White Christmas



Oh my, look at the clock-it’s almost the next day… I’m posting as fast as I can!

I braved the Southern California elements today and hit the shops for some last minute Christmas shopping. Although that’s all relative isn’t it? To some, 6 days before is still early.  I know it’s all so convenient to shop online and God knows I’m no stranger to the concept, but I’m making the effort to shop locally as much as I can this year. We need to keep our local shops going in this sluggish economy!

Next year I’m starting my shopping much earlier. In fact, I’m going to have it all done by Thanksgiving. (Readers from last year and the year before don’t say anything. If you’re my friends, just go along with this because I really mean it this time.)


Slim Paley photo

I might go with a predominately white theme next year too, just to change it up and simplify things.


Well, maybe just in the dining room…


Arts & Decoration magazine



This is so simple and so pretty, I’d really like to try it.



Salvatore Feragamo

Now this is my idea of good tinsel!




And I know you’re saying “Really Slim?? Fluffed Marshmallow and Whipped Cream flavoured vodka??”  and I say “Hello ‘Bevmo’s’?? What time do you open tomorrow?”  

Sure, I might not finish both bottles this year.

That’s the good one of the good things about Vodka-it  freezes beautifully.




These are SO not my nails, but I wish they were and if they were, I would wear this polish. Like little marshmallows.  PS. Apparently you can find the GIANT marshmallows I talked about this summer at Ralph’s. 

Who’s your Marshmallow Mama??


My newest obsession?

These DIVINE white scented wax ovals encased in porcelain from Diptique. Hang them in your cupboards, or stash in drawers and suitcases. $45




Valentino leather and tulle wrap sandals

There are many forms of Heaven 



photo of Scottish Shortbread via Twinklebakes.com

Oh how I adore shortbread (I’m having major sweet-tooth tonight it appears!)

My dear friend swears by this recipe so I’m going to try it even though I don’t bake:

Whipped Shortbread
2 cups butter
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 cup icing sugar
3 cups flour
Beat butter 10 m
inutes on high speed.
Gradually add cornstarch beating continually add icing sugar then flour.
Chill for an hour.
Roll into balls or pat down onto floured counter and cut into shapes. 
Bake at 325 for 10 to 15 minutes.
Keep an eye on the cookies for the last couple minutes of baking!
You want to see next to no color in them.
If they get a toasty colour, they are overcooked and will be dry.

Suhweet Dreams Day 19!



  1. I’m with you Slim! I will have all the shopping done early next year! But what to get my dear hubby for this christmas….right now I could use a shot of that marshmallow vodka (and its 9.30 am. where I am)

      TOSS A FEW IN.
      MERRY E.

  2. I like how the shortbread recipe looks like a poem. That’s my kind of poetry.
    I’m going to try that one for sure.

    What a pretty post. It looks like the Christmas elf threw up all over our house. It’s a riot of colour and decorations. One day I would love to have a sophisticated Christmas.

  3. Just wanted you to know how much I love your posts! I look forward to them so much…
    Thanks for taking the time to do your blog.

    • Yum. You know how I adore coconut. I actually did make marshmallows before and they were a resounding success (of course my ‘testers’ were all 5th graders, but they can be very discriminating)

  4. Oh man that marshmallow martini looks so delicious even at 7a.m.

    Great table shot from Arts and Decoration.

    Thanks Slim!

  5. Love, love the tulle high heels!! Simply magnificent for toodling around
    in that gorgeous white country kitchen with the huge fireplace serving
    whipped cream vodka martinis. Sigh, a girl can dream.

  6. I really, truly, deeply loved this Emily Dickinson-ish (esque?) post! Made me smile all the while. I agree with Ruth about the calming effect of white. Also, since I am a baker who loves butter I am excited to make that delectable shortbread.

  7. I’m a brand new subscriber to your blog! what a lovely editorial eye you have, miss slim, for color and design details. so pretty. plus it’s presented with such wit and charm!
    thanks so much – it really makes my day.
    kind regards!

  8. Love this white thing…I always say I’m going to do a single or double color theme for Christmas and my determination always fails when I see something pretty and red.
    I will have to try the shortbread recipe…love shortbread.

    P.S. After the Christmas rush is over will you tell us fellow bloggers how to make it snow on our WordPress sites?

  9. Ok girl you have outdone yourself here….I am in marshmallow heaven…seriously I LOVE your blog and have enjoyed every last one of these Christmas posts…thanks for sticking with it, much appreciated.

