age is mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. “

    • If it’s good enough for Mark Twain (a personal hero, as you know 😉 ) it’s a good enough adage for me!!

  38. I just adore you fun, funny, poignant and all so true thoughts on fashions and all the foibles that surround it (like dressing age appropriately).
    Thank you! Can’t wait to see this infamous new closet of yours!

  39. Great Post! Would love for you to do a post on Santa Barbara….restaurants, hikes, shopping etc….

  40. Another delightful, and entertaining, post – thank you! I am going to my natural hair color (silver, I hope!) gradually, with the help of my stylist. I would love to see you post about “going gray”.

  41. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have so missed your glorious posts. You have made my day, my week, my year!!!!!!!!!

  42. Thanks for the warmly humorous reminder than we over 50, are not alone in our effort to bridge staying stylish and accepting the inevitable changes.
    Yvette H.

  43. Exactly the perfect post for this morning! I may not be in my twenties, but I’m not headed for the home any time soon, either… Who knew it’d be so hard to get dressed – lead on, Slim…!

  44. Love those rhinestone-studded shoes! Wish I had a pair. Nowadays, I just go to work in just slacks and a sweater. 🙁

  45. Oh, how I LOVE this post and can relate (the naughty clothes that are misbehaving in the arm department!). Although I don’t have too many designer clothes, I do covet my Stuart Weitzman thigh high suede boots (at 55, my legs are my best quality I’ve been told, so flaunt what you have until you can’t!) My husband was “You paid how much?” but he never says no and in my mind a bucket list spurge I can pass down to an appreciative niece. Also, in the splurge department, my Mulberry Bayswater in chocolate brown (swoon) and my Monique Lhuillier wedding gown in Chantilly lace. I do agree on the age appropriate department. Oh how I love that Boho look the young gals are wearing (think Coachella) but I don’t think it’s me. I’m looking forward to the blog about gray hair. I would love to grow mine out but it’s more “gun-metal”, rather than the silvery head turning shade. Thank you, Slim.

  46. I purged everything.
    It is all gone.
    THE NEW DAY WEAR, EVENING WEAR UNIFORM FOR THE “ALMOST 60” IS (drum roll please, no,… no drum roll, play taps instead):
    White shirt, boyfriend jeans, barefoot, martini, dirty, 3 olives, …..never have had botox, fillers, plastic surgery, facials, peels and all the concoctions, but secretly considering my options…as long as I don’t look in the mirror and lock eyes with the reflection, I will keep up this charade…I can’t stand turtlenecks, I’m claustrophobic, they kicked me out of the turtle club.

  47. I’m with ya all the way. And yes, what’s the deal with the upper arm shrinkage? Of all the places I didn’t expect to gain weight….

  48. Thank you for your post. It’s as if the things in my heart suddenly had voices…I could hear them all! My shallowest and deepest feelings. Thoughts, trivial and vital. Reading this, I felt I was with a friend, editing my wardrobe, never successfully throwing anything out – because of the memories. They all have memories!

  49. Just turned 70 and have worked in the Fashion industry all my life. I still wear my favourite pieces. Including my jeans, leopard print flats and a couple of off the shoulder pieces that cover those damn arms. It is all in way you put it together. You always look fabulous.

  50. Love this post! Vey funny and touching. I’m betting Marie Kondo didn’t have that fabulous Fendi coat in the recesses of her closet! What-was-I-thinking? can become Sophie’s Choice.

  51. Love this! And all your photos! I love all your fashion. You were best-dressed at my wedding! I love the photo I have of you and your parents that day. (I can resend to you if you don’t have it but I am pretty sure you are wearing something vintage). I remember a story once of you telling me that for your birthday you asked for a fern. I don’t know why I remember this or if the story is right but it makes me laugh to think out of all the things you could have asked for, you asked for a plant. Somehow I am linking that story to your love for fashion, not sure how. lol xo, R

  52. What a great post! I was thrilled to show your hanger-outfit photos to my husband because I do that, too. I love fashion! It’s color! It’s connection! It’s all the “stuff” Stanley Tucci said in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Back to the hanger-outfits, I have tried hanging clothes by type and by outfit. Please share your final closet(s) and organizing wisdom for almost-60 chicks with a lifetime of clothes!

