Hotel Vancouver, Slimpaley.comSlim Paley photo ………………The copper roof of the  Hotel Vancouver


.Slim Paley Photo      Off the coast of Vancouver



Slim Paley Photo                 Off the Coast of Beautiful British Columbia



Vancouver Yacht Club , slimpaley.comSlim Paley Photo…………………….. The Vancouver Yacht Club

Apologies that this is just a short post tonight, I have been a little busy of late, but I wanted to share these few photos of BEEOOUTIFUL Vancouver with you.  Rather than attempt to cobble together recommendations myself, as I unfortunately haven’t been up there too much the last few years, I will ask some of my readers who are familiar with the city to be kind enough to weigh in with their thoughts or suggestions  🙂

I know that only a lucky few were prescient enough to get their tickets for the Olympics long enough in advance- (we were too late) but I think it’s safe to say that it will still be massively exciting to watch them LIVE in our very own time zone and in such a spectacular setting!  I know I, for one, can’t wait!  OMG- I just realized… I’m going to be NY.  I hope I don’t spend my whole week in the hotel room watching the Olympics!  Are there any TV’s in Bergdorf’s??   Anyone have any friends attending that can Tweet to us?!   Shopping/ Figure Skating….Shopping/Downhill…Shopping/Speedskater’s thighs Curling… what’s a girl in NY to do??!  (I think I just burned a few calories worrying)

Anyway, only TWO MORE SLEEPS!  Can’t wait for all those great heart-warming, up close and personal back stories on the athletes- isn’t that the best?

Please Watch This!!  I don’t think it’s just because I love the city so much that it brought tears to my eyes.  Maybe, but I don’t think so.  If you click on the bottom right hand corner square it will come up full screen HD.

Go Vancouver!!!!!!!!! Yay Canucks!!!

Oh, PS.  One shopping tip-  If you love Cowichan sweaters ( and who doesn’t, because even though they’re itchy as hell, we can all have our Marilyn Monroe Moment in them- Vancouver is the place to buy one)


.Cowichan sweater


…………..Me At Whistler

OK, seriously? I thought the photo of Marilyn was too small and the sweater just lying there looked boring, so I went back in and put “Cowichan sweater on model” and this is what came up.  It brings a whole new life to those wooley animals, doesn’t it?!



What’s your favourite Winter Olympic Sport?



  1. OMG! My brother sent me that video and I actually DID cry! It made me sooo homesick. This video is a beautiful time lapse of Vancouver, looking all done-up and very pretty for the Olympics… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xMz2SnSWS4. (sniff sniff) I’d give up this beautiful California weather (well, not so beaufiul THIS week) to be at home in Vancouver for the Olympics! My family is soooo lucky!

    My favorite place to go when I visit home is Granville Island Market. It’s a wonderful open market with kiosks and vendors and fresh foods, and some very interesting characters. (I get my incense matches for the loo there.) It’s also a great place for tourists to pick up smoked salmon and other various cool things made by Canadian artists to take home as gifts (Yes! Even Cowichan sweaters!) And if you like beer, there are lots of breweries to visit and have lunch! But beware you American beer drinkers, our Canadian ales pack quite a punch. You can take these cute little water taxies from many different points across False Creek to get there, or just drive over.. but if you take the water taxis, you may also get a nice view of the new “Olympic Village.”

    Just joined this blog, and I love it! You’re so funny and informative, Slim. Keep it coming!

  2. The video is very interesting .. kind of Vancouver meets Alfred Hichcock meets Cirque du Soliel …hard to take a bad pic of Vancouver. It really is such a treasure of a place .. even in the pouring rain which for anyone who is wondering … it does a lot. That being said, it can rain for 30 straight days and when the one sunny day comes it is SO GORGEOUS that you forget every drop that ruined your shoes or made your cowichan sweater smell like a wet doggie. 🙂
    The other thing about Vancouver (beside the breathtaking views in absolutely EVERY direction) is that it is a great town for eating – amazing restaurants. Tojo’s for Japanese (knocks Matsuhisa out of the water) Vij’s for Indian, Pajos in Steveston for fish and chips (Steveston is well worth a few hours of your day) and while in Steveston do yourself a favor and stop by Timothy’s for a frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries in a warm waffle cone … oh yes!! Lots of places here too that you can ship home salmon that will unfortunately make salmon here in california seem like spam. Remember Frye boots … well Frye boots are the ugly cousin of the original Biker Boot – Daytons made to order in Vancouver in a little store on East Hastings Street on the east side – for your Angelina Jolie moment. Check out the Commadore Ballroom while in town and see who is playing .. it is worth seeing a fav band and if you are lucky you might just catch a BTO reunion show. Mac make up .. made in Canada is cheaper in Vancouver if you are in the mood. Shambar on Richards has some incredibly intersting drinks .. ask for Brad. And for the best steak in town run don’t walk to Gotham on Hornby Street … oh .. one more .. a Canucks game at GM Place and spagetti dinner at Nick’s on Commercial Drive .. and we have not even gotten to the beach or Whistler … I could go on and on and on (and I believe it was expected that I might) If you have been lucky enough to get some tickets to go see this gem of a city for the Olympics or you are just going “because”, I will lay money down that it will be where you want to move someday.

