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The bitch is up



Slim Paley photo (not that I’m proud of it)




Speaking of…

Someone sent me this link the other day and it really made me laugh…

 click; Shop Girl

Sound familiar?!

(via SRSLY.com)



It’s Day 12

Are you finished all your shopping??



  1. You are HILARIOUS, The video, what can i say ???? Totally your sense of humor, it seems. Nope, shopping not even nearly done. Scared to leave my computer in case i miss your post !!!!ox

  2. Finished shopping? Man, I just knew there was something I was forgetting! 🙂
    So glad you called that angel out, they can be such pious little beggars!

  3. Ummm srsly?
    I just had my garland thrown into my front door by my hubby…ummm srsly?
    I need to decorate.
    How many days do I have left?
    xxoo 🙂

  4. Tooooooo funny on the video–the brunch thing!! And we blame Target etc for the demise of the small shop!!!

  5. i shall wait to shop until AFTER Christmas (to help “stimulate” the economy)…….my feet are killing me anyway….. damn these ruby slippers i mean vintage shoes 🙂

  6. Nope. Still thinkin’ about it. I love your tree. So pretty! I have the littlest tree this year b/c apartment living. But it’s cute anyway.

  7. Shopping all done, it’s the wrapping I hate. Even though organised with the presents I will probably end up tired and still wrapping presents at midnight on Christmas Eve! Love the shop girl vid Slim, thanks for sharing.

  8. I always look forward to your blog…such beautiful images, and always tres chic. Just wanted to say thanks for blogging and Merry Merry!

  9. Slim, I usually love your sense of humor but I think it is highly offensive to refer to an angel of Christmas as ” The Bitch”. Maybe a reminder of what the angel and tree is all about is needed.

    • kelley,

      a friend and i who are ardent followers also agree with you —
      my gal pal sent me an email this morning exactly echoing your sentiment.
      regardless of what anyone’s religious leanings might be, this was a bit much.

      thanks for making note of it……

      • Wow. first of all, let’s just keep this in perspective. It’s a plastic tree ornament not a religious relic. Secondly , those of us who have followed Slim’s blog for a couple of years now are familiar with her ongoing struggles with “The Angel From Hell”. I for one, found it funny.

  10. So glad that I am not the only one who feels a little like it is Me Against the Tree this time of year. Yours look lovely, as always, and I am happy to report that I am fully done shopping (which at 38+ gifts amounts to an extra job) and almost completely wrapped. Now I just need to F I N I S H so I can just have a nice glass of scotch and enjoy my hard work. Hope you finish soon as well!

  11. hahahahahaaa……

    “these are vinnntage” and “ummmm, i said brunch”. a chuckle to carry me through my emails here, thanks for the lift.

    we’re at the half-way point in our collective advent adventure here, with the best yet to come, i’m sure! keep it up, slim! your “flock” depends on these inspiring posts!

  12. Your golden hues on high are truly glorious! I am decorated, but have nary a gift under my tree…

    We’re giving away a fragrant, fresh Fraser Fir on Splendid Market, please stop by to enter {SOON and often!}

  13. Tree trimmed. Check. House decorated. Check. Presents bought and wrapped and under the tree. Check. The house is filled with the scent of Fraser fir. I am a happy camper.

  14. The video was so close to a few shop experiences…all the more hilarious to know its not me, right? I mean, its them, right? 🙂

    Must get a dehydrator to make the orange slices next year. Decoration is up, shopping is ongoing.
    Have a jolly week!

  15. I have to address previous comment by “jams”.

    Are you kidding me??? The Angel on top of the tree is indeed a religious symbol!!! What rock have you been under? i will be happy to explain the story of Christmas and explain the significance of the Angel to you if you would like.

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