  53. Fabulous post — loved every well-chosen word. You may post sparingly, but they’re ALWAYS worth the wait!

    As to your “why can’t I get rid of the darn writing” question — my late husband was a professional photographer who submitted much of his celebrity/red carpet photography to stock agencies. For a few dollars, or even a few cents, you can purchase that photo — which gets rid of the writing (watermark) — and even give credit to the photographer whose livelihood it is to take those photos. 🙂

  54. My favorite blog yet! You got my attention with the “age thing” and fashion. I just turned 45 and had a Ah-Ha moment about my closet and clothes…only I tore through mine and threw out so much! Yet, I decided to focus on what I feel great in and what complements my best features. Instead of feeling down and out about it all, I feel excited to move forward with a clear understanding of “the next fashion chapter of my life”…thank you for sharing your story, I truly loved it..and also had no idea you were Dennis Millers wife!! Cheers!

    • Good for you Shelby. If purging a ton of stuff felt so liberating then it was obviously the right thing (and timing) for you. Well done!

  55. Fabulous Jane Fonda video… thank you for posting it.
    It says so much about strong and wise women !

  56. Aaaah thank Gawd you are BACK!!! Oh how I have missed your blogs. This one was well worth the loooong wait (no pressure). My dear friend got to your blog before me and called to say, I thought YOU were the only wacko who would hang total outfits together and photograph them before packing for a trip. Yup, guilty! I don’t understand what’s so wacky about that, it’s brilliant!!
    Is the photo of the amazing golden mules and jeans of you? I love the little bandana touch around the ankle.
    From one satorialist to another; Every word in the blog rings so true (especially the “am I too old for this” part)
    Please keep the blogs coming (still, no pressure!)

    • Hi Katerina
      No, the bandana touch is not me, but I thought it was cute. Maybe YOU should try it (no pressure! 😉 )

  57. Slim, you have encouraged this 55 year old with your fantastic love for fashion and your delightful wit and way with words. Love your blog posts! Keep em’ coming and go easy on the editing!

  58. I so regret over-editing my own closet, which was replete with items Stevie Nicks could very well have picked up after I donated them. I’ll be watching her concert footage carefully for signs she scored some of my stuff. My vote for your next post is: “Releasing Your Inner Platinum Goddess!” At 22 months into it, it would be delightful to know I am not alone on this discouragingly slow journey (I refuse to cut my hair above shoulder length, despite the fact that doing so would end my pain).

    • Ha!! I saw Stevie Nicks in concert not too long ago and I think she was rocking some of your donations!!
      I will make note of your vote for The Grey

  59. I got the plastic slip on’s too for EASTER now that you brought it up!
    I had the GO GO boots but mine were VINYAL………………
    NO matter what you write about it will be worth the READ!

  60. I love the “sparkly boots”
    I love the vintage designs hanging in the barn
    With the accessories included. I always wanted to do that, and now I know it is ok.
    I love the Jeweled tiaria head phones.
    I love seeing “the Millers” again.

  61. Best advice for an aging fashionista…. DEAL WITH IT. This won’t be the only time this advice will come in handy. Trust me!

    • Don’t we ALWAYS “DEAL WITH IT”? I mean as long as we’re on this side of ground? The question posed is HOW to deal with it in a way that makes us feel good, creative , confident and still relevant, whilst we’re “dealing”

      • So, you are married to Dennis Miller???? Two giant wits in one household. How fabulous. I bet you keep each other on your toes. I would love to be a mouse under the table and experience the repartee! Style and brains to the max……. both of you! Congrats on getting back to the blog.

