Countdown Abbey


Darlings-I thought the day would simply never arrive and yet all at once it is here.

The season 3 premiere of Downton Abbey tonight at 9pm est.  Will you be watching??

Certainly my husband and I will be tuning in (he loves it just as much as I do )

In honour of the occasion I’m sharing my very, very most favourite vintage dress with you.


890A5851Vintage seed pearl and rhinestone cross by Stanley Hagler

I pull this out whenever I feel I’ve plummeted too far into Ugg-ville.

890A5873Believe it or not, with the right jewellery, a belt, and a black or indigo slip beneath it becomes quite boho.

L1150043Lady Sybil would definitely approve.

Lady Sybil; “Golly, my corset’s tight. Anna, would you be an angel and loosen it a bit?”

Lady Edith; “The start of the slippery slope”


Mr. Carson and the Earl of Grantham discussing the issue of Lady Sybil wearing Uggs under her tea gowns


I can’t wait to chat.

Will you be following along on Twitter? I will-so much fun! Don’t you wish we were watching it with Martyn Bullard from M.D.D.’s?!


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  1. Absolutely, dahling! Wouldn’t miss it for the world! And if any of you haven’t yet read Julian Fellowe’s two novels, you must. They are wonderful (not “period” like Downton Abbey, but just wonderful nonetheless).

  2. I’ll be watching.
    Unfortunately not dressing up in a frock as lovely as the one you’ll be wearing!
    Love the intricate lace pattern.
    The Oak Bay Beach Hotel which was rebuilt and opened recently is screening season 3 and they are giving prizes for he best period costumes.
    Happy viewing Slim.

  3. I have a friend on facebook, an Alaska Native filmmaker, here in Anchorage, really quite famous and we’re Downton Abbey buddies. It’s a lot of fun. Can’t wait. Love that dress, Slim. I had a blouse quite similar, in the seventies. Oops, dating myself now. I do follow Cousin Matthew over on Twitter!

  4. I got to watch it last week – in fact, have all of season 3 due to my daughter coming home from London for Christmas! Was a great Christmas present…

  5. Just finished watching Season 1 on Netflix. So’s I can’t watch it until Season 2 arrives. Have you started using words like “daredn’t” and “fetch” without realizing it? Or should I spell that “realise?”

  6. Cannot wait. Rewatched the previous seasons. Have been enjoying a fabulous wine since 3:00 along with a glorious fire, counting the minutes…

  7. I was just telling my husband how surprised I was at the anticipation of tonight…I am so taken by this show…just has all the components done right…are we going to get to see you wearing that lovely lace confection?

  8. Can’t wait until tonight, busy making canapés from a 1920s cookbook found on the web. Wish I had your dress to wear, but I will have to make due with yoga pants and stretchy sweater. The Dowager Countess would not approve.

  9. I knew you would be here sometime today. i love the dress. It is very similar to my grandmother’s wedding dress.
    I gave you a little mention in my Downton Abbey post, today.

    Thanks so much, Slim. You never disappoint.

  10. Hmmm. Wondering if “Nancy” is my mom.
    I did Introduce her to this beautiful blog of yours!
    Wow 3:00?
    How fantastic that the MR. Watches too!
    Have a fun evening watching and tweeting.
    And thanks for showing us that gorgeous gown!

  11. Oh Slim, Your dress and necklace are perfect! I made Bubble & Squeak for dinner tonight & served Chocolate Bisquit Cake for dessert. We had Pim’s too in anticipation of the fun of watching Downton Abbey. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Ta ta for now, Ruth

  12. I have alerted the familly to the fact that I will be completely and utterly unavailable to them from 9:00 – 11:00 tonight and for the next 6 Sundays. Now if I just had a lovely vintage tea gown I’d be watching in style. Instead I’ll be in yoga pants and uggs nursing a lovely glass of wine. Happy watching

  13. Slim,
    You should wear that dress tonight! So pretty.
    I can hardly wait, Mr. B. and I will watch as we love all programs British! Enjoy and we can do our comparison reports tomorrow.

  14. Mahtin might chatter on too much about the set design:) NO talking allowed. AND..
    Oh…I could come up with a list of MANY who would be thrilled should you ever forget
    the slip!