    I am done with all shopping and was foolishly braggin about it until 3 days ago I got hit with a major cold/flu thing…see one should never be ready for Christmas too early..a grandbaby coming any minute, daughter and family flying from across the country, sister and family flying across the country about 25 in all, HERE…and I can’t move…..I will never brag again:(

    • Just so you know you are not alone, I have it too, am on my second day of the Z pack antibiotics! Also need to finish Christmas for my family……hope yours goes awAy soon!

  10. Fabulous post. Pretty soon I will be dashing out in my new Salvatore Ferragamo to buy chocolate Vodka. Now theres a sight. They didn’t have the shoes in a size 10. Oh well best not to stick out at Bevmo so early in the a.m.
    Merry Christmas.

  11. I feel strangely calm after looking at all the beautiful snow white images. Thankful there’s no snow right now in California but wouldn’t mind a little on Christmas Eve?
    I was searching for a winter cocktail and may just serve up a mmmellow-tini or two. Sounds like a rather simple dessert. Shortbread cookies to go with it? Yum! Thanks Slim!

    • have you ever tried shortbread s’mores? a friend of mine used to make “short dough” cookies and slather them with peanut butter and marshmallow, cut in 1/2, 2 sides, and then torch them with the little creme brulee gadget. GENIUS! prepare yourself!!: butteryyyyyyy stickyyyyyyyy peanutyyyyyyyyy…. what can possibly beat that?! just add the valentino heels and, well, you’re done!

  12. So pretty, Slim. Love everything and going to try the pinecones in silver urns and the shortbread. There’s still 6 days, right? I seem to shop right up till Christmas so it’s best I don’t start too early. I’m finally comfortable admitting that – ha ha ha!

  13. Love an all white look in decor and in dress! I did an all white dining room this year, it turned out to be so ethereal and serene. Like a quiet snowy night!! Lovely images,thank you for sharing, Kathysue

  14. Hi Slim,

    I brought this recipe to the States from Canada and bake a batch every year. I slightly flatten each rolled ball and insert a bit of red or green candied cherry (used in fruit cake) in the center to add a festive touch. Everyone loves the delicate flavor and richness.

    Warmest Christmas wishes. Joy

  15. I want a White Christmas now! I think that Salvatore outfit would look amazing on you Slim! Now I have to try the Marshmellow Vodka. So much to do so little time left…thanks again for the inspiration.

  16. Dear Slim,
    My sis and I would love to make that delicious looking white drink at the end of your post, for our next year’s White Christmas Party. (We’ve decided to serve White Alba Truffle!) Do you have a recipe for that frothy looking drink?

    • Here is version of a toasted marshmallow martini I found on the internet, but I picked up both the vodkas today, so stay tuned!

      2 ounces vanilla vodka
      2 ounces Frangelico hazelnut liqueur
      2 ounces heavy cream
      2 ounces Smucker’s marshmallow topping, plus more for rim of martini glass
      Toasted marshmallow for garnish

      Combine ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled halfway with ice. Shake for 30 seconds & serve with toasted mallow

  17. This is just super fun! the snow on the page is the best! I am making he shortbread dough as soon as I turn off the computer then hopefully if I fridge it longer than the suggested hour it will be fine overnight to bake in the morning. I will definitely have sugar plum fairies dancing in my head if I try the above marshmallow martini!!!

  18. mmmmm hmmmm…..my absolute favorite non-color…….white as snow…a white Christmas….hush…shhh………there is nothing quite like standing alone, outside, in the middle of the night, with the stars falling all around you, and the snow has stopped falling with just a few snow flakes whisping in the air falling from the delicate branches and it is very cold and it is quiet, but loud, and it is white, very, very white…….beautiful……….Christmas……….

  19. I walked into a friends party tonight, saw her serving Pama and Prosecco and said “you saw Slim’s blog!”

    The drink was great and we, your two East Coast friends who’ve not yet met you in person, raised a glass to you!

  20. I applaud your supporting small business. I used to have a retail home decor and gift shop and it was always a pleasure when people took the time out of their busy lives to patronize my shop when it is so much easier to go to a mall etc. Sadly, small shops are becoming as rare as regular alcohol!! (although the vodka does look tempting)!

  21. My mother got the giant marshmallows at Target. We don’t have one near here but I found them on line through Kraft website. Loved everything on this blog!
    Thank you and don’t stop!

  22. P. S. You should get compensated for your recommendation of the vodkas…I am on my way to get them, too! Call the drink a snow flake martini or is that already used for another one?
    Thank you again.

  23. Another sensational post! My shortbread recipe (which I brought from Canada) does not use cornstarch, otherwise its the same. Must try this one to compare.
    You have been killing me with SHOES!! how I lust after those.
    You are to the blog-o-phere what Diana Vreeland & anna Wintour are to Vogue!!
    Your posts make my day.

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