  3. I almost forgot my favorite Olympic sport! Well I would have to say that the Gold Medal Hockey Game will be tres tres bon …those would have been the tickets that I would have … well … let’s say I would have done a lot of things for. Not to worry though … nothing I haven’t done before and perhaps even for a much less desirable ticket !! 🙂

  4. I’m still a sucker for ice skating. Get frustrated with the judges, but as a little girl it was always my favorite part of the winter olympics (didn’t we all want to be Dorothy Hamill?). Please share NY pictures with us. One of my very favorite places, but I would love to see the city through your eyes!

  5. This post (and comments) come at a perfect time! I leave tomorrow for Vancouver and the Olympics. I will try to get to some of the places mentioned above. My favorite sports to watch are downhill, slalom, Giant Slalom, Figure skating, and speed skating. I also like snowboarding, which has become something truly spectacular to watch. Slim, don’t you have some gadget that allows you to watch TV on your iPhone, or something like that? Then you will be able to watch while you shop.

    • Lady Eve I’m not sure if you’ll have any Hockey fans travelling with you, but if you do you should try and go here one night. I’ve heard it’s one of the biggest tents ever constructed in North America, and that there will be a lot of famous hockey players milling around (probably in the VIP lounge only).


      and I concur with Lola on Chambar, it’s a great little restaurant and It’s right in the heart of the Olympic action.


      • Connected to Chamber is Cafe Medina – this is where you will find the best espresso, cappuccino, etc. in the city. They also serve amazing, fluffy little Belgian waffles with a drizzle of white chocolate lavender sauce.

    • And someone’s very Special and LUHky !! Perhaps we should call you “Queen Eve” rather than “The Lady Eve” henceforth??!

  6. oh it’s buzzing here in Vancouver! every 3rd car that drives by has a small Canadian flag jammed into their antenna.

    Opening ceremony is just over 24 hrs away, it’s going to be CRAZY downtown. I think I might just bunker down with some friends and watch it on my big screen so I can take it all in. There’s supposed to be some big artists performing as well as a world renowned athlete running the torch to it’s final destination….all a very well kept secret.

    I will however get up early on Saturday and make my way to the Holland House, where I will more than likely have a couple of heineken for breakfast….yumm!

  7. Heineken for breakfast, you crazy Canuck. Just a little jealous,perhaps. !!!
    Enjoy every moment, will be with you in Spirit (Vodka, after 5)
    Beautiful pics. of an amazing city.

    Enjoy your trip to another of my fav. Cities
    Go Canucks.!!!!

  8. oh fun!- I just heard that Sarah McLachlan is going to be running the Olympic torch down my street between 7-7:45 tonight…..wish I had Slim’s camera

  9. The torch is just about to come through our neighbourhood and everyone is soooooo excited. I am about to put on my Team Canada jacket and walk up the street to cheer it on. There have been some great suggestions so far. I will add a few more. For a wonderful french dinner go to Le Crocodile in downtown Vancouver. For cool clothes go to Aritizia and Roots among various others. If you want a great traditional high tea go to the Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale. Best scones ever. We get to see Feist at Whistler. Yeah!!! Ok I have to go now.

  10. Okay, that just about does it… my brother just sent me a video he took with his iPhone from his BALCONY in Vancouver (just to rub it in I’m sure!) of the Quebec pavilion, the Canada Pavillion and the little cool Saskatchewan one (dome shape, and the sides are all playhing video!). Then he made sure to let me know he’s got tix to the Opening Ceremonies, Russia hockey game – in the box!, and mens final 10,000 metre speed skating. So for those of you who may still be willing to… well, to do just about anything for tix… here’s your guy. Instead of moaning anymore about missing out, maybe I’ll try Slim’s remedy… shopping! I’ll go buy that t.v. gadget Lady Eve brought up, for my iPhone!

    Oh! I forgot my fave sport – that would be Mogul Skiing. And Ski Jumps!

  11. LOOOVE Vancouver! We’re a hockey family, so our favorite Olympic sport would be the hockey games. Second fave would be the Downhill. The last time I was in Vancouver I was about 13- 1976….sooooo long ago! We were actually in Banff at the Banff International Hotel and Lake Louise…oh the color of that lake! The glacier is awesome as well. What I remember is a smallish town, cool hippie chic vibe, lots of little bistros and shops. I wanted to wear my jeans, and dress
    like the locals, and my mother made me dress up….I pouted the entire day….
    totally stood out like a tourist and WAY overdressed to walk around during the day. She had me in butter yellow linen pants, short sleeved top and a silk scarf
    and made me curl my hair….I looked 30 yrs. old! Awful! Anyway, would love to
    go back soon! Fabulous city and charm galore….we’re also huge fans of Toronto.
    The best of NYC and Europe in one city. How can you go wrong with that? Safe
    travel Slim! Can’t wait to see your photos of NYC….bundle up! xoxo

  12. I love, love LOVE Vancouver. Each time I have been there, I get the sense that I may live there one day. Lovely city-that-doesn’t-act-like-a-city. Thanks for the visuals 🙂

    • That is AWESOME ! Congratulations! After Fate, Mother Nature, and “Mechanical difficulties” were so unkind, it’s a well deserved blessing for a beautiful city.

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