  62. I read this post and then came back to re-read it and laugh again. Fashion is fricking fun. YOU ARE FRICKING FUN SLIM PALEY! Love your posts. Love your wit and your style. Write a book on your life and affair with fashion, PLEASE!

    • Thanks N. I might, you never know…I’m warming to the idea again now that this big, all time consuming project is finally nearing fruition. I need to stay creative, that’s for sure or I WOULD go balmy (balmier?? :-0 )

  63. I love this post. While I love fashion too, I’m not good at dressing myself! (I did also design and sew all my Barbie and troll clothes though!) These days, fashion for this over 60 body is a challenge. Your post inspired me to feel more confident with my “style” and I actually spent hours yesterday organizing the clothes in my closet. I threw the bad ones on the floor to be donated. Time to go shopping!
    PS. I look forward to your next post about going gray!

  64. The denim jumpsuit tho 🤣 Made me giggle…
    I adore the agate belt… I’m so obsessed with agate lately. I have a self imposed ban on agate. I have chunks on my marble table, and chunks on rings on my fingers. A bit carried away… Love your blog, thanks for sharing 🌸

  65. We just have to “re-write” the rules. Dress to make yourself happy! (You do!)
    Even the strategy from that organizational book says to “keep it if it brings you joy”.
    What’s more joyful than clothes that can write their own chapter(s) of your life?
    I spent my entire first paycheck on a motorcycle-style silver leather jacket. Life. Changing. And wouldn’t have it *any other way!
    BTW – where ELSE would a “clothes horse” pack BUT in a barn 🙂
    But seriously – need at least a PEEK into that new closet😎

  66. Love this. Mostly I love your hard and hilarious truths about the 50s (age not decade). I too had white Go Go boots at the exact age of 10. I’ve never heard anyone else say that. Cheers!

  67. Slim, You could wear a brown paper bag and totally rock it. You have taste and style, therefore no worries about negatively approaching the age of “seniority”. But yes I cringe when I see women my age (60) trying to look too young, but more due to the fact they’re looking teenage trashy. But if it makes you feel good, go for it. Life is too short. (And too short to wait so long in-between your fabulous posts! What would we do without Instagram?)

    • Oh, that’s so nice Cindy-thank you! And I agree, life’s too short, though I don’t always keep that adage in mind and I SHOULD.

  68. Hi…a stalker here. Try “making” your own melatonin instead of taking it….much better.

    At sunrise go outside and look at the sky for 3-10 minutes. The blue spectrum (not blue light from cells, etc) in the sunlight resets your circadian clock and helps you produce melatonin. Have breakfast right away to tell your body your day has started. Wind down by 8pm. and in bed by 10pm. Your clock is off.

    I once went 2 mos with average of 3hrs per night. I know how it feels. Stay away from Ativan…addictive and a mf to get off.

    This is really working for me now. http://www.jackkruse.com

    Love your blog….good luck!

    • Dear “Stalker”
      Recently I tried melatonin tablets (not the first time by any means)
      It seems every time I try it, it gives me nightmares but undoubtedly melatonin naturally produced is a different matter.
      Also, hard for me to eat breakfast that early, but I suppose I could FORCE myself 🙂

  69. Love all your posts, Instagram& pins- amazing timeless taste.

    I would love to hear your take on the “growing out grey” thing.

    Thank you for the beautiful images and witty take!

  70. Yes! I concur with Raine. We need your help in the grey hair thing. I’ve made up my mind and started already but have no clue where I’ll end up. So tired of trying to hide it. Let ‘er rip!!!
    I haven’t stopped by anyone’s blog in a long time (or written in mine, for that matter) but can never resist yours. You always seem to know what we’re thinking! Regards, Julieta (lindaraxa)

  71. Just stumbled on your blog while looking for a scarf for a wedding! I love your fashion sense and the pics you chose. BTW, I’m 62 and let my hair grow out to its natural (mostly white) color. I’m so glad I did! But I wasn’t ready before…I was ready. All the best.

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