Friday Favourites (2)

Slim Paley Photo

Our last night in New Orleans.

We roll (literally) out of here in the late morning and on to Austin, Texas (another quiet, Doesn’t Know How to Party town) for SXSW.  That’s the South by Southwest music festival for those of you as unfamiliar with it as I was, just a couple of years ago.  This will be our second SXSW adventure-the first was fun, although once we arrived we realized it was not really age appropriate for our younger son. It was one of our dodgier ‘good parenting moments’, oh, I’d say right up there with me taking him to see “40 Year Old Virgin”, sitting in the middle of the row and having to leave less than 5 minutes in.  Awkwaard.

 But I wax nostalgic…as fate would have it, he got sick in Austin anyway (God punishing me??) so we spent a good deal of the time in the hotel room while my husband, our older son and his friend enjoyed the festivities.

Quite frankly I’d rather have room service than see Iggy Pop’s 60 year old abs anyway.

 The most exciting part was actually being bed-wall to bed-wall with Hilary Clinton in the hotel and having all those secret service agents outside our room 24-7.

Not that Hilary was there for SXSW, although I’m sure Bill would have been down with it.

Speaking of Austin…Sandra Bullock and Jesse James…Really?  REALLY??

But gosh- I’ve gotten side-tracked from Friday’s Favourites haven’t I?!

The Laura Plantation

Although not nearly as big or breathtaking as its neighbour, Oak Alley, just down the road, The Laura Plantation more than makes up for its lack of stature with a rich and colourful history that is equal parts disturbing and fascinating.

 Yes, I dragged my boys to Oak Alley again! but this time we stopped and took the complete  guided tour of The Laura first (it’s not possible to go thru it otherwise) Everyone was very quiet with their own thoughts for awhile afterwards.  Our Favourite?  The tour guide “JOEY” was fantastic.  You felt that you were in the presence of someone who sincerely loved and took pride in what they were doing. What a treat nowadays.

 Please go.  Ask for Joey.  Tell them Slim sent you. 🙂

Slim Paley Photo

The sun bursting through the clouds on the way to The Laura Plantation.

I don’t wish to tout my own horn, or camera as it were, but since I started Slim Paley, the most common question I’ve been asked by far is “What camera do you use to take your photos?”  It’s a Leica D-Lux 3 which I bought probably close to 4 years ago for aprox. $400.  Since I was asked again just the other day, I decided to check it out on Amazon and I was completely shocked to find that the least expensive one I could find was $1,600.  I don’t know how this could be possible, as I’m not well versed in cameras I don’t understand how it could go up that much in price.  I hope I’m mistaken, but if not, then I would suggest looking at the Leica D-Lux 4, which I assume is the newer model and retails for $799.  If anyone out there has a better lead on the D-lux 3’s please chime in!

On a much more affordable front;

Favourite Lipstick of the moment; Nars Mitzi in the sheer texture.  Fantastic, easy to wear colour for day and night with a great texture.  Can’t imagine it not working for most fair to medium skin tones.  I love a lipstick that you don’t even need a mirror to apply- this is one of those.

Fall 2010/11

Favourite new designer;  Haider Ackerman.

Photo by Bruce Weber

Lastly, while it can’t be classified as “A Favourite” because it hasn’t even been published yet,  Deborah, The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire is coming out with her new autobiography titled  “Wait For Me” in September.  I can’t wait! (seriously, no pun intended-you say Mitford Sisters and I’m there with my pre-order)

Pre-order on

Have to wrap it up now.

 I’m running on fumes &cholesterol and I still have to pack for Austin.

Happy Friday!!



  1. Have a great time in Austin (not far from where I went to college) it is a great town. Poor Sandy B…..And thanks for another great book recommendation. Safe travels Slim!

  2. What a fab photo of clouds! It would make a really great blow up on canvas for a modern room( depending on the pixels). Thanks for the camera info, was wondering , its not the camera its YOU!

  3. I’m in jeans and muck boots when feeding the chickens! How grand to be the duchess, in a taffeta gown no less, strolling the countryside! I’ll be right behind you to purchase that memoir for sure.
    Love Nars products….have you tried any of the Multiples? One of my faves.
    You’ve got me so intrigued with the story of the Laura Plantation. I’m not much of a
    traveler and haven’t heard of it, so today, while I’m hunkered down with a forecast of up
    to 10 inches of snow, I’ll read up on it! Enjoy your trip to Austin….kick Jesse in the shins
    for being such a typical buffoon…REALLY??? indeed!! Have fun and safe

  4. I DO love a good plantation in the morning! sigh … These are great shares – that cloud break photo looks magical. and thanks for the camera info – I thought you had mentioned the Leica in the past, but I am in the market for a new portable for days when I don’t want to break out the big camera.