    • On Twitter; ” ‏
      Omg … Just minutes till the #DowntonAbbey season premier !!! I can’t take how excited I am ! #SundayNightBliss …..”
      See- I knew he would be watching!

  15. So excited! We finished up Season 2, on Netflix, a few months ago and have been in withdrawal ever since! Such a lovely vintage frock. You should model it for your all of us!
    Enjoy the show!
    Cindy D.

  16. My daughter is going to university in Scotland, so she’s already seen this season (it’s a trade-off for the bad food). I’m looking forward to it – loved the behind-the-scenes episode they showed a few weeks ago (it may have been a re-run). “Snobs” by Julian Fellowes is a good read. Not anything like Downton Abbey but another view of class and how different groups of people are viewed. BTW, love the vintage LV trunk (trying not to covet).

  17. To think, I thought it was next week also. Daren’t miss it for the world. I agree you should don that amazing gown.

  18. Have never watched the shows but watched a special on the people who presently live there and how they needed the money for repairs and the show has helped them restore alot of the rooms…….it was a show on HGTV and was neat to see all the rooms as they really are and some history on the house. I will not watch the series itself as I am not a fan of serial type shows. The dress is gorgeous and reminds me of some dresses I used to have by Jessica McClintock..always felt so feminine wearing them. Enjoy your shows….BBC is the best.

  19. did not think it could get any better … but tonights show was the best so far…. 2 hours and not enough… I wanted more…
    (I made scones with whipped cream and raspberries from a Downton Abbey cookbook my girlfriend gave me for Christmas… Just needed to make a special treat with Earl Grey tea…)

  20. I watched the entire second season from 10:30 this morning until it finished just now with the first of the third series.
    I am hooked!
    xo J

  21. Cheers from Oxfordshire, England: Series 3 finished here in November and we had a Christmas Special to hold us over. Now we’ll be waiting until next November for Series 4. Warning: If you love this program, whatever you do, stay off all internet sites for Downton or it will spoil the entire series for you. Off to look for some vintage lace.

  22. The dress is wonderful,as are you for always sharing,Season three is off to a great start,although Mr. Bates seems rather testy,but who could blame him. The characters are so rich,er maybe a bad choice of words given this recent development. Shirley is hilarious.

  23. I just happen to love everything you love! Being English i have had the pleasure of Downton, we even had a christmas special, shot in summertime so you americans could benefit from seasonal reality as you will see it in springtime, cant wait to hear from you as each one is gobsmacking drama, especially the christmas 1!!!!!!

  24. Oh, to be watching it all over again along with you in the States…the twists, the turns, the tears! My (very English) husband doesn’t enjoy it quite as much as this American girl does, but he was a very good sport and kept the wine glasses full and also handed me his handkerchief at the critical moment. Perhaps I will watch it all again along with you! xx

  25. I too could not wait for the premiere. The show left me a bit disappointed. Did anyone else fell robbed when the wedding ended so abruptly? No reception, no honeymoon bliss in the South of France? My husband and I both thought Sybil was pregnant. Fab frock. Hope we get to see you in it — Uggs and all.

  26. You might like the movie “from time to time” done by Mr. Fellows. It has Maggie smith in it and I think it is a bit biographical about him. There are ghosts involved but I think it is a charming movie. Anything with Maggie smith is worth watching, or so I believe. Did love Downton.!!!! As always. Can’t wait for the rest of it.

  27. Wow…spectacular show, it did not dissapoint…..had a party in my bed as the guys were watching the big screen in the living room and wouldn’t girls loved it and kicked him out of the room when he tried to come to bed before it was over!!! Is that your trunk and gloves…..L.O.V.E.

  28. Your dress ~ swoon. Loved Season 3’s premiere. When Mary walked down the stairs and both Lord G and Mr. Carson were speechless? Not a dry eye here.

  29. Well, I don’t know about you, but we loved last night’s show! Sure, there were one or two slightly implausible plot lines introduced, but how hard it must be to fit so much great drama into such a short season-I still give it two thumbs up old chaps, what, what?!

  30. Couldn’t stop thinking about the show all week..It was fantastic. Your dress is divine. Love to see you wearing it.
    Martin seems so sweet doesn’t he? He’s just adorable and now I can’t bear that show ended tonight. That was way too quick. Thank goodness I have Sunday to look forward to!

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