  5. Did you notice that plantation matches your lipstick did didn’t you Slim!?

    I, for one (a single girl) was choked up watching SB choke weep as she thanked her husband who “had her back” and thinking to myself “when will I meet my Jesse James?” The tears actually came down my cheeks when they panned to JJ and he was tearing up gazing adoringly at his lovely bride – so proud. Little did we know at the time the “back he had” was tattooed with “I’m A Slut, An Absolute Slut” in big gothic lettering!! Jesse Jesse Jesse would appear I have dated you after all – I just didn’t marry you !! Bummer for Sandy B … that’s a big ouchie. She needs to marry Hugh Grant … or is he still sleeping with crack-hookers ??!!

  6. Sadly, when I visited Nawlin’s with my daughter to see her best friend at Tulane, I made the bad mistake of a swamp tour instead of a plantation. The guy at the Ritz gave me very bad advice! How on earth does one negotiate SXSW?! I’m a mother of 4 – ages 20,18,17,15 – and took one to a music festival like this (rather shocking, I might add, but fun – kind of like watching The Hangover with my kids – awkward!) – this festival is HUGE!

    Some must see bands… Shelby Lynne, Band of Skulls, Jakob Dylan (bob’s son, former band The Wallfowers), Ra Ra Riot, Band of Horses – and of course there’s Smokey Robinson! I would go see When Your Strange – loved the Doors in high school! Ha Ha – that dates me for sure!

    Have fun!

  7. Sounds like your trip is all you expected and then some. Just wondered if you went on that magical river trip through the swamps, which I loved so much ? Laura plantation looks fabulous. I will look forward to ” Wait For Me ” also. Hope you enjoy the festival, know the boys will.
    Have to put my 2 cents of disgust in re J.J. I should make that 1 cent. I remember hearing her say she never really felt so loved and safe until she met him, adored him…yuk, what a JERK.
    Safe trip home and again thanks for sharing.

    • Would you believe that we actually had a swam boat trip booked and the company was a no-show.
      When we called they said they were over-booked and did we wish to rebook for the next day, which was not possible. C’est la swamp vie.

  8. I once bought a camera that appreciated with age, I sold it second hand on Craigslist 2 years after buying it for almost 3 times the price, supposedly it was second to none in “low light situations”. I had noticed it was a VERY popular item in the “wanted” category and I couldn’t resist the thought of an appreciating gadget (plus i was bored with it)
    Sometimes manufactures make an item that consumers feel they can never top…. newer is not always better!

    I can’t believe the photo of the clouds and i can’t believe you saw “40 Year old Virgin” with your youngest son…

    Wow Jesse, that is just CREEPY, how to make what was probably one of the best, most exciting times in her life become the worst…… I hope she leaves the asshole (am i allowed to swear on your blog?)

    • Well, technically I didn’t “see it” with him, as we really did leave during the opening scene- It was pretty obvious right away that I had made a big error in judgement. However, I did go back and see it the next day with my friend and we laughed our asses off.
      And yes, Canuck, you’re allowed to swear on my blog- you are evidently not one of my “Southern Belles”

      • You are in good company with your honest little mistake in choice of movie. I took my 12 year old daughter to American Beauty thinking it was a light little romantic comedy. It didn’t take long before I bolted out of the theatre with her!

  9. Love this blog, I am also a fan of the Mitford sisters. Looking for the Nars Mitzi color on . Is it Belle de Jour #220665?

    • Thanks W
      If you go to the Nars website, it is down in the “Sheers” category , no #, just called MITZI.


  10. can’t wait to read your posts from SXSW. Safe travels Slim, which is a popular name in Texas,by the way, little lady. Yee haw!

  11. The Haider Ackermann ensemble ~ spectacular! The broadness in the shoulders looks good and what a beautiful combination of fawn and grey.

    NARS Mitzy looks yummy and is at the top of my shopping list.

    Looking forward to hearing about Texas!


    PS Jesse James ~what a silly jack-ass.

  12. I’m buying that lipstick next shopping trip. I feel sooo bad for SB, I couldn’t believe it after he was so emotional when she won, he looked so adoringly at her. Will we ever understand men? I don’t think so. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Keep the makeup recommendations coming-need all the help I can